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October 04, 2017



Antique Shop and Flowering Desert. Very lovely colors to choose from.


Definitely Coy Poi and Patina in Take a Hike!


In a Heartbeat and Blueberry Girl!

Terri Smith

Antique Shop and Patina in Take a Hike Sock have won my final votes! Tough choice, though; thank you for introducing us to this beautiful yarn.

Vanya Walker

Blueberry Girl and Larkspur for sure.

Nancy VN

Aquifer and Lakeshore. So lovely!

Barbara Belden

I absolutely love flowering Desert and Parrotfish. I am pretty good at Entrelac shawls and these two together will be gorgeous!!!


I would choose the Take a Hike base, to make socks.
The colors that speak to me right now are Roasted Pumpkin and Silver Lining.

Jill orent

Her colors are amazing. Hard to pick 2, but I like parrotfish and amethyst.

Linda Pirius

Heartbeat and Larkspur. Difficult choice with so many fun colors.

Denise Reynolds

Blueberry girl and tulip festival

Christine S

Oh my.....

Princess Tiger Cub & Weathervane!!!

Karen G.

TaH Spiced Pecans and Patina.

Gail Fairman

Perhaps I was hungry when I made my selections or perhaps it is the feel of fall in the air but I love roasted pumpkins and spiced pecans. Yummy yarn!


Lakeshore and Silver Lining

Yenchia Feng

I love Lakeshore and Flowering Desert!

Heather J

Geranium kisser and Weathervane

Leann Demeduk

What a hard choice, but I think Aquifer and Wild Ponies win out - at least for today!!

Rickye Heffner

My favorites are Peach Pit and Silver Lining

June Schwierjohn

Honey in the Sun and Peach Pit are my favorites!!

Lisa B

Take a Hike sock in Parrotfish and Amethyst are my faves but it took a while to whittle down to the final two. I'm not sure what I'd make, I like to get the yarn and see how it speaks to me before selecting a pattern. Thank you for the giveaway!

Cynthia Jones

So many beautiful colors. I would be happy with any of them, but if I had to choose Coy Koi and Pixie Dust. One of my favorite patterns Rhea Caplet. Thanks

Ann Sheiring

Antique Shop and Roasted Pumpkin are my favorite, but there are so many amazing colors!

Chantel barrentine

Patina and Antique Shop are beautiful on the sock base.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Aloe glow and aquifer

Cathy B

I love amethyst and antique shop.


Parrotfish and Aquifer would go great together!

Tricia VanAken

Wow! This took some time as all of the colorways are beautiful! I would choose Wild Ponies and Antique Shop.

Alex W.

I love Coy Koi and Patina!

Samantha Hartman

I love princess tiger and wild ponies. I love the colors and the names.


Wild peonies and weathervane would be lovely together in a shawl!

Lorraine Chan

Tough to choose just two. But In a Heartbeat and Blueberry Girl stand out from the pack.

Kat Gatzke

My two favorites are Amethyst and Flowering Desert (although it was really tough choosing between FD and Lakeshore.)

Barbara Munoz

Flowering desert and princess are my favorites!


I love Princess Tiger - totally out of my box, and Blueberry Girl - definitely my comfort zone! Thanks for asking.

Wendy Farmer

Puppy 🐶 love ❤️ and rubellite are fabulous!

Wendy Farmer

In take a hike base

Karen Godfrey

So many wonderful colors to choose from but Flowering Desert & Sock Patina would be my favorites.

Amy C

Patina and Geranium Kisser! Gorgeous! And I'll make Fins by Sarah Bordelon.

Julie Anderson

Loving Lakeshore and Blueberry Girl, but it was a hard choice! There are so many beautiful colors!

amy g

I love the Spiced Pecans and Pond Scum in Take a Hike! These would definitely be for socks.


Hi....I think I would choose flowering desert and puppy love...both are lovely!!!


I like Larkspur and Silver Lining. So many pretty colors. Thanks for the contest.




I'm loving Honey InThe Sun and Larkspur 😍

Annette Poole

Really tough to decide but I think I would take Blueberry Girl and Coy Koi in Take A Hike.

Effie M

Lone pine singles in Alpen aglow and Antique Shop ... those were the two that kept calling to me, though all of them are absolutely gorgeous!

Ann Sinclair

I really like Peach Pit and Puppy Love

Alecia Helton

They’re all beautiful. Coy Koi and Flowering Desert.

Becky Traxler

CoyKoi andWild Ponies suit my personality the best. Love my Koi fish and my "wild" paint mare!!


My preferred colors are Lakeshore and Wild Ponies, but I like them all.

Rita Kawamoto

There are so many colors to want! My favorites are Blueberry Girl, and Tulip Festival, Pattern I would use are a basic cable, and Vanilla Latte.

Nancy F.

Parrotfish and Spiced Pecans!


TaH Lakeshore and Weathervane are my favorites.

Katherine S.

Pixie Dust and Alpenglow. I would use the Hermione's Everyday Sock pattern found here:

Patricia Bird

These are all fantastic yarns but I settled on coy koi and blueberry girl I think I would make Mercury socks by Karen McKenzie using Coy koi and Triton socks by Laura Sparling using Blueberry girl


What fun to look at these. I like Blueberry Girl and Puppy Love.


Love the Silver lining and Snow leopard!

Bonnie McDevitt

Oh my gosh, Princess Tiger and Snow Leopard are the two I'd choose! Such a hard decision - Alpenglow and Flowering Desert were also calling my name. Thanks!


Just adore coy koi and alpenglow. So lovely!

Jeanne Bush

Oh, can I have an easier question - so hard to pick just two. But I'll go with Parrotfish and In a Heartbeat in the Take a Hike base. Thanks!


I would say silver lining is my favorite!

Sandra D McCroskey

I would really like to make a shawl using robin egg and antique shop. The robin egg with a decortive egg and random stripe would setbthe colors off spectacularly!

Cindy h.

They are all so pretty but I like the peach pit and silver lining. Thanks!


Geranium Kisser and Honey in the Sun are my favourites.


Hard choice loved them all but if I have to pick it would probably be Coy Koi and Antique Shop


Wild Ponies and Flowering Desert in the singles are awesome!


Honey in the Sun and Silver Lining. You can never go wrong with a nice warm gold and the grey is an awesome contrast with it!


Peach Pit and Spiced Pecan!

Rebecca Jensen

I love Wild Ponies and Sock Patina best, but they are all beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity!


Loving Wild Ponies and Spiced Pecans - both in Singles. The combo feels very western to me, and since I live in Colorado...

Amanda Swanson

Blueberry Girl and Peach Pit call my name. Lovely colors! I like them best on the Take a Hike base.


I like Weathervane and Rubellite to make a shawl or wrap.


Coy koi and blueberry girl!


Oh, these are all so luscious. The two at the top of my list are Coy Koi and Puppy Love.


My two favorite colors are Roasted Pumpkin and Lakeshore. Thanks!


Parrotfish and Puppy Love :)

Barbara Lynes

Such amazing colors, all of them. I would have to choose the Lone Pine in Coy Koi and Amethyst, although any of them would be a lovely addition to my stash.

Susan E

I'd buy them all if I could, but Pixie Dust and Snow Leopard jump out. Love all the sock yarn!


I like Rubellite and Silver Lining. I think it would make a lovely shawl like Laurelie by Lisa Hannnes.

Joanne C

There are so many beautiful colors but i think Blueberry Girl and Larkspur would make a gorgeous shawl.


love Parrotfish and Pond Scum, not sure which I like more, the name of the yarn pond scum, or the color! LOL think that is one of my go to palettes too....


It's a tough choice, but I'm feeling Honey in the Sun and Silver Lining

Teresa C

Amethyst and Pixie Dust keep catching my eye.


Narrowing the choice down to only two, that is tough. If I can only pick two, my favorites are Take a Hike sock in Antique Shop and Flowering Desert. Thank you for sponsoring the contest.

Leigh Ann Brown

Blueberry Girl and Parrott fish are simply gorgeous

Suzanne S.

FFLP Singles in Antique Shop and Puppy Love are my favorites


Thank you! Fun to look at all their colors. I would have to say I love Patina and Wishing Well.


In Take a Hike sock I would choose Antique shop for a pair of socks for my son and Alpenglow for a warm colored shawl or cowl for myself to wear in the gloom of winter.

Janet Duff

Lake Shore and Flowering Desert in Lone Pine Singles are my favorites. So hard to choose!

Marilyn Hunley

Definitely Alpenglow and Robin's Egg. Would make the Clark Socks with the Robin's Egg as I think it's a good match. Love to have more of this yarn.

Tabitha Burks

I think Geranium Kisser and Snow Leopard in Singles would make for an interesting shawl or scarf for winter!

Ellen Hotis

My pair are wild ponies and parroting. Of course they are all gorgeous!

Ellen Hotis

Wild pony, parrotfish

Sue DeMasellis

Really a hard choice but I keep going back to LP Honey in the Sun. Would love to be chosen!

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