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October 26, 2017



Fun pics! My favorite costume as a child was the wicked queen from Snow White. It was a plastic printed poncho and one of those hard to breath in, cheap, plastic masks to go with it. Loved it though.

Always hoarded the kit kats (still do) and twix (switched that allegiance to reeses now).


Great photos! I've been feeling nostalgic about Halloween too. I began being responsible for my grands' costumes 14 years ago when the oldest was almost 2 (his birthday is November 1) & the middle child was a newborn. That year I bought a pig costume for the 2 year old & knit a pumpkin hat to replace the cheesy one that came with the pumpkin costume from Target (my daughter & SiL closed on their house that day & all the realtors LOVED the hat). But mostly I made their costumes - several dinosaurs for the dinosaur living middle child which were replaced by sea turtles as he grew older. And dragons. Little sister, who came along 3 years later, mostly wanted whatever the middle child wanted. Until the year the boys wanted to be ghosts & she wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. The boys haven't wanted costjmes for the past couple of years. Last year I ordered a lovely tiger costume for the girl (very practical, as she pointed out, because it's usually pretty cool on Halloween for trick or treating). This year she devised her own costume. So, sadly, my costume making days are over. This year it's Wonderful Wallabies instead. The orange one for the oldest has already been mailed off & the pale aqua for the girl is OTN.

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