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September 29, 2017





love them all, hard to pick just one!!!!!


Very pretty. Love the fabrics of the bag & especially love the Hedgehog Fibers yarn. That is exactly my favorite kind of yarn. BTW, did you see this:



Nanci Cartwright

How many skeins are in the kit and will additional,skeins be available? Love the bag and the yarn colorway!

Michelle Mccrillis

Evil, evil woman!!!!!


Woohoo! I can't wait!!!

Marjorie Millner

Nanci, the kits usually have 1 skein of yarn and these 3 kits look like one skeiners to me. Rarely, there might be a few extra skeins left over after the kits are assembled. Even more rarely, occasionally all the kits don't selI out right away, and Allison sells the the components separately a couple of weeks later. I remember being able to get an extra skein of a Halloween kit colorway that way a few years ago, but that's very rare! Usually all the kits are snapped up in hours. I would suggest you contact customer service with your request if you need more than one skein. I'm just a customer, not a staffer. :-)

Nanci Cartwright

Thanks Marjorie! I appreciate the information.


Abaoluteky love thevsugar skulls one.


I love your Halloween kits.
This year even better than last!!!

Lori Linney

Love! Love! Love!!!

Jane Hepfner

Would like to buy skeleton bag please if still available

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