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August 01, 2017



I've been knitting several things, a pair of socks, a shawl, a cowl and a stuffed animal for my grandson, but there hasn't been more than one of anything. And they've all been gifted without pictures, except for the stuffed animal... need to stop finishing things at the last minute.

amy g

I joined the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry, with a goal to start and finish projects. It has been great fun and I have actually finished socks in a decent amount of time! I now have five new pairs of socks for me and gifts.

Susan K.

For me it's shawls. They are portable and fun (becuase they are all different). Plus I can actually finsh them. I've been working on a sweater which is in time out right now.


I haven't actually finished anything this year due to health issues, but my knitting time has been spent on shawls, especially the Colorful Hitchhiker, which I'm about halfway done. I think I've only managed one sock cuff so far this year!


I have knit more shawls. I knit prayer shawls for people.


Definitely socks. I am loving the striped yarn from Gauge Dyeworks. My first project is using the Concrete and Tulips colorway:


I would have to say it is a tie between socks and hats.


It is socks that I knit the most, but I want to knit mittens for Christmas presents so they may beat out the socks this year.... The mittens I am planning on knitting are the ones you had for celebration!!!


It's socks all the way this year! I do plan on starting some mitts for my granddaughter for Christmas.


I am mostly knitting shawls and scarfs. There are so many designs and so little time! I knitted Soundwaves and i I think the yarn you are giving away would be great for that. But of course, if I win, I won't make it again but you asked for inspiration so......


My fibromyalgia has kept my knitting to a minimum & that has been on the never ending Wonderful Wallaby. But, in anormal year, I knit far more socks than anything else.


Socks, socks and more socks, can't have enough. Your shop for me is like a kid in a candy store, so many choices which one to do next? I look at all the vendors and all the colors and to try to pick it is just confusing. Thanks for the beautiful yarn you offer.


Socks and a few Barn Raising quilt squares. Also pin weaving cotton wash clothes.

Lisa Sauer

I usually rock the socks, but this year, with trying to do more charity knitting, it's been hats! They have all been rather "vanilla" so far, but I love being able to knock out one quickly (and warm a needy head).


Other accessories, especially mittens and hats. I do have a pair of socks OTN now, though.

Kim Loppnow

I have knit two shawls (one using Miss Babs Yowza), two sets of socks (working on my third pair), a hat, and two cowls. I like to work on multiple projects at a time so I don't get bored. My next project I hope to start is the Free your Fade using the 3 skeins of Poste test kitchen yarn purchased about a month ago. Love the yarn you offer and your fast responses whenever I have questions.


Shawls and Cowls are my go to projects. Sock yarn is definitely my #1 choice for all my projects. So many choices!

Pat HIll

This has been a slow knitting year. I would have to say, socks, as they are the only thing that I've finished. I wish that I could say shawls because there are several that I have my eye on.


I have knitted a lot of winter hats already. I have two nephews, an adorable new niece, and two sons who grow faster than I move my knitting needles. I love to knit socks though.

raquel from JC

I've been knitting more socks than anything else. So far I finished 10 pairs of socks, 3 shawls, one hat ( ) and one baby cardigan ( . My favorite shawl is Reyna, a free pattern on Ravelry by Noora Naivola and my favorite sock pattern so far is Mercury Socks.

Marjorie Millner

This is a sock year for me! I've completed four pairs of socks. I am halfway through a large sweater and I enjoy breaking away to work on socks. This might not seem like much knitting, I did have "knitters' block" and didn't knit at all for the first couple of months of the year, I then completed a pair of socks for a 6'1" guy I know so I made the tops 9" and the feet were an inch longer than usual too. Then joined a sock KAL and did the other 3 pairs last month and this month-- two in sport-weight yarn which flew off my needles, but then Stockings with Clocks, which took about 650 yards of fingering on size 0s. I now am knitting a pair of socks using the Patina colorway of the Mineville Super Sock I grabbed on sale here, while I continue to work on my sweater. They named it Super Sock very aptly. It's a tad thicker than the usual (examples; Opal or Regia) skinny sock yarn but on size 0s it's not stiff, just nice and cushy. It would be fun for me to have a shawl going, too, for more variety. At Christmas I'll probably make three hats for gifts but I hope I'll have completed another 4 pairs or socks, at least, and the sweater, by then, so it will will be a sock year for me!

Lynn Nicholson

Last year was shawls. This year I've been experimenting with different sock patterns and toes and heels. I discovered the Fish Lips Kiss heel and it's my new favorite. I also participated in the Starting Point KAL. I've been knitting for a long time but never did a KAL before. I enjoyed the challenge and am pleased with my wrap.


Shawls for me so far. Now, I'm in the middle of a pullover sweater and have knit a couple of hats.


Most years its socks, but this year its definitely shawls - January Skies, Jade Waters, Mad Mini Wrap, Trillian, A Walk in the Woods, and more to come!

Dari T

I have finished a several shawls (Creatrix, China Rose,Kindness shawl, and Simple shawl) and seven pairs of socks so far this year, along with a few other things. Socks and shawls have to be my two favorite things to knit! I already have 6 more pair of socks on needles!


Hmmm... I've finished 2 single socks, a hat, and a baby blanket (Points of Light) thus far this year & am nearly done with a second hat, so I guess accessories?


I've mostly knit other things, baby things, monsters, and a shawl. No socks so far.


I knit lots of shawls and scarves. Besides loving them myself, they seem to be what my friends and family want for gifts.

Brandy Schmidt

I'm still trying to finish a baby blanket which i only have a few rows left! So excited. For something smaller I am in the middle of a cowl using fingering weight for a friend. The pattern is the irish mesh cowl i found on ravelry. I'm hoping it helps break up some pooling. We'll see!


I checked Ravelry ( and was surprised to see a tie between hats and socks! Usually, it's socks all the way.


I seem to like shawls. But there is a new grandchild on the way this fall so I've put projects on hold to knit a few baby things.


I've been knitting on the same sock since Feb...there was some frogging involved, but a long car trip gave me a boost. The only things I've finished are baby sized and very cute, including baby socks. I do have a cardigan and a cowl and another baby item on needles.


Socks! I haven't finished much...

Julie Vance

Socks, 3 of them. Tried TAAT finally and am hooked! The extra sock was to finish a pair I started 2.5 years ago!


Socks - I love the look of shawls, but I tend not to finish them.


I think I've knit more baby burp cloths than anything else this year! I really need to replenish my sock drawer, though.


I've knit more shawls/scarves this year than socks. Even if they're relatively small, they still typically take longer to work than most any pair of socks I would knit, so I tend to get more enjoyment out of knitting them (with socks, I'm on auto-pilot too much). Oddly, the most yarn I've bought this year has been sock yarn...


Definitely other accessories so far. Although I don't usually wear fingerless mitts, since it's my fingers that get cold, not my hands, I knit Kujeillen mitts and they turned out quite nice.


More accessories than socks, but I have finished 2 pairs of socks so far this year (Giulietta by Caoua Coffee and Belegost by Rich Ensor).

Linda Sutherland

Socks, socks, socks.

Lisa p

It's always more socks than any thing else for me! I knit other things too, but mostly socks!


So far this year it has been socks. This is my new favorite pattern - mystik sprial socks :


For this year it has been a mixture of shawls, baby cardigans and socks. Will be starting mittens soon!

Kelly Albrecht

Shawls for this gal, love the accessories!! Have been doing a few socks, but last pair did me in, not the pattern but the yarn.... itchy :(

Cindy h.

I have a couple pairs of mitts finished for Christmas presents.

 Andrea Duran

I think more socks than anything else… Although I have been doing a lot of baby hats too!

Susan Kirkland

Beautiful yarn! I would love to knit some sparkly socks. ❤️ I've been working on a Christmas afghan for my mom. I have the Persian Dreams afghans in work too. I have to say socks are my favorite though! Love making something that can be worn regularly all year long. Plus, it's just so cool to see them come together.


Socks, my favorite to knit

Jacki Camp

More shawls and socks. Love Simply Socks. Was there in 2015. Need to go back cuz a woman can never have enough PRETTY yarn!

Colleen Clarke

Finished 2 pairs of mitts, one pair of socks, a shawl, a poncho, and a baby hat.


I've knit more scarves and hats than anything, but my favorite gifts to give are blankets!

Vicki Miller

I must admit, I've never made socks🙈 I just learned to knit in December and am still a work in progress!

So far I've made fingerless gloves, 4 infinity scarves, 1 shawl, and I have 3 other shawls started. I'm trying to pick projects that force me to learn a new stitch and then practice that stitch on a few projects before I move on to another new stitch. I'm hooked!! I want all of the yarn and all of the time in the world to knit❤️ This winter I would like to take on my first pair of socks! I'd love suggestions on a "first pair of socks" pattern to try!


Socks, socks and more socks. This is the year of socks!


After my mother in law went into a nursing home, I knit her a shawl with a higher neck for cool evenings. It was a hit and have since knit quit a few for other ladies. I use the Auntie Em shawl pattern. It has a beautiful ripple effect. I think that yarn with sparkles would be a nice addition to this pattern!

Kelly Rippy

I have done more scarfs but am on my second shawl.

Lisa Anderson

I crochet scarves and small bags with sock yarns. My current favorite yarn weight!

Janica York Carter

Slight edge to scarves and shawls over socks so far this year, but there are many cozy knit nights to come this fall!

Rita Darlene Brown

Mostly shawls and baby afghans. But...I am just finishing the sleeves on my first ever sweater! It's the Celtic Grace Cable Cardigan by Cheryl Berkich (sp?) I would love to win this!

Holly Beam

I finished 8 pairs of socks, a mkal shawl, started 2 more shawls, finished 2 large shawls,a messy bun hat for my granddaughter, a scarf, and soon I will start Christmas presents. Such a fun variety of projects and I love my yarn!


It's definitely shawls for me. I love playing with colors and shapes. :)

Barbara Rude

Shawls, love them and they are relaxing to knit.


I have knit more accessories this year- cowls, shawls. Socks will catch up tho!


I've been working on my first shawl and my first pair of socks. I've also finished 2 blankets for family members and a few small hats for my newborn nephew


Definitely socks, and most of those from a basic top-down recipe using self- striping yarn with contrasting cuff, heel, and toe.

Rachel R.

Time has been short to knit this year, but I've been switching off between socks (a plain vanilla pattern with some broken rib), a Calais Shawl, and a ribbed cowl. Here's to hoping I can finish one of them soon!


Socks, socks, socks. I am SO not a shawl person!

Karen Froggatte

Shawl, shawl, shawl. Just. Love it them!!!

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

A whole bunch of pussy hats, a brioche and garter test knit shawl, a pullover with a cable for my mom (knitting finished in time for Mother's Day but need to take out the shoulder seams and redo the armhole), a lacy tote bag, a baby sweater, two chemo caps. I realize now that I have gone a long time without making socks. On the needles now, a Wonder Woman wrap and a cardigan for me.

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

Oh, I forgot, also a cotton ribbon cowl.


I have knit cowls and shawls so far and one sock lol!

Jana Bleakley

Socks, hats, cowls and shawl...anything small and quick!

Karen L.

Several pairs of socks, fingerless mitts, cowls for my men for Christmas, color affection shawl and sockheat hat both almost finished... and a fair isle cable cardigan that I work on now and then. I have many things going at the same time, including audiobooks and ebooks! I don't like to be bored!

Marie Bradshaw

Socks for sure! THough a close second as far as time spent is the sweater I'm making for my oldest child.

Rhonda Atkinson

This year I committed to knitting some projects I had planned that were waiting in my "stash". I've knit cowls, scarves, shawls, and currently I'm working on my Find Your Fade shawl and a scarf. Miss knitting socks though.


Socks. Shawls. Blanket. Shrug.

Marilyn Hunley

Socks for sure. I have lots of shawls as favourites on Ravelry but gosh, I know how to knit socks and fix any slip ups so they are my Go To. Always welcome suggestions for shawl of these days.

Chris Allen

I've been knitting baby things because our 1st grandchild arrived in April. Such fun! Also I've been weaving using Miss Babs Yowza.

Branwynne Rain

Ooh, I love those sparkles! The thing I've made most has been hats (5) but I've made 3 socks and have 3 more on the needles. Today I cast on Sunwalker by Melanie Berg. :)

Cherry Anderson

Love the combo of yarn. They will go into a shawl, not that a pair of socks is out of the question....I go in cycles, socks one year, shawls the next.
Happy knitting...🇺🇸🍒

Pam Harrington

I've been mainly knitting shawls. Finished Vertices United, Pisac and am over halfway on Albuquerque Sunset.


looking at my completed projects on Ravelry I have mostly worked and completed vanilla socks. SImple pattern that doesnt take a lot of time. I have done a few scarves and got a weight it shawl in the works. I guess with me this year I had the idea of doing something different but the socks have been like fidget spinners to me. I can watch tv or even a computer screen and my hands do the knitting thing.

Anela S.

I've done more shawls and shawlettes than anything this year.

Therese Lussier

I made a vest with wool from a friend's Rambouillet sheep, , made a few scarves , hitchiker and Antarctic and many pairs of socks.

Andrea Rademacher

I'm a shawl knitter, but tried several socks this year and learned the fish lips kiss heel which was a game changer for me. And a few summer sweaters have made their way into my queue. Knitting is my jam.


I've mostly knit shawls in the past year. I'd love to knit more socks.

Linda W.

Socks and shawls! There's a shal and a pair of socks by the couch right now!

Linda L in WI

I've been knitting mostly request items, so not socks! *sob* Gotta change that soon!

Louisa Neveau

I pretty much knit half socks, half shawls. I do love to knit shawls, my absolute favorite.

Heather purchased a sock machine this year so it's socks all the way but my favourite project was Reyna using Fleece Artist Canada 150 colourway for Quebec. Now it sits happily on display at my favourite yarn shop until it makes it's debut at Fall Fair season.

Diane Caron

I have knit more of my own creations this year
than anything else… flared leg warmers, boot cuffs, scarves and a few vest ponchos… Would love to make a shawl next and try my hand at using the finer yarn… so far I've only knit with yarn that takes at least a size 11 needle and would love to see what it's like to use the smaller needles! Beautiful yarn!

Wendy Chase

Definitely socks. But I've done a few toys and mittens here and there. I really want to cast on a shawl and get one finished before winter.

Arvada Trickle

I have knit several shawls. Working on my first pair of socks also.


I have knit socks! I have never made a shawl!

jj kudzal

The theme for 2017 has been...wait for it...SOCKS! not sure why, but i started a pair on New Years day and that just seems to have influenced the knitting this year. I even participated in Sock Madness for the 1st time (made through more rounds than i expected) and learned some new techniques and tricks. May the Sock Kick continue!


I've knit more socks. Not that that's many so far...

Sylvia King

I've been making multi colored ankle socks this summer using my leftover sock yarn.


I have knit a couple of sweaters and a shawl this year. Not sure what to do next...

Alex W.

I've been knitting socks this year like crazy. I think I finally found the right pattern.

Lugarda Cappetta

One swearer so far this year; the rest is pretty evenly divided between socks and shawls (yardage wise). A Find Your Fade with a Feel Your Fade using the leftovers, and 10 or 11 pairs of socks.

Karen Aguilar

A shawl and I've been working on a fingering weight blanket. No socks!

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