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August 10, 2017


raquel from JC

This is the first time since I am a mom that I didn't have the first day of school😥. My youngest DD is bound for college! I have plans of knitting lots of shawls and finish my 12 pairs of socks (I already have 11 pairs, so I think I'll knit more shawls than any other thing). Handsome boys!


My kids go to school in two weeks, but two of them get braces next week! What I do not look forward to is head lice! Their school is swarming with it and they've had it three times. I have to have surgery on my elbow for an ulnar nerve disorder, and I have a pair of socks, a hat, a Christmas stocking and an ornament to finish by August 31st, which is my surgery date!

Renee Anne

Little Man starts 1st grade on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the more predictable schedule, even though I'll still have Stormageddon at home with me (and we're in the midst of potty training, if you can call what I do with him "potty training" because, really, it isn't)......I'm looking forward to knitting more, though :)


I loathe and detest purling, so I mostly knit socks year round, round being the operative word.


Great pictures! Sounds like a good summer!

My track record on large projects is bad! I do love making shawls, mitts, hats and cowls. Usually change up the colors used depending on the season or the season I wish it was.


I was never the mom who cried at the bus stop ;) Adore these pictures!!!

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