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July 27, 2017



Best solution is fiberglass cast, which can be worn in the water!

Lisa Sauer

I broke my arm when I was 13 (and again a little more recently). I got a latex cast cover both times, which at least allowed me to go near water (but maybe not submerged). I even taught swimming with it on. It's like a long rubber mitten (no fingers) with a strong elastic band at the top.


Oh no!! A little more complex Lego kits working with her grandpa and iPad game Subway Sufrers captured my granddaughters attention when she hurt her ankle last year. Hope he heals quickly!!

And sparkles oh my!!

Kelli Layher

My son broke broke his arm this summer too. Our doctor recommended trying Drypro waterproof or Xersox waterproof cast cover; check Amazon She said a lot of her patients recommended it and said they could
Go swimming with it (although she couldn't attest to the swimming part.) We haven't tried the swimming yet but great for shower. Good luck!!


I don't know if James would be up to learning crochet. But, if he is, there are a lot of free Pokemon Go amigurumi patterns on ravelry. Other than that, there are the old standbys of computer games & reading. Does he like Minecraft? My grandsons loved it when they were a little younger. They may still play it but it seems to appeal most to slightly younger boys (my grands are 13 & 15). When they were really into it, they could spend hours playing it (if allowed which they weren't). And that Miss Babs Diva yarn - WOW!!!


Ouch, Poor James!!!! I hope he is doing okay now and that the cast is off before he knows it!


Don't let him scratch under the cast with a knitting needle. It is a great way to get an infection because the skin under the cast is more fragile than usual.


The important question is, can he still knit with the cast?

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