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July 10, 2017



My favorite color is Unicorn Poop! I'd knit a pair of wacky socks with it. I love me some crazy socks!

Jeanne Rose

I love Daffodil Daze - I would knit a shawl to go with my summer dresses!


I love Oil Slick! It's the perfect combo of purple and black for me.
I think I would make another Willow Cowl - I think the picots would look amazing with the little pops of color.


I really like the Bouquet colorway. I'd likely knit a shawl or a cowl. Happy Anniversary! And thank you!

Andrea Rademacher

They are all wonderful!! The daffodil would make lovely happy socks. Yellow is such a cheerful color, sunshine and joy!!

Anissa Miller

Daffodil Daze would make a beautiful cowl!

Melissa Loback

My favorite is Misty Sunrise. I would love to knit There and Back Again in this color.

Anne Marie

I would love to knit Timely by Libby Jonson
in the Flora & Fauna Colorway. KAL happening right now on Ravelry!

Sandra Lee Dodson

Birthday Cake - Birthday socks of course!

Therese Lussier

My favorite is the Antique Teal color one and I would knit a Hitchhiker scarf with it. Thanks!


Love Fairy Tale and I would make socks with an interesting stitch pattern to make the colors pop like the Herringbone Rib Socks.

Suzanne Daniels

It really is a toss up between Antique Teal and Art Deco. Both would look really good in a Free your Fade


Paper flowers....i am enjoying green with purple these days and would knit a shawl. I have several possibilities.

Jan Werner

I love oil slick and would knit the Skype socks!!

Ruth Schoof

Ooh! I love the Harmonic Violet!! All beautiful colors though!


Wow, such a hard choice! I settled on Sock Star, and I'd make the DaVinci Cowl.

Thanks for the contest!


Magic Forest is awesome!

Marilyn Fenton

I love copper canyon. It would make fabulous socks, of course.
wahoomerryf on Ravelry

raquel from JC

Copper Canyon is my favorite for a little shawl!

Roberta Perez

I love the daffodil daze.I would knit a nice shawl with this.Would love to throw over my shoulders on a cool summer night.


Oooh, I really like Goldilocks Oil Slick. I'm not sure what I'd knit out of it, maybe the Sparkling Rain shawl.


My favourite is Firecracker ! Perfect name for this colourway ! Since we just had our 4th of July as well as Canada's 150th birthday, there were so many fantastic displays ! I would knit or crochet a shawl with a starburst motif to showcase the gorgeous shades.

Debbie Hallamek

My fav is blue mosaic. So pretty! I would make some stunning socks.


Baroque! I'd probably just make a pair of socks, maybe with some basic cables, and let the colors do most of the work :)

Laura Ricketts

Yah -- unicorn poop. Yah -- socks!


Project peace with Supernova. All of it is gorgeous. It was hard to choose.

Deb Hine

Goldilocks Birthday Cake reminds me of the Confetti cakes my mother always made for my sister's birthday!

Cindy Smith

It was tough, but I love Magic Forest. It would be great as a hat/mitts set so I could look at the pretty yarn. Socks can just be too far away. :)

Jane Page

My favorite color way is Bouquet. I seem to be very into the purple and green combination! I would probably make simple shawl with a bit of lace. I would let this beautiful colorway be the star.

Angie Teeters

Art deco is beautiful! It would make a beautiful wrap.

Geri Heagy

The Flora and Fauna is very pretty!

Cheri Herbek

Oh! Sock Star sings to me! I would make an interesting pair of socks with it! Perhaps a pair of Skew Socks!

Nancy Holland

I'm ever so attracted to the colors in Magical Forest and can see the Pincha shawl in that.

Brenda Lewis

I would crochet a shawl in Misty Sunrise.


Love Fairy Tale, pretty colors and so easy to pair with another color for a Girl From the Grocery Store:
or a Magic Spring shawl (free):

Donna Kuehl

Socks star! Love all the colors with gold!


I love Supernova and would probably make a cowl.


Baroque! It's so bold, and I love bold socks. (Plus, the whole time I was knitting, I'd keep saying, If it ain't baroque, don't fix it.)

Debbie Richardson

Holy cow! How do you choose? Star Sock, Super Noa, Rosey Sunset, Misty Sunrise...😍😍😍

Lisa Sauer

Unicorn Poop! - 50% because of the colorway name alone. It's bright, so I may only be brave enough to wear as socks, but it could be a lovely pop of color in a two color shawl (snuggle up to that cashmere!).


SuperNova would make a fantastic shawl!

Andrea Mundt

I'd have to go with bouquet or daffodil daze, and would have to get enough to knit a fun, top down raglan tee! Of course, the 3 in the prize pack would work awesome together to make a gorgeous tee!


Paper Flowers would make a beautiful swirl shawl!!!!!!!!!


I love the Paper Flowers colorway. I would pair it with a solid color and make The Aurora Borealis by Svetlana Gordon

Rose Birchall

My favorite is Oil Slick. I think a shawl. I've never made a shawl, it's time to try.


I love all three of those colors together by the way. My favorite would have to be Cosmopolitan. So completely different than anything I have or tend to gravitate towards.

Teresa Safranek Harriman
I love the bouquet colorway and I would love to knit a gorgeous pair of socks!!knitnfool on ravelry


Bouquet is stunning! I think I'd make a Fuss Free Festival shawl out of it 💜


I love all three of those colors together by the way. My favorite would have to be Cosmopolitan. So completely different than anything I have or tend to gravitate towards. I think I'd probably make something completely different out of it. I have never made a cowl because I'm not sure how to wear it. Cosmopolitan Cowl.

Laura Beutler

I love Saffron! No idea what I'd make. If I could bear to stop petting it and start knitting, I'd make a small shawl like Close to You. That was a fun knit!


They are all so beautiful, but I would pick copper canyon. It would be great for socks or shawl. Thanks for the giveaway!


I really like the Baroque!
I would make socks!

Meg Surginer

I love the oil slick! Would use for a matching hat and fingerless glove set for the fall. Happy anniversary!

Amy C

Rosy Sunset! A cowl or scarf to cheer me up all winter long.

Kathy G

Goldilocks Supernova Cowl would be a perfect project for the colors.


Saffron! Oh that sunny Saffron beauty! I need more SUN in my life, so I'd pair gold with gold aka would show off the variegation beautifully, and I've been eying it in my queue for ages.

Carol Rice

Only one choice? REALLY?! So many absolutely beautiful colors, but a skein of Baroque would make an amazing Mingle cowl or a pair of Chawne's Socks of Kindness! (both on ravelry)


Unicorn Poop, just because of the name! :D

Lisa B

Magic Forest speaks to me and I think they'd be perfect for a pair of lined mittens I've been want to make - Thanks for the giveaway!


I love copper canyon! I would make a shawl with it, I think...The colors are gorgeous!


Flora and Fauna would make a great Sockhead Cowl (, a pattern that would let the colors shine.


All are lovely including the giveaway kit. I also like ArtDeco and Lilac Riot.

Pam Ailes

I love the Goldilocks Mermaid. I would use it to knit a shawl!

krista rhodes

I would go with Oil Slick and know a Gaga Cowl!

SusanS Konczal

I love daffodil daze. It would make an amazing shawl for the sunny summer daze


My favorite color is Art Deco, followed closely by Antique Teal. I would combine them in a shawl. Possible patterns:

Annette Poole

Since I have already made a pair of socks with Unicorn Poop (How can you not love yarn with that name!) I would have to say either Mermaid or Sock Star. I would make socks with either color.

Robin Ferguson

I love Goldilocks Copper Canyon....I love the blues!!

Robin Ferguson

...I'd knit a wrap with it. (sorry I hit the send button too soon on my last entry)

Karen Leonard

Love Copper Canyon, Would make a Hitchiker scarf to wear with turtle necks, skinny jeans, boots and a quilted vest all winter long! Love knitting that scarf and the way crazy yarn makes a simple knit so special!


Blue Mosaic, but it was so hard to choose just one color! I would knit a wonderful pair of socks, probably Socks on a Plane, one of my favorite sock patterns.


The more I look at the pictures, the more I think I'd love to knit something yummy with Art Deco. I don't think socks, perhaps a one-skein shawl pattern or a cowl.


Cosmopolitan...but it's a hard choice

Debbie Allison

I love Goldilocks Rosy Sunset and would use it to knit the Oaklet shawl by Megan Goodacre. Being wrapped in a sunset would be lovely!


Copper Canyon would become a cowl for me

Rhonda Atkinson

I like Art Deco. Beautiful deep colorway. I am thinking a nice shawl. Maybe Cloudy with a Chance of Bling.

Farrell DiBart

My favorite color is oil slick and I would knit socks, because I love sock knitting.

Alejandra Valdivia

Love the 3 colors but I will have to go with pink I'm a pink kind of girl and I will knit sock lately I been knitting rose city rollers in ravelry and I love them I already have knit a couple is a easy pattern and knit super fast especially for me that I'm a slow knitter .

Susan James

Oh my gosh! what beautiful colors!!! just one favorite? hmmmmm..... Goldilocks Paper Flowers is the top of the list.


Copper Canyon would look amazing knit up in Heidi Alander's Nurmilintu Shawl.

Joanna Mull

I'm completely in love with the star color way--those colors make me think of late summer and fall. I think it would be gorgeous in Woven by casapinka

Bonnye Bulla

I love the Daffodil Daze. My favorite color and flower. I would make socks with a small cable.

Robin Smith

I like 50 Shades of Yay. They would make excellent crazy socks. I think simple vanilla socks would do the best.


I'd use Daffodil Daze (love it) to make a Bigger on the Inside (Dr Who) shawl in this colorway! My knitting buddy is making one in the traditional police box blue and I'd love to knit along with her and make a much different color version!

Julie V

Mermaid! I would hold onto this prize for a gorgeous shawl, maybe even build another Fade from it.

Merridee Dobbeck

Decisions, decisions....... if I have to choose just one, it would be Antique Teal

Michelle McCrillis

Has to be Unicorn Poop!! This is what my youngest granddaughter calls her uncle. To give her something in this colorway would blow her away and put him on the floor with laughter!!!

Wendy Chase

Oil slick. And as I have yet to knit a shawl or even a shawlette, that's what I would do with it. The colors go well enough with several items in my wardrobe I'd be able to wear it often.


I think Cosmopolitan....I am finding that a magenty pink is a neutral in my blends with lots of colors...
If I won this grouping I would blissfully knit a "Saturate" shawl, pattern by Mara Catherine Bryner.
And I would need your assistance in finding the perfect additional two colors to complete the yardage needed!
Thanks for the contest and inspiration!


I love all of the color ways, but paper flowers really caught my eye! I would knit a shawl...

Tamzin Lawson Bailey

A very hard choice, but I think Fairy Tale is my current fave. I'd love to attempt anything by Andrea Mowry.

Eliza Goodworth

So many gorgeous colors! It's difficult to choose, but for summer I prefer the Daffodil Daze because it looks so happy and summery. Happy Anniversary!

Cindy h.

I like sock star and rosey sunset. Maybe make a shawl or socks.

Jamie H.

I love the Saffron colorway. It would make a beautiful cardigan


Magic Forest for some happy footies. Maybe rollers.

Carole Hart

Saffron! Reminds me of my daughters hair. I'd have to knit a shawl to wrap myself in. She's all grown up and I miss my "baby girl".

Pam Fiddler

I'm knitting socks with Golilocks in "Tinkerbell, right now, and they're coming out beautifully! Such yummy yarn 😍! If I could choose a colorway to knit with next it might just be "daffodil daze" just because it's such a pretty mix of colors that aren't normally in my color wheel. These three skiens are drool worthy btw 👌💕!


Flora and Fauna is my favorite... I'd knit a shawlette.


I really like the antique teal. It would make a lovely shawl or wrap.

Michelle Lange

I would use Fairytale in a Find your Fade shawl, using it to transition from pinks to brown.

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