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July 24, 2017



I keep looking out for mostly-black colorways with a bit of color like Blackbird, Haida, and Rooky. Rooky is my current fave, but it keeps changing. =) thanks for this chance to win!


Arctic Puffin appeals today....that could change in a moment.


There are so many colours that appeal to me for different reasons or to make things for different people, but it's "Grimm" that I would choose to make something for myself. Unfortunately I rarely knit anything for me.

Dari T

I would have to go with In a Pickle. So fun!

Geraldine Scott

Bet You Thought! Such a hard decision!


Xmas Rock, I think, although there are lots of good choices!

Anne Marie

How on earth to pick a favorite?! Arctic Puffin is my choice as I'd love to try a speckle.

Marilyn Fenton

Antiquated system is gorgeous.
wahoomerryf on Ravelry


I love Dancing in the moon!

Lynn Nicholson

I've been hoping they dye up some Lady Edith. I've knit 4 Hitchhiker scarves with 1 skein of sock yarn and Colossal Sock would be perfect for a full sized Hitchhiker. I keep being drawn to the Lady Edith colorway.

Rita Kawamoto

Strange Brew, I think it would make a great set of gloves and a hat


Supreme Black Dalek jumped out at me.


Blackbird is calling my name...just love the darker colors!


strange brew is gorgeous!


Grimm Green

Marilyn Hunley

Of course I looked for the brightest and my eye caught Sherbet. Love it and would have a hard time deciding what to knit with it, maybe just keep it for a while in view as it's so cheery.

Nancy F.

Neon Lights on Broadway.


My favorite today is Star Speckled Skein! Thanks for the contest!

Wendy Chase

So many good colors, but I can see myself wearing something made with Banded Agate.


My favorites (for now!) are Gin Blossom and Antiquated System!


It was a tough choice, but I kept going back to Big Brain Blue.


My faves are Gin Blossoms and Hobbit garden.
Now to go order a colossal for my birthday on July 31! Harry and I are


Oh my, I melted when I saw Grimm Green!

Annette Poole

Gin Blossoms is calling my name!


I've been looking for a nice brown. I like Muddy Bottom Break.


I'd choose Jade...though there are many I really like.


I like Whos the Pumpkin. It catches my eye every time I look through the pages and pages of yarn that you offer.

Cindy C

Bantum of the opera please and thank you.


So many great colors, choosing one is so hard. Eeeny, meeny, miney moe....antiquated system.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Raquel from Jc

I really like Byron Lee tipsy!!!


Blackbird is just gorgeous!


I pick the Scummy Christmas one and I have my fingers crossed.(until I start to knit)


Drusilla, please. I love the stunning red with shades of gray.


I'm a brights girl, so Peachy Keen Jellybean would be my choice.


Who's the pumpkin!

I also like Heirloom Tomato (I think that's the name, not sure), but it's not on offer right now.


I would have a hard time picking between Smokey Mountain Morn or Heckley Speckley as I love them both


In a Pickle, with Antiquated System a close second -- great garment colors!


Too many choices! However, Black Dalek would be perfect as it would make a cool shawl that would match most of my wardrobe or a fun pair of socks for him. It's just colorful enough to be fun but subdued enough to be work-appropriate.


My fav color at the moment is Royal but I believe it already made the Colossal skein jump. That leaves me with Gandalf the Grey.


Fall Frolic!

Jane Penrose

Ooh, I Mad Heart Ewe really speaks to me. I think it would make a delicious shawl.


Raspberry Beret makes me happy!Thanks for the opportunity.


Ooh I agree the Arctic Puffin is so pretty. And wouldn't it go nice with the Aubergenius next to it if you happen to be addicted to two color projects like I am currently.

DebbIie Hallamek

I choose Lemonellow. So pretty!


Winter Wonderland


I'd love to see artic puffin.


I liked Bite Me. What a wonderful name for a colorway!

Sandra Lee Dodson

Winter Wonderland or Fall Frolic


Oh man! Hard decision. I'd go with fire on the mount because it's a perfect mix of bright colors with some darker hues mixed in... And I'd have a good excuse to sing some Grateful Dead all day!

Brandy Schmidt

There are so many to choose from! I've missed out a couple times this summer on some great colorways. Looking at the list i would love to see gin blossoms as one of the bigger skeins. :)

Linda L in WI

I'm stuck wearing a uniform at work, but the one thing that's not regulated is sock color! I love them bright, so I choose Shepersisted. It's a colorway that kicks!


I had 3 I had such a hard time choosing from; Heckley Speckley, Gin Blossoms and Bite Me. If had to choose only one... Heckley Speckley :)

Carol B

Twinkle Little vamp


Koolaid for my daughter who loves bright colors;)


Stars Hollow


So many beautiful colors-- but it's Grimm Green-- hands down! ( unless I were choosing for my daughter, and then it would be Stars Hollow).

Colette Gjuka

Antiquated System is my favorite, but I also like Blackbird and Strange brew.


They're all so pretty, there's a lot I've bookmarked now to come back to, but Angelus is definitely my dreamboat!

Carol P.

I really like "A Speck of Autumn."


I would love Colossal Sock in Stars Hollow. I love Stars Hollow so much that I plan on using it as a color scheme for our new home.

Annette B.

So hard to choose just one!
I'll go with Shepersisted, though. Love the colors (and the name!)

Karen L.

So hard to choose! It I keep returning to Arctic Puffin, so that's my fave right now


PUt the Lime in :)


gorgeous colors. i love the Fall Frolic


KoolAid....but they are all beautiful

Leann Demeduk

There are SO MANY beautiful colors, but I am leaning towards Supreme Black Dalek. Gorgeous!!!!!

Karol S

Beach Blanket Bingo!! Love the colors and love your yarn!! Thanks for the giveaway and congrton your Anniversary!!!!

Rose Birchall

Artic Puffin is a favorite.

Lonormi Manuel

Choose one? Impossible! :D I'm torn between Smoky Mountain Morn and Twinkle Little Vamp. Either would make a gorgeous scarf or pair of socks!

Vanessa Clutter

Both Lady Edith and Willow caught my eye. Both would make stunning shawls or socks ♥♥ So many pretty colorways to choose from ♥♥


Love all the catchy names!
"Bet you Thought" is my fave colorway!


I think my favourite today is Rooky.


I love "Speck of Autumn" - it would make some lovely socks.


A Speck of Autumn - Autumn is my favorite season and that's when my husband and I were married.


In my fantasy stash, I'd have one of each, but I'm going to say....Luke's.


I love Skyrocketing Puddle!

Saundra Fowler

Oh today's fave is Smokey Mountain Morn!! I see a shawl😀

Katie Marsh

Tough choice! I think I'd go with electric Koolaid.


I love Jumping Jellybean, at least for today!

Andrea B

I'm going with In a Pickle - perhaps because I finally got my cucumbers into the garden this morning!


All so lovely! Anything with red including Crabby Mc happypants

Alex W.

I love Speckle Me this and the Artic Puffin!!!

Yoshie Wong

Madrona madness because it's the name of my street


Right now I'd pick Antiquated System but picking just one is so hard to do.

Mindy K

It's hard to choose just one, but Antiquated System is gorgeous!


I love Gin Blossom - the deep navy and pops of color! But Arctic Puffin and its speckily goodness is beautiful and fun too!


electric Kool aid is stupendous


I'm loving the Artic Puffin!!


I think Calendula is just gorgeous and it might be the color that encourages me to finally knit a lightweight cardigan!

Judi Schaffer

My two favorite colors together are in Lemonellow, just love it.


I've looked at antiquated system many times, but not sure what to make from it!


I love the Grimm Green!

Kelly H

Seal Rock!

Lisa Sauer

Oh geez, just one? I was originally going to say Scattering Particle, as it will go with a couple (a-hem...) of the mega skeins I have already purchased. But Neon Lights on Broadway keeps catching my eye....

Brenda Michalsen

Jeepers Creepers would be fun. Thanks for the contest.

Linda Darby

Smokey Mtn Morn. SO many gorgeous possibilities! Thanks for the contest.

Tabitha Burks

The Foliage is Fall would be a fun one! And to be honest I just can't wait for autumn to come, it's my favorite season.

Susan James

I LOVE so many, but SOCKTOBERFEST is my fav!!


Gandalf the Gray

Elaine Boston

I like the Raspberry Beret colorway.

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