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July 05, 2017



Honestly, my favorites have always included a Birdlegs Bags project bag.

Jenny Spencer

I have not been fortunate enough to purchase a Knit Kit. Personally I would love one with a project bad and one of these pretty ceramic mugs!!


I've never gotten a kit, but I would love to see more mugs. I'm a huge tea and coffee drinker while knitting. And I'm not sure if stitch markers are ever included but I love unique little markers for each project. :)


I love the stitch markers that come in the kits. Currently, my favorites are the sheep from the spring knit kits.


These kits are stunning! I love the Charan Sachar mugs--especially the amber color. And I love speckled yarn--it seems like those have such a broad appeal right now. For extras, maybe a progress keeper (like those cute food miniatures!) or those scissors with the big round finger holes.

raquel from JC

I have not purchased any of these beautiful kits but I love the green one! I would love to receive a kit with yarn, a beautiful project bag, pattern, needles and a bag or two of a new tea!

Rose Birchall

I'm usually late to the party. Missed it again and again. I am a big fan of stitch markers.


I haven't purchased a Knit Kit, but I love these mugs!


I have purchased many of your knitting kits, I really enjoyed last Halloween's with the Hedgehog Fibres exclusive colorway. I like the chocolate treats when they are included.


I have not tried a Knit Kit yet. Relatively new to knitting. Love the gorgeous green mug and yarn.
I love stitch markers and project bags.


I love both of my Easter kits I just can't choose!


I can't chooses a favorite either but I love the project bags and the baked goods!

Nancy Nathanson

I would love some interesting stitch markers, tea, and chocolates. The green mug and yarn is beautiful :)


I love the knit kit that came with a SSYC mug!
I use that mug several mornings each week.
Life is Short, Knit the Yarn!
When I uae it I think about what I will knit that day.
Congratulations on 12 wonderful years!


I've never purchased one yet, but I always like cute stitch markers. Snack wise, nothing in particular just maybe not chips or chocolate -- they can dirty the yarn! I love these mugs, btw.

Tricia F

I tried to snag a kit a while back. I think it was cat themed or Halloween themed. Love your kits.


Who doesn't love DeBrand chocolates...even I do and I don't love chocolate. I like the way you coordinate the yarn to the other item in the kit but my interest focuses in the yarn.

Brooke Breitholme

I've never had the pleasure of ordering a kit yet, but it's on my yarn bucket list! I loooooooove seeing coordinating project bags and skeins, especially with a stitch marker or progress keeper included! That makes me drool the most!


Hi, I've loved your kits but only been able to purchase one Halloween kit for a gift for my sister. It was perfect! Each kit sells so fast! I'd love to have a kit with knit tool jewlery in it for example the measure tape bracelets or stitch marker necklace or bracelet. That would be fun!
Happy 12 years! Happy knitting Heidi (ablinkofbliss)


I have scored a kit twice only! I try for more but can't seem to get there in time. I really have fun with the stitch markers when they match the season/holiday. My pick for the kit was the summer one with the vegs stitch markers.

Linda L

I loved the kit that had the "Life is Short, Knit the Yarn" mug. It was my favorite mug and I used it all the time. Unfortunately it got broken this weekend. :-(

Mary McAnulty

My favorite is the Easter kit with the bag, stitch markers and the Hedgehog yarn. The bunny and carrot stitch markers are so cute.

Lori V

Yarn & a project bag - always a winner!👍🏻☺️


Can I just say that I love them all! But if I have to choose one, I will say the bird legs bags. Of course, the yarn is the ultimate decider.

Anne Marie

OMG! These kits with the mug and matching yarn. PERFECTION! If it was in the budget ...!


I got a kit last summer - a canning/preserving themed project bag, yarn, and stitch markers - and I use the bag and markers all the time! I've enjoyed seeing your other kits but haven't been able to catch them before they sell out. I like it when a mug or project bag is included with yarn. Would like to see a kit with multiple skeins of yarn (same color or coordinating colors) included that could be used for a larger project like a shawl. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


I have purchased a kit in the past and I love the bag...

Linda Sutherland

I purchased a kit with a knitting bag and yarn to give as a gift. It was well received. I like the idea of a mug with coordinating yarn. Might be tempted to try for the reddish combo when you offer it.

Marilyn Fenton

The mugs are great. Why not add some special tea bags to go with them in future kits? Tea and knitting is the best.
wahoomerryf on Ravelry


I've never been able to get a kit. The bags and stitch markers are the cutest!


I have not managed to get a kit yet. It would be fantastic to have a special holiday kit with a yarn bowl!

Theresa Smith

I have bought several knit kits but my all time fave was last summer's kit with the veggie canning print bag by Birdleg Bags paired with a coordinating Lorna's Laces speckle yarn. I enjoyed it so much I made a pair of shorty socks after I finished the socks because I wanted to use up every bit of that glorious yarn. And that bag was perfect for a summer knit! All your kits are fab and it's obvious how much thought and care goes into selecting them!

Nancy F.

I was lucky enough to get a Valentine's day kit. The pink yarn and chocolate candies were fantastic. Would love one of these mugs!

Andrea B

I've never gotten a kit but it would be fun to include some Jelly Belly's - especially with speckled yarn

Elaine Boston

I snagged a kit quite a long time ago...It had a Bird Leg Bag in it...I think it had owls on it. I reallly love your kits.


Last year I purchased the Summer Bounty Kit. The bag and little veggie stitch markers are so cute. And the yarn is lovely --- still sitting in stash waiting for some love.


I haven't purchased a kit, but I love self-striping yarn and think a skein of Poste in a new striping pattern would be really exciting. I have trouble with all but the most basic stitch marker getting tangled in my stitches, so although I can appreciate how pretty stitch markers can be, I only use little plain rings. I think one can never have too many project bags or wool washes, so those are great things in a kit!


I haven't gotten a kit yet, though I enjoy looking at them. Stitch markers make nice additions to your kits, and I appreciate that you sometimes include the local sweet treats. Fort Wayne is off the beaten path for me, so it may be awhile before I ever get to visit. It's nice that you include those local items for customers who can't visit your shop in person.

Diane Gladstone

I am about to use "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" from last year's summer kit. I'm bummed that I missed out of the flamingo kit! I would still love that yarn!

Neecy Rohrs

I was able to get the Spring Kit with the Stag Bag. I loved everything, but the chocolate. I would have preferred a tea or perhaps herb seeds. Although my 16 year old daughter would differ with me, she got the wonderful chocolate. I love the nature themed bags and stitch markers.

Dana Snyder

I loved the project bags at Easter and I love my mug! I've gotten a lot of compliments on my bunny project bag! I'd like to see more project bag kits! The yarn that comes with the kits is always beautiful and the stitch markers were pretty awesome too!!

Karen Gartley

I've gotten a Halloween kit with a nice bag and chocolate - it was called Zombie Love and came with Yarn Love Juliet. I'm really loving the mugs though! I've always admired Charan Sachar's work. The bigger the mug, the better, and just to be even more picky! - I love the large handles that your hand can fit through. Thanks Allison!

Nora Brown

I have managed to grab a Christmas kit....yarn and project bag/basket. But I'd so love one of these mugs.

pam woo

I haven't bought a kit yet but i'm in love with the mugs shown. I'm also totally a sucker for matching yarn/bag kits (with coordinating minis?)


I was lucky enough to get on of the Easter kits. I love, love, love the project bags!


I haven't purchased a Knit Kit yet, but this one is gorgeous! I love a good mug, project bag, and stitch markers/progress keepers. Your yarn selection is amazing!

Karen Compton

I've never purchased a kit but I have bought a few different yarns from you and have loved them all! I'd love to have stitch markers added along with yarns😄 Your my go to sock yarn store!😍


I am a sucker for bags. I love the bag with the cats and the clocks. It is always a treat when they come with a goody and I loved the one that had the to/from circular tags.


I haven't purchased a knit kit yet but I love going to the shop to buy special yarn for projects for special family and friends!I really liked the 12th anniversary Sip and Knit Kit with the Charansachar and Hedgehog Fibers yarn.

In a future kit, I really like canvas pouches for holding DPNs, eyehook safety pins, measuring tape etc. They make carrying around knitting accessories a little easier!


I have never bought a project bag. I would love sock yarn in it a couple of tea bags, a Sock it to Me ruler it is a shoe size to sock length conversion guide. Of course a bit of chocolate!

Alejandra Valdivia

I haven't purchase any kits get but I have purchase yarn from you and I love your fast delivery I'm crazy about yarn and gadgets love process keeper stitch markers, project bags and any gadgets available you make this craft fun 😜

Rose Zukley

I would love to see a yarn and project bag kit.


I've never gotten a kit, since I'm rarely on line at the right time. But I'm always a big fan of project bags! Other things I like include stitch markers, sock rulers, and notepads. I'm not big on edibles.


I have never purchased a kit from you but I FELL IN LOVE with your Christmas kit in 2011 (I think) call FA LA LA... with green and white and red stripes. (Anyone happen to have one lying around???)

Pat HIll

a couple of years ago, I purchased a valentines kit. Poste yarn, a snack, a valentine (I think) and a snack from a local bakery. Since then I've been tempted by many themed kits. I love kits with stitch markers but I'm not into halloween or santas and if the bags or stitch markers have people, I usually don't consider those without people of color on them, and most don't.
I'm working my way through stash so that I can purchase a kit. They are testing my resolve!
Happy Anniversary!!


I have many kits and love them all, can't pick a favorite among all the project bags and yarns (although I usually use my Halloween Kit project bag with pumpkins, candy corn etc all over it-- I can fit a LOT into it, and I always get compliments on it.) I love the edibles when the mailing season allows for them, but I think the most amazing "extras" have been the custom-made stitch markers made of (I think) polymer clay-- the little animals or symbols or fruits or vegetables. They are really amazing.


Ooh, the Swift yarns are beautiful!

I've never purchased a kit. I like the ones with bags the best, as I'd like to have more beautiful bags, and the Floops are cool too.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Katie Marsh

I was lucky enough to snag the kit last month with the lavender mug and hedgehog sock yarn. I'm a big coffee drinker and the mug has become one of my favorites. It really holds a lot of coffee. I'm always tempted by any kit with a mug or a cute project bag.

Elaine Hager

I would love a mug with yarn and stitch marked or progress keeper. Bags are good too but these mugs are so special.

Lugarda Cappetta

I have gotten two kits. One was a valentine kit about 3 years ago, and then the first kit you had with the mason-jar mug. I loved the truffles that were in the valentine kit.


I love little do-dads that make following patterns easier like row counter rings or pendants, or magnetic chart boards etc.

Judi Schaffer

My favorite inclusions in a kit are stitch markers to match the yarn. They make me very happy. I was able to purchase one of the kits many years ago that came with a bag and it is one of my all time favorites.

Judi Kennedy

I love the chocolates and the mugs, in that order. Mostly the chocolates.


I haven't got a kit yet, but both of these are great! Project bags or a sock ruler would be great extras.


I have gotten many kits over the years &, honestly, the yarn is usually my favorite part. Like Joyce I love the Bird Leg bags but I have so many bags now I really don't need more. The bag that was part of the Halloween kit several years back has gotten a lot of compliments (even in April in Portland). I like stitch markers & love a little food treat - the sweet kettle corn was delicious & the chocolates were even better (& im not s big fan of chocolate). I'm really anxious to get one of those mugs & I love both of those yarns. I missed the last kits with the mugs. So I'm really hoping to get one of these.


I have gotten many kits over the years &, honestly, the yarn is usually my favorite part. Like Joyce I love the Bird Leg bags but I have so many bags now I really don't need more. The bag that was part of the Halloween kit several years back has gotten a lot of compliments (even in April in Portland). I like stitch markers & love a little food treat - the sweet kettle corn was delicious & the chocolates were even better (& im not s big fan of chocolate). I'm really anxious to get one of those mugs & I love both of those yarns. I missed the last kits with the mugs. So I'm really hoping to get one of these.

Jacqueline Taylor

I've always been too late to get the sets! Or the one I want is gone! But I love these mugs! Oh, the yarn is beautiful too! I would have loved one of the bags you had at Halloween! Maybe this time I'll be in time!

Cindy h.

I have not purchased a kit yet but I have yarn from your shop. If I would buy one maybe a progress keeper that is designed just for shop and when I use it , it would remind me I need more yarn.🤗❤️ Love your shop

Cindy h.

I meant to say the progress keeper designed for your shop.

Annette Triner

I've snagged a flip,e of mug kits on the past. Bah humbug sheep is my go to for office coffee!


I love my mug from the knit kit, and the bird leg bags are the best......the extra little goodies that come I like the stitch markers........and the yarns......oh so wonderful......


I'm still using the flamingo bag from a Valentine's kit and love it. Flamingos get me every time! I really like all of your kits and am always bummed when I have my eye on one and miss out.

Carla Hibbard

I think I bought your very first poste yarn kit!

Lisa Sauer

Between the time difference for the west coast, and a long commute in the morning, I often miss the special kits before they're sold out. I was able to get the Christmas Spirit kit in 2015 (Poste yarn and Bird Leg Bags bucket bag), which I adore. This one didn't come with stitch markers, though, and I've seen some fantastic stitch markers in other kits.


I haven't purchased a kit sadly. I absolutely love the kits with these mugs!

Katherine Hunt

I have been lucky to snag alot of the kits over the years, but a couple of years ago I bought a kit with Miss Babs yowza and made one of the Weigh It shawls as the free pattern. This was my first skein of Miss Babs but definitely not my last! I have also made and gifted several of those wonderful shawls!
Your kits never disappoint! And your amazing shipping is great too!
Swift Bliss Sock is my new favorite yarn lately. Just finished my Joji Mkal with Swift yarns and I'm getting ready to start a FYF with Swift soon. Its sooo soft and knits so beautifully!


I've never gotten one of the kits. For extras I would love a project bag, cute stitch markers or the thin Floops markers, a sock ruler, and/or dark chocolates.


Not yet been able to purchase a Knit Kit (but the green one is lovely). Hmmm...bits and bobs. I love little notebooks. I received one from Jill Draper at a retreat and it has a small ruler and needle conversion list in the back cover and the Kitchener Stitch written out in the front cover with space to write your name. Stitch markers and small bags to hold odds and ends are always nice.


Have not purchased a kit, yet. However, I love yarn and project bags. Chocolate is always


I buy all of your Christmas kits and love my mug Life is Short Knit the Yarn! And of course all the Poste yarn I've bought!!;)


Hmm love all of them. But especially liked the Poste yarn with the 2014 Valentine Kit and cute bag and also the Naughty and Nice kit with cute mug. Love all Bird Leg Bags and Floop markers!

Roseann Cocherell

I have purchased several of your kits, my favs are the Holloween ones , as that is my favorite holiday and time of year.

Carole Hart

I purchased a Valentines kit last year. " Knit What you love ❤️ and love ❤️ What you Knit". I use the mug very often and the yarn is in my find your fade wip. I adore the green kit you are offering now because I have a son who loves anything green and he studied ceramics in college. Always enjoy your Instagram posts, blog and contests. Thanks Allison Carole H.

Melessa moran

I got the lavender mug with the hedgehog potluck skein. It was so beautiful. The mug and the yarn. Love your store!


I have not been able to get a kit yet but really like them all expecially the ones with the mugs.

Joyce Gravino

I absolutely love the sip and knit kits. I have not been able to get a kit yet but you can never have enough stitch markers. I

Megan Tillery

I am a sucker for green and I absolutely love the green skein and mug you've chosen!

Nancy Butler

My favorite packages from you were the last sock yarn club mailings. Loved the yarns and extras. I hope to join another soon.


I love these current kits as I have been swooning over these ceramic mugs for a while now.


My favorite kit was was last year's Summer Bounty Knit Kit - loved the yarn, the bag, the veggie stitch markers!


I haven't been able to get a kit yet. I love the mugs! I would love to see a project bag.


I knit up the Valentine's Day 2017 kit and I'm currently knitting with the Spring 2017 kit. I absolutely adore using the sheep/flower stitch markers. From the curated bags and yarn, I have always loved SSYC kits. Perhaps a packet of herb or flower seeds would be a nice add-on.

Ann W.

I was able to get a Bird Legs Wedge Bag (sheep) and Miss Babs Yowza yarn for a Fall Knit Kit a couple of years ago. You have to be fast and your kits are totally worth it. Congrats on the 12 year anniversary of your wonderful yarn shop.


I've never gotten a kit but your yarns look fantastic. And now this mug!!!! LOVE!!❤️


I'm never quite quick enough to order a kit before they sell out !

Barbara Rude

My favorites are the Halloween kits, I have several and love everything that comes with them, especially the bags, too cute.

Dari T

I got one of your Summer Bounty kits, with Lorna's Lace yarn. I am tempted by all the kits you curate, but have only ever managed the one. I shall keep trying, however!

Kathie Frazier

I love all of your kits. Always a lot of fun. I did enjoy the candy from your local chocolate company.


I was able to get one kit a few years ago. It included yarn, a Bird Leg Bag, and some stitch markers I believe. I really liked the products. I always admire the kits when I see them on the blog.


I haven't purchased a kit, but I always love seeing the chocolates or baked goods local to your town when you include those.

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