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June 22, 2017



I'm always so glad to read your life posts because then I know I'm not the only middle-aged woman still playing volleyball with the youngsters. The youngest folks in my league are literally half my age (and more importantly, half the age of my knees).


I miss summers when I was home with the kids...mine are all out of the house now and I work every day. Nothing changes, summer or winter except the weight of the sweaters I wear! In James' arrangement of Hedgehog, what is the light blue in the middle? I think I might need it...I've been looking for a soft, clear blue and everything I've ordered from others turns out to be more aqua. That one looks lovely! I'll go search to see if I can find it!!!


I'm with you, Sprite! I'm just glad its sand season. I'm much less likely to hurt myself in the sand. Though we also play on concrete quite a bit and THAT's not an easy adjustment to make. I'm worried I'll dive for it like I do on sand and then kill my knees forever.
Carolyn, I do believe that's Skinny Singles in the color Glacier. I'd consider it more tonal pale powder blue than aqua:


We go to local parks or playground when we can. My kids get on each others' and my nerves all day! I work from home as a writer so I'm tied to the computer for many hours, and my kids are young. I just planned a trip for us to visit you in person, so I'm sure I can help you out with (what my kids will say is a "ton") unloading some of the yarn!

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