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May 22, 2017



Your knitting projects are so gorgeous!
I can't believe how old James looks . How adorable he wants to knit with you!
I taught my granddaughter how to knit but she just turned 10 so it's on the back burner .


Allison that drop stitch shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors!!!

Minnie Newman

Please keep sharing your son's progress! I love that story!


150 g SKEINS FOR $20?!?! You make it impossible to resist, you wooly siren.


I think I'll have to make myself a Walk in the Woods shawl if I ever get the Wonderful Wallabies finished. I LOVE the colorways you've chosen.


And what is James knitting with that fantastically colored yarn?


Minnie- I will! I hope it continues!
Bonnie- I know, right? It's a crazy deal.
Carol- he calls it a blanket. But we cast on 20 stitches (and have 21 right now- ha!) and so I keep referring to it as a scarf just so he gets use to the idea that it's going to look a certain way...

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