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April 25, 2017



What about this one?


How about the Magic Spring Shawl, free on Revelry. It's like a mini fade and the lace isn't fiddly, at least that's what my friend states. There are 3 color sections with some lace in-between.
I think it meets all your requests.


Seriously? 9 SKEINS OF CLASSY?? You need to finish this blanket because it's EPIC! and very impressive!


Everyone loves to knit it. Everyone loves the finished object.
What is it? Color Affection.


Why not knit metered squares, and then sew them together to make a quilt/blanket? Each individual square wouldn't be too hot to knit, and you could save the seaming for cooler weather.


How about hats for the family? Small & you can make different ones. And you can never have too many hats. Dubbelmossa style hats knitin sock yarn are small & light & great tv/Netflix knitting.


Sockhead cowl maybe or my latest addiction Fractal Danger


Slippery slope socks!!! Think of all the color possibilities.


I keep getting distracted by knitting socks, but the ZickZack scarf on Ravelry is calling my name. It would highlight the fingering weight yarns that don't have nylon in them.

raquel from JC

If you want to knit a baby blanket you can donate it to a hospital!


What about this scarf by Cindy Craig - Celebrate Color. You can use leftover sock - fingering weight yarn. Pretty much mindless knitting and can even be knitted while at the movies. This scarf had endless color possibilities.


I'm about to start the Joji mystery KAL on Ravelry, starts May 12th. Uses 5 colours of finger weight to make a 26 x72 wrap. Sweet Georgia has 5 sets of yarn colours as suggestions that the pattern writer picked out while at their studio. Looks like a project that can be as colourful as you want to make it.


A pretty mindless knit would be the Reyna Shawl. I knit mine using two colors but have seen some gorgeous ones using 5 or more colors.


I thought the same thing about Find Your Fade. But one of the bonuses about being late to the party is you can see what others have done. I followed the changes done by a couple of Ravelers that resulted in the lace section being much easier and also the shawl in general being a little smaller. I'm finding it to be a very relaxing and addicting knit. If you'd like to know whose changes I followed I'd be glad to let you know.

Judi S

I recently found the pattern "Take it all" by Lisa Hannes. It's knit with minis and looks like it's fairly mindless. Lots of color.


Om Shawl by Andrea Mowrey. There's color work on the ends, mindless knitting in the middle, and some buttonholes

Patty McDonald

Take a look at Beech Hill by Leah McGlone on Ravelry. Sometimes I just want something over my shoulders that isn't apt to slip off. I am going to try this.


For some pretty amazing colour possibilities I like 'Towanda'by Casapinka, a not too big shawl.

Renee' Sawyer

I just started the Counter Current by Laura Aylor. I have so many beautiful yarns (most from you) so it is fun to pick out the colors you want. It is garter stitch and kind of a colorblock shawl. Check it out! Plus she is having a Shawl KAl with her patterns into June :)


As Anne said, Sockhead Cowl is great; so is Sockhead hat. It's like knitting a sock for your head! If you use handpainted yarn, the colors develop unpredictable and beautiful patterns.


Sign up for the Joji MKAL. 5 colors, 5 skeins. It's just the size you're wanting and uses different colors. Knit a pair of socks while you wait for the pattern to come out.


How about the "Hastings" shawl by Patricia Shapiro. Garter stitch and stripes. What colors to use?


I've looked at all the comments, and checked out all the recommended patterns. My Ravelry queue is longer now! Of them all, Take It All by Lisa Hannes really caught my eye. I imagine it'll take me a visit or two to your shop for yarn. :)


Oh, knit a Fade! You have access to lovely yarns, and the lace is just fun! I didn't use the double YO because I thought the single YO would be less stretchy--considering the weight of the whole shawl. It was one of my most pleasurable knits EVER and is quite mindless. I want to knit another....


You could knit a Find Your Fade and just take out the lace sections and replace them with more garter.

Candice Hope

Omg, you were 90% done! Crank up the AC and finish it!!!
I have this on my list for a gorgeous skein of MadTosh Prairie but I need a 2nd skein to go with it.

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