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April 07, 2017



Obsessed with knitting socks; would love to try more Opal yarns. Pink is my color; yellow not so much. I enjoy reading & I have a part beagle, part weiner dog that I love so much.


I detest purling, but I love to knit, so socks are it for me! I love soft yarns in bright colors, especially the varigated ones. I am a dedicated tea drinker, mother of two grown children, lover of cats, and avid reader. Forty-four years ago I was lucky enough to marry the world's nicest man.


Retired teacher/social worker, mom of 2, and lucky grandma of 4. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 10. I knit hats, socks, cardigans, scarves, shawls and usually have 2 or 3 projects going at once. I love to read, garden, and watch British mysteries. My favorite colors are blue, green, purple, and grey. Thanks for the fun giveaway!


I knit socks almost exclusively. I have knit other things but socks get picked up first if there are multiple projects to pick from. I have finally nailed the vanilla sock pattern for my feet and someday hope to have a winters worth of hand knit socks. My last two pairs are orange and blue yarn. I hope someday to try Hedgehog Fibres or one of the other hand dyers doing speckles. I love baking with yeast and have been printing new recipes to try while it is still cool. I love vivid colors and currently have stripes of 'Ultraviolet' in my hair.

Stephanie H

I just returned to knitting after thinking it was boring for about 10 years. Turns out knitting is only boring of you're knitting boring things! I trained to be an opera singer and now give amazing shower-based recitals in my bathroom. I have the cutest rescue dog ever (@robbiepanda on instagram)and we sometimes do animal assisted therapy. Otherwise, he's my main lap-sitter while I knit. Getting married in October, trying to find just the right pattern for something gauzey to wear over my dress!


I am a fourth grade teacher who has found knitting to use my creative energy and destress. I enjoy all four seasons of the year - spring because I can play in the dirt /garden, summer because I can put my toes in the sand, fall because the leaves are changing and it is time for Rhinebeck, winter because I love snowmen, hot chocolate, vanilla candles and wearing all the cozy things I have knit. I have become a bit addicted to the colors from Hedgehog Fibers - it has helped me expand my color zone. Who would have thought II would knit with Envy and Sorry, Not Sorry in my Shockwaves! I am all about trying new yarns. By the way, I love those cute stich markers that are sometimes in the kits, but unfortunately I didn't get my hands on a spring kit because I was busy teaching. 😉


This has been such a fun week! I have pretty much been obsessed with all things Knitting for years now, and it's only getting worse. There are so many great yarns, project bags, patterns, it's just a great time to be a knitter. All of those Find Your Fade shawls I have been seeing on Instagram have made me crazy for speckled yarns. For some reason I haven't used many of them, but now I want one in every color. I would probably go for pinks, maybe some gray or golds. It must be hard to choose a whole set of yarns for that pattern! I have been knitting mostly in fingering weight yarns lately, except for a few hats and baby things for presents. I love project bags and knitting notions, they make my knitting projects feel more special. And you asked if we loved coffee -- my day wouldn't be the same without it, I even love the smell of coffee. I might need a cup right now!


Reader. Writer. Fan of stripes -- either self-striping for socks or multiple skeins for shawls. Ridiculously bad at finishing things. I like bright, bright, bright and am always happy if sparkles can be worked in. Lover of cats, volleyball, listening to Mets games, community gardening, black tea, and sweets.

Sara B.

I've been knitting since just after college, in 1980. I am now the retured mom of 2 kids who have moved far away - and two papillon puppies. THey are really dogs, but paps always remain puppies for their whole lives! I like going to knitting retreats and knitting excessively. Shawls, sweaters, blankets, hats, socks - anything. I have now come to terms with my dislike of brioche! I have two bad knees and this winter added 2 herniated discs and sciatica to my list - so I spent the winter knitting to avoid thinking of the pain. NOw that it's spring, I have to figure out what to do going forward, as opposed to giving up and going with a wheelchair! Love blues and greens and purples and jewel tones. Love Wisconsin and sitting by the lake and swimming and boating. Thanks for all the giveaways. SareBearKnits on rav.


Retired school psychologist, mother of son and daughter; grandmother of two. Right now I'm obsessed with knitting down my stash. I just finished 3 mystery KAL's and a Find Your Fade (my way!, from stash). I would love some speckled yarn--I have none. I like cool colors--blues and grays and all things neutrals. I don't like yellow or orange very much. I used to have three cats in residence and they lived long and are gone. No pets now; one husband who is deaf (a TBI), so interactions are minimal. I really like knitting substantial shawls (not kerchiefs) and socks. I like to read, listen to audiobooks, watch podcasts. I have a huge cotton fabric stash and have made many and will make more quilts. I'm NEVER bored except at the gym (I don't like exercise), but there I have audio entertainment.


Sports fan (Red Sox, Bruins, college hockey),, 8th grade science teacher and overall science geek, and obsessive knitter no sense of knitting monogamy. Right now obsessivley knitting blanket from super bulky and leftover sock yarn. Will be finished just in time for summer. Also have a pair of socks, sweater, and shawl on the needles.


I'm currently obsessed with the Find your Fade pattern but haven't gone stash diving to find the yarn to make it out of; I love coffee and chocolate; am obsessed with my two Shih Tzu; there are plenty of yarns I haven't tried, but many I own (yarn hoarder). I am obsessed with project bags. I seriously love them.


Cat mom to two 8 year old kitties. Right now I'm finishing up a few cowls and a shawl. Want to get back to sock knitting. Love the color purple but really have been into lots of colors lately. Love Iced Tea and plain Chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate and love Malteasers. Avid reader of all different kinds of books. Love knitting bags and knitting accessories, so many stitch markers, so little time.


Retired Office Manager/Bookkeeper (alternate title = All Around Crazy Person) of a Printing Company. Love reading, traveling, hiking as well as knitting and crocheting. Favorite knits are smaller things - shawls, hats, cowls - in fingering or lace weight luxury yarns.


Mom of 2, boy and girl. I love coffee and cooking (often using Pyrex) and reading. Currently my go-to knit is hats. They fit nicely into my current soccer mom life. I love grays and blues. I like most greens, as long as they aren't too yellow. I'm not crazy about pinks and reds. I've not yet knit with Wooly Wonka or Miss Babs, I'd like to try those sometime.


No kids, two dogs (yellow Labradors). I knit socks, hats, mitts, scarves, shawls, and the odd sweater. My favourite colours are the colours of the mountains and ocean in Vancouver where I grew up: greys, blues, and greens. For a bit of variety, I also like purples, reds, and bright leaf greens. My favourite time to knit is early in the morning, in the summer, sitting on my ninth-floor balcony watching the sun come up and the city come to life.


Self-taught knitter before LYS and the Internet became a viable option (really that was less than 20 years ago). Knit socks for self, family and friends, also hats, cowls, scarves/shawlettes, and occasional shawl. Tend to choose yarns for color rather than fiber content, but magnetically drawn to alpaca. Looking at my stash there are a lot of vibrant blue, purple, green and red yarns and indie-dyer blends. Avid reader and bit of a technology geek. Still miss my black and white Papillon dog (love cats too but sadly allergic - where is the cure?).

Hope your family had a good spring break. You survived!


I'm in the midst of knitting socks to have a drawer full...19 pairs down!
My favorite color is blue, but then you have orange, and mauve, light purple...ok, let's face it I love all the colors. The more stripes the better.
I love all things bunny. Oh yes, was ready and waiting for your last kit!
Besides knitting, I also quilt and bead.
I love to garden, settle down at night with a good light reading book and LOVE baking my own bread.


I've been knitting a lot of charity projects lately. Hats, blankets, scarves. I like to use nice yarn even if I am giving it away. I enjoy the process of knitting. I love the prices on your the Mineville Wool Project yarns. I never seem to have enough project bags. Thanks for the giveaways this week.


Housewife and kitty wrangler, I spend most of my free time either reading (I like weird fiction), watching hockey (Go Ducks!) knitting socks (with the occasional sweater), doing yoga, or (weather permitting) roasting myself on a pool float. I love summer colors (fall colors and I don't get along!) and anything that brings to mind flamingos or a tropical beach. Life would be perfect if the Texas summer would last even longer and I could figure out how to knit on a float without getting the yarn wet! I've been on a tonal kick lately and keep eyeing Dragonfly Fibers Djinni. UGH! I didn't include one in my last order because I'm trying to be RESPONSIBLE. Sigh. The horrors of being an adult! ;)

Jeanne Bush

I do knit all kinds of things, sweaters and shawls, etc. but I am obsessed with sock yarn. I knit socks all the time, ankle socks for cycling usually self stripping, and regular calf socks with patterns and cables. I love clothing made from sock weight yarn. I am a cat lover. My favorite colors are purples and blues and turquoise...oh, and lime green.

Van Black

I'm obsessed with shawls. I learned to crochet so I could make a shawl way back in 1970. Then I learned to knit.(I was 12). Nothing has changed since then. It seems like I live to knit. And drink coffee. I have a wonderful husband who puts up with it all and a cat who tried to eat the yarn. I love dark red/black/purple/greys. And anything with a little sparkle. And bags. Never can have too many bags. Oh, yea, I Don't Knit Socks!. This has been a fun contest! Thanks!!!

Emily Chandler

Public librarian who actually learned how to knit when my library system was offering scarf kits to knit when the Super Bowl was headed to Indy. Since then I have become addicted to knitting and love to do shawls and socks with variegated yarn, especially in pinks and purples, but tend to steer clear of skeins with a lot of brown or yellow.


I love stripes and tonals and speckles; I love pink, red, orange and gray. I love coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I can't pass up a cookie and love to bake. I have a sheltie named Sabrina (fir the movie) who loves to take walks. I love working out in the garden and sitting on the deckoutside knitting.

I've enjoyed your contests this week! Thank you!


I love knitting and I especially like to knit socks, sweaters, and shawls. I also like knitting stuffed animals. I am a mother of 5 children ages 14-23. I like attending their sporting events or whatever they are involved in and I enjoy family vacations very much, especially Spring Break!
I love Hedgehog Fibers, I would like to try Wollmeise, Miss Babs and Primrose yarns and I would like like to make a find your fade shawl. Pinks, corals, blues, and greens are my favorite colors, I like bright colors and I love speckles! I prefer plied yarn over single ply.
Thanks for doing this contest, it's brought back some great memories!

Julie V

Stay at Home Mom of two girls (17 months and 3 weeks old). Three dogs. One husband.

Currently knitting my first TAAT toe-up magic loop socks. And by knitting, I mean that I look at them while hanging out with my girls and maybe get a few rounds in a week. Just for a season.... So we watch Golden Girls together.

I am currently obsessed with Finding my Fade colors and dreaming of the knits I can make for my girls.

Sandy C

I am a retired accountant who is happiest in the summertime sitting by the lake. In the winter my favorite spot is inside far away from the snow. My knitting at the moment consists mostly of socks. They are made for my children and grandchildren. I like knitting with any yarn that is not a
solid color. Beach tones are my fav. Blue and green water, sky blue, yellow sun and a bit if sand thrown in.


Obsessed with knitting socks. This summer planning on knitting a sweater and linen shawl. Love trying and learning new techniques. Not a fan of yellow or orange! Soon to be unemployed 😢...scared but will plow forward to the unknown. Enjoy seeing other's projects and accomplishments.

Helen King

I am retired and we have 4 daughters and 3 grandkids. I love to knit and crochet. My favorite colors are blues and purples. We have 2 cats, 3 dogs and a sugar glider. I also love to read.


Retired dispatcher here who is addicted to socks. I also knit shawls but my fav yarn weight is fingering. I love reds, pinks, mauves, oranges, blues, teals and true greens. Really dislike lime green and the new speckled yarns but love variegated and tonals. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your week of give-aways!

Geraldine Scott

Oh, wow! I'm a knitter in transition...moving from California to South Dakota to be closer to the grandkiddos! I'm embarrassed to admit I have six bins of yarn to put on the moving truck...I'd much rather sell other household items than my yarn! I have eclectic taste...I love bright colors and I love jewel-tones. Love self-striping yarn, coffee, chocolate, and dog hair tends to get in my knitted projects! I have a tough time choosing colors, so this giveaway would be fabulous! I just need to knit faster to keep pace with my yarn purchases!

Caitlin A

I'm a death historian with a fondness for a side of 1950s atomic style and cute kittens along with my zombies and skulls. I run on coffee and chocolate and pretty yarn. I mostly knit fingering weight projects - this year shawls keep calling to me. My happy place is the beach, so my favorite colors are blues, teals, and greys. I've recently become obsessed with Life in the Long Grass and their subtle speckles. And I'm working every day to be kinder, more accepting, and more supportive of everyone I encounter. Thanks so much for putting together such an awesome week of prizes and for sharing so much of yourself with us!


I'm a retired fed. I have 2 adult daughters, the best son in law, 3 grands, & a long term partner. I love knitting socks in particular but have been slogging away at a neon orange Wonderful Wallaby.

G. K. Green

The idea of having a personalized "curated by SSYC" knitting kit is tremendously appealing, rather like the notion of "bespoke" tailoring. Here's my guidance to the curatorial team (surely it takes a village, right? 8^) ...

I enjoy all things historical and mythic, encompassing the real (i.e., Viking Yorvik, or modern York; medieval Japanese textiles) and the classically fantastic (such as: differences between dragon and wyvern; corresponding Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc., gods/goddesses), yet my advanced academic training is scientific (human-computer interface engineering​) and my logical reasoning​ skills are formidable, I am told.

I approach lace knitting as if it were computer programming at times ... and the mathematics of knitting informs many of my original designs, although anyone at any level of proficiency can confidently complete one without that knowledge.

What I am knitting right now focuses on contrast in color and texture, as well as complement.

I have tried many types of animal-based and non-wool yarns; I would like a surprise here!

I like most colors, but tend to avoid salmon-y and cantaloupe-melon-y orange-pinks ... as well as banana yellow.

Many of my favorite pieces involve either deep blues and greens or strong red-brown earth tones; I favor classic, simple lines without too much ornamental frippery -- like vintage DKNY, Halston from the 1970s, and Ralph Lauren now.

A shape that I knit again and again is the large rectangular stole or its variation, the front-opening ruana.

I never met a stitch dictionary I didn't like ... Lace, cables, mosaic, knit-purl, brioche, entrelac, twisted-stitch, you name it!

I knit Continental style, prefer circular needles, and would love to try something around a US Size 8-10 with a really, really pointy tip in a space-age material!

Thanks for a wonderfully fun and thought​-provoking final giveaway question!



This has been a fun spring break activity. I like reading the comments! I am a wife, mother 2 lovely grown women and have 2 very fun grandkids. I love knitting and the whole process of choosing yarn types and colors and patterns. Lately I have made a lot of 2 colored scarves and need to make more socks and mitts. I like seeing how the colorways work up on Ravelry and participating in the sock club has greatly expanded my crayon box for knitting for me and gifts. I like using the floops stitch markers because there is no gap in the knitting where the marker was and I seem to drop them less than others. And I do like setting out different bags that match the season or my project on my end table with my current project. And I always get a kick out of my granddaughters big smile and remark - you made this for me! The only thing I need is more knitting time!

Lisa B

I'm in kind of a knitting funk. I've been thinking I might try a Find Your Fade. Or Something Gradient This Way Comes Or even Pennant Anyway, I LOVE greys but not pastels or neon. I'm looking forward to trying the Fiber Story gradient, Knitterly Things Bespeckled and Primrose Sophia. Kittens first, then coffee. Probably not in the mood for a surprise. I just realized thinking about patterns and yarn just got me a little excited about knitting again - yea! And thank you :)

Kris C

I love to knit shawls, cowls, and mitts. I'd love to try Hedgehog Fibre and La Bien Aimee yarns. I love tea, cats, and books. Favorite colors are aqua/turquoise/teal, red, and neutrals like grey/brown/cream. I don't like yellow or orange. No food, please. I love cute project bags, stitch markers, and notions. I can always use a new pair of scissors. I generally like surprises.

Renee Johnson

Hello Allison/ Simply Sock Yarn Co.

My name is Renee, I'm a Valentine born Mom of 3 daughters. I LOVE your selections of Gorgeous Yarns. They are all Beautiful, Every color to me. I'm a Coffee drinker, a Kitty/ Cat lover too. Our 2 Sweethearts Tiger & Jenny are gone now & we miss them so much. I Knit & Crochet, right now I am Loving making Shawls. I have a love for Purple & Pinks of all shades but also every color of the Rainbow. I Love the Sunshiny Days, warm but not too hot. Thank you for the chance to win some of your Awesome Yarns. God Bless You!

Melissa M

Hi! My name is Melissa. "Hi Melissa".
I begin my comment with a 12-step-ish intro because that's what I need. I am a sock knitting junkie. Size 1 needles, magic loop, every pair. I also have waaaaay too many project bags, but keep buying whatever makes me happy. My knitting goals for 2017 are 1 Brioche project and and 1 double knitting project. This could be a rough year for me ;)

Courtney Pierce

When I was two years old, my grandma opened up a yarn store. I would go there everyday with my mom. I would help my grandma count the yarn, tell her the colors and help her put stuff away. I think I was 6 or 7 when I started knitting. I only made scarfs and hats. When I went away for college, I put away the knitting. After a long time, a wedding and one kid I started up again. Now I'm a stay at home mom. Ava my one daughter is in second grade and Veronica is in preschool so I now I got to knit and make them stuff. I love bright colors. Right now working on a shawl for my mom for Mother's Day.

Karen G.

Knitting obsession? I'm back on pure socks- right know I'm knitting Lissajous by Cookie A and loving it. I'd love a kit with a Dragon fly theme. I tend to have dragonflies land on my kayak (or on me), so my daughter has started gifting me with Dragon fly themed jewelry. The kit could appropriately include yarn from Dragon fly Fibers! It's hard to categorically rule out any colors, though pink would be pretty low on my list, while blues and greens and purples at the top. Surprises are always fun, especially when they're made of chocolate! :)


I'm an empty nester mom of 2 sons and 1 daughter, and I am a 4th grade teacher. I've been knitting since age 6 and love to make socks and cable knit sweaters. I want to make the "fade" shawl that's the current buzz cuz I love choosing yarn(!!!). If I'm ever a grandmother, I want to be called "Foxy"!! I love coffee, farmers' markets, walking, and trying new "farm to table"restaurants. I've been married for 32 years to my best friend!


Ooh, what a prize. I'm an artist that works mainly with found objects and geometric patterns. I am itching to try Hedgehog fibres, but i really like any yarn with lots of twist and bounce. My favourite colours are black and white, but i am also always drawn to purple and green combos, without even realizing it sometimes.

Anne Marie

I'm a frazzled mother of 9 who does not get to knit nearly enough. I had a recent love affair with bright self-striping yarn 'cuz the yarn does all the work and I can relax. I actually love Pyrex ... Butterprint is my favorite because it is what my mom had and it reminds me of her.

Teresa C

Hopeful Rockies fan (fingers crossed). I am stunned to find myself obsessed with Pokemon Go, and knitting mitts, really, Mitts?
Rainbow colors are my favorite right now, but pinks and oranges have never been favorites.
Dogs and cats both. Tea and chocolate. I am learning to use a knittung pin, as well as more carefully size each stitch to get consistent guage.
Smaller needles feel better in my hands, no bigger than size 10.5.


Retired mother of 2 grandmother of 4. Love yoga, coffee, quilting, husband and knitting on circular needles since I was a babe of 30. Love self striping yarn and knit socks for everyone but myself. Fave colors hot pink, torqouise blue...... anything bright.


I've been knitting for over twenty years and it's fun to see the industry change with so many indie dyers on the scene. I'm currently obsessing over the Find Your Fade Shawl. I have one on the needles and a second lined up. I'm really into self-striping sock yarn for socks and Hedgehog Fibers. I love her deep saturated colors and speckled yarns! I knit everything....sweaters, socks, shawls, toys, etc. I have a 6 year old son and I like to garden, read, and bake. I really like most colors, especially deep saturated jewel tones. Pastels would be my least favorite. And I love coffee!!!

Jenny Tseng

I'm a mom of 2 high schoolers who just went back to work permanently after taking numerous temp jobs over the years so I could work around the family's needs. So I don't have a lot of time to knit now, but am currently knitting a baby sweater for a teacher that taught both of my kids. I need to make a shrug for my daughter to go with all the strappy dresses that are trendy right now. Her fave colors are anything bright except yellow or green which make her skin shallow. She used to live in pink and purple, but has gravitated more towards blues and reds now. We also like chocolates, and puppies, but don't have a pet currently as all of our schedules are crazy.


I'm self-employed but semi-retired. I love to knit socks, and lately have been enthralled with the idea of scarf knitting. There are so many gorgeous patterns on Ravely! I live alone with one cat and a growing stash of yarn in a 101-year-old house in Fort Wayne.
I have the Poste Cash Stripe Hayden Planet because I just couldn't resist the vibrant colors. Haven't started knitting with it yet, but I am looking forward to enjoying the squishy softness. I keep going back to look at March and February's colorways in the Poste Yarn MCN because I live near Lakeside Park and adore the Feb colors as well. I don't care for sparkle yarn, and prefer to knit socks with at least a little nylon for durability. I've also been a little obsessed with test knitting with different needles. I've been a diehard dpn user for nearly 15 years, but over the last week and a half have been using a Chaiogoo 9" circular and love it.'Course I have only the one circ, and definitely more than one sock otn, so I certainly haven't given up on the dpns. Have a set of the Cubics that I also love knitting with. It's my dream to someday own some Signature needles. I like stripes and speckles and gradients and pretty much any yarn. Kind of the human knitter version of the cats' "If I fits, I sits" except mine is "If its yarn, I knits" I'm not terribly choosy about color since I love pretty much all color. Right now especially midcentury colors. Yum!


I tend to knit smaller projects like socks, mittens, small shawls, and the odd hat. I used to be really into fancy cabled or lace socks; lately I've found that it's too dark when I get home from work to work on them much and I have been keeping a second, simpler, project on the go as well. I prefer natural fibres, with or without a bit of nylon to make the wool last longer. My favourite colours are jewel tones (especially blues and teals) and neutrals; I don't mind bright but I tend not to like neon.

On the not-yarn-related side: I work too much, and although I like parts of my job I sometimes miss being unemployed. In my spare time I like to read, cook, and spend time outside; I'm not outdoorsy in an extreme sports kind of way, but I like a good day hike. I like numbers enough to have a degree in math. I like plants but don't have space for a garden right now. I enjoy playing board games and certain video games with my roommate and her friends but am not really geeky in the pop-culture sense of the term.

Synthetic fragrances can be a migraine trigger for me.


You guys are so awesome for doing this wonderful week of giveaways. I'm a single mom to a teen girl and I just bound off a Chuck sweater for her in Malabrigo Rios in my favorite color ( and hers) red. Yum. I've been knitting about four years, but had been crocheting for about 15 years before that. I love knitting. It's my meditation and place of free accomplishment. I just cast on a Kollara shawl by Ambah Obrien and and positively giddy at it. A tral and then a variegated green with some cream and pops of teal. It's going to be gorgeous. For yarns I haven't tried yet, I haven't tried anything from hedgehog fibers and I also haven't ever knit self striping socks. If like to try that sometime.

Martha Anne

I love to knit. It grounds me, gives me time to think things out.. I love to work with colors, using yarns of different textures and gauge. Once I made 6 blankets in various shades of blues. Family members have them. The last, still in a bag,will be the palest, the color of shallow water and a tide pool.
These recent out pouring of speckled, variegated and other multicolored yarn is a joy. Hedgehog is fabulous and another is the Republic of Yarn. Yum.
I like to sip tea and knit. I love to garden- herbs, lilies, roses, delightfully scented and colored flowers.


Too hard to pick a favourite colour, I rotate between green, blue, purple and red. Least favourite is definitely pink. Always in the mood for socks (150+ pairs so far) and self-striping sock yarn. Currently knitting myself some rainbow socks from Fab Funky Fibers (Christmas gift from a lovely friend) and I'm trying to branch out into shawls and other things. Recently discovered I'm intolerant to a lot of food and products (sadly all the good stuff!) but thankfully not wool or nylon! Trying to knit more from stash but I'm eyeing off speckled yarns and Hedgehog Fibres. Love that Fa La La kit! Love Pyrex casserole dishes, they're so easy to clean. I tried the fancy French ones but they're a nightmare to clean within scratching. Give me Clear, glass Pyrex any day!

Hope you have had a lovely spring break!


I love making socks with 80/20 super wash merino yarn. Currently, I am on the prowl for a skein of "grown-up" pink sock yarn shading to the coral side. Somewhere there is a just right pink without a hint of Barbie or fuchsia in it. Thank you for sponsoring a fun week of comments.

Renee' Sawyer

I have been married 42 years. The mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 6 grandkids. I love to knit and get together with other knitters. Still have a group of friends from high school that we get together for lunch once a year. Love the ocean and the mountains. Really into knitting shawls and socks. Love music - blues and classic rock are my favorites. Still feel young even tho' I went on Medicare this year. Love dogs and cats. Favorite colors: blues and greens. Also teal and purple. Least favorite - orange but sometimes I even like that! You can never have enough yarn or knitting bags!

Ashley W

Ooh, this is fun! Librarian, pregnant with my first kiddo, lover of red pandas. I am partial to solids and semi-solid colors, although I've been interested in trying out some gradient mini kits. Love Miyazaki films, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. Also a lover of British and Australian murder mysteries. I can't wait to see who us chosen and what the winner's special kit includes!


Long-time knitter who loves to knit for her family and enjoys tea, knitting, books and her garden. Am currently kind of loving turquoise and bright sunny colors, just longing for my garden to start sprouting, I guess. Love self-striping yarn but gradients are delighting me right now.

As someone who has purchased a couple of your kits, I know whoever wins will be delighted with what you put together for them.


i have been simply obsessed with socks and shawls lately! i lean toward brighter colors alongside with blacks and grays. thank you for this opportunity!!


Books are my first love -- I have two degrees in literature and still have a book underway at all times. We've always had at least one cat, usually more. And I love baking and ice cream. (I walk a couple of miles every day to help compensate for that.) I work full-time in higher ed as an administrator of tutoring services, and I have two grown daughters, one living in Norway. As I've "matured," I've come to love all colors, even those that don't flatter me! I knit everything: socks, wraps, sweaters, vests, hats, blankets, felted bags, baby things. I like lace, cables, textured knitting -- I do avoid steeking though!

Linda Bazinet

Knitting obsessions include socks and shawls (and adding to my stash!). My favorite colors are jewel tones especially teal. Interests are many and varied: pets (I have a chocolate lab, a cat and 4 budgies), wild animals (I am a birder, love watching BBC Earth and have a membership at the Toronto Zoo), basketball (my Raptors are play-off bound again), baking bread, Star Trek, cross-stitch and of course, knitting!

Amy Hesting

Hello everyone! This is Amy Hesting. I am addicted to knitting. Knitting socks is therapeutic for me and I always have a sock WIP with me, no matter where I am. And then I always have a second, larger project that requires more thought and attention from me. I'm really, really interested in learning Brioche and one of my goals for 2017 is to figure it out and knit a Marley Shawl. I have not made any progress towards that goal! I would love to try Life in the Long Grass or House of Ala Mode as I've not even touched those before. More about me: I'm a working mom with 3 teenage kids, a couple of stinky dogs and a lizard, who's the most chill person in the house. Things I love: raccoons, the beach, reading, Jane Austen, pirates, tea, coffee, Tom Bihn and green, leafy things. Thanks for this opportunity!


I love knitting. It keeps me centered when life gets whirly. I am not a monogamous knitter; I like to have a sock, a long-term project, and a challenging project all on the needles. I don't have color preferences, but I do like stripes more than speckles. I am a coffee to wake up, and tea to soothe kind of girl. Working on convincing the dogs that a yarn cake may look like a ball, but woe be unto the dog that puts it in his mouth.

Elizabeth D

I seem to be focused on scarves and shawls made from sock yarn. Especially gradients and those with alpaca. Favorite colors? Blue,red,green, gray. Dislike mustardy colors. Other loves? Books, always books. Also pens and notebooks.

This week has been fun here on your blog -- I hope you too had a great spring break.


Small business owner with my husband of 25 years, no kids, just not in the cards for us....but 4 crazy fun cats. We live in Florida so all,our friends tease me why do you knit socks!!?? Because air conditioning is cold!! Love socksa and shawls. Just finished my first ever lacey cardigan and can't wait to make another. I don't like white in my sock yarn but any deep rich red, pink or other jewel color i worship. We love fishing and shooting in the beautiful sunny state of Florida.


Retired for nine years. That's when I began harp lessons and refreshed my knitting skills that I learned from my mother. So my life is filled with harp, choir, books and knitting on a regular basis. I started by knitting socks and this winter moved on to hats and cowls. Now I'm really interested in shawls, not only in fingering weight but also DK and worsted weights. I love a lot of colours EXCEPT for anything in the yellow, gold, brown family. Pyrex or anything vintage has a lot of appeal to me. I've never got one of your kits; I would be thrilled to have one. Thanks for the opportunity.


I'm Liz and I'm obsessed with knitting shawls! (Socks are a close second.) I'd really like to try knitting with Dream in Color, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, or Hedgehog singles. My favorite colors are oranges and earthtones; my least favorite colors are pinks, turquoises, and anything with sparkles (is sparkle a color?) I love foxes, birds, stars, and of course, cats (because my feline overlords tell me I must!) Surprises are cool, and this is a fun contest.


I knit because dissertations writing and teaching are stressful. I was knitflixing before it was cool to anime, sci fi, and British cozy murder shows. I like bright colors except orange and cool grey neutrals. I knit lots of socks - I have over 50 pairs of socks so now I'm knitting more for friends than myself - as well as sweaters, scarves, and shawls. I aspire to cat ownership one day.

Amanda Swanson

Mom of 5, I knit while waiting for the kids at lessons. I knit everything: socks, sweaters, shawls, and toys. My favorite colors are red, rich spruce green and blue-greens, yellow, and coral. No purple, or orange. My yarn bucket list includes trying some Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Dream in Color. I'm knitting a Hedgehog Fibres sweater right now and I love it. And I just got the spring kit with the LITLG yarn. Gorgeous! I wish there were more!


I love to knit socks, love mini skeins, and tulips! Lots of bright colors.


I am married with no kids (yet). I only started knitting a year and half ago, and socks seem to be a recurring theme :D. I like neutral colors paired with a bit of bright, but I don't like pink. Stripes are fun, or non pooling variegated or speckled. I am learning to sew now so I can make project bags and DPN holders to save a bit of money...they are all just so cute!

Thanks so much for the week of giveaways!


I am a nurse who just settled in Seattle, Washington. I have only been knitting for a couple of years, but lately I am very into sock knitting! There are so many yarns I would love to try, but I especially would love to try Miss Babs yarn, it looks incredible! I love deep colors, especially reds and blues, but gray is my absolute favorite because it goes with just about everything. My least favorite colors are pastels. I am obsessed with all things Christmas, coffee, and wintery!


I've been a grandmother for 18 years WOW how did that happen. My grandson graduates this June, have made a lot of hats-boot socks-mittens and so on. Living in Maine it gets cold and everyone needs new wool to keep warm. My favorite thing to make are socks with all the beautiful yarn we can get in today's world. I also like to make shawls & cowls.

Kathleen McCunn

This is a wonderful idea for a give-away! Wow!
I'm married, mother of a DD who turns 18 tomorrow (what!). We have a cat and a dog, though I'm really just a cat person. I teach French and German, and enjoy all things from those cultures. Read as much as I can - Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz win, though mysteries and historical novels rank high. No ChickLit. Live in a tiny town in Iowa. Quilt and crochet and knit. Love knitting socks! I have never had chance to see Madeline Tosh or Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns in person. Drawn to jewel tones and wild variegated. A soft solid would be a nice change. Candies, teas, and little trinkets aways appreciated. Thank you.

JoAnne B

Your kits are always gorgeous. The coordination of colors and fun are wonderful. I have been knitting for more that 50 yrs even though I swear that I am not that old. I love purple and red and black and love to knit socks and shawls and cowls and baby things. Love self-patterning and semisolids and gradients and dots. I love buying yarn and had a blissful 2 hours at your store one summer afternoon.(While my husband sat in the car and read.) In addition to yarn & knitting, my life is full with gardening, yoga, coffee, children and grandchildren. Nice life! Thanks for giving me a chance to count my blessings.


I learned to knit to knit for babies. Our children are now grown and knitting baby projects is always top of my list. I always have baby socks on the needles and usually a hat and sweater. I have multiple projects keeping one in my car among other places. We are headed in to planting season so my knitting bag will follow me to fields.

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