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April 07, 2017


Nancy F.

Mother of two teenagers; marathon runner; coffee addict; librarian. I love knitting socks (toe up); mitts and neckerchief-type projects...easily transportable! The yarn I dream of working with is the elusive/expensive qiviut.


Retired teacher/librarian; love gardening, reading, singing, taking walks with my two dogs and, knitting socks and shawl/scarves. My favorite is self-striping or patterning yarn. My 4yo dog is a therapy dog and the "baby"(a 10mo.rescue) will be testing soon. Sharing them with others is a real joy.

Judi Kennedy

Mother of none, Grandmother of 4. Exercise addict, retired teacher, and wife of the absolutely most talented man in the world. I almost knit socks exclusively. For the same reason as Nancy F. I love semi-solid yarns, like self striping, and least like the speckled ones. I have almost every kind of yarn available, and if I live to 150 I may be able to use/knit all of them.


Hi! I just got my first kitten and so completely in love with her. Right now I'm knitting my first sweater but am looking forward to the day when I can knit a pair of socks socks with some scrummy Hedgehog Fibres yarn. Besides knitting I love to paint on the weekends and can often be found with my easel painting landscapes outside in the fresh air.


Ok , right now I'm obsessed with gradient miniskeins!
I LOVE the color pink, my daughter tells me I have an obsession with the color raspberry. I love animals and wish I could have another dog or cat!
I am so obsessed with April the giraffe that I have it streaming live 24 /7!No , she hasn't had her calf yet! Maybe today!
I also love that in about a week Spring will bring beautiful greens and blossoms of pink and purple everywhere!
Other than my 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren and chocolate, coffee,that's about everything I love! (Cashmere❤)Somedays not in that order 😀!


I would love to try hedgehog fibers. Or any super soft yarn. Maybe something with cashmere. I love animals and chocolate and food in general. I also sew and crochet, and I'm a momma to be. I have been making a find your fade and am looooving how my bright colors are turning out. I am not a big fan of yellow, orange, or brown. 🤓 I also love cutesy little polymer clay stitch markers/progress keepers and I really don't have any!


Blessed mother of two sons. My husband, boys, and I love to spend time outdoors at a family cabin in a state forest. It's our home away from home. I love fall colors - I got married in the fall and it's my favorite season. I knit toe-up socks and also baby sweaters. I'm not a kitten person (my son is severely allergic) and I prefer tea over coffee. I tend to like speckled yarn instead of self striping yarn.

Susanna W

I'm a teacher and work part time at my wonderful LYS. I love indie dyers and would love to knit with House of a la mode, Republic of wool or any beauties, really! I love dk and worsted weights (plied) and love jewel tones. My fave things to knit are hats, socks, baby/kid stuff. Thanks for running your giveaway this week! :)


I am retired so more knitting time. I am trying to use my stash, but all the new yarns are sure tempting me. Colors I love are in the warm family. Occasionally I choose bright colors but not neon! Shibui yarns are so beautiful but stripe socks are a weakness. I am knitting a linen sweater now and also have a pair of socks ready for car knitting. I love coffee and white furry doggies. I have bought 3-4 of your kits and love, love them. So one made especially for me would be so special. I missed out on Easter bags but they were so nice. Loved Hedgehog and the special stitch markers.

Beverly Shearon

I am a gran of 2 and working as a high school librarian. Love to knit socks and scarves. Love neon and bright colors and gradients. Love Madeline Tosh yarns and most others, to tell the truth! I do not like the speckled yarns. This has been a fun contest this week. Hope I'm a winner of something :-)


I love knitting socks and sweaters. I always have a plain sock in progress for when I can just do a row here and there. I like bright flashy colors. Huge fan of deep red solids. Not so into pastels. I appreciate a good workhorse yarn that will last over the super soft yarns that pill or wear out. I adore project bags of all shapes, sizes, and prints. Lastly, I enjoy gluten free snacks!


Yoga and tea, cats and knitting. Family time. Any color in the world, though I'm a bit wary of yellowish-green. In speckles and semi-solids mood for now. I love knitting socks (current obsession) and lace and stuffed toys (my daughter doesn't mind).

Thank you for your giveaway.


Mother of 4, grandmother of 3 with one on the way. I'm knitting lots of baby items right now. I collect Pez dispensers and love reading cozy mysteries. I love pinks and greens for knitting.


Right now, I'm busy sample knitting. Luckily, its shawls so I'm happy. I like jewel tones. Most of my stash is purple, blue and red. I'm big into the speckled yarn right now. I'm currently big into cooking in my Instant Pot (an electric pressure cooker). Just finish making yogurt in it. So nice and quick for AZ cooking.

Deborah Jones

Coffee and knitting and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (2). I knit, crochet, sew, quilt and collect yarn! I always have at least 3 projects on the needles: socks, a sweater and a shawl or afghan. I'm always drawn to the cool colors and find I have an extraordinary amount of greys in my stash so I'm loving the greys with aqua, greys with speckles, greys with bright stripes...Thank you for the fun week of learning more about each other and you! And as always, thanks for being the best (in my humble opinion) sock yarn store on the Internet!


Outlander Addict, empty nest mom of 3 finding life is a new adventure with my husband of 32 years now that the kids are grown! Love soft, pale blues, hunter green, burgundy, navy, cream, white, semi-solid skeins for shawls (which are my current obsession), self striping and patterning for simple socks and semi-solids for fancier patterns. Knit, crochet and quilt as a way to distract myself and therefore ease the excruciating pain of postherpetic neuralgia that I was left with in my trigeminal nerve and most of the left side of my body from repeated bouts of shingles over the last five years. Mostly it doesn't work, but I try!


About 9 months ago, my husband and I moved from a small town house to a rural single family house on 4.5 acres. It was quite a lifestyle change, but one we're really enjoying. We have 4 chickens, and we're going to build a barn so that we can have sheep and alpacas. We're making a nice big vegetables garden, and putting up birdhouses and bird feeders.

I always have a pair of sicks on the needkes. Lately, I've been into knitting cardigans for me, as well as baby clothes!


I love frogs (well all amphibians), rainbows, the golden girls, and BBC mysteries. I have one daughter and a husband who doesn't mind that the entire area under our bed is full of bins of yarn. I love to knit socks and lacy shawls. I would love to try a gradient kit. I like greens and blues and bright pinks and rainbow stripes. I am a scientist by day. This has been a fun week of contests. Thank you!


Hi -- I love knitting sweaters and have recently re-discovered sock knitting and have become obsessed. My fave colors are purples, blues, grays. So many yarns out there that I'd love to try - from speckles to self-striping. Apart from knitting, I'm a Jersey girl, mom to a 13 year old son (help meeeee), I enjoy yoga and have the sweetest Cockapoo. Cheers!


I am totally obsessed with self striping sock yarn! Love any kind any color. I love things that are rustic or vintage. In my house you will find bunnies and quilts and hand knitted or crochet throws.


I adore lemmongrass, yellow-green, and lime green right now... mallard teals, greys and neutrals, and rich purples are also welcome. Anything self-striping or gradient I will also adore. Definitely not one for regular yellow, orange, or most reds. I love whimsical, sometimes Victorian, themes for bags... hedgehogs in teacups and birds and penguins and narwhals. I'm an avid reader of thrillers and classics, and I love coffee and tea. I knit mostly socks and obnoxiously large complex lace shawls.


New mama (7 month old), obsessed with spinning and knitting sock yarn. 100% wools are my favorite and semi solids are my jam. Speckled yarn where only 1-4 stitches are the speckled colors. I love spending a week on Lake Michigan every summer and I always take socks to knit while we watch the sunset every night. The only colors I don't care to knit with are orange and yellow (golds are wonderful though). Stripes are always great. I've recently remembered that I can borrow books from the library on my tablet, so I've gotten more reading done in the past month than I have in the past year (historical fiction and biographies are what I'm reading now). I have two cats and I think my husband likes them more than I do and that's saying something. Speaking of him, he says there's nothing to do in Fort Wayne ("it's flat and boring" - what are your favorite things to do outside here in the area? However, he's always up for heading to your shop when I ask for company, so I think he's a winner overall. ;) Thanks for hosting this week long give away!


Mother of two boys, 6 and 8. I always have two works in progress: A 'bus' project which is small and almost always socks (but sometimes mittens), and a 'home' project which is usually one or more of the following:
- too large to carry in my work backpack
- needs me to follow the chart constantly
- needs multiple yarns, needles, etc.

For the 'bus' project, I *must* have a durable bag that attaches to my back pack - I use a KnowKnits - it is sturdy and has a nice snap-loop for attaching. I covet all of these nice bags in the kits but I can't use them on the bus because, well, ribbons are just not sturdy enough for attaching. So I would love a knit kit that is cute and springy but still designed for heavy duty wear for us knitting commuters!

As far as yarn - I covet the gradient sets - my first knit kit I bought from you was a gradient set like three years ago or something. Fantastic!


This is such a cute idea! My name is Amanda- my grandmother taught me to knit when I was 10, but I didn't really become a knitter until high school. I love to make socks and shawls, and fingering weight is my favorite weight (4 bins of it alone in the stash...). I've worked in yarn shops on and off for about 7 years, and love to share knitting with new people everyday. Right now I'm really into neon speckle yarns- I would love to try voolenvine, walk collection, and am falling fast for hedgehog and Primrose yarn co. Just this morning I finished a test knit sweater, and am so ready to make another one! My Find Your Fade is close to the end, and there are at least 3 pairs of socks on my needles. Aside from knitting, I love comic books (mostly from Marvel, and with strong heroins leading the characters), and makeup. So many red lipsticks, so little time!

Congratulations on surviving spring break! I just spoke to a customer at my shop who was visiting from Ft. Wayne, and she had the best things to say about you and the shop! Here's to many more years of beautiful yarns, people, and projects!


I JUST learned to knit a month ago! I've crocheted for 30 years, taught by my mom and sister, and always reveled in the joy of crafting for and gifting to others. But knitting, no matter much I tried, eluded me. Recently, my husband moved to the opposite coast for work (he's in the navy and orders said "go now!") I wanted something to keep me focused and finally, with much help, got the hang of it. My first project? A housewarming blanket to send him at the closing of our new home. (I won't arrive until 2 months later).

A few of my favorite things include time spent with my boys, music, all shades of green, coffee, yoga, SUP, baking, intuitive art, finding the perfect pattern and yarn combo for loving gifts, ferry rides, the ocean, teaching preschool, stationary supplies, Japanese train rides, sleep, and our cat Splir.

Socks are what kept drawing me to the knitting and I can't wait to tackle
My first pair! I love surprises and know if I'm blessed to be chosen, your picks will be perfect!


(sorry for mutliple posts: the Mom of boys 6 and 8 who knits on the bus ...)

What else I do/like: Bicycling! Cities, public transport. I'm a city girl (chicago). Also presidential history (lincoln!) and chocolate covered caramels.


Retired 911 operator/dispatcher. I live in beautiful downtown Bay City, which is in the beautiful state of Michigan. I love the colors of the lakes and the beaches and the trees. I am obsessed with being near the water. Right now I'm knitting mostly shawls and ponchos, but my one true love is socks. I have several Skein's of Hedgehog in my stash, but haven't had the opportunity to use any of it yet. So if there is one yarn I want to try, that would be it. I love greyhounds (I wish I could show you a picture of my sweetie, Geisha), I collect beavers (nature's engineers) still wish I had my MG, and best of all, I'm married to a hospitalist who doesn't mind my fiber addiction. I would love a surprise.


I love to knit socks, scarves and shawls. I am a certified book nerd, love rainy days curled up with a book my knitting and a cup of coffee. I ddi discover snow shoeing this year and LOVED it. As far as colors go, I am not a fan of pastels. Love earthy colors and jewel tones.


Right now I am loving gradient and stripes...especially in shawls. Here in southern California there isn't much season for socks or anything heavier than fingering or sport yarn. Even those are difficult to wear often. I never wear green and too often pick pink, purple and red. I like to read and eat and drink and I talk too much. I would like to try Freia and will order that some time probably but I like others have a substantial sized stash.


Mother of two wonderful boys that share my love of the outdoors. My partner is the sweetest and buys me sock yarn to feed my habit. Right now I am obsessed with knitting socks TAAT on two circulars and it has really made me love sock knitting. I love rainbows and Hello Kitty and I am also a gamer that loves Mario and Star Wars. I just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family!


I love coffee, dark chocolate and cashews! I'm totally into knitting socks since teaching myself 9 months ago. I'm making pair number 14! I enjoy knitting them on 9" needles. Right now I'm really into gradients, speckles and pinks, purples set off by a contrast like black, gray or white. I am also into those snarky knitting bags... I would love to knit some socks in a cashmere or yak blend because I have a thyroid disorder, and my feet and hands are always cold!


Mom to one 10 year old boy. Paraeducator in a Sp Ed classroom. Obsessed sweater and sock knitter. In love with self striping yarn. Also love me some shawls. From New England but living in CA makes it hard to give up on the wool. I'd love to have the stamina to knit a sweater out of lace weight yarn to help with that. I love love love Blues and Greys and some reds. Don't like pinks and oranges very much. Have always drooled over Koigu but have yet to try any of it, or Wollmeisse.
Usually surprises scare me.. ;-)


I am the oldest of 7 siblings. I am fortunate to have my parents still. I am married for almost 19 yrs but no children as I was not able due to a health issue. I am the aunt of 16. My father loves scarves and around his condo and his town he is known for wearing scarves.


I love big dogs, horses, cats and angora goats. ( good thing my hubby and I live on a mini-farm). My favorite color is queasy green (spring willow green, lemongrass, lime whatever, I like it), or the sky at midnight. I detest the color pink of all shades. My fav season is autumn. I love books and dark chocolate, black tea, chicory coffee, ginger beer, fresh baked bread and chocolate brownies. I love the smell of rain, newly mown hay, cat's fur when it's full of static, and most old English roses. I like road trips, rock hounding, sci-fi movies and books. If I won the lottery, I would buy a life-sized statue of a velociraptor to put in my flower garden and change my doorbell chime to sound like their vocals from "Jurassic Park". (Ok, I'd buy a pack of 'raptor statues, who am I kidding?) I love knitting socks and always have a WIP with me, but have done some shawls and a successful Sweater.

Lisa aka The Inspired Stitcher

I mom to a Dalmatian furbaby. I'm currently obsessed with sock knitting. I'd love to try cashmere. I don't have any favorite brands really. I like pink, lavender, mint and aqua. I'm not wild about neons, brown, orange or mustard yellow (a soft pastel yellow is okay). I love being near the ocean or on the beach, summer is my favorite season. I also love yoga, tea, and dark chocolate.


I knit a lot. Socks are my go-to knit, and I particularly love self-striping yarn. I'm also obsessed with Ann Budd's Diagonal Rib sock pattern. So squishy! Fun to knit! Easy to memorize! I also like stranded colorwork and get a kick out of making fancy mittens. My favorite colorway of all time is Madelintosh's spectrum, which is odd since I tend toward semi-solids rather than variegated (except for striping). One of my other favorite socks was knit out of a one-off Poste semisolid green! I love gardening, coffee, Buddhism, dogs, and knitting. Happy Spring Break!


Love your kits! That Harvest Mist kit might have been my all time favorite, probably because I used the yarn to make a hat and socks for my newborn baby boy, so it feels extra special. I still use that bag all the time.

About me - I love all things purple! Love my Texas Longhorns and Harry Potter (Ravenclaw!). I'm a big fan of self-striping sock yarn, and I also make a lot of baby items. Have really been wanting to try some gradients.


Hi. I'm currently a volunteer for non-profits and working a tiny part-time gig as a bookkeeper to the co-op preschool that my daughter attended years ago. She's about to graduate from high school, so our family is facing the prospect of her leaving home for college in the fall. Knitting-wise, my favorite thing to knit is hats, but I also enjoy other smaller accessories--lighter-weight shawls and scarves. I've been admiring gradient yarns and mini-skein sets, though I haven't tried any. I'm a tad wool-sensitive, so I stick with merino and avoid alpaca. Deep colors are preferred over pastels; speckles over stripes. I'm curious about Miss Babs (as well as many others of your wonderful suppliers).

Allise Vicens

Allison will you ever have the time to read all these? I began knitting scarves and progressed to knitting quite a few sweaters however I don't like wearing them anymore. I taught myself how to knit socks using silver sock class online tutorial and I've been hooked ever since. Friends and family love my hand knitted socks. I then joined the shawl craze and my first shawl was the Multnomah knit in Colinette Jitterbug. I still make shawls and socks and currently obsessed with Hedgehog. For socks, my favorite is Opal. They wear like a dream. Would love to try the new Swift yarns you are expecting soon.

Diane Jespersen

I am a knitting teacher in my local area. I have been teaching how to make 2 socks from the toe up for the last 6 years. I love any of the latest sock accessories, project bags or funky holders like the of my favorites. I love to have the latest accessories in my bag. I adore any bright-colored yarn, the brighter, the better. Pinks, orange, lime green, purple, you get the idea. Stay away from anything drab, brown, gray, blah! My goal is to never make any pair of socks with the same design and they don't need to match, except in colorway.


I'm obsessed with the 'Fade.' I was in the middle of a sweater with beautiful Yowza from Miss Babs but it's on hold because I MUST finish the 'Fade.' I tried to resist...I also had/have plans for a couple of other shawls (my favorite projects right now) and even have the yarn. I love singles yarn. After seeing the Adelaide from Primrose I had to have Supernova and also got one of the new colors from Hedgehog, another favorite thing.

When I'm asked what my favorite color is I usually say purple or green. But I love all colors in the right setting. I'm more interested in how colors react to each other. I like painting with watercolor and pastels and love studying color. I am more attracted to yarns that put colors together or tone on tone. I haven't tried Yarn Love yet, but there are a lot of yarns I haven't tried yet. It's a challenge to find the right project to show off the yarn. I admit I was crazy about the speckles when I first saw them but it's harder to match than I anticipated. They're really fun.

I'm a long time coffee drinker who loves dogs and birdwatching. I also like vegetables (to eat and paint.) The veggies in last summer's kit were too cute. Thanks for the fun contest.


I am retired, married and have a 30 year old daughter but no grandchildren. Which is too bad because I love to knit things for babies and kids. I always have several projects on the go, and knit lots of toques, socks, mitts and cowls especially for my great nieces and nephews. I hate the colour red! The only red wool in my stash is the Regia Active I bought from you to knit a cute lady bug cardigan for my future grand daughter (my daughter was obsessed with ladybugs when she was little). While I wait I'd like to knit a gradient cardigan for myself (someone I rarely knit for). I love the fall and spring seasons, bunnies and kittens, coffee and tea and of course dark chocolate. I love blues and blue/greens like teal and superwash wool is my favourite. You have made me a big fan of Mineville Wool and I love Simply Socks Yarn Company. This shop is my guilty pleasure!

Patty McDonald

I'm mother of 2, grandmother of 4, retired, old and a widow. I love jewel tones, teal, chartreuse and deep pinks especially. DIC is a favorite of mine. Cats, tea, football (college especially, go USC) and am sad that the Chargers left San Diego to go to Los Angeles. Learned to knit about 60 years ago and prefer small portable pattern, except for the occasional larger shawl (Find Your Fade right now). Belong to a guild and heading to a knitting retreat in Idyllwild, CA next month. Just planted tomatoes in containers on my patio. I love fresh grown tomatoes. I'm a diabetic. Visiting your store is on my bucket list.


I'm starting to get obsessed with non-wool right now, but I think that's a passing fancy. My current project loves are tops (for me dammit), socks, shawls, and baby things. There are no babies in my life or in the foreseeable future, but they're great for using impulse buys of odd quantities. I started knitting as a way to keep my hands busy, so I do a certain amount of rote projects, but I like the challenge of lace. Mostly I work in fingering weight, though I'm currently appreciating a true aran weight - things get finished so quickly! I'm exploring colors. PAstels and soft pinks/peachy things are just never going to be anything I like to work with. Even if it's not something for me, I just can't look at it for long enough. I haven't embraced my inner Stephen West enough to be comfortable with clashing loud, but I do like the odd hint of bright that goes with whatever I'm working with. I'm trying to expand into multi-color shawls and not be afraid of using partial skeins. Jeweled tones/deep colors are my faves. I stick with Manos, Malabrigo, Hedgehog, Tanis Fiber Arts and Madtosh, but really, I like anything tonal or variegated, soft, and with some nylon for the option for socks.

Rita Kawamoto

I'm a retired nurse. taught myself how to knit six years ago and keep learning something new about knitting with each project. My favorite hobby is knitting, obsessed with sock knitting there are so many wonderful yarns and never enough hours in the day. I love all the colors of sock yarn and especially to see how the colors come together. The kits you put together are beautiful. I have a cat that is 13 yrs old and my best friend. She has learned over the years if I am knitting she can sit with me but not to touch. The cat bag is so cute. Thanks for adding a sparkle to life.


I'm a total shawl addict. I fight it every once in awhile and make something else, but shawls are my jam. Stripes are the onle thing I steer clear of, as they don't typically pair well with a shawl pattern. Cashmere is always my favorite. Who doesn't want to wrap themselves in cashmere? You don't? That's ok, more for me! :) I love project bags with animals on them. I don't know why, but throw a hedgehog or fox or rhino on a bag, and I'll need it. I love surprises!

Wendy Chase

I live in Alaska. That may explain why I love to knit mittens and hats. I've made gloves, socks, and toys but haven't tried anything bigger yet. I've got the Alluna, The Rain Outside and Jurata saved on Ravelry as possible first tries at a shawl but maybe I better start with Zuzu's Petals lol. I love most colors, depends on my mood. My favorite activities (beyond knitting) are hiking, gardening and reading. I have laying hens a yellow lab, a very old cat and a parakeet, as well as 6 grown children and 15 grands. Several fairies live in my sun room/studio during the winter, it's too cold for them outside;) To add to the crazy of my life, I went back to school last fall!

Katie M.

I knit a variety of things, but socks and shawls are the things I keep coming back to. I love blues and blue-greens, but have been trying to branch out color wise. I love cats, coffee, chocolate, and wine. I've really been wanting to try your new Poste sock yarn with cashmere. In addition to knitting I love spinning and am learning to weave.

Tabitha Burks

I've yet to try any of your knit kits but they always look amazing and well put together! I love knitting all kinds of projects, but I am knitting socks at the moment. I'm still in college, so I don't always have as much time to knit as I would like. I've tried lots of different colorways and yarn types, but I have yet to try any self-striping yarn. I love all animals, but dogs are my favorite. I love all colors in yarn but sparkles are just too shiny for me.

Sherri Harrington

Love your shop, both online and the brick and mortar! Thank you for such generous giveaways! I'm obsessed with knitting brioche and socks and am crushing on muted colors and neutrals at the moment. The things that make me smile every day are my dogs and the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and more that visit my yard. Other than knitting, I have a hobby of collecting and researching found photos which I share on my blog, the rescued photo.


Passionate knitter & crocheter. Right now I'm loving speckled sock yarn. This is my year of life events - moving to Nebraska after living in Kansas for 10 years, son getting married in September and having to find a new job this summer. I love spring flowers and autumn leaves.


I've been knitting socks lately. I like most colors, but not neon shades, khaki, and some yellow-greens. I use pastel colors for my niece. Lately, I've been drawn to speckled yarns, but almost any multi-colored yarn attracts my interest. I seem to have a collection of Socks That Rock Lightweight and Lorna's Laces. I'd like to try Hedgehog as I've been eying several colorways. I also crochet and read, and if my knees cooperate, I garden.


I love sock knitting and sock yarn. I love coffee, biking and knitting. I LOVE all of your kits! I am partial to Fall colors. The Harvest mist kit looks perfect!


Passionate knitter and sewer. Right now I am finishing a shawl with socks on my other needle. Grandmother of 3 lovely children I am totally in love with. Love creams, yellow purple, navy and white. Like other colors also except really don't like mustard
or dirty browns. I would love to try Socks that Rock because I keep hearing about it but my most favorite is heritage type yarns.


I am a Wisconsin girl, former USAF nurse married to my military man, and living in VA. Working as an RN in a busy operating room really infringes on my knitting time. As does moving in the next week-work, knit a few rows, and pack more boxes.

Sweaters. Sweaters. Sweaters and the occasional neck adornment. I have no less than 4 sweaters on needles right now.

Fav colors: jewel tones. Least yellow.

There are so many yarns I want to try- MadelineTosh, Hedgehog, Poste... And I am always up for a surprise.

Marianne Griffith

How fun is this?! The on-line store is wonderful and can't wait to visit in person. Mom of 3 adult children and grandmother of 2 precious little boys.
Animal lover, yarn lover, fabric lover, and sunshine lover ( finally in Indiana)
I love life and am blessed beyond measure!!!
Grateful for my Mother teaching me to knit in my 20's.....should have to do less unknitting at this stage.
Thanks for Spring Break!


Work in customer service, 30-something wanna be hipster, obsessed with socks and printing out patterns, planning my first two sweaters that will also be my and my husband's Rhinebeck (!!!) sweaters. Love music, reading, and yarn collecting. I love colors.

Coby Hanna-Butler

I am a fairly new knitter, started just one year ago. I am an addict!! I am still not great with gauge, so I prefer to knit things like scarves and blankets where I can't really mess it up. I hope to jump to shawls soon. I live in the '05, and am so happy that such an awesome store is in my neighborhood! I have a silly dog, no cats, three sons, and my two youngest are autistic. We all love music and going to the lake. I love to read, and have an addiction to Alice In Wonderland. I don't know if there's a color I don't like, especially when it comes to the awesome choices you all have!


I'm a wife to the best man on the planet (sorry ladies), mom to 2 great kids, 2 tiny, spoiled mixed breed dogs and knitter for the past 10 years. I always have socks in progress on my dpns, a scarf/shawl on circular needles and am forever planning the next project. After all my years of sock knitting, I've never tried knitting with Opal (love turquoise but over purples, whew, my knitter friends have said "that's a surprise"). I also have been known to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee, read or knit then go right back to sleep. Coffee can either wake me or soothe. Peace!

Anna Baker

want perfect fitting twin set sweaters in basically every Madelinetosh color ever.


Nearly new knitter...fascinated by socks and cables and cute baby patterns. Mother of 7... love: my husband, kids and kittens; books and audio books (right now the Lord of the Rings); pottery; the colors of dusk (blue, purple, turquoise, splashes of green) but I just can not like orange; hot chai or cafe mocha; mountains, snow and rain (to go with the hot tea and the book); autumn and weather that makes you want your sweater on. I enjoy your blog (it's been really fun reading all the comments this week) and browsing your store, but have no idea what to try because there are so many choices. I've admired your previous knit kits and know that whatever you come up with for the winner will be amazing. I hope you will post the winner's comment and the kit you create in response.

Cyndy C

Physician, proud McGill gradx2, mother of three young adults (one named Henry), yarn tolerant husband collects wine faster than I buy yarn! Been stuck on socks for years, but enjoy hats, shawls, etc.Not a big fan of pastels, dislike tan and brown.

It's harder to buy your kits since we moved to Seattle...time zone issue. Still thinking about those caramel, chocolate covered pretzels from a Holiday kit a few years ago.

Dana Timmerman

Hi Allison, I am a mom of 3 grown daughters whom adore my knitted items however have no desire to learn to knit! I work part-time as a treatment coordinator for an orthodontist office. We live on a farm and will be hosting our youngest daughter's wedding on the farm this May. Currently, I am knitting a shrug for her to wear over her dress to keep the chill away.
I love coffee, chocolate, Pepsi-- all things unhealthy...


I enjoy knitting sweaters, shawls, and socks. Lately, I'm crazy about colorwork, slipped stitch and mosaic patterns. I enjoy reading , yoga, gardening, and taking walks. Favorite colors include blues, grays, and yellow. Not so much- greens and browns. Love coffee, tea, and dark chocolate. So many favorite yarns. I really enjoy Hedgehog Fibers for socks. Hope you had a fun spring break.


Great contest. Mother of 3, grandma (Mimi) to 4 awesome grandkids. Favorite colors include: purples, greens, pinks, really I like most colors, heathers, jewels....Would love to try LITLG have been to Ireland and just loved it.
Learned to knit by my grandmother. Left it for many years but a few years back my husband and some health issues. I spent hours in waiting rooms and rehabs. Took up sock making and have been knitting ever since. always have something on the needles. Love to make toe socks up but have made cuff down and even made a couple of pairs with "toes". Like small projects ie hats, mittens and shawls/scarfs but have made sweaters too. Love coffee and herbal teas


I'm a confident, married woman whose daughter is graduating from law school next month. I love to travel and I bring my knitting needles with me wherever I go! Right now I am obsessed with socks, but I also have a shawl, a poncho and a baby sweater on my heedless, so I go back and forth with all projects! My absolute favorite color is purple-all shades. I can't list my least favorite color-I like them all. I definitely am a doa lover over cats and I could and do drink coffee all times of the day/night. I have never knitted with cashmere, but would love to try if I can find some that is affordable. I am always entering these contests on Instagram, but have never won. Maybe today is my lucky day!!!

Donita Wriska from Tecumseh, MI

I am a retired Mom to 3 adult children and Grandma to 2 little girls and 2 little boys (one named Henry) all under 5. I've been married to the most wonderful man for 42 years who has never said anything about my yarn addiction and stash. I love making top down socks with self striping yarns. Opal is my favorite. It never disappoints. I do buy from several Indie dyers. I love pastels and speckled yarn and sock yarn with cashmere. I'm not a fan of dark colors such as navy and black. I love collecting knitting books of all sorts. I've also knit numerous sweaters, hats and mitts for our little kiddos. Almost forgot to mention our yellow Lab named Sawyer who was a rescue 10 years ago. Best dog ever and we love him. I would love to try your Poste Big 1 Camelot or Primrose Yarn Sophia MCN Sock.


Wow, have to think about this. Well..... mom of 2 adults. Love animals and taking care of yard. Enjoy walking. Socks are my go to project -self patterning yarn a favorite. Shawl in progress and very enjoyable. Sweater lingering for over 5 yrs. - have to get back to it. My children say that I am a coffee addict and this may be true. Knitting is my stress buster!


Hi! I'm a Mom to a busy 10 month old (she keeps me on my toes for sure). I'm a coffee fiend and have found myself addicted to sock knitting lately. Socks are small, quick, and don't generally involve that much concentration which fits my life right now. I'm usually into more neutral color ways, but speckles have changed my tastes a bit. I find the brightly colored speckled yarns so beautiful. the only color I'm not drawn much to is green.

I love browsing your site to see what's new in hedgehog fibers, LITLG, and House of Alamode. I'm on a yarn diet (diapers aren't cheap!), so I really appreciate the opportunity to win some yummy yarn. 👍

Rose Birchall

Grandmother to one granddaughter, mother to 2 daughters. I have a small black female poodle mix and an orange male tabby. They remind me of Halloween but I'm not a fan of that holiday. My favorite season is Fall. Yellow is NOT my favorite color. Favorite colors are red, purple, orange, pink. But my absolute favorite is green. Socks and hats are my favorite to knit. I love Opal yarn.

Courtney perry

How exciting! I have never knit with any hand dyed yarn! I would love to play around with it! I'm 8 months pregnant right now so I am absolutely obsessed with knitting little rompers and socks for our new baby girl coming in June. She will be wearing blues and greens and purples mostly since she might be a ginger like her older brother! I love kittens! We have a fluffy cat named Beetlejuice who can be a total ninny most days. When I'm not pregnant, I'm rock climbing with my husband out at our beautiful sandstone quarries we have here in Vegas. Knitting also calms my mama anxieties!

yolanda v

What fun!

About moi... I'm a fifty something, spunky type of girl. Three children, boy 28 married,(Just purchased his first house. LOVE my daughter in-law!), girl 25 engaged, boy 20 (the love bug of my crew!) I LOVE coffee, no pets bust would so have sheep, a horse and a cow if I could!

I love to crochet, knit, SPIN, and sew. Have always been into the fiber arts. Love my Fiber's heavenly!

Favorite color is purple. I am not biased towards yarns I use. They all have their uses.
Spinning my own and learning about the different types of fiber is all gloriously interesting to me. Will be taking more spinning classed this summer as well as my first dyeing class. I just can't get enough. I find I'm a process knitter or crocheter. Love the process and gift lots of projects as gifts.

I would love to knit my first pair of socks. But need to finish some of the projects I have been commissioned to make first...then a few WIPS. I know once I learn how to knit socks, I will be hooked.

Some of the yarns I would like to try are I love to crochet with thread...(That's what I learned with when I was 8. I'm not much for chunky yarn... Love lace...and challenging projects that teach me a new technique.


I just got into sewing. I like simple designs when it comes to fabric, no characters or words. I like foot cream and wool wash. My least favorite color is orange. I gravitate toward jewel tones. I like stripes and socks. (No scarves unless they're wool-free.) I knit with DPNs.


I am a mom of 2 boys, wife, engineer, and knitter. I also crochet as well as dabble in spinning and quilting.

My favorite color is green, but I also love blues and browns. Lately I've also been enjoying pops of orange. Least favorite colors are pinks and purples. Love turtle and cat themed items. Not into singles yarn. Prefer fingering to worsted weight yarn, particularly sock yarn. Favorite luxury yarns are merino/silk blends. For bags, I prefer zippered wedge bags with some interfacing with a nice zipper pull. The most useful notions would be straight metal yarn needles, simple ring stitch markers, measuring tape,and scissors.

raquel from JC

I'm a polymer engineer who loves to cook (my kitchen is my lab!). I love bostons Terriers, baking chocolate cakes and lemon deserts. Love knitting self striping or variegated sock yarn because I looove socks. I like light and warm colors, but I would love to own a brown and robin's egg blue combo. I hate crochet but I know how to do it if I have to. I drink coffee during the day and yummy teas at night. My passion is the stars and the space in general. Love the green mountains of Tennessee and the blue beaches of South Florida (But I hate hurricanes...)


Your kits always look great. I would love to try more self striping yarn and maybe some kind of hand lotion bar or wool wash. The fabrics always go so well with the yarn chosen!!

Renee Anne

Background in elementary education, psychology, and music. Currently a SAHM to two boys (6.5 years and 2.5 years), designing all the things, knitting, writing (when I have ideas), spinning all the things, and now I want to dye all the things! I have too many things I want to do. I need to set a schedule and stick to it (hahahaha!). I feel like I need to learn how to sew, as well....but I don't think that's going to go well.

Annette Poole

My mother taught me to know when I was 6 years old. I hate to tell you how many years ago that was. Right now I mostly knit socks - I have two sisters, a niece and a friend that only want me to knits socks for them for gifts. I am obsessed with speckled sock yarn right now. I just finished a pair of socks for my sister for Easter that remind me of a speckled Easter egg. My favorite color is blue but I like to get yarn in all colors. Right now my favorite yarn is Hedgehog Fibres. I am the proud mom to two rescue cats. One lays in my lap and the other leans against me when I knit so there is always plenty of cat hair in my projects! :)

Melissa Loback

I'm a mom of nine and a grandmother of MANY! I am absolutely in love with speckled yarns!! The brighter, the better!! I love knitting socks, scarves, and Sockhead hats!! Love surprises and a huge fan of your kits!!!!


A single person who knits for sanity reason. Like the keeping bust aspect. Hmm obsessed with right now is my weigh it shawl. Its a pretty knit but a brainless knit. Also working on a pair of socks that the yarn came from your store, the color is called electric avenue. Hmm colors I like my fav are blues but the neon colors are so cool and so reminding me of old school from the 80s. Hmm cant think of anything. I guess the thing I like the most about knitting is what someone said to me about pottery today functional art. you have something you make that you wont find in a store that is beautiful.

elizabeth hallock

I am a teacher and a mother of two young girls. I love fiber of all kinds. I crochet and knit but have just started to learn knitting socks. I love earthy colors with sparks of neon. I love music and am considered a "hippie". Currently obsessed with sock yarn.

Pat Hill

This has been such a fun week! Even though I am not on spring break (so much the opposite for me) your contest has been a ray of sunlight.
I am a lover of sunshine and summer. Ocean beaches, lakes, kayaking and knitting. (I'm not into Halloween, Easter bunnies) I have 5 adult children,one wonderful husband and a monster puppy. I love "good" coffee, chocolate cake and sunshine. I teach at a community college and the winter semester tends to be crazy busy so I've been collecting patterns and some yarn since my actual knitting time is limited. I have 2 pairs of socks and 2 shawls on the needles and can't wait to start more socks and SHAWLS!!Thank you.

Terri Brinegar

I am a school nurse, mother of two grown boys with one new DIL and one to come in August. We have an African Gray parrot who keeps us very entertained. I love knitting shawlettes and baby clothes for my great nieces. Practicing for future grandkids! I love any yarn and all blues!!


I LOVE the harvest mist kit from the past you showed!!! My favorite knitting color are right now Caribbean blue, teal, coral, and of course all shades of pink. (I have 6 granddaughters). I go to 5 exercise classes each week, love to ride bikes and am a retired elementary school teacher. I love to read and plant tons of flowers in the spring . Other than knitting, my favorite pastime is traveling. I also like to drive around in my convertible with the top down and my husband and I love to check out all the new restaurants in our area and when out of town. I spend a great deal of time with my 9 grandkids and my biggest request for hand knitted items is from my 18 year old granddaughter who wants me to knit her boxes of socks for every occasion and any other time. She hates to wear store bought socks, except when she plays soccer. Needless to say, I have a busy and rewarding life.


I'm a retired microbiologist, and I love knitting socks! I also make shawls and sweaters, whenever I can pull myself away from socks. My favorite color is blue, but I also like purple and green a lot. I love self-striping sock yarn, but my absolute favorite thing to knit, though, is stranded colorwork. For that I need lots of nice solids, both lights and darks, for good contrast.

I have admired your kits for years! What a delight it would be to receive one! Thank you for running these fun contests.

Suzanne Carpenter

I am an elementary school secretary to 325 littles and 2 grown of my own. Socks are always on the needles for quick trips wherever. Definitely a bag lady (never have enough) At home are mitts, cowls, shawls and the occasional sweater. Love the quick, instant gratification, portable projects the best. Lime green and purple are two of my many favorites. Least favs are Browns and pastels. Would love to try Babs Yowza, Hedgehog fibers or gradients. Am addicted to all things dark chocolate, flavored coffees and chai. I can hardly wait for school to be out so I can come back to your shop. Want to pick my "Find your Fade" colors.


I work fulltime and try to knit some everyday to relax and keep my sanity. My husband is recently disabled so my workload between my job and everything at home is pretty overwhelming. I love cats, dogs, tea and dark chocolate. Favorite colors are reds, pinks purples and gray. I love to work in the flower beds in the warm weather and especially love the spring flowers - tulips, daffodils and peonies. I am newer to knitting so I am open to trying all kinds of yarn. I love surprises. I have purchased Hedgehog yarn from you several times and love your quick customer service. Would love to visit your store. My kids are grown and it's tax season so spring break does not include any days or weekends off for me. Thanks for doing this. I hope you have had a good spring break.


Wow, what a neat surprise gift! Thank you for a chance at it!

So, I'm now retired, I like to knit and crochet, and sew some too, walk, want to get back to biking, and love to square dance. My favorite color is blue, I love all forms of color-changing yarn, and dislike solid colors. (I'm currently loving working with Poste Patina yarn in Yakushima Forest that I won in your green contest, in a Peace Project cowl.)

Most of my knitting is for charity, and my favorite charities are TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) (using red, white and blue yarns including the String Theory Continuum I got from you some years ago), Red Scarf Project, and Wrapped in Hugs (stoles for an organ donor group). I also would love one of the open-top bags you've shown, vice the box bag, although I don't have any of those either.

Thanks so much for the fun this week!


I'm a science teacher and I knit mostly shawls. I love yellow, blue, green, and purple. I would love to try Hedgehog Fibers! I like stitch markers and other little notions. Right now I am obsessed with gradients and I want to try speckled yarns too.


I like your sock kits, especially the turquoise posts striped cashmere kit I missed out on. Also love pinks and anything self striping. Coffee, gardening, and yoga always favorites


My current sock yarn obsession is the Bulgarian Knitted Skirt. I'm about 120 rows in, which is about halfway, but I'm about to increase the number of stitches again. I'm using three different yarns - Claudia Handpainted, Tanis Blue Label, and a somewhat obscure merino superwash. I never would have put the three together, but they ended up packed in the same Space Bag when I moved to Northwest Ohio, and they all just brought out the best in each other. It will be my second curling skirt. Now, I'm not a skirt-wearer normally, but there's something fun about wearing a warm, knitted skirt (over nice, heavy leggings!) while out on the ice.

I guess curling is my biggest winter obsession, but once the weather turns nice, it is all about hiking and minor league baseball. My first game of the season will be the TinCaps home opener, because our hometown MudHens start on the road this year. I root for the TinCaps unless they're playing my old hometown team, the Lake County Captains. I'll always be an Indians fan, and that extends to the minors. :)

Lindsey Gensel

Native Oregonian who loves blues, purples, greys and greens. Obsessed with robots, rainbows, waterfalls, doughnuts, chocolate, outer space, Harry Potter and specked yarn. I'm not a fan of orange. I would love to try Hedgehog Fibres yarn! I'm not a fan of crazy variegated yarns that pool weird. I hope to make my first pair of socks soon. I knit a lot of hats, fingerless gloves and shawls.

Sally Summerfield

I taught myself to knit on YouTube 6 years ago when I retired. My careers were microbiologist and school counselor. I enjoy growing and preserving our food with organic practices, architectural & macro photography, and my dogs. I host our local knitting group and organize our field trips to fiber festivals, yarn crawls and alpaca farms. I've discovered that I'm a process knitter and select projects because I just want to create them or use a different technique. I'm a low maintenance, earthy/natural. My favorite fiber is alpaca but I also enjoy merino, mohair/silk, blue faced Leicester and even a crispy linen. No manmade fibers, sparkle nor stelina for me. My colors are deep jewel tones, autumnals, greys, or beachy sand, sea & sky in tonals, solids or speckles. I stay away from selfstriping, rainbows and neons. Yarn dyers I've wanted to try include La Bien Aimee, Hedgerow Yarns, Life in the Long Grass, Norah George, Yarn Ink and the Plucky Knitter... to name a few. I usually have three types of projects on my needles: socks, an easy memorizable Shawl, and something challenging with color work, lace, cables or enterlac.


Wow, cool give-away! I get the most satisfaction from knitting socks. And to my surprise, my kids love them, also. My guys are 26 & 24 and I have a 16 year old daughter. They fight over who gets the next pair --- and poor old dad often gets left out. I have only been knitting for about a year, but I am up for a knitting adventure. I haven't knit a sweater yet and that is on my bucket list --- something simple maybe like Boxy. My dad was a fisherman and he would spend his evenings at home going through and admiring his fishing tackle. I better understand him now, since I enjoy sifting through my stash and collecting knitting accessory trinkets. Stripes are fun, especially for socks. But being a red head, for my own personal wear, I enjoy the colors of fall. Thanks for the giveaway. I know whoever receives it will be thrilled!


I am self taught knitter/crocheter living in Fort Wayne. Blessed to be a local SSYC customer.My current knitting thing is knitted knockers. I have cranked out 7 pair this week. I love reading dystopian novels and binging on British serial TV shows. Rescue dogs have special place in my heart and my house. I have a special fondness for shades of teal. My husband and I collect Hall pottery can be digging through antique and second stores on weekends. I would love to try some of your new poste cashmere. Sounds yummy. Thanks so much for a fun week of contests.

Zoe Juniper

I am a mother of three teenagers and have returned to study at a mature age. I am doing a Masters degree in Disaster, risk & resilience and have had to curb my yarn spending! However, I have been using stash up and friends have donated yarn to me as I am also into knitting up lots of Faultline Shawls ( and selling them to raise money for the New Zealand Red Cross and their Kaikoura Earthquake appeal.


I love to knit socks! I make them for my friends and family. I taught myself to knit socks.I love pyrex!


Holy canoli! This is an extra fun giveaway! Some lucky winner is going to be psyched! As for me, I'm a knitter and my favorite color is green. Or orange. Or red or blue ... I like all the colors and stripes and not stripes and speckles, but I don't like when yarn pools (it makes my eye twitch). I mostly knit socks because they are small and portable and they are never (well except for one unfortunate pair) unflattering. I also like to knit hats and cowls but often fell meh once they are done. Project bags are like crack and I enjoy choosing a bag as mush as the project I am putting in it. I am a stay at home mom with three kids. I love trashy romance novels, Star Wars, chocolate and peanut butter together, the beach, the University of Miami Hurricanes, snow, swimming, fresh flowers, and a rare steak. I kinda feel like it sounds like I'm trying to score a date, so I will finish with ... I'm a Sagittarius :)~


Mother of one with two grands. I love knitting socks and lace shawls. Recently widowed, so I have lots more time on my hands. I love blues and greens.

Connie Kline

Retired mom of 2 daughters and new grandma to a lovely little grandson. So happy that spring is here and I can be outside enjoying the flowers, especially my roses. I knit, crochet, and cross stitch because colors and fiber make me happy. I share my home with rescue cats and a lazy rescue hound who ignores the cats as much as possible. I love to read but I plan to use the summer to knit up hats, gloves, and toys for Christmas gifts. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

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