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April 05, 2017



I went to Cancun with a bunch of friends. While playing sand volleyball I dove for the ball and landed square on the top of my knee. I blacked out from pain and when I got up, my knee was as big as a basketball. The rest of the trip I hobbled around in pain. When I got home I had an MRI which showed that my meniscus was frayed all over the place. All the doc could say was "so sorry". On a good note, I am walking around just fine, but I can't run anymore without pain. I don't even remember if we won the game!

Lindsey Gensel

I was on a cruise ship with my husband and his parents. We were just coming back from formal night and decided to check out the art gallery. I was walking closest to the wall and telling a funny story. All of a sudden, I ran into something hard! It was a man about 6 inches shorter than me who was very angry with me! I blurted out, "I'm so sorry! I didn't see you down there!" He turned bright red and started spouting off about my carelessness and how rude I was. I was mortified!!!


We've had mostly good vacations. We did take our daughters to DC one July, and they complained about the heat the entire time. Our oldest wanted only to stay in the hotel and watch cartoon network. I swore that I'd go back to DC, but never again with the children, and I have!

Donita Wriska

Years ago we were traveling with 3 littles under 5 years old. It was late at night when we found a place to stay. I will not name the chain we stayed at. The kids, my husband & I were wiped out. The place was filthy. The pillow cases and sheets had hair and mascara on them. The bathroom floor was sticky with hairspray and there were urine spatters on the toilet seat. How's that for yucky? They did not have another room available. They gave us clean sheets but we had to change the beds, just what I wanted to do. The whole thing made me cry. Needless to say we got our money back but what a horrible experience.


My siblings and I gathered for a camping trip. Our young children protested the outdoor toilets. My sister was stung by a yellow jacket and her family rushed out of camp to the nearest ER, an hour away (she's allergic). We survived and tried various iterations of camping the next 18 years.


Well I wish I had a funny story, but I sure do have a disaster vacation story! It's ok to tell it now, since everything has worked out fine, but two years ago on July 4 we went to visit my brother and his family at their place on the St. Lawrence River. Our whole extended family was there. In short - my dad had a mini-stroke, our dog took a dislike to our pet sitter and she threatened to quit, my sister and I had a huge blow-up fight, and then we were in a car accident (no one got hurt). It all worked out but let's just say we needed a vacation after that vacation!!

Lori V

After my husband returned from a 10 month deployment, we decided to take our kids to Disney as a welcome home Daddy celebration. Florida had just had very severe storms, so we sat in the Indy airport for several hours waiting for them to decide if they were going to open the Florida airport. Finally they did, but we were hurried through the airport so as to dodge the water pouring from the ceiling😳 It turned out fine in the end, and we had a great time 👍🏻❤️

Sue Boisvert

We drove across the USA to Arizona so my Dad, a college professor, could swap classes with a professor at ASU. The trip took a week, 3 kids in the backseat, no air conditioning and a black Naugahyde interior. It was hot!! But my Mom had brought a ton of Fizzies which she doled out into our canteens to keep us hydrated and happy. My favorite was grape. There were many educational stops at natural wonders, we saw a rodeo and a tornado and spent long hours counting telephone poles and cactus. It was a great ride. Oh yes, and my sister got car sick. A lot. In her shoes. In my cowboy hat. On my brother's blanket...

reanna roberts

My mother in law got irrationally annoyed at the tunnel traffic going in to VA Beach, even though she was warned in advance. Cursing, shouting, and wanting to walk up the road!


First camping trip--cold & mosquito squadrons! I hate camping to this day.


A not super bad vacation we had was to Virginia Beach and there was a hurricane offshore a day after we got there. So no beach but we ended up at Hershey Park and had fun there.

Elise Mckee

We were late getting to the airport and when we got there we realized that we had left the bag with the passports at home! My son drove us back at race car speeds and long story short we made our flight after running through the airport ! Everyone clapped when we nostded the plane!!


We were flying back home from a visit in Virginia Beach and it started really snowing. Visibility was going down hill fast. Wind was blowing so hard the cars on the road were going faster than we were. Spent an unexpected night in West Virgina where my baby girl spent the night sleeping in a dresser drawer- NO cribs. Next day heading home , I looked back to check on the kids and saw my son swatting away snowflakes from his face, my husband left his door OPEN. Sigh


Stayed in a motel near disneyland and had a man killed right outside our window! Checked out next morning because this was a very scary thing with 3 kids.


Traveling to California with my mother a few years ago- it had been about a decade since I had last travelled with my mom. In that time I had lived abroad, been to and from college, and flown quite a bit. She had not, but i had remembered her being a decent traveler. I was wrong! The morning of the flight she had repacked her bag and was late to pick me up, refused to stop at my bank but stopped at hers (which was across the street from mine), and snapped at my step father who was kind enough to drive us at 5am. This was all BEFORE we got to the airport. Fast forward several hours and more than a few "wtf is taking her so long!?" moments, and we made it to Cali! Where I find out I will be driving the rental car the two hours to our hotel, and we have to take the long route because it only has one bridge instead of two (this is the moment I learn about her fear of bridges)- we spend the next hour fighting about finding food as I refuse to pull off into random San Francisco side streets, and only barely make it to a Whole Foods off the highway. We finally make it to the beautiful hotel in the heart of wine country, and have a lovely time at my aunts wedding (where I am the witness, am in the wedding, and announce the couple, all assigned on the day), and enjoy the delicious and much needed wine. We finished the weekend with a day in San Francisco where I got sick on salty soup, spent most of the day in the back of the car, and we spent the night in a terrible hotel near the airport. Lesson learned- my mother is not a good teaveler!
All the weird and annoying bits aside, it was truest a wonderful weekend- I cried as my aunt and husband said their vows, was part of a very special day, and had a great time with friends and family and delicious California wines!

Karen G.

No real horror stories for me. My 13th birthday was on the road in a motel room near Niagara Falls. My mother got me a store bought birthday cake that was inedible. Nothing horrifying, just disappointing.

Jennifer Cameron

Cruise with my mother in law without my husband as a buffer. Enough said.


One vacation when I was around 11 or 12 involved a relatively minor accident on the way home. Could have been my first ambulance ride, but I decided that I didn't need it. The lady that hit us claimed that she didn't see us because the sun was in her eyes. Only the sun was the opposite direction of how she would have been looking to see us. The sun was in her eyes because it was reflecting off of our rather hard to miss minivan. Made for an interesting end to the trip.


Actually have been pretty lucky so far. Some delayed flights, including one overnight due to bad weather but all manageable.

Zoe Juniper

Our worst vacation memory has to be camping about 8 years ago. We arrived at this great site, having pre-booked for a 10 day stay. Nothing was said as we checked in, we set up the tent and got settled. All through the first night, all we heard was vomiting in all the tents around us! Turns out the site had an outbreak of Novo virus for the past 10 days! By this time it was too late and predictably we all had a very memorable holiday, but not in the way we would like!


Plenty of little things - but we always say it's just part of the experience!

Tabitha Burks

When my family went on vacation to Chicago, we had packed more for a warmer climate weather rather than late winter weather in April. So some of us had to borrow other family member's clothes and buy some new clothes. But other than that, I can't think of any major family vacation mishaps.

Cynthia Carpenter

The year I was 14,we went to Disney world. I got pinkeye and was miserable and contagious. Hotel room for me while others had a blast. Thank goodness for walking clinics.

CJ Jones

Worst vacation was when I was about 8 and we went camping at Indiana Dunes State park. I had my first ever migraine and barfed on my sister. I remember sleeping in the front seat of the car as my parents took down the tent and cleaned up my sister. Although not fun at the time, I look back and smile because my sister is a bit of a jerk these days.

Amy Rouse

Nothing very interesting to note. I'm pretty boring. But that yarn is not!!

Caitlin A

When I was 6, we went to Orlando to visit all the parks. I'd been looking forward to seeing the dolphins at Sea World for months, but the night before we went, I came down with chicken pox. We still ended up going to Sea World, but it was, needless to say, not the magical experience I'd been dreaming about.

Kathy S

Waking up in Maine in our waterproof tent with my daughter in a 2inch puddle of water!


We decided to take a cruise with the extended family, mother in law, sister in law, nieces etc. 7 days together. On a single ship.

First two days MIL and SIL were sick. Who knew they were the biggest complainers when sick. When they finally felt better, they didn't want to do the things we wanted to. So...they went their way we went ours and met up for dinner, when the bottle of wine eased some of the stress.

It was the most stressful vacation. Since then we head on our own vacations.

Anne Marie

I can think of two cross country road trips. One with a diaper so bad the clothing had to be thrown away. The other had me changing my clothes alongside the road after the 2 year old threw up on me. Fun times!

Anna Baker

Girl Scout camp circa 1998. All the fun camps had filled up. So my friend and I went to riffle shooting camp. Shooting stuff was fun enough, but the rest of the group was insufferable.


I burnt the tops of my feet SO badly because I didn't think to put sunscreen there when I got to go to Florida in high school. Makes wearing shoes a nightmare!!

Kathleen McCunn

We borrowed my sister-in-law's tent and drove out to Mt. Rushmore. It was so exciting to come around that big curve and see George's nose! We went fishing in a little lake and caught some trout. Found a fabulous campsite, set up the tent with our blow-up mattress, started the fire to cook our fish in foil packs for supper. It was getting dark, and the wind picked up, but we didn't think much about it. All of a sudden, a thunder storm came over the top of the mountain and totally drenched everything in our tent. The wind blew the tent down. We had to sleep sitting up in the pick up, clothes sopping wet. It's a funny story now but we were pretty frazzled at the time.
In the spirit of the vacation location, I think I would choose the Antelope colorway. Thanks, Allison!


I took my four kids ages 7 and under - and our puppy - to my parents for a weekend last October. We had a good trip, but on the way home the transmission died without warning on the interstate while we were still an hour from home! My husband was also out of town, so it took me a while to find someone to pick me up, and every time a truck passed us on the interstate our van shook violently. Not my favorite time being the only adult in charge! But thankfully, we were eventually able to find a ride home and help getting a tow truck.




The closest I have ... I was a bridesmaid in my friend's small, intimate, back yard wedding. I left my purse on my chair during the ceremony and someone stole my wallet. It later turned up underneath my friend's washing machine with all of the money missing.

Jodie e

Our air conditioner in the car broke on a road trip from Indiana to Nebraska in July!


Only good memories of vacations...thankfully!


I haven't had any real vacation nightmares, though sometimes things are a little more exciting than we planned. For example, coming back from our niece's wedding in Florida several years ago...It was mid June and really hot. We were pulling our camper back to Virginia and blew three tires on the trip home because the road was so hot. One popped as we were leaving the state park where we had camped, but the other two were blew while we were going down the highway. Luckily we got an extra spare!


Vacation nightmare: road trip where the new tires didn't seal to the rims properly and leaked air, we stopped 8 times just to add flat fix it to get to a gas station so we could air up. We cut the trip short.


No real vacation nightmares, just many road trips that end up more exciting than you planned. My junior year in college my husband (then boyfriend) and I and another couple decided to go skiing. We were going to school in Colorado, so it was a fairly easy trip west of Denver to go skiing. I had the only car, a red Mustang...5 speed manual with a big engine and street tires. We got up to the condo alright, but it was getting dark and there was a foot of snow on the dirt road back to where we were staying. There was no traction and we were slipping all over the place. My husband had to drive while the other three of us pushed. On the trip home we hit a slick patch on I-70 and did at least a 360. I don't really remember skiing, just the drive. Lots of fun memories!


It was our honeymoon and to start we missed our ferry by 6 cars! When we did get across we had an hour long drive on a windy, unfamiliar, narrow road in the dark and rain. We didn't realize how precarious some of those curves were until we drove back in the daylight at the end of our stay. Then, upon reaching our destination we discovered that the power on that whole side of the island would be off all of the next day. Having planned to stop at a grocery store the next morning, the only food we had brought was wedding cake! Luckily the weather was lovely and we spent the day hiking, but we were very glad when the power was back and some restaurants were open!

Teresa C

Getting high centered climbing over a fence because we go locked in a courtyard.


That purpley yarn is gorgeous! Nothing springs to mind but I'd hate to go for a beach vacation and have it rain the entire time, or to be stuck somewhere and be unable to get a flight out.


I don't have a complete recollection of this because it was a long time ago but my family was in a road trip vacation - I feel like sordid maybe. My cousin was with us as thy had just picked me up from. Iardif school and she was coming to stay with us for part of the summer. One day the adults and older kids were hanging around the car looking concerned but nobody would tell me what was happening. Turns out our car had been broke into the night before and they were discussing what to do. I had a lot of stuff in the car from school so some of my stufff was taken. It totally ruined our vacation. Moral of the story - don't leave a lot of stuff in the car!


I try to make the best of poorly done vacations, so I can't recall any horror stories, but I'm sure something would have to involve no indoor plumbing if I were planning on having it.

Martha Anne

The opposite maybe. My sister got to go off with my mom and I got to take typing and speed reading. Hmm.

Renee' Sawyer

I've been pretty lucky - most of our vacations went fine. One time tho' we went to Hawaii for a week and the neighbor took care of our 2 dogs. When we got home she had swept everything they demolished into the middle of the garage. Not a pretty sight.


We were heading to West Virginia from Maine. We were 10 miles into
the trip and one of our daughters threw up. So we stopped at my parents to clean her up. 10 miles later the other one had to go to the bathroom and no bathroom around. Out came the little potty on the side of road. We did make it to West Virginia the next day.


When I was in university, I went home over spring break, and my family went skiing. Dad even booked a condo in the resort town at the base of the mountain. Just before lunch on the first day, I crossed my ski tips, fell, and blew out my knee. Luckily I was able to have surgery to fix my ACL that evening, but I spent 5 days in the hospital, missed two weeks of school (and two mid-terms!), and spent 4 months on crutches. Ouch.

Donna Kuehl

Tent collased at 2am in a huge rainstorm. Rest of the night spent in a tiny Toyota. Only cabin camped after that!


As long as I have plenty of yarn near me, I'm happy! :)


I really can't think of any disastrous trip or vacation, but occasionally getting sick on vacation certainly puts a damper on the trip.


My Dad put the passports on top of the car before we driving away to the airport. Lucky we found them in the middle of the road. We were on our way to London. Miss you Dad.



Thank goodness my vacation memories are all good!

Emily Chandler

Went to Washington DC several years ago with a friend for a work conference and saw a Mr. Hyde side to her I had never seen before. She took exception to everything I said and did, and complained about EVERYTHING. The most fun I had on the trip was when I did my own thing without her. Definitely cooled our friendship after that. What's funny is that we just reconnected recently and she thanked me for being with her on that trip, without any memory of her bad attitude throughout it. You just never know what other people are thinking, I guess.


We once went on vacation and there were ants in the hotel room and the tv remote and some of the electrical outlets didn't work. Then the fire alarm in our room went off at 2am. It was awful.


In grad school, I was scheduled to spend three months camping in the US desert southwest... starting in January... Then my sister was going to meet me in Denver to spend a couple more weeks on a dinosaur dig in Utah. Being a broke grad student, I took the train from Ohio to Arizona. The first leg was a bit hairy because of an ice storm in Indiana (2002, if it was memorable in Ft Wayne), but we made our connection in Chicago and were on our way to AZ. Three days later, I reached Tucson shortly after midnight... only to learn that all my gear was still in Chicago. They assumed. But they weren't sure. They'd let me know in three days if it was on the next train. But here's $100 for your troubles. I walked to a local secondhand store and bought a few clean shirts and a pair of pants, and some socks at an army-navy. But none of the stores within walking distance carried women's underwear. I decided that washing mine in the sink was preferable to men's tighty-whiteys, and they delivered my luggage to the campground three days later.


We went on a last minute holiday to Costa Rica as a gift from friends. My husband needed to be back for work on April 1st. When we met with the travel guy at our hotel to arrange our departure he pointed out that our plane didn't leave until April 1 in the evening. We read our tickets wrong and hubby needed to purchase an extra ticket home while kiddo and I enjoyed another day in the sun.


Car broke down in the middle of Oklahoma during a road trip.


We had to do the mad dash full on run through the Houston airport because of a delay getting through customs. Made our connecting flight by the skin of our teeth. Thought that only happened in movies. ;)


I remember being sunburned at the beach and having to wrap up in a towel to be outside. This was in the 70s when it was cool to be tan


I guess I've been extremely fortunate in not having a comedy of errors vacation. I do have two instances of "I wish I would have". On one trip to the south of france, I had checked an umbrella stroller for my five year old. I just figured we'd be walking forever and ever. And we did. But the stroller got a grand tour of Europe before finally catching up to us on day 3. By then, kiddo was used to the walking and it was just another thing to lug around. Do-over would have been just to skip it.

Second was gross ;) As a new college grad with no money, my ex and I went to Paris. It was THE super budget trip. Including accomodation. The kind of place you peek in and KNOW hasn't been cleaned in about 200 years. We got to take home an unplanned souvenir: scabies. Ew. I just had to itch. Ew. Lesson: pay up for at least a certain level of cleanliness ;)

Liz K

Nope, not me.

Nancy F.

A few months after our first child was born, we travelled (via plane) to my inlaws for the Christmas holidays. The morning we were leaving, I woke up feeling really unwell. I got progressively worse on route and was whisked to the hospital as soon as we landed. Had a very bad case of mastitis. Ugh.


This was a vacation but not spring break. We were driving to FL when my children were still at home. We drove through an ice storm in the Carolina's and the motor to our windshield wipers broke. My son had to lay on the front floor and manually worked the wipers until we could stop and get it fixed. Scary then but funny now with the retelling.

Teresa Wall

We once flew down to Texas for a 4 star resort. We had difficulty findinf it and when we finally pulled into this rundown motel at the end of a street (complete with large pothole in the entrance), I looked up and all I could do was point and move my lips like a fish. I was horrified to find that it was our resort. My husband wanted to fo in thinking it couldn't possibly be as bad on the inside as it was on the outside, but I refused.

In the end, we spent the week in Houston at a Marriot.

Lisa aka The Inspired Stitcher

When I lived at home my family took beach vacations to Florida every July. One year, unbeknownst to us Indiana folks, the jelly fish were particularly bad in the area we were visiting. I was out in the surf bobbing about when I felt an intense burning on my left arm. Turns out I'd run smack dab into a jelly fish! It was the most painful thing ever. The lifeguard on duty put meat tenderizer on my arm and told us to go find an aloe plant, break off the leaf, and smear the goo all over my arm. Oddly enough, it worked! I definitely don't want to repeat that experience.

jennifer thomas

July 4th at Lake of the Ozarks, the water felt warm and sticky and the air conditioner in the house boat we rented went out. It was so hot that most of my family slept outside the houseboat on the roof or in the speed boat. My husband and I left after 1 night. The rest of my family stayed and someone forgot to stop the water in the tank so the bathroom toliet backed up and smelled horrible. After getting back I found out that there was an advisory at the lake because of bacteria levels in the water. Luckily we didn't get sick.

Lisa B

My worst vacation was when I flew from Chicago to San Francisco to visit a cute "friend of a friend" that I'd recently met. I started feeling ill on the plane and spent the entire week sick and miserable. We fell out of touch shortly after that and didn't speak again until he emailed three years later. Now he's my husband :)

Renee Anne

Not exactly "vacation" but when I was in Jamaica on a mission trip (haha, the pseudo-atheist on a mission trip).....I got so sunburned that I blistered. On my back. On my arms. It was bad. I was peeling for a month after that. Gross.

raquel from JC

going to Hawaii four months pregnant and vomiting like crazy because my husband got me garlic crackers...Garlic!!!!

Amanda Swanson

That would be the time my husband and I left our kids with the grandparents and went to "San Francisco." I was 7.5 months pregnant. All I really wanted to do was go to a nice bakery in S.F. Well, honey decided to wait until 7pm to look for one, and then he thought the financial district would be a good place to look, despite my protests that the whole district would be closed. It was. I was hungry and cranky, we had walked about 7 miles that day. On top of that, he booked us in a town called Cordelia because he liked the name. It was very far away from S.F. (we took the metro over) and the hotel room smelled horrible, the bed pillows were tiny and square. I didn't speak to him for a whole day. He swore he would never take me on vacation again. Fortunately, someone developed Yelp and Urban Spoon. We went to Paris last year and found all our bakeries in the morning. :)

kay Burgess

For some reason, change of climate, different pollens, etc., most of my vacations out of state end up w/ an urgent care visit for bronchitis. Always have a knitting or two or three with me to while away the hours while recovering.


My husband and I have the worst luck with airlines. I can't tell you how many airport floors I've slept on. It seems like every time we try to vacation we end up stuck somewhere.


Camping ... x


One time, when I was camping with a bunch of friends, I got horrible strep throat, and was out for about 3 days. Unfortunately, we were about 4 hours away from the nearest doctor, so I just had to ride it out until I could get home!

Audra L

One of our last family vacations before I went off to school was a bit rough. We wanted to go on a camping trip to Yellowstone. My mom insisted on going in May. We got about halfway there when we hit rain. Cold and rainy, my poor mom stayed up all night pushing the pooling water off the roof of the tent so we didn't get soaked. When we caught weather forecasts for Yellowstone they were expecting snow. Not about to camp in snowy conditions, we took a vote and decided to head east and see St. Louis and Kansas City. My dad was mad we didn't agree to go to Branson (Yeah Dad..sure it's fun...just like Wall Drug was supposed to be Amazing and was the most boring tourist trap I had ever seen. He blew his credit on that one)and my sister had a manic episode along the way. It wasn't the best trip.


Nope, not me.

I really enjoyed reading some of the vacation stories here. Great questions!

Helen King

My worst vacation was in 2013 while visiting our daughter in Florida. We were walking down a pier when I stumbled on a board and broke my foot.


On a very long 6 hour trip from South Carolina to the depths of Florida, we were 5 kids crammed on the back of a 2 door coupe, the AC broke, and with the windows down and my Mom burping the youngest sister, puke flew freely toward the back of the car, hitting the four of us back there. It made all of us sick and the car reeked of puke on the trip there and back.

Laura Ricketts

The first thing that comes to mind is a three week work/vacation that began with a huge storm in Chicago/O'Hare, a cancelled flight, and then a suitcase that was thoroughly lost for the entire duration. Sigh.


Every time I've gotten a blistering sunburn I've been not-at-home but not on vacations which ugh.

My worst vacation wasn't that bad, but my mom took me on a massive college tour through the northeast in spring break of junior year when we were given a MASSIVE project to do in history class. Unpleasant.

Jeanne Bush

I'm a cyclist so most of my vacations are cycling from town to town. I've been very lucky so far, but the worst would be rain every day! I wear hand knit socks whenever I ride.

Carolyn Zewe

I've had pretty good luck with vacations but on the way to Yellowstone driving from Texas we discovered our rental car had a bubble on the tire up in Oklahoma. We had to drive to the Wichita, Kansas airport. They tried to give us a small economy car in place of an SUV. We had it stuffed with all our camping equipment! Luckily they pulled some strings and got us in the right size car but it was a nightmare unpacking and repacking another car. At least we were back on the road without too much of a delay.


On one of our Florida trips, we stopped in Georgia for the night. I had a big family - there were 10 of us - so when we camped, we'd pitch a couple of tents in addition to the camper. Well, this night it was raining, so we had to cram all 10 into a small truck-mounted camper. Along with one of my stepsisters, I volunteered to sleep in the cab of the pickup truck. It was awful.


I don't think I really have anything to share for this one.


One should not go to Washington, DC in the middle of summer with the temperature and humidity above 95!

Linda Bazinet

Although we have had things go wrong on various vacations, we always manage to make the best of it and have a good time and end up with great memories. These memories include my husband carrying armloads of foam from the hot tub to bath tub (obviously used much too much bubble bath); canoeing very quickly away from a moose in the water; our canoe hydroplaning as I frantically paddled to get to shore ahead of a thunderstorm (we were in an aluminum canoe!) and sitting in a car dealership New Year's Eve after our car broke down on the highway!


Every time I go to New York City I want to go right back. So many museums, restaurants, and even yarn stores to see!

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