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April 04, 2017



I would love a hiking and beach adventure in Hawaii :)


I don't like to fly but I would love to go up the coast of Maine, take the ferry over to Nova Scotia and then travel to Newfoundland. I read about Newfoundland years ago and have wanted to go ever since.


I'm so splitting hairs here... where would *I* go or where would I go with kiddo on spring break? *I* would go to Scotland for a week. It's been on my list for years and seems even more compelling now that Outlander is a visual thing ;)

If I were taking kiddo at this time of year, then somewhere beachy maybe? I'm so tired of being cold. Maybe carribean? If I were taking kiddo just on a week's all expenses paid vacation, Harry Potter park in Florida. But I'd never do it around spring break!

More than you wanted to know :) Thanks for the chance to win and your spring break fun.

G. K. Green

My husband and I would return to Dublin and stay at the same hotel as we did previously on a wonderful trip ...

Judi Kennedy

If cost were no issue, I'd like to go back to San Francisco and spend a week in wine country. We were there once before and missed doing that, ran out of time. It's beautiful, peaceful, and has lots of wine.

Kathleen McCunn

I want to visit any place with sunshine! This has been the grayest, gloomiest winter I can remember. It doesn't have to be hot, just bright.

My DD loves Hamilton. We have the soundtrack on all the time. I would choose either Eliza or Shuyler. All the colors are so beautiful.


Leann Demeduk

I would love.a week in Maui - so beautiful and relaxing!


So many places.... Probably Galapagos Islands or an African safari. But I would want more than a week.


A trip to the Bahamas with family and extended family - mom, sister and brother and their families


I would love to take my kids to see the Azores so they can see where their grandparents came from. The islands are so beautiful. It's like living in another world.

Holly W

An Alaskan cruise is my dream vacation! I think it would be so gorgeous!


Would always choose Italy! Would take my knitting group. Wonderful- culture, wonderful food and knitting!

Judi S

My favorite place is the Blue Fin Bay resort on the north shore of Lake Superior. I take my knitting down to the rocks with a glass of wine and listen to the birds and the waves of the lake.

Lynne Nagle

If money were not object, I'd love to go to London to see where my grandparents are from :-)

Sally Summerfield

I would stay in a villa in Tuscany and pretend I was a local for a week. Wine, cheese, bread, pasta, and knitting. A village on the coast of Ireland would suffice as well.i


I would love to go to Paris!


Vermont in the fall-at a bed and breakfast with a rocking chair on the front porch and a crackling fire at night. Both conducive to great knitting! 🎃


I would love to return to the coast of Galicia, Spain.... I got to spend a few days there some years back and was utterly enchanted. It's a beautiful countryside, with stone-built houses, grassy fields full of sheep, and rocky cliffs overlooking the sea. Wonderful for hiking, sunning, and generally relaxing, there aren't many tourist attractions besides the natural landscape, and that's just the way I like it. I hope to take my boyfriend to see it one day.


I'd like to go to Norway and Sweden! Interesting cities, beautiful hiking, and of course lots of yarn.

Teresa C

Faroe Islands


Absolutely a week in London, so many museums, shops, and just great things to see, like catch a glimpse of the royals, and do.


I would love to go on a European river cruise if cost was not an object. I love to travel but hate living out of a suitcase so this would be perfect!


Iceland. It's cold, scenic, and I hear there are lots of sheep and people with a deep appreciation for good knitwear.


I'd like to take the kids to Hawaii. While Kauai was my favorite, I think the kids would love the Big Island and Maui.

Carolyn Zewe

Scotland!! I want to wander all over the Highlands, visit my favorite city Edinburgh, visit my favorite island Skye, and bag a Munro or two.


I would love to go to Ireland and Italy.


I would love to take cooking classes in Italy.

Mary R

I would like to go to Scandinavia for the summer solstice. Hours and hours of daylight!

Melissa Loback

I would love to go to the beach... anywhere!! I've never flown and I've never seen the ocean or the mountains. This is on my bucket list before I turn 50!!


If money's no object, I'm going to go the furthest I can. The Banda Islands near New Guinea, the original home of nutmeg.


Where would you like to go for a week's vacation (if cost were no impediment)?

New Zealand

Karen G.

My dream vacation is Ireland, but a week wouldn't do that trip justice. If I only had a week long trip, I'd find a rental house on a nice quiet lake and spend my days kayaking and knitting!

Anna Baker

A yarn, fabric, and garden shopping spree, maybe in Portland

Mary Tymeson

I would love to spend a week or 4 listening to the ocean and gazing at redwoods with friends south of San Francisco




Hmm. Either the Alabama inland cruise or a week at a pet friendly cabin on a lake ( for kayaking) near a flyfishing river for my husband. A week on a Caribbean beach would be great!


Me. Beach. Warm. Quiet. Perfect.

Christine Newman Aumiller

A villa in Italy with my friends. We could make art, drink wine, and eat pasta.

Suzanne paquin

I would love to explore Germany, Austria and Italy with my DH and 3 teenagers, to give them a better sense of history, and appreciate other cultures.


Hawaii and the Great Sequoias in California .. money no object? Let's travel the entire world!!!!


I'm kind of obsessed with Scotland these days so that is what I would pick. I'd love to see the Highlands and the yarn shops in Edinburgh for sure.

Jeanne Bush

I am retired so don't have work constraints. I am currently on a week long trip bicycling in Fredericksburg, Texas...and I wear my hand knit cycling socks, known as ankle socks to non cyclists. But I do want to return to cycle in France one day.


Hawaii. I've wanted to go since I was a kid & Sesame Street did a week's shows there.

Valerie Whelan

If money wasn't an issue, is live to go to the South Pacific. First class, of course!! I would love to have this adventure with my daughter, who has been away at college. The thought of snorkling in the crystal clear waters instantly relaxes me. I'd love to spend my days and nights relaxing in a over the water cabana!! Knitting with yarns the same colors of the ocean. Perfect!!

Teresa Wall

I have always wanted to visit Tibet. Of ourse mydream three month vacation of working my way from Maine to the Forida Keys would be doable (and now Cuba can be inluded)

Linda Maher

I have always wanted to go to Norway!


Greece. I remember learning about ancient Greece for the first time in junior high social studies class, and being just fascinated that the ancient sites were still there to be seen.

Zoe Juniper

I would love to take the children back to Europe, Amsterdam in Spring for the tulips, windmills, clogs and cheese - Those tulips provide an amazing colour palette for any yarn way! Also, Edinburgh in August for the Tattoo festival would be divine! With or without the kids!

Martha Anne

Hiking with husband at his family's cabin without the brain cancer he has had for 15 months. Reallyanywhere without the brain cancer. I treasure those times so exquisitely.

Marjorie Millner

I'd like to take a trip through western Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer train. I would want to take one of the itineraries that includes two nghts in the Chateau at Lake Louise.


I would go on one of the Rocky Mountaineer trips. I'd also like to add the Alaska Cruize option but that'd be more than a week.


I'd love to see some sheep in Scotland and Ireland!


I'd love to just travel all over Europe by luxury train Paris, Italy, Greece.


British Isles and Shetland Islands with just my husband.

Elizabeth D

Finland, to see the Northern Lights


I would like to see Hawaii by cruise ship. There is a 7 island cruise that I have had my eye on for a while. Dream on.


I would go to Glacier National Park if I had a full week. Yellowstone and India are close seconds, but right now, I just want to see this park.


I'd have a hard time choosing between seeing the glaciers, polar bears and musk oxen (qiviut!) of Alaska versus the Galapagos (I studied evolutionary biology). I have never been to either place and both would be incredible to me!


I'd love to take the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Calgary and then road trip around Canada and the USA.


There is a tiny castle for sale in GB and I would love to purchase it, sit in the gardens and watch my son run around. That would be heaven!


My latest desire is to visit Amsterdam.


It sounds absolutely cliché, but I'd want to go to Disney World. Our family was too large to go within our budget, even though we lived in Florida for a time. My daughter is no almost 10 and she's never been. I think it'd be the most exciting vacation for both of us. We're both Disney junkies.

The Inspired Stitcher

I would love to go somewhere tropical and warm followed by Paris and then the UK.

Michelle McCrillis

I'd like to see Ireland and Scotland, where our families come from. I'd especially like to see the Shetland Isles. Just my husband and me, with time to walk and just be.

kay Burgess

I would love to travel to Scotland. If money were no object, rent a home base house for a month and settle into getting to know the locals, the cuisine, the essence of the country by traveling to the different historical sites and immersing myself into their culture.

Antoinette Overton

The amalfi coast!


id live to take my kids to Hawaii. My sister lives there now and she would love the visit. My kids would think it was pretty great too!

Katie M.

Ireland or a Scandinavian cruise.


A British Isles cruise is at the top of my bucket list.


Right now I'm in an Iceland or Scotland for some hiking kinda mood. But sitting in a café in Paris with my honey is always appealing--and there are a couple of new yarn/tea shops in Paris I have not yet visited...and, isn't the Samaritaine remodel due to be finished in 2017???


Germany!!! My moms family is from Germany and some day want to go see all the towns they came from.


If cost didn't matter, I'd rent a private jet and take my husband and the tandem bike to Belgium for the spring classics, starting with the Ronde van Vlaanderen and ending with Paris-Roubaix. In between all the races, we'd ride ourselves silly.

amy g

I'm torn between Iceland and Scotland! I have friends who just got back from Iceland and had a wonderful time. But I'm also very intrigued by the Loch Ness Knit Fest, which is a new festival in the fall.

Sara B.

Right now, I'd love a trip to Scandinavia - adding Iceland and Greenland. So Norway, Denmark Sweden - maybe heading over to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania!
Sounds like a cruise might do it!


If cost didn't matter I think I would go to Fiji and stay in one of those awesome huts on the water! That would be amazing.

JoAnne B

This time of year Hawaii would be great. I would go with a friend.


I'd love to go to Canadian Rockies for a summer vacation. I'd like a cabin with a fireplace.

Elise Mckee

I'd love to visit my son and his family in Hong Kong!


I would love to go somewhere on the ocean and warm. Since cost is no object, I'm thinking New Zealand or Australia. With only a week, I'll have to fly there. Otherwise I would take an around the world cruise to get there.

Jennifer Cameron

See the northern lights in Iceland.


Though it's the wrong time of the year - I'd love to take a trip to Antarctica! On a more reasonable scale, Scandinavia.


I would love to go to Peru! It's where my family is from, and has an abundance of alpaca fibers!


I would love to go to Rio! I don't know why, but I'm obsessed. :)


I think i would like to go to Paris with my hubby. But just one week? Maybe not enough time

Emily Chandler

I would love to take a tour around Great Britain and see the sights!


I would absolutely love to spend some time in Scotland. I've been in England and Wales, but when I was teaching, my overseas travel was during spring break (because flights were lots cheaper than in the summertime), and so we never headed north to Scotland.

Susan Ipavec

If cost was no option, I would love to take my son to Disney World in Florida. I have nice memories of when I went there when I was growing up, but it is so expensive now even for the two of us. I would also love to visit Hawaii.

Nancy F.

New Zealand...

jennifer thomas

Either Utila to swim with the Whale Sharks or European river criuse, especially this time of the year (it's tulip season!)

Nancy Hooper

Anywhere with a beach and my family! What a dream it would be!

Lisa B

Oh my, now there's a question. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia so while there's dozens of places I'd love to vacation right now I'd choose an island that had low/no humidity, few tourists and a hot tub!

Audra L

One of those south Asian island resorts where you have a bungalow out over the water and the water is that clear green/blue that washes away all troubles at just a glance.

Laura Ricketts

I think the answer to this depends on what time of year you ask me. As it is April, I think my answer is somewhere warm a sunny -- a week in the coast of South Carolina sounds just st about right right now!


I'm single and like to vacation by myself but not be alone? So doing tours or retreats. If money were no object, I'd do a northern lights tour in Iceland. If jetlag didn't exist, I'd do something in New Zealand.


My most recent trip was to Hilton Head Island, and I would love to go back there for another week. We went in the off season, so it was nice and quiet. I rode a bicycle on the beach! I so want to do that again. I'm hoping for next winter.


Even if cost were no impediment, for a week's trip I'd be reluctant to spend too much time just getting there and back so I'd pick something closer to home. For a spring break trip, maybe Whitehorse or Yellowknife to see the northern lights.

Linda Bazinet

Costa Rica. I want to see parrots, monkeys and sloths (oh, my!).


I'd really like to go to Iceland. Hot springs? Sheep? Vikings? Yes Please.

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