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April 04, 2017



My dream vacation would be a quiet mountain cabin with a deck overlooking the mountains. I would love a week alone with my knitting and a couple of good books!!

Anne Smith

Scotland, castles, whiskey and yarn!!

Maureen Sepkowski

New Zealand!! I'd love to do a walking tour of the Lord of the Rings and stay in a hobbit hole!!


Bar Harbor, ME! I would go back in a heartbeat for some lobster and some time on the water.


I would love 2 weeks in Scotland riding all the trains.


I would go to Maine coast. Beautiful scenery. Enjoy lobster ad lighthouses. Visit yarn shops and take advantage of lots of knitting time


A week on the beach any where warm with my daughter Jodie, son, his wife and our 2 Grandbabies.

We could make s'mores and knit


Disney was a magical place for me and my parents growing up. They have both been gone a very long time now, or I'm sure my two girls would have been there by now. Even though they are both in their 20's, I'd still love to share that magic with them...If money was no object.


I would fly out to California to visit my sister and visit the Bay Area. Lots of hiking!

Judy Wagner

I would love to float the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon.
It is one of the most beautiful places in the USA!

Audra Daughtry

I want to do all of Italy, so a week is not near long enough ;)


My kids are getting old enough that we've been talking about doing a memorable trip - maybe Europe.

But I've never been to Australia and would love to go there and New Zealand. With cost and time being no option, how wonderful would that be!?!

Amanda Swanson

Well, I got one dream vacation last year. I think, if I had a week, I'd spend it in the Seattle/Vancouver area. Think of the yarn shopping! And high tea and gardens.

Kim Benedict

Greek Isles

Linda Scarborough

Hands down-Scotland. I have no children,but does getting away from usual routine to see something new count? Would really like to spend about a month in the British Isles and visit all their amazing yarn shops and come back with a loaded suitcase!

Linda Byrn

A private island in the sun, with a personal chef!


The beach, for "shore!" (Ha!) I love the heat, the sand, the smell, and the sound!


I would love to go to Iceland. It has such interesting geology - both volcanoes and glaciers!


So many wonderful ideas in the comments, I want to win the lottery now :)

If cost was no option, then I would take a hit of three young kids on a loooooong flight and go to France. I'd love to take them to Paris and Versailles and then a little beach time on the French Riviera. If you asked my kids tho ... Disney or Disney cruise.

Angela Fisher

I would love to take my family to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Brenna Delosier

If cost was no matter I would love to tour Europe


I would choose to go to Italy and see where my mom was born and her relatives that she writes to...

Patty McDonald

I'd like to go back to Norway. I just found out that I am 51% Norwegian, so I would take my daughter, daughter-in-law and 2 grand-daughters there with me and we would explore that part of our lives.

Joyce Correia

Off to Vienna, Austria, to sit in a cafe to sip coffee and eat a chocolate pastry.

Anne MacDonald

I would immediately hop a plane for Calgary Alberta to welcome our new grandson. 💓😍


A beach somewhere hot. I need sun and I need it now!

Sandra Sprouse

I have always wanted to go to Ireland! It's on my bucket list to visit a real castle.




I think I would do a month long trip to Europe. Or spend a month "living" in New York City, to get the full experience.


New Zealand!!!! Been there before and it is fabulous and along the way I would love to visit any pacific islands that I could, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, and of course Hawaii.
On the flip side I would choose cool knitting places in Europe.


Would love to take an extended tour throughout Italy. Seeing all the fabulous sites and tasting REAL Italian cooking.


I would go to the Mediterranean. But I would want a local tour guide that could immerse me in the local culture


Funny you should ask, we are newly retired, and pondering that question (well, except the part about unlimited $). So, in my dreams, I'd go on a luxury European Riverboat Cruise. In reality ... may have to pare the budget a bit.

Elaine Boston

I would go to Italy.

Linda L in Wisconsin

I'd go to England and tour all the historic sites associated with Arthurian legend. Glastonbury Tor, Avebury stone circle, the works!

Annette Poole

I would love to go to Ireland (with maybe a stop at Hedgehog Fibres)!


Prince Edward Island...I've wanted to visit since I first read Anne of Green Gables

Julie V

I would love a week to myself at home. To craft, read, eat sushi, and refresh for the family.

Laure Trimmer

I would love to go to Ireland. Beautiful scenery and some great yarn!


I'd love to go to Morocco! Warm sun, beautiful art, delicious food. And I'd want to bring home a whole suitcase full of painted tiles :-).


An Alaskan cruise with a Trans-continental train trip through Canada to get back home.

Wendy Chase

I'm fortunate to live in the dream destination of many people..Alaska! So I want to go any place warm lol. More specifically, Kauai. I've been to Oahu a couple of times but I'd like to see why Kauai is called the garden island. And if money were no object, then on to Australia and New Zealand!

shoshana silberstein

I want to go to Iceland. It's like walking on the floor of ocean that has been pushed up to the new-born Earth with hot tubs everywhere! Speaking of hot tubs, I also want to go to Japan and bath with the Snow Monkeys!


Hmm, difficult. I think I'd go to Yellowstone National Park. I'd like to go to a lot of them; that's why it's difficult.

Thanks for the contest! The yarns we can win are beautiful!


Since it's just one week I will say Scotland. I dream of going to the United Kingdom and Ireland, but I think I would need months for everything I'd like to do.


Ireland! Daughter lived there and keeps telling us how wonderful it was and we must visit!


South Korea and New Zealand.I love historical Korean dramas and would like to visit the beautiful places where these stories were filmed. And New Zealand is Middle Earth.

Lisa Sauer

The Maldives - before they disappear!


I'd love to tour Italy. My second choice would be Scotland, Ireland and the English countryside.

RuthAnn Cromwell

I would like for the whole family to have an extended visit to my daughter in North Carolina and be able to explore the countryside and maybe we all could take a class at the craft school there cause there is something for everyone.


I would like to go to China to visit my best friend, what would be ideal would be a week by myself to minister to her (she's pregnant) and then a week with my family joining me to tour the country and maybe do Disney too. The scariest part? last winter flights to China were cheaper than flights to Texas from Seattle!


I would love to see the West - the national parks, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, etc. Or Maine for a week, or Cape Cod.
Or England where I was born, or Rome and Italy. Any of the above would be fabulous!

yolanda v

NYC! LOVE it there. Hit yarn shops the go rent a cabin at one of the FingerLakes and take my spinning wheel and spin by the Lake... Perfection~!


I would like to go to the south of France...visit Provence, see where Cezanne and Van Gogh painted, stroll through the markets, and consume lots of yummy food and wine.




Cost no object? Scotland. I'd love for the kids to meet their Scottish relatives and explore their ancestral home.

Megan Cooper

I'd love to take my kids to the ocean, Mexico? hawaii? Somewhere warm and beachy! In a few years my answer will change to Disney world. But for now, a beach with hiking 😎

Georgene Thompson

French Polynesia. Bora Bora, Fiji, Tahiti, Bali.


By myself in a cottage by the sea.

Joani Feiner

Back to France!


Back to Southern Spain, where I studied for a semester in college. Sigh. I miss it.

Vicki R.

If money was no object, I would love to rent one of those overwater bungalows in Tahiti.

Brandy Schmidt

Hawaii. Laying around on a beach, checking out some waterfalls,etc.

Andrea Sandahl

My answer is likely to change from day to day, but today, I'd love to spend a week on the beach!


Aruba, with my husband, just to sit by the pool and do nothing and knit and do nothing and knit.....

Marilee Peterson

If price were no issue - Europe - a grand tour - at least 3 months. Swoon.


I would love to go on a Mediterranean cruise.

Lindsey Rivir

So hard to choose! I'd really like to go to Italy though.


So many places, but I've always wanted to go to Scandinavia.


Scotland, specifically Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye. (Hey, my maiden name is McClure ...)


New Zealand - for outdoor adventure. Pictures of New Zealand are georeous - as is the yarn pictured of Smooshy with cashmere Dream in Clor shown today!


I'd love to visit a beach I've never been to. Love and miss the ocean and could never complain about soaking up the rays with the sound of the beach anywhere!


My dream vacation would be renting a cottage on the Georgian Bay or a trip to Italy.

Christine Milway

I would love to see more of Europe. The architecture and the sense of history is just amazing.


if cost wasnt an issue I would like to go with my mom to Italy. she went there when she was young and to me it sounds and looks like a beautiful place.


I would take a family trip that started with a week at Universal Harry Potter World and Disney in Florida and wrapped up its a week or two in the glass bottomed huts over the water in Bora Bora (or like).


Ireland. I've always wanted to visit the country my Grandma Kay came from.


I would love to go to Australia.


An extended time in New Zealand and Australia in a camper van and bikes to fully explore the country


Either Boston or New York City to touch base with some old friends.


Back to Ireland and get more yarn

Liz k

Patagonia because it sounds exotic.


I would love to go to England with my husband. We both have family roots there, it would be so fun to see if we could find anyone still there.

Amy C

The highlands of Scotland! It's my dream. One day, one day...


I would love to go to Iceland with my husband. Neither of us has ever been, and it seems really exotic. Besides, they sell wool in supermarkets there!!


There are so many places. I'd love to go to the UK. In the U.S., I'd love to go to Acadia National Park in Maine. I think my #1 pick would be Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Renee Anne

Honestly, I'd want a month-long European "adventure" to find my family roots. When my family came to the US, they came from all sorts of places. Some are in Poland, others in Luxembourg, more from Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, England, Germany, Belgium....but I would need a month. So, I'd probably start with Ireland, Scotland, and England.


My first thought was Greece - no reason just always wanted to go there.
Then I thought Italy. But we have so much beauty in this country (USA) that I wouldn't mind going out to the west coast and see more national parks and traveling on the pacific coast highway again. We did it 5 years ago, but there is so much more to see.


If money were no object, I would like to visit Scandinavia again, maybe as part of a knitting cruise or tour.


My fiance and I have both always wanted to go to Alaska. I'm sure the weather wouldn't be great at this time of year, but I'd go there for spring break anyway!


The UK, especially the Lakes Region, Wales, and London -- in the summer!


I want to go to Germany. My grandmother grew up there, and since she passed away, I want to go to reconnect with her past. You can learn so much about a person by seeing where they grew up; the winding streets, the old buildings, and the mountains that bisect the country in a way that was overcome with airplanes (only to be cut again by the Iron Curtain.) I also want to see the historical architecture and the art.

Liz Awsumb

New Zealand! It seems like the furthest place, and as others have pointed out, sheep!


England - I'd see as many places as I could...from London to the small villages. I've always wanted to go.

And since cost isn't an issue? First class :-D


Sanibel Island Florida is lovely.


My favorite vacation is Hawaii. The wonderful weather and the laid back place gives you time to pause and enjoy my knitting!


Australia nd New Zealand for me, but what a long flight!!


I would like to go on a knitting cruise to Iceland and Greenland or maybe Ireland and Great Britain or a knitting retreat in the Pacific Northwest. It would be relaxing and very fun to be around like minded travelers.


Paris! I've always wanted to go and it's still at the top of my list. 😄


I might be sorry once I got there, since I think they still have snow on the ground, but I would love to spend time on the coast of Maine, maybe even on an island. The rocky beaches and beautiful pine trees are so restful to me and the times I have visited Maine have really recharged me in many ways. I guess I should invite my family to come along!

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