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April 04, 2017



Mykonos, Greece. So dreamy in pictures.

Beverly Shearon

I would love to go back to Mykonos or Santorini Greece. To be able to sit at one of the outdoor cafe's enjoy the cerulean blue of the water and the stark-white homes with bright colorful doors on the hillsides would be the ideal vacation for my husband and me.


Bermuda! The flight wouldn't be too long for my 4.5 and 6.5 year old sons from where we live. My husband and I have been to Bermuda twice before having children and it's the most relaxing place!


I would like to take my kids to NJ to visit my extended family, and then spend time touring the historic places that they've been learning about in school.

Tabitha Burks

If cost were not an issue, I would love to go on a week long vacation with the rest of my family to any big city in the U.S. that we haven't been to before or on a solo trip back to NYC or somewhere outside of the US like Ireland or Australia.


The Rocky Mountians! I'd love to have a week in Jackson Hole. Like others who commented, Greece has always been on my bucket list as well.


I'm torn between Cuba and Southern Spain. I've never been to Cuba before and I'm dying to go, but I loved Southern Spain and really want to go back!

Linda Sutherland

I would like to spend a week in Northern Minnesota with my knitting and quilting friends at a lakeside resort. Knitting and quilting and relaxing


I would like to go diving and knitting😀 In Belize with my husband and adult children.


My kids are at an age where the gimme gimmees are in full effect, so much as I'd love to take them to Disney world, I'm not sure i'd survive. But I would love to take my husband to London to site see and taste.


I would love to go to New Zealand! But I don't think a week is long enough :)

Samantha Reitman

Rome :)

Jennifer Rozens

I would love a trip to New York City - just to hit the yarn shops!


I'd go to Monoco, sit on a beach & knit!!!


I would love love love to take my kids on a cruise to somewhere warm!!! My kids are 11 years in age difference so a cruise would be the option to make sure everyone has something to do.

Suzanne Smiley

I would like to return to Vienna and explore it without a group of high school students.


Santorini in Greece has been my favorite vacation spot. Next in line would be a week at my hometown on the Jersey Shore!

Donna Kuehl

North Platte Nebraska to spend a week with my daughter and her husband and 3 boys!


I have always wanted to go to the Maldives and stay in one of the huts above the water. One day...

Helen King

I would love to go to Hawaii.


Road trip! Two summers ago, I took a week and basically circumnavigated Lake Michigan, via Lake Superior and a bunck of little maritime museums. In 2004, my sister and I took over two weeks and swung out to Wyoming, down through Utah into Arizona, and back via the Colorado Rockies. I think I could do some damage to the Gulf Coast states in a week... some culture, some nature, some tourist traps...

You're close enough to the Great Lakes that you could do a beach vacation in South Haven or Ludington or Grand Haven. You could even get to Traverse City in a reasonable amount of car time.

Grechen Longfellow

Scotland has been calling my name for a few years. 💚💚💚 Just me...


Italy, Switzerland, Bora Bora,... just a few places at the top of the list.

Ps. One of our favorite trips ever with 2 boys, ages 7 & 11, was to Siesta Key Florida. The drive was easy, we always spend the night in Atlanta, so much better than driving straight through, condo on the beach, and we could not get those boys to come in for dinner without a fight! They lived in the ocean. My advice is: Go for it!


I would like to go to Hawaii


Even though I love travelling, and would like to share that experience with my son (and husband), I love the rest and relaxation we all get from a week - or even just a weekend - at my parents' cottage on a lake about an hour from where we live. Now, with a recent bone cancer diagnosis, that time spent with my father is even more precious to me.

Colleen D'Allura

Hawaii is my dream vacation! The kids can stay with grandma!! They would probably prefer it!!


Costa Rica would be sweet.


I would definitely go to a beach place, maybe one of the little island places that are part of Key West.


Wow🎉Anywhere and money is no object?????
I am fantasizing right now being on a beach in Hawaii sipping a delicious beach umbrella drink!!!🍹Sigh.

Barbara Rude

Ireland, I would love to go to Ireland, check out yarn shops, travel the area.

Shanel Sions

The Greek isles! And the world. :P


My husband and I are itching to visit the south of Spain and eat seafood all along the coast!


A trip to China with Disney Vacations. They take care of everything and we get to see Disney Hong Kong!!

Diane Hibbard

I would love to visit Scotland. My great grandparents were from there.

Mary C.

How to choose just one place!? But seriously, as I look out the window at snow I think Costa Rica sounds pretty good.

Jan Johnson

I'd love to go to Iceland. Beautiful place where you can buy wool in grocery stores, right?!


I would love to have a week to ride the rails across the Canadian Rockies. Seeing all the scenery from a train would be so soothing. Of course I would have some great food along the way too.


Eight years ago, before I became a mom, I had the opportunity to go to London, Paris, and Dublin. It was a whirlwind trip. All 3 cities in just 10 days. If money were no option, I'd love to go back to all 3, but spend more time and get to see all the things I wanted to, but didn't have time for. I might even consider taking my two kiddos, too. Maybe... 😉

Alecia Helton

Santa Fe for me. The culture, food, galleries and spas. Plus there are many beautiful vistas to sit outside, enjoy the mountain air and knit.

Vicki Deveau

Seattle is my favourite place to travel. But I'd also like to give California a try!

Geraldine Scott

Hawaii, please!

Deborah Jones

If cost weren't an option, I'd take my kids and grandkids on a cruise through the Caribbean and end the vacation in Orlando for the Disney World/Universal Studios/Harry Potter adventures.

Rosalind Gibbins

I would love to visit Germany since my ancestors came from there.


Costa Rica

Lori V

Great Britain, with an emphasis on Scotland!!!

Donita Wriska

Anna Maria Island, Florida. Beautiful beaches, beautiful view of the ocean.

Ann Knepper

I would love to go to the beach...any beach..


Haiti. It's been too long since I've been back there.


I would love to go to Ireland!

Diana M

I'd fly the 6 of us to Minnesota to see my oldest son and his wife. His siblings miss him and have never been out of Southern California. They want so badly to see what it's like where he lives...


Great Britain! I'd love to spend some time touring the countryside in England and Wales and stopping at pubs for lunch, and then see the wonderful old architecture and museums of London. And Stonehenge! And Wales! And Scotland! (Possibly I will need a TARDIS to fit all of that into a week.)


PARIS! With my girls..

Sandy C

When I read today's question the first thing that popped into my mind was Charleston SC. It was just lost in my subconscious waiting to get out.


Hawaii! I've never been, but I love the idea of relaxing on the beach or hiking a volcano- knitting in tow. It would be a welcome break from the gloomy, rainy, midwestern spring.

Allise Vicens

Aspen! Imnotmixh of a skier but I love the mountains and fresh air!


London, England would be my first choice with Disney World being a close second. Thank you for a chance to win the beautiful yarn.


I would LOVE to take my adult children on a long European Vacation including Rome, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, London, etc.


A tour of Europe visiting as many libraries and museums as possible!


I would go to Ireland and tour the coutryside, seeing castles and wool mills. Maybe a side trip to Gansey or other island!

Rhonda Atkinson

I would love to spend my time in San Diego and area. Love the ocean, the weather, Sea Port Village, Sea World, the Zoo. Then I'd love to travel up the coast to Venice, LA, SF, take in all the little bed and breakfasts, do a bike tour in the wine country, then the train ride up the coast. A relaxing time in a beautiful part of the USA.

Allise Vicens

I meant to say not much of a skier!

Barbara Newmeyer

I would take my daughters to the Galápagos Islands!

Karla Hartzell

I would go to my favorite yarn warehouse and camp in the aisles and yarn taste and create for the duration of my week! ( blissfully supported and encouraged by the yarnie surroundings and staff!)

Anne Marie

Italy or France. Sigh! Someday!


I would take my husband to the British Isles. I have always been fascinated with the scenery and history. Especially the sea coast. Love reading about Britain, Scotland, and Ireland.

Niki Vogler

Scotland! Mountains, sheep, men in kilts....


Dream spring break? Hands down, Paris with my lady friends while hubs watches the kids at home. :)


Washington DC, staying right near the Mall, so that we can see all of the Museums! My boys have been going to museums since birth so they think they love to go to them! Also, we went to our state capital (Springfield IL) and watched the legislature in session, and my 3rd grader was fascinated. So maybe we could see a little of the Capitol Hill action too.

Rose Birchall

England, Ireland and Italy.

Katherine Ballard

I would love to take my kids to Disney. They are both at the right age to really enjoy the magic!

Linda Romar

The Maine coast is what I would love to see - I want to spend a month going along the Maine coast, stopping whenever we want.


Canadian rockies! or hawaii. somewhere relaxing with big open views

Karen Ratajczak

My husband desperately wants to go to Disney World one more time. Just the two of us, just like our honeymoon 40 years ago. His health isn't the best and I'd really like to do that for him. Trying to get to a place where I can start saving for that. It's a lovely dream in the meantime!

Rachel R.

An African safari! Dream big, right?

Leslie Sievers

I would go on a really long river cruise through Europe!




We don't have kids yet, but if I had a choice...I think Iceland is calling me right now. It looks so beautiful and interesting.


I would love to spend a week in Bali!!


The Carolinas

Gabrielle Granger

Thank you for the contest!

I would go on a long trip to Europe! I want to show France and Italy to my boyfriend and I would like to discover Germany, Belgium and others!


A cruise to Hawaii!


I would love to go hiking in Denali National Park in Alaska again and take the adult kids along. They would love it.


My kids are old enough to want to go some place afar.... Italy and the Greek Isles is one of our dreams. But I think we need more than a week.

Susan James

I'd LOVE to go to Ireland for a week or two. That's been on my bucket list for YEARS


I have to go with Greece, also-it looks amazing!


I'd love to go to Scotland and see the moors and the castles that I've read about in the Outlander series of books (which I highly recommend if you haven't read them!)


France. . . I've never been and it's always been on my list!

Sheila P

Bali is on my bucket list. Enjoy the scenery, people, markets, and food. Hopefully get a little lost for a while.


My choice is a train trip across the US ending on the west coast near the wine country of CA


I have always dreamed about going to Paris, but would also love to go to Australia, New Zealand and Israel, as well.

Debra Houser

Well I've raised my daughter and I've taken care of my 2 grandsons, who have started to school now. So if money were no object and I thought I could be away from them that long. I'd love to go to England, Ireland and Scotland for 3 weeks maybe a month. I'm single and retired grab a bag and my knitting and I'm off! Thank you for the dream!

Lindsey Gensel

I would love to take a week long cruise to Alaska and just knit! There's so much inspiration in the wildlife and glaciers. I would take my knitting hiking and stop under a tree and knit! It would be the hard reset I need after having my first child!


Husband and I would love to go to Norway!


Paris or Tuscany with a group of friends.

Diane Jespersen

To a tiny island in the Bahamas, so tiny, they're called cays, not islands. Miles of beach, one place for dinner, and 4 houses for rent make up this perfect vacation spot.


I have three kids ages 7 to 12, I would love to go to Hawaii!

Susan Griffith

Ireland! Trace those family roots!!

CJ Jones

I'd like to go to Tahiti and stay in one of those huts on the water. I'd stay out of the sun and relax and watch the water move, then Take a break and knot a few rows.


I would love to do a Disney Crusie with my family. We just reutherwd from Costa Rica and that was a dream come true as well.


If cost didn't matter, Egypt. I've always wanted to visit the tombs and monuments.

Second choice would be New Zealand. Middle Earth and lots of sheep? How can you go wrong?

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