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April 03, 2017


Beverly Shearon

Five years ago we went with our daughter and her family to Disney World. My husband has MS and he wanted to go with the grandchildren while he was still mobile. Our granddaughter turned 6 while we were there and we did the Bippity Boppity Boutique so she could be fixed up like a princess. It was such a memorable time and though this Gran was exhausted at the end of each day, I'd do it all over again to see the joy in my grandchildren's faces.

Wendy Rowland

My favorite spring break trip was to Aruba. We had a great time enjoying the beaches and water activities...the kids had fun!

Deb in NC

Ireland!!We took our daughter her senior year of high school on a tour of Ireland for sprint break. We even stopped in Galloway where President John Kennedy made a speech for her 1960 history class and took a picture of her in front of the monument. Of course it also involved yarn and everything that goes with it. We visited an Irish whiskey distillery and my daughter was legal in Ireland to try the whiskey, the face she made was priceless. I visited a lovely yarn shop in Dublin and still keep up with them on their blog. The best trip every!!


We went on a family trip to Disney World!

Concetta Howe

Trip to Bermuda!


I can't resist posting. We have literally never gone on a spring break trip. The kids went to grandmas a couple counties away sometimes.


We never took trips on Spring Break as a kid. When my kids were little I would take them on little local adventures. My favorite was to a little nature preserve on the coast of Long Island, NY. It was a lovely, quiet place and we learned so much!


My family could never afford to go anywhere for a vacation, much less spring break. My parents were minimum wage factory workers and my only sister is severely medically and mentally handicapped. The only vacations I remember were going from Michigan to North Carolina a few times to stay with my grandparents. Now that I have three kids of my own, their spring breaks are low-key. I have a 4 year old, 6 year old and 10 year old. This year we're staying home but will do some fun stuff locally like rock climbing at the gym and visiting the zoo or science museum.

yolanda v

Trip to NYC with classmates!


Spring break my senior year in college, two friends and I drove to Florida. None of us had ever visited Disney World so it was high on our list. As children, we were all devoted Mousketeers and watched The Mickey Mouse Club every day on tv. I remember we all teared up singing along with the Mickey Mouse Club song. P.S. I still know the words!


Spring Break was always at Easter time, so spring break was hunting Easter eggs and LOTS of chocolate!

Anne Marie

Does it sound too pathetically sad that I've never taken a trip over spring break?!

Tabitha Burks

We never really went to Florida or the lake or anything over Spring Break when my sisters and brother and I were younger, but we did all (but one of my sisters) go on a trip up to Chicago for the entire Spring Break about 6 years ago! It was a lot of fun exploring the city and visiting all of the museums and stores.


Alas, no spring break trips for me.

Michelle McCrillis

I think my most memorable spring break was our honeymoon, 45 years ago next week. Neither hubby nor I got to go away while we were in college, and, for that matter, neither did most of our friends.

We drove from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, to the Amish country and saw a good part of a place in America where time occasionally stood still, and horses and buggies were part of Main St. We also decided on the spur of the moment to drive down to West Virginia to see my godmother who hadn't been able to come for the wedding. We got to see the mountains, parts of Ohio (we've never been anywhere that we didn't deviate from the maps inadvertently). It was a wonderful trip that brought two friends even closer together.

These days we do weekend trips and week long camping vacations in Maine, but it is who we are.

Staci Lockman

I just got back from my most memorable Spring Break trip. We spent 7 days in the Bahamas aboard the Liberty Clipper exploring the pristine islands of the Exumas. It was like camping on a boat with perfect weather, crystal blue waters, white sands, snorkeling, and fun with 24 other passengers who we met as strangers and parted as best friends. If you ever get a chance, GO!


We never had spring break vacations when I was a kid. My most memorable was as a young adult coming to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Seemed so tropical compared to the cold Maryland winter.


Las Vegas!! And winning $250 on Wheel of Fortune!

Chris W

We couldn't afford trips growing up so we spent our spring breaks at home, extra family time and relaxing...playing outside if the weather cooperated. :)

JoAnne B

We flew to San Diego after an awful winter in Massachusetts. Visited Disneyland where we ran into friends from back home. It was sunny and warm and wonderful.

Emily Chandler

My family never took Spring Break trips when I was a child, we never had the money. I do remember going to Disney World one time with the Marching Band, though, over Spring Break to march in the parade. It was kind of like a family trip, though, since my sister was in the band as well and my mom came along to chaperone. It was a fun trip, getting to hang around with friends but having the safety net of family nearby!


One year when the boys were little we went to North Carolina and panned for "gold" and other gems. We had so much fun wading in the creeks. Then we realized we were near the NASCAR garages and stopped in some of those. There was no plan to the trip and it was one of the best mini trips we ever did!!

Daryl Evangelista

One of my favorite spring break trips was when I was a kid and we drove down from NY to VA to visit my Dad's family. My one Aunt lived in the big house that all 9 of my Dad & his siblings grew up in and that's where we stayed. They had a farm and I would go out with my Uncle in the mornings and help to feed the chickens and milk the cows. It was such a wonderful experience for me as a kid who lived in the city with concrete sidewalks and talk buildings.


No spring break trips--but a good time to catch up with chores, errands, and sleep!


When my daughter was in college we flew to the southern tip of Italy to spend Easter where my husband's grandparents were born. The airline lost out luggage for a day or so, and my daughter practiced her college Italian on a young man who said "Stop, you are making my ears hurt!" But the coastline was beautiful and the food was amazing.


I have never taken a spring break trip. I feel kinda left out. Maybe seeing everyone else's adventures here will inspire me to go on an adventure some time!

Laura Ricketts

My senior year, my sister lived in France and worked for a small church in the mountains in the SW part of the country. My mom and I went to visit her for my week of break, and went to Paris and Chatres. We even ran into my aunt in a train station in Paris! We were exhausted, but had quite a memorable time and I was glad to see how my sister was living there.


a trip to Paris on my senior year!


We never had spring break trips, but my Dad told my sister and me that we would go with him out to the "country", where he had to call on a sales client. The country turned out to be Staten Island!

Hillary Halsema

My family & I drove to Texas regularly and visited family. I'm a hoosier but a Texan at heart for sure :)


Two great trips in the recent past few years: 1) To Disney where my nephew, who has Autism, met Mickey Mouse for the first time. THe video still makes me cry. 2) Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago to stay on the beach and relax.

Melissa Loback

My most memerable spring break trip really wasn't a trip at all. My hsband and I raised 7 kids together so taking a family trip wasn't always an portion. We would use the week the kids were off from school to explore our local area... picnics at the zoo, nature walks in the Kettle Moraine, fishing...cookouts and bonfires. We made the most of our surrounding area and enjoyed time with the kids. They are all grown now and I would do anything to have those times back!!!


While growing up, our school didn't have spring break. Today, spring break consists of two days off but if there are snow days to make up, the two days of spring break are the make up days. My oldest son who is in kindergarten calls them "stay at home" days where we'll play a lot of board games and make crafts with his younger brother.

kathy b

Best Spring Break Trip: Going to the Florida Keys. Such a laid back easy instant feel good trip. Water all around you, grouper every night for dinner and the sounds of the ocean in your ears day and night. My husband did a swim with the dolphins event too that trip! Thanks for a contest week

Carole Hart

Well, not as well as my mom planned, but... when I was 11 years old, she packed all 4 of us up for a long car ride, in the big "old" station wagon, to a campsite in DC, about 30 minutes before we got there, her car broke down. The old station wagon, was towed to a local garage, repaired overnight and we had to stay in a nearby hotel. The hotel was fun for us and it had a huge pool with a slide!!! Wow! day we drove home because my mom had spent all the $ she had saved for our weeklong camping trip to D.C.. I wish I was a knitter back then!!!


Arizona!!! First time ever my dad had taken 2 whole weeks off and our first plane trip ever. We flew out to Phoenix and rented an RV and drove all over the west for 2 weeks. We went to The Grand Canyon and all of the amazing National Parks and over to Vegas!! This is a long time ago so it wasn't kid friendly yet but my sister and I still loved it. I still remember snow in The Utah mountains on 4 of July!!

Martha Smith

The only real spring break trip I ever took was when I was in graduate school. I drove from Indiana to visit my grandfather in Florida. He lived about an hour north of Tampa, so I explored the west coast from Cedar Key down to Sarasota. I had a wonderful time -- I played golf, saw bald eagles, visited John Ringling's mansion, and swooned over hothouse orchids. Definitely memorable!


I have had a couple of memorable spring breaks, but not with my family, as we never usually went anywhere for spring break, since it is always my husband's busy season with his business. Both trips were with students from our school system; one to Disney World with music department for performances (my younger son went on that also) and the other a group of art students to Gulf Shores, that was entirely paid for by Lucy Buffet. That was a very relaxing trip.


Probably my most memorable trip during Spring Break time was to Hilton Head with several girlfriends. Warm but not too hot, beautiful beaches, shopping and fun!


Honestly, I think my one and only Spring Break trip was the visit I made to my sister in Seattle my Sophomore (?) year in college. I saw the Space Needle, the Public Market, went skiing and got attacked by her very mean cat while sleeping on her couch.


We took our kids to the Galapagos and to Ecudor. We saw so many different critters! Unbelievable! The Hummingbirds were spectacular.


My father is a teacher and my mother ran the high school library. We always spent spring break driving up to Oklahoma from Texas to visit family.

Nancy Lee-Phillips

I can't remember ever taking an actual Spring Break trip. Usually my mom, my sister and I would use Spring Break as the time that we would go through our spring/summer clothes and start getting them ready. It was fun to try on bathing suits and shorts after a long winter of heavy sweaters and coats!!


My "Spring Break" trip during my senior year in high school had to be my most memorable. I lived in Michigan, and the cold surrounded me, but did I venture to a warmer climate? No...I went up north to a secluded cabin with my best friend, Jenny. We were hit by a terrible snow storm, and were snowed in! When we were able to venture out of the woods, we ended up in a ditch. Friends of her parents invited us into their the middle of an Amish community! We lived among the Amish a week longer than our vacation was supposed to last. Being a city girl, the Amish were surprised by my shaved head that was spiky on top and the make up I wore. I learned how to bake bread, feed chickens, sew, and milk cows on a 3 legged stool. I think that trip really sparked my interest in animals, fiber, and a simpler life. When I returned home, I was definitely changed for the better. Now that I'm older, I crave the slower paced, simple life.

Nancy Lepard

A family trip with our three daughters to Cozumel. Went on a snorkeling trip and I asked about any tips before I ventured into the water. The Mexican first mate planted a hand firmly on my back, said, "Go Mama!" and pushed my overboard! Won't forget that anytime soon!


When I was a child my parents and I would go to Atlantic City with my grandparents every year. One memorable year my grandmother and I were playing in the ocean and she was knocked over by a wave, and lost her dentures in the ocean. We searched and told everyone we saw what we were searching for. Much to the adult's surprise there was a knock on the cottage door one evening a day or two later and a young couple was standing there holding grandma's teeth. That was a story that got funnier in the retelling over the years.


I was working but my younger sister was in college and she wanted to go on a cruise down the Mexican Riviera. It was a great trip. Time to get away from the cold and the snow of the Midwest and enjoy the warmth of the trip.


We house sitted for a friend down by the beach. It was a great week!


Would you believe, I never went on a Spring break trip, ever? I picked up extra work hours during that time. I am a nurse but prior to nursing school I worked in a hospital unit. I loved my job and enjoyed working. I am nearing retirement now and still don't like vacation "trips" because I find them more stressful than they are worth. Simple things/activities are daily "vacations" for me. During long summer breaks we always took our children away to the ocean for the entire summer. :-)


When our children were in grade school we took a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon and several of the other national parks in that region. At one of the view points I remember one of the kids saying "More rocks?"


I never took a speink break trip. πŸ˜•


Hmm only thing I remember about Spring breaks is it was my time to hang with my family. didnt do all that much .


Being in Michigan it's usually pretty cold still, and most of our spring breaks were at home. I still enjoy a good stay-cation now :)


My fav college spring break was going down to Florida with 2 girlfriends, staying at my Gram's and hitting the beach every day. We always met up with my grandparents for dinner, but the rest of the time, we were in the sun.

Karen Potter

I have literally never been on a spring break trip. Fortunately I've had other trips at other times.


I went to Santa Fe and did not want to leave!! Happy Spring!


Oops, posted this on the wrong entry! Here it's our first day back after Spring Break :( Our most memorable was to Egypt with a group of teachers. Saw the pyramids, rode a camel, and took a cruise down the Nile!

Nora Brown

Me too! My dad was a school teacher and we pulled a little Scotty Trailer down to FL and stayed at a place right on the beach. It was such a wonderful vacation. Though I did get a terrible sunburn.


My most memorable trip was a college trip to New York, First time traveling solo

Lisa p

Almost 15 years,ago, the kids,were 5, 8 10. We saved miles from hubby business travels and flew to Hawaii for a week! Such wonderful memories!

Deborah D Jones

All these memories of Spring Break sound wonderful but I must have lived in the Stone Age because the schools I attended gave us Good Friday and the Monday following Easter off and that was our "spring break"...


I played softball in college, so my spring breaks consisted of trips with my team to FL, CA, and AZ. I look back on these trips so fondly as spending that much time together you become incredibly close with your teammates, and in addition to playing lots of softball, we got to do lots of fun things together like going to the beach, Disneyland, shopping, and more. So fun!


I remember going to my grandparents one Easter. They lived in Virginia and it took us two days to get there. Have pics of all of us in our Sunday best for Easter Sunday.


You know, I don't think we ever went on a trip for March (Spring) break - my parents tended to save their vacation days for the summer, when we would go camping and road trip all over the province.

Karla Hartzell

My most memorable Spring Break trip happened when I was a 20 something. Newly married and living abroad we back packed and hiked around southern Spain and two of it's small islands for two weeks sleeping in lemon groves and along the beaches. We walked everywhere we wanted to go - there were no cellphones or the internet then....just being and doing for ourselves in a lovely place. Spain was lovely indeed! (and that was 30 + years ago.....)

Christine C.

My Dad was in the Air Force and we lived in Izmir, Turkey. My favorite spring break was Pamukkale, Turkey. We swam in the hot springs among buried ruins. I was in high school and even then realized how special it was.

Lisa Sauer

We didn't really take spring break trips much - and none that are notable. When I was a teenager in high school and in college, it was an opportunity to get a few more hours at work and save more money for school. When I turned 30 - which coincided with spring break, I treated myself to my first trip to Europe. It was an amazing trip, and one of my most memorable there.

Shanel Sions

I grew up in Florida. Spring break was always at the beach that I loved 10 minutes from. :)

Lindsey Gensel

My mom memorable spring break was to Disneyland. My mom saved to surprise my twin sister and I for our 10th birthday. It was awesome! We explored the whole park, got autographs from our favorite characters and enjoyed the hotel pool. It was our only out of state trip as a family and our first airplane ride. I can't wait to take my son when he's older!


one year a couple of teachers from 2 local high schools sponsored a trip to Wiley's Dude Ranch in Grapevine TX. I got to go even though I'd never been on a horse. Riding was ok, but I preferred sunning at the pool. It was a LONG bus ride, and we did get pulled over in Oklahoma because someone on the back of the bus threw eggs while passing cars on the interstate. Was glad to get back to Indianapolis!

Judy Drew

My favorite spring break was a week with my Japanese roommate's family. It opened my eyes to a new culture.


Spring Break usually means opening the lake cottage up.. I love turning the water on and getting ready for the summer. Especially when the weather is great out!!


As a kid we never went on Spring Break trips. My kids either go with grandparents or enjoy time at home for Spring Break.

Jasmine Love

My most memorable spring break is the one I'm on now! My dad and I are currently in Washington DC with my 2 kids, and my little sister who is 15. 3 generations on a road trip. Took my kids to the Natural history museum and the way my 3 year old sons eyes lit up when he saw the dinosaur skeletons was priceless. Today, we managed to get passes to the African American History Museum and I am so excited to take my 10 year old, and my 15 year old sister to see things that are vital to our history and culture. That's what makes this my most memorable spring break ever!


The only real Spring Breaj trip I've ever taken was my senior year of university. I'd never been allowed to go on trips. It is been earning my own money so I went to the Bahamas with two of my housemates. We had a blast. We ran into a couple of guys I had gone to high school with who were traveling to Freeport as well so we got to hang out with them there. The funniest thing was that we met a couple who were there with their chaperone from The Dating Game. I'd always wondered if those shows were for real but they totally were. The chaperone controlled all the money so they couldn't just take off. She told us more often than. It the couple doesn't like each other so the trips could get very awkward.

Lynne Kelly

Last year my son Alex set out on a bicycle trip by himself from LosAngeles to St Augustine Florida. He is currently living in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Although he is in his late 20's being his mom I had some fears about the trip. Luckily, he kept a diary on Facebook and so following his trip was easy and I was able to maintain a mother's eye on his safety. So here is the Spring Break part. Me, my husband and daughter, drove down to St Augustine to meet him and his fiancé Tiffany flew in a day later. When we found him he looked like he had ridden his bicycle from coast to coast but I could not have been happier to see him. We had rented a house near the beach and celebrated for a week! It was truly the best Spring Break I had ever had!!🚴🏽🏝

raquel from JC

A place called El Supi in Venezuela with my husband to be and a few friends. It was the first time I traveled without my parents and it was wonderful and FUN!

Karen G.

I got to go to Paris when I was 15. My dad was going for work, and he brought my mother and I along (my three brothers had to stay home with Grandma!). I got to go because I was studying French in school. When my Dad asked me to translate a street sign on the way from the airport to the hotel, I told him I couldn't read it- and we discovered I needed glasses! I was helpful with interpreting menus and kept my mother company while Dad was working- so it still worked out nicely!


After several job moves, money was always tight when the kids were in school, so every year we saved for a summer vacation - a week at the beach in the smallest, least expensive house (one floor of a 2 story house) that we could find.
So for spring break, we stayed home but did fun things, like crafts, baking or cooking fun things, playing board games as a family, trips to the library checking out movies, and several days spent with their friends from church (who went to a different school) playing or hanging out. Lots of great memories and creative fun was had, just not in an exotic location. And it was SO relaxing. For me and the kids!

Emmi Hillman

When my husband was on his spring break from college a few years ago we took our 6 month old daughter to Florida to the beach and she got to meet my big brother and his family for the first time!


I never took spring break vacations as a kid. My dad worked too much to take off. I never seemed to mind.


I did Washington DC in college for spring break with two friends. Cultural sites galore and my favorite picture is me in my black leather jacket on a bronze Einstein's lap 😎


I remember taking our young school-age kids on a spring break one year up north to Duluth, MN. We hung out in a hotel with a pool and cross-country skiied. It was a simple vacation, but fun, although our kids couldn't understand why we weren't flying anywhere warm or exciting.


Our family never went on trips let alone Spring Break trips: I was raised on a dairy farm. Any trips were just a couple of hours away visiting family. As a child, I stayed with my grandparents but that was about it.


My favorite spring break trip was a trip to Florida with my family in 1974. We went to Tampa, Miami and DisneyWorld. My mother told me that I spent the car trip down singing On Top of the World and the return trip singing It's a Small World.

Rhonda Atkinson

Growing up I never went anywhere on Spring Break.
Just hung out at home and played with the kids in the neightborhood. Sounds terribly boring but we were happy.

Elisa Gonzales

Growing up we had a pop-up trailer and we'd head down to the Texas gulf coast. There were spring breakers at Port A, but we'd stay further out and more isolated and it was always such a great time!


Truth? A trip to Hawaii about 20 years ago with 2 other couples. We rented a condo (before it was so easy to rent something took a MILLION off-shore phone calls) in Lahaina on Maui. We relaxed, we DRANK, we did tourist-y things. But most of all we spent some serious quality time together. Best.Trip.Ever.

Katie M.

Not a lot of spring break trips for my family. For one thing, both of my parents worked at a different school system than I attended so we rarely had spring break the same week. I think I was in college by the time we made it to Florida for spring break. My step sister had a time share condo on Destin beach where we stayed. No partying, just lots of family time and nice quiet beach time.


In high school, my high school band went from WI to FL on 2 busses so that we could play at Disney and Epcot (27h each way with several driver changes). Longest bus trip ever, plus the first and last time I've ever sunburned the back of my knees. Still had a blast!


Best spring break was when we flew our small plane from Fort Pierce, Fl to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Great fun and a cool place to visit. Worst part was no bathroom for 5 hour flight while looking down at nothing but water. I didn't drink anything for 2 days before we left.

Donna Kuehl

Miami in college - so broke we shouldn't have done it, but the sun was so nice after a WI winter! Home with $7 in my pocket!

Sandra Sprouse

A trip to Canada with a good friend of mine... we had a blast! And it was probably one of my favorite vacations!!


Driving from WI to Clearwater, FL in a VW Bug while in college. This was before the I system was complete and I drove through the mountains of TN at night on 2 lane roads! Wonderful week included burning the tops of my feet so bad I couldn't wear shoes (beach volleyball without thinking of putting sunscreen on the feet!)

Susan James

LOL! you're talking about the dark ages..........1960, my Dad took me to Texas (we lived in NJ at the time) to visit his family. We had a huge picnic at a park with Aunts and Uncles, a ton of cousins.
It was a great time!!


We never went on a spring break vacation, but enjoyed our time at home not going to school just fine :).


My most memorable spring break was flying across the country with my then 10 yr old son. It was his first time in an airplane and he was hooked! Didn't hurt that they upgraded us to first class when he told the ticket agent it was his first flight. LOL

Coby Hanna-Butler

My senior year of high school my good friend and I were invited to go on Spring Break with another friend and her parents. They rented us a red convertible Mustang for the week. It was amazing! Only bad part was that I walked the beach on day and forgot sunscreen. Got horribly burnt feet and couldn't wear anything but flip flops for days!

Colleen Hall

Never had a spring break trip! Our summer trips were either to Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, or the Toledo Zoo. Did you know you used to be able to feed the animals? People would bring fruit, etc.


We used to go to my grandparents house in Kansas. I miss them!

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