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April 11, 2017


Cindy Smith

I have not used BFL before. These colors are amazing. I like Rhubarbie Girl, Hobbit Garden, and Stars Hallow.

Leann Demeduk

I have never had the pleasure of knitting with BFL before. There are so many beautiful options, but I think my favorites (so far) are the new Grimm color, Jack Frost, and Stars Hollow. Thanks for the giveaway!


Yes, I've knit with bfl. It's my preferred fibre.

My absolute favorite colorway is Arctic Puffin. The other two that I really life are Sugar Plum Fairy, and Stars Hollow.

Susan James

I don't think I've ever knit with BFL.....hmmmm.
My favorite colors are Witchypoo Rides Again, Socktoberfest and Royal..........hard choice, they're all beautiful!!

Eileen Tomaro

hard to pick
heirloom tomato
jack frost
let it go
never worked with bfl would love to explore


I have knit with BFL for socks, and really enjoyed the knit. Picking three favorites is tough, but I really like Artic Puffin, Hobbit Garden,and Heirloom Tomato Jam. Awesome colorways!

June Schwierjohn

I am new to sock knitting so I have not had a chance to knit with BFL. Too hard to pick favorites but Star Speckled Skein, Calendula, and Heirloom Tomato Jam would be the first three I would pick.


I love Tina's BFL! Three colors that always call to me are Grimm, Cranberry Bogged and Farmhouse.

Debbie Allison

Never knit with BFL. How does one choose a favorite among so many beautiful colors including -- Rhubarbie Girl, #shepersisted, and Grimm.

Sandy Rice

Wow! Love all of the bright colors. But, my favorites would be: Star Hollow, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Garden Daze. They are all beautiful.


I have knit with BFL before...but only once and loved it! Any Blue Moon yarn is a favorite but I especially love Autumn Rainbow--one of my very favorite Blue Moon colors. I also love Rhubarbie Girl (I have four little granddaughters so any of them would love something from this) and Stars Hollow (Elsa and Anna are still the girls' favorite!).


I love to spin BFL because it is so silky. I haven't knitted with a lot though. It's hard to choose just 3 colors! I do love On the Vine, the Grimm, and Stars Hollow.


Never have knit with BFL but it's been in my to do list...My favorites from these are Jack Frost, Grimm, & Heirloom Tomato Jam..


I have not tried this yarn. What pretty colors. I am especially drawn to the fall colors: Halloweentown, Socktober, and Witchy Poo Rides.


I like them all! But that's not what you asked!

Arctic Puffin
Dearly Beloved


I've not yet knitted BFL, but of course it's on my want-to-knit list. (Along with about forty-eleven other yarns!)

As for my favorite colors, at the moment they are Heirloom Tomato Jam, On The Vine, and Lady Edith. I am quite the fan of homegrown tomatoes, so those two colors really resonate this time of year. As for the Lady Edith, I am in love with those lovely soft colors together.

Cindy h.

Stars hollow my fave but they are all pretty.


I have knit with BFL, it has a bit of a halo to it and is different than Merino, I have it in Cranberry Bogged. : )
I Love BMFA yarn and the vibrant colors, so hard to pick just 3....but, if I have to, it would be Fleece Navidad, Jack Frost and Xmas Rock. Thanks for the contest.

Faith Creech

I have not knitted with this yarn before but it looks absolutely beautiful. My favorite are: Jack Frost, Stars Hollow and Bet you Thught. It was hard to pick because there are so many pretty ones!!!


I have never knit BFL, but have heard so many good things about it that I can't wait to try. My 3 favorites of all the beautiful colors offered are: Grimm, Hobbit Garden, and Stars Hollow. Thanks for the contest.


I haven't knit with BFL yet, but I've spun some! It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to making a lovely shawl out of it. My favorite colors pictured are Heirloom Tomato Jam, Hobbit Garden, and Squashed:)

Laura Ricketts

I ADORE BFL, and have even written a song about it...
My three fav colors are Joy to the World, Rhubarbie girl and Stars Hollow!

Jonie Recchia

I have never knit or crocheted with BFL before but can only imagine it would be wonderful. My three favorite colorways are Muddy Autumn Rainbow, On the Vine and Room Without a Roof. These are gorgeous! Can't wait to try some out 😁

Cheryl Davies

I haven't knitted with this wool before, but I would love to try it. It would be soft on the skin. My favorite colour would be stars hollow and tomato jam. These colors would look great with denim jeans.


I've never knit with BFL, but would love to experience it. I like the Stars Hollow, Grimm, and Hobbitt Garden colorways the most. Thanks for this opportunity!

Diane Scott

Blackbird, Holiday Inn and Rhubarbie Girl are great! It was difficult to choose just three! I have not knitted with BFL before but am curious to try it.

Angela l

I've never knit with BFL and my 3 faves are Grayple, Jumpin Jellybeans and Shepersisted.

Sue Hill

Absolutely my fav sock yarn. I love knitting with it. I'll take any color - they are all beautiful!

Teresa C

I do like knitting and wearing BFL. Nice Stuff.
Dragon Wisteria, Rainbow Speckled and Artic Puffin all spoke to me today:)


I've knit with BFL a few times. I like the way it knits up and feels on my feet. I absolutely love Rhubabr Girl!!! I also love Muddy Autumn Rainbow, and and Heirloom Tomato Jam!!


Haven't knit with BFL before but would love to try it. Stars Hollow is my favorite.

Lisa B

I have a skein of BFL but haven't tried it yet, it's a rather dull cream color that is nothing nearly as fun as Arctic Puffin, Joy to the World or Tour de Sock!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Deanna Arnold

Have I knitted with Bluefaced Leicester before? Does a know. I crave the stuff.

My favorites are kind of like a yarn Haiku, a new age band, or an unfortunate gardening accident.

Squashed, Heirloom Tomato Jam, On the Vine

These look like summer to me, and I can almost smell the tomato leaves. Ahhhhh, summer!

Renee Johnson

Hello, What Gorgeous Yarns you have! I have never had the pleasure of working with these Beautiful skeins of BFL Yarns before but would Love & Appreciate a chance to Win one of them to try out. I'm a lover of all colors of the rainbow so it's hard choosing just 3 colors, but I would be so Grateful just for one. Splendor in Trees, Elphaba and Firecracker are my picks. Thank you for the opportunity.


Unfortunately, I have not knit the BFL before but I look forward to it! I like the Squashed, Heirloom tomato jam, and Heckly Speckly

Martha Anne

Yes. I enjoy how strong it feels and the luster.
Speckley Hen, gnome de plume, wabi sabi. So many great combinations.

Jo Derouin

No I have not used this yarn before. Rhurbarbie Girl, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Stars Hollow

Annette Poole

I have knit with BFL - Blue Moon Fibers actually and I love it! It's hard to pick just three but i would go with Autumns Up, #ShePersisted and Heckley Speckley. I am really into speckled yarn right now.

Ruth Schoof

Yes...I've knit with BFL and love it! My 3 faves would be Muddy Autumn Rainbow, Stars Hollow & Squashed...for some reason Squashed calls my name and it's not typical colors for me. :)


There are so many wonderful colours, but right now my favourites are Arctic Puffin and Delirium. BFL is so nice to work with.

Michelle Gray

I have never knit with BFL. My 3 favorites are Autumns Up, Rhubarbie Girl, and Squashed.

Charla Buechner

No I have not knit with this yarn yet... but sounds like one I definitely need to...from those colors showing I like ....On The Vine and Heirloom Tomato Jam and Hobbit Garden.....I love the rich earth tones...

Kelly Andrews

I have knitted with BFL a few times. It's always enjoyable, especially with Witchypoo, Heckley Speckley or Arctic Puffin!

Lisa Sauer

I don't think I have knit with BFL before, but am interested in trying it!

So many colors! Hard to choose, but Delirium has jumped out at me several times in the past. And I'm a bit drawn to Arctic Puffin and Surfer Girl.


I have knit with BFL -- made a thrummed moebius cowl!
Hard to pick three colors, almost felt like throwing a dart! But I was drawn to Willapa Bay, Presto Pesto, and Joy to the World. Thanks for the contest!

Tosha Whissel

I've never used BFL before because I am on a fixed income and currently can't afford it. :( I would love to be able to knit with it!
My 3 fave colors from above are 1) Muddy Autumn Rainbow
2) Joy to the World
3) Hobbit Garden
I would love to win this yarn, but I never win anything. :( I have bad luck! I hope I win, it would make my day!!


I have knit with BFL once before, after hearing how lovely it is (and wasn't disappointed). So hard to choose colours... Maybe elphaba, delirium and bet you thought.

Jackie Galasinski

No I haven't knit with Bfl yarn before, but would like to try it. My favorite colors are- Rhubarbarbie girl, Hobbit garden, Muddy Autumn Rainbow. All the colors are so beautiful it was hard to choose just three.


I have some BMFA BFL in my stash, but haven't knit with it yet. As for my favorite colors, it's so hard to choose just 3! I'd say Delerium, Room Without a Roof, and Dearly Beloved. No wait, Speck of Autumn...but what about Jack Frost?... and Surfer Girl... oh, how can you choose just 3?


I have knit with BFL but not Tina's BFL!

It's hard to pick only three but I'll go with Lochness (because I'm going to Scotland??), Fall Frolic and It's a Super Natural.

Amy C

I've made a couple of sweaters and three or four pair of socks in BFL. It sure takes the dye differently from merino - I love the more muted, softer colors.
Favorite Blue Moon colors - only 3 ?!? Is that even a thing?
Well, I'll try. I do love Muddy Autumn Rainbow, Pond Scum and Heirloom Tomato Jam (gorgeous speckles)


Yes, I've knit BFL before and loved it. It was by Fleece Artist. My three favourite picks of Blue Moon are Grimm, Willapa Bay and Farmhouse ( curious how that would knit up). Thanks for the opportunity.


I have never knit with BFL but it sounds great. I like orange crush, stars hollow, shepersisted. And a whole bunch more!

Sarah (3Trees)

I have knit with BMFA BFL. Nice to knit and to wear! Hard to chose three, but I went with Cranberry Bogged, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Autumns Up. So fun. Thank for the tour!

Cheryl Vowcicefski

Would love to try Blue Moon sock yarn ! My favorites are Sugar Plum Fairy, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Presto Pesto.

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