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April 11, 2017


Rita Kawamoto

I have never knitted with BFL before, have wanted to try it but there are so many choices of yarn and only so much of a budget. I really like the colors Stars Hollow, Grimm, On the Vine. Thank You for all the things you do for your customers!


I have dyed some BFL, but have yet to knit it! It seems sturdy for socks, not as soft as merino, of course, but takes color well! My favorite colors from above were hobbit garden and squashed.

Pat HIll

I've never knit with BFL before. Of the colors I like; Stars Hollow, Rhubarbie girl and Hobbit Garden. I'm not ready for Fall colors just yet (even though as slow as I knit I should be thinking winter colors )

Heather Nielsen

I really like bfl, especially when it comes to spinning fiber.

I love the colorways, Bet you thought, love is a battle, and joy to the world.


I have not knit BFL before. My three favorite colors shown are Bet You Thought, Cranberry Bogged, and Star Speckled Skein.

Thank you for another wonderful contest!

Ramona Padilla-dus

I have never knit with BFL but I hear it is quite soft which is what I'm looking for for a gift for my stepmother. The colors are lively. I am particularly enamored of witchypoo rides again, on the vine, and Grimm.

Cathy Platt

I would be thrilled to receive any color-- they are all beautiful!! Thank you for the chance to win!!


I have never used BFL but I knit with blue moon fiber arts yarns a lot and have never been disappointed.
My two faves listed are halloweentown and heirloom tomato jam.

Geraldine Gilbert

Oh my, such beautiful colors! I have never used BKL before but would love to try. Finally narrowed choices down to Hobgoblin, SW Luke's, and Metaphysical Angst.


Yes, I have knit with BFL and love it. It's one of the best kept secrets in yarndom. My favorite colors are: Heirloom Tomato Jam, A Speck of Autumn and Arctic Puffin.

wendy k hahn

Grimm, Red Rock and Smoke on the Water.


I've knit bfl yarn in a sport weight before. I like the way it feels in my hands my favorite shades shown are heirloom tomato jam, on the vine, and squashed.


Rainbow reindeer, Hobbit garden and on the vine

but love all of them


I've never knit with BFL - would love to try it. Favorites: Bet You Thought This Skein was About You, Smoke on the Water, and Hobgoblin.


I haven't knit with BFK yarn. My 3 favs are Hobbit Garden, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Squashed!

Leigh Riley

I have not knit with BFL before but would love to try it! My three favorites would be 1) Rhubarbie Girl 2) Hobbit Garden and 3) Joy to the World

Linda L in Wisconsin

I haven't knit with BFL, but if I did, I would choose it to knit the infinity scarf my Mom just asked me for. She wants reds, burgundys, pinks, and grays, so I would pick from Shepersisted, Lady Gray, and Dearly Beloved.


Haven't had the pleasure of working with BFL yet but would love to try it.

Picking yarn online is always hard - who has a color calibrated monitor! But the following look like my style: Black Dragon Wisteria, Jasper and Love is a Battlefield.

Thanks for the opportunity!


I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure; all the colours are enticing. But if I had to pick just three, I'd pick Wabi Sabi, Let It Go and Grimm.


I have used BFL in the past for a vest. My favorites are Grimm, On the Vine, and #shepersisted.


I have not knit with BFL. So many beautiful colors! My picks are Des Aqua, Green Daze and Socktoberfest. Thank you!


I've never tried BFL before but I would love to! My three favorite colors are Delirium, Jack Frost, and Stars Hollow. That was hard!


Right this moment I'm knitting a pair of socks with BFL. It is a bit different than what I'm used to, but still very soft. I love Heckely Speckley, Wabi Sabi and Yellow Eyed Demon. Thank you for a chance to win one of these beauties!

Jennifer Houston

I have not yet knit with BFL, but I think that it is lovely. All of the colors are gorgeous, but if I have to pick I'd say Hobbit Garden, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Stars HOllow.

Linda Rominger

I've only just learned to knit socks, so I haven't tried this beautiful yarn,yet. ( I've only made the lesson sock pair, so far, and I'm about a quarter through a pair for my husband.) I hope to try Blue Moon Fiber arts yarn soon,though as all the colors are so gorgeous. I don't know if I find the colors, or the names more intriguing. Antiquated system, going to seed, and red rock canyon are some of my faves.

Alicia Lupkovich


I have never with BFL wool before. My favorite colors are Stars Hollow, Pumpkin Patched, and Heirloom Tomato Jam .


No I never have knitted with BFL before!

1st Fav: Rhubarb Girl

2nd: On The Vine

3rd; Joy To The World

What a supremely difficult choice! Thanks so much for the chance!!


I never have, but would definitely enjoy trying Christmas Balls, Farm House, or Bet You Thought. Thanks for the opportunity!

Chris Tubbs

Bfl is my alltime favorite wool for socks. Soft but sturdy! My favorite colors are On the Vine, Grimm, and Hobbit Garden!

Kelli Layher

I've never knittednwith BFL but would love to try!!! I love testing out new yarn! So Many good choices but like heirloom tomato, squashed and joy to the wordl!

Riverhawk Jackson

I haven't but would love to, it's always good to try & learn new fibers. Stars Hollow, Tomato & Grimm.


I have never knit with bfl before, but would love to try it. My 3 favorites are muddy autumn rainbow, BMFA BFL SW GRIMM , and rocktober. I love knitting socks. They are my favorite things to knit, so this would be an adventure.

Paulette Rattigan

Unfortunately I have never been lucky enough to knit my socks with BFL. My favorite colors are: Heirloom Tomato Jam, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and finally on the vine. Thank you and hoping I get to try this yarn - especially after reading all the wonderful comments.

Aubrey Covey

Never had the pleasure of crocheting with BFL but Hobbitt Garden, Attic Puffin & Jack Frost catch my eye ;) love looking at so much color!!


I have knit with BFL before and it's lovely! I really like the Grimm, Stars Hollow and Muddy Autumn. They're all so pretty though!

Rose Driscoll

Love BFL!!
I would have to go with Stars Hollow, On the Vine and Hobbits
Garden, but they're all great!! It's hard to pick just a coupe of

Kim Benedict

After much angst, I would choose delirium, grimm and graple. I don't think I've ever knit with BFL, but I'm pretty sure I've spun it, I think.


I haven't knit with it before, but I'd love to try it!

My favorites were:

So many beautiful colors!

Wendy Guindon

I have not knit with BFL before but I would love to try it. My favorites are Arctic Puffin, Jack Frost and Dreidel. Thanks for having the contest!!

Jenn H

I've only knit with bfl once and I loved it! I would love to knit with Heckley Speckley, Old Speckled Hen, and Sea Scum Run!! Thank you for the chance. :)


I have never knit with BFL before.

My favorite colors are Heirloom Tomato Jam, Jack Frost, and Squashed.

Lori Gross

I have never knitted with BFL before but I am a sock knitting addict and would love to try this beautiful yarn. As for colors, Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite show so Stars Hollow would be my first pick, along with Rhubarbie and Hobbit Garden. Thank you!


Oh, WOW!
Never have but on my knitting bucket list.
She persisted
On the vine

Those colorway names are most excellent.

amy g

I have not used BFL before, but it looks lovely! And the colors - wow! Hard choice. I guess I would select Elphaba, Lochness and Old Speckled Hen! Thanks for the fun opportunity!



Helen King

I have not knit with BFL before, My favorite colors are Sugar Plum Fairy, Arctic Puffin and Hobgoblin.

Sue Herman

I've never knit with BFL!
My favorites are On The Vine, Squashed, and Heirloom Tomato, but it's SO hard to choose!


I've never knit with BFL, but would love to try it. I really like Stars Hollow, Hobbit Garden, and the special color Grimm.

Jamye Swinford

I've not had the chance to knit with BFL but it looks amazing! The colors that reached out to me above were the Heirloom Tomatojam, Squashed and Grimm. What fun!!

Sherry Gacich

Love BFL! Tina does a great job dyeing up wonderful colors. It's too nice to put on your feet alone. A cowl or scarf! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Muddy Auyumn Rainbow, Stars Hollow, and especially love Grimm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margo Abbott

I just got back into crocheting cause of the arthritis in my fingers and wrist. With the new egaronomic hooks out there I am wanting to try something new. My 2 favorite colors are the hobbit one and the rainbow autumn one.


I have not made anything from this yarn, but these colors are amazing!! My favorites are Hobbit Garden, Stars Hollow, and Delirium.

Vikki Harraden

I have never knit with BFL, but is on the knitting to-do list. Favs from the blog post line-up are: Grimm, Hobbit Garden, and Muddy Autumn Rainbow

Dottie Loscocco

I have knit with BFL and have found it wonderful to hold in my hands. My three favs are: Stars Hollow, Hobbit Garden, and Muddy Autumn. All the colors are very pretty so it was hard picking out just three. :)

Clytie martin

I have not knitted with this before but give me a chance!! Lovin the tomoto jam ! Thanks!

Georgette Fraction

I have not knitted with BFL yarn before, but I would LOVE to! It looks so soft and squishy! My favorite colors are Heirloom Tomato Jam, Squashed, and Rhubarbie Girl (super cute name!) I hope you choose me!


I love bfl yarn!! And I also love rhubarb girl, stars hollowandhobbitgarden.

Darlene Bost

I have not knit with BFL before but would really like to :-) My three favorite colors are: Rhubarbie Girl, On the Vine, and Autumn Rainbow.

They are all lovely, was hard to choose :-)


Grimm, Rhubarbie Girl, Witchypoo


Never knit/used BFL before- sorry posted my three before I added this on...

Tresa byrd

I haven't knitted with it but I love blue moon 😍😍. Face color s are
Heirloom tomato jam , on the vine ,and I bet you thought this skein was about you 😍

Rhonda Losh

I have bever knitted with BFI. Would love to give it a try. My three colors I like are Christmas Ballz. Delirium and Galactic Broccoli. I wonder if I can replace my daily vegetables with the Galactic Broccoli. Hmmmm


I absolutely love BFL and I hoard it as often as possible - my current infatuations I'm coveting are Rhubarbie Girl, Orange Crush and Let It Go.


I have never knitted with BFL but I did spin with it once. It was a joy! Would love to knit with any of your colorways, but my faves are Bet You Thought, Delirium, and Rhubarbie Girl.

Eva W

I have never knit with BFL before, but it sounds amazing! I really love heirloom tomato jam and squashed (I think I'm in a gardening mood )

Shirley macemon

I have knit bfl, love it. Fav color ways: arctic puffin, the special Grimm color, and heirloom tomato jam

lisa bolduc

I have not knit with BFL. From the pictures I like the HobbitGarden, MuddyAutumnRainbow and Grimm

Carolyn Zewe

I have never knit with BFL


I haven't knit with it yet. I love tomato jam, introspeck, and autumns up.

Carolyn Zewe

I have never knit with BFL. My favorite colors are Stars Hollow, Hobbit Garden, Muddy Autumn Rainbow.


I haven't knitted with it, and I like Muddy Autumn Rainbow, Joy to the World, and Grimm.


I have never knit with BFL but I sure will have to try it. There are so many pretty color choices it's hard to pick just three. But if I have I'd choose Arctic Puffin, Stars Hollow and Jack Frost.

Danielle nabozny

I don't think I have ever knit with BFL. I love love love Grimm....followed by Hobbit Garden.....and the Joy To The World

Sophie Leveille

Never knitted with this beautiful yarn...started knitting 2-3 weeks ago loll
My favorite are, Grimm , ruhbarbie girl and stars hollow 😃👍

martha gurvich

muddy autumn rainbow, heirloom tomato jam and rhubarb girl are catching my eye this morning! I do not remember using BFL but I have knit up a lot of socks so I may just be forgetting. all of the colors are so beautiful!


Grandmother taught me to Knit as a child I am now teaching my youngest granddaughter

Karen Murphy

My three favorites are
Heirloom Tomato Jam

I have not knowingly knit with BFL but I know I would love it!


I haven't knit with BFL before. My three favourites here are Grimm, Smoke on the Water, and Willapa Bay.


My favorites are Sadie Sue, Jasper Jenkin and Calendula. Thanks!


I knit a large wrap and love the drape and feel. My 3 favs- stars hollow, lady gray, and grimm


This yarn is new to me, though I've read often about it. I like Angry Elf, Hobbit Garden, and Grimm. Plus others!

Leslie Swope

I don't think I have ever knit with bfl before. My favorites of the posted are rhubarbie girl, a speck of autumn, and on the vine. I am very much a fall person!

Amy Camorote

No, I have never knit with BFL yarn before. The three yarns I most like are Stars Hollow, Hobbit Garden and Joy to the World.


I think I have once and, if it's what I think, it's quite nice to work with.

Love most every one but if I had to choose I'd go with: Witchypoo Rides, Taste the Rainbow and Let it Go.


I have knit with BFL, and I love the drape and shine it has. My favourite colours are Antiquated System, On the Vine, and Spawn of Scum.


I've knit with BFL once before: One Twisted Tree's Acid Peacock for my Campside Shawl. It was a really great experience. Soft, no splitting--excellent for lacework. I'd definitely use it again. And choosing just three colors is hard ;) I like Surfer Girl, Going to Seed, and Elphaba. So many others, but those really struck me and I think there's a decent chance I'll get the Going to seed before you get to your drawing ;)

Rachel R.

I've knit a partial shawl with BFL - the yarn itself is great, but I'm not crazy about the color, so it's been languishing in the UFO pile! My three fave colors are Joy to the World, Splendor in Trees, and Grimm!


Stars Hollow, Jack Frost and Heirloom Tomato Jam. No, I have not knit with a BFL yarn before. Would love to try though!


I have not knit with BLF before. I really like Old Speckled Hen, Heckley Speckly and Blackbird

Barb Munoz

I love the softness of BFL and my favorite colors are Rhubarb Girl, On the Vine, and Hobbit Garden. The colors remind me of my garden.

Mandy Engelmann

I have not used BFL before, my favorite colors are Rhubarbie Girl, Stars Hollow and Grimm

Wendy Cappetta

I have not yet knit with Bluefaced Leicaster but after reading I would love the opportunity. My three favorite colors are Surfer Girl, Delirium, and Bet You Thought.

Clare Gieck

I have knit the Oakland shawl in BFL.

My three favorites are heckled speckled, lady gray, and old brown hen. And because I couldn't limit to three, I am also adding presto pesto.

Alison T Badger

Sugar Plum Fairy, Heckley Speckley and Stars Hollow. I have knit at least a dozen pairs of socks with BMFA in lightweight socks that rock, but none in this BFL. Time to try something different. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!


I have never knit with BFL, I am eager to experiment with different wool. My favorites from above are Joy To The World, Stars Hollow and Heirloom Tomato Jam

Connie Kline

I have never knitted with BFL before, but I would love to try it! My favorites are Stars Hollow, Hobbit Garden, and Xmas Rock. I love the names of your yarns almost as much as the colors!


I have not knitted with BFL but would love to. My favorites are Hobgoblin, Cornucopious and Witchypoo Rides Again. Hopefully I win so I can try this yarn :)

Claire Davidson

I'm knitting with BFL for the first time right now. It's pretty awesome, and my fav BMFA colors are


I have knit with BLF. I love how it feels as I work with it. Lovely yarn!
My three favorite colors are Cranberry Bogged, Grimm, and Smoke on the Water


I've knit with BFL and love it. It has a wonderful luster and hand. So glad to see more here! My favorite colors above are Rhubarbie Girl, Stars Hollow, and Heirloom Tomato Jam. Pretty pretty :)

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