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April 11, 2017


Terri Brinegar

I love BLF yarn and have used it many times. It really hard to choose colors, they are all so lovely. I would choose Jasper, Jumping Jelly beans and orange crush.

Sally Summerfield

Hob goblin, fleece navidad, and Jack Frost

Sandy Ridgely

I bought a skein of BFL but haven't used it yet. These colors are amazing; it was hard to pick just three. But here are my absolute favorites: Delirium, Let It Go, and Rhubarbie Girl.

Caralee Jacque

I have never had the pleasure of working with this yarn, but hope to soon!! Heirloom tomato jam, Introspeck, and Squashed.

Kara Lippa

I have never knit with BFL before, but I am dying to. My favorite three colors of the ones posted are the Rhubarb Girl, Autumn Rainbow and Grim (they are all really beautiful, but the Grim is particularly gorgeous).

Donna R

Rhubarbie girl, stars hollow and hobbit garden


Yep, BFL makes wonderful socks. Hard to pick, but I like Smoke on the Water, Star Hollow, Wabi Sabi -- all great for Birkenstocks/Levis socks.

Grechen Longfellow

I haven't knit with BFL...another thing on my list.
I love all of theses but my top 3 are:
Stars Hollow
Rhubarbie Jam
Hobbit Garden!

They're all beautiful!


I've never knit with BFL, but its gorgeous! I'll go with Rhubarbie Girl, Muddy Autumn Rainbow, and Joy to the World.


I have knit with Bfl with nylon before and loved it for socks. I am spinning some bfl with nylon right now :). Your colors are beautiful. Rhubarbie Girl,
Stars Hollow, and Muddy Autumn Rainbow are all lovely colors.


I have knit with BFL before. It is a sturdier yarn,
but softens up in the wash and is comfy on the feet. I had a hard time picking three. Currently my favs are heirloom tomato jam, witchypoo rides again and old speckled hen.

Cheryl Clark

First choice would have to be the Grimm one, followed by rhubarbie girl, and star hollow.

Tracey B

I have not had the pleasure of trying this yet. A great give away like this would be a perfect time. So hard to choose but I do like Rhubarbie Girl, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Fall/ Winter colours.


Yes, I've knitted with BFL. It's so hard to pick 3, but....Grimm, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Stars Hollow.

Lindsey Gensel

I have knit with BFL before and loved it! I found it to be very durable with great stitch definition. I'd love to win the Grimm color! I'm from Portland where they film. They even did a segment in the parking garage of my old work! Really cool show!

Amanda Spence

I've never worked with BFL before, but would love the chance to! The colors that I love are:Hobbit Garden, Muddy Autumn Rainbow, and Stars Hollow! Thans for the chance to win!!


Thought I posted already but it's not here that I can see... I love some BFL socks I made. I mistreat my socks-- they all go in a warm wash and then into a warm dryer with the rest of the laundry. This makes my BFL socks a bit fuzzy but I love my fuzzy socks! Hard to choose colorways but Dreidel, Rhubarbie, and Rake are my favorites at the moment.

JoAnne B

I am knitting some socks in BFL right now. It has a wonderful feel - smooth and almost slippery. The colors are vibrant as you said

Stars Hollow, Hobbit Garden and Joy to the World are reaching out to me! Beautiful!

Sharon Tessmann

Thank you for the contest. I like the Grimm, Rhubarbir Girl and Stars Hollow colorways.

Marilyn Robinson

Room w out a roof, arctic puffin and grayple are my 3 favorites. I haven't ever had the chance to knit with the blue leister yarn but would sure like to . I love to knit socks..

Melissa G

My favorite colors are Heirloom Tomato, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Stars Hollow. I have never knit with this yarn before; heck, I've yet to knit my first pair of socks!

Donna Mahieu

I have never knitted with BFL, but I looks like luxious yarn. Ruhbarb girl, Hobbit garden, I
n the Vine

Karen Oaks

I have never knit with BFL. I do like the colors Squashed, Pumpkin Patch and Rhubarbie Girl. I am not a picky person when it comes to "gifts".

Alex W.

I love knitting with BFL. I think it's softer than merino and it's stronger so good for sock knitting. Delirium, dearly beloved and firecracker are my favorites. There are so many to choose from, they are all beautiful!

Caitlin A

I love working with BFL. It's just a little bit toothier than merino and holds up really nicely in socks. My three favs are Arctic Puffin, #shepersisted, and Grimm (though they're all really cool).

Tamara Holloway

I love BFL! I made a pair of mittens with it last winter. My favorite colorways are Hobbit Garden, Joy To The World, and Slayer. I know you're choosing randomly, but my birthday is this week, and I can't think of a nicer gift! 😁

Jane Penrose

I have not yet knit with BFL.
My 3 faves are: On The Vine, Bag Lady and Heirloom Tomato Jam.
Thank you for the chance to win.

Karen G.

Love Grimm, Royal and Jonagold. I have not used BMFA BFL sock before. Looks fantastic!

M Rogers

I haven't knit with BFL yarn, but I certainly would like to see what all the fuss is about! My faves? Heirloom Tomato Jam is my jam, Stars Hollow (cuz I'm a fan), and the fun goodness of Rhubarbie Girl. But there's not a clunker in the bunch!

raquel from JC

I have never seen BFL even, but I'm willing to try😉! Love Tomato Jam, Des Aqua and Lady Edith (my favorite). Thanks for the chance!

Vicki C

I have never tried BFL, but LOVE #shepersisted, Grimm and Hobbit Garden

Anna Baker

1. Sweet tart 2. Galactic Broccoli 3. Jumpin Jellybean -a bfl virgin


I haven't used bfl before. I wouls love artic puffin, sherbert and hobbit garden. However they all have great coloring!


The Andrea (poncho) by by Elizabeth Fallone which I knit with an indie-dyed BFL is the version which always gets the most compliments. It is a lovely fiber which holds color beautifully and shows off stitch definition well.



I have not knit with this yarn - so much yarn, so little time. I like Lady Gray, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Witchypoo Rider. So much fun! Thanks!

Taylor Montano

I love the Grimm, On The Vine, and the Hobbit Garden! They're all amazingly beautiful, though. Thanks for the opportunity.
I have crocheted and knit with BFL before and it's a wonderful fiber!

Tee Munk

Never have known t with BFL, but would love to give it a go! Thanks for the contest. I like On The Vine, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Squashed.

Betsy B

I have never knit with BFL but I would love to! My favorites are Tea and Alchemy, muddy autumn rainbow and heirloom tomato! So many pretties so it was hard to decide but there is definitely something for every project!


I have not knit with BFL before. the colors are all wonderful! My favorites today are shepersisted, Angry Elf and Bag Lady

Pam Harrington

I have never knitted with this yarn, but I would love t because it is beautiful.

My three favorite colors are: On the Vine, Squashed and Christmas Balls.


Yes, I've knit with BFL. A delight to spin and lovely to knit too!
My favorites are: Grimm (obvious reasons), Old Speckled Hen (cause I love hens...), and Taste the Rainbow (cause it's pretty and SKITTLES!).


Yes, I have knitted with BFL before. I like the Heritage Tomato Jam, ,Muddy Autumn and Rhuebarbie Girl.

Diana Brewer

I have not knit with BFL, but would love to try it! The colors are so beautiful!! I like Hobbit garden, stars hollow and the new Grimm color.


Yrs, I love NFL.
Delirium, bag lady, lady grey.


It's been a long time, but one of my first handspun yarns was BFL, but I don't think I've had any commercially spun BFL - I will say it's awesome that commercial yarns are getting into breed specific yarns now. Stars Hollow for sure! Heirloom tomato jam and Arctic Puffin.

Lori Malarkey

I've never used BFL before! I love Muddy Autumn Rainbow, Joy to the World, and Grimm!!


I have knit with BFL. I liked working with it. My favorite colorways are Jack Frost, Muddy Autumn Rainbow, and Wabi Sabi.

Lois Carpenter

I have never knit with BFL, but sounds like something I would love to try. First choice would be the tomato vine ,hobbit, stars hollow


I have not knit with BFL before but would love to! My favorites from above are:

on the vine
hobbit garden
muddy autumn rainbow


Angela Lord

I've not knitted with BFL before but welcome the opportunity! Gosh, too many beautiful colors to choose from but guess my 3 favorites are: on the vine, hobbit garden, and rhubarbie girl!

Lynn Hicks

I have never knit with BFL. My three favorite colors of the above are:

Muddy Autumn Rainbow
Hobbit Garden
Heirloom Tomatoes

Alice Faber

I've knit with plenty of BFL, and spun it also. But I'd like to try a BFL yarn that's properly spun for socks (some of what I have is soft and squooshy and wouldn't wear well for socks at all). As for my favorite colors, ack, that's a hard one. Maybe Arctic Puffin, Going to Seed, and Pumpkin Patched?


I have not knit with BFL yet, but it's in my stash and on the soon to knit list. Three choices today would be Artic Puffin, Berries n Cream and Jack Frost. All the choices do make it difficult though.

Sheryl R

I have never worked with BFL before. Fave colors are Grimm, Jasper and Lady Gray!

Lugarda Cappetta

I haven't used BFL for socks but knit a vest with it years ago; it felt almost silky. My favorite colors here are Speck of Autumn, Introspeck, and Sadie Sue Tipsy.

Sandy officer

I have knit with BFL. I knit a pair of socks with it. My favorite colors are:
Grimm, banded agate, and the hobbit garden although it is hard to pick out just three


I need to try BFL again. Looking at all the exciting colors my favorites are Heckley Speckley, Orange Crush and Sugar Plum Fairy. Thank you for sponsoring another contest.

Donna Kuehl

Really enjoy working with BFL. Favorite colors- on the vine, stars holloe and rhubarbie girl!


I have not knit with BFL, but have been curious about it. I didn't know that it was a merino, so now I'm REALLY curious about it.

If I were lucky enough to be chosen to try one of these luscious colors, I'd go for Green Daze, Muddy Autumn Rainbow, or Old Speckled Hen.


I love both spinning and knitting BFL. It's plenty soft enough, and it's a little bit crisper and glossier and more durable than merino.
My three favorites are She Persisted, Smoke on the Water, and Introspeck.


I haven't had the chance to knit with BFL yarn yet, but it looks lovely and soft.

My favorite colors are Hobbit Garden, Hobgoblin, and Jack Frost.


I have not knit with BFL yet. My favorite of these colors is Stars Hollow and I also really like Smoke on the Water and Jack Frost (oh, and Grimm too.)


Never used bfl before. 3 favs are On The Vine, Squashed and Rainbow Speckle. Thanks for the giveaway! 😀


No, I have never knitted with BFL before. I love Rhubarbie Girl, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Hobbit Garden.


I have not yet knit with BFL - but I hope to soon!

My three favourite colours are Grimm, Let it Go, and Jack Frost. Variations on a theme, I guess... and all lovely!

Amy Folwick

I have knit with BFL and love it for socks! My favorite colors are Hobbit Garden, Muddy Autumn Rainbow, and Joy to the world.

Jill Schaefer

I have not knit with BFL before. The colors are amazing, and the names of the colorways made me smile. I like Bet You Thought This Skein Was About You, It's a Supernatural Thing, and Artic Puffin.

G. K. Green

I have knit (separately) with both Merino and also Blue Faced Leicester. I like both for different reasons, but I think that I'm using more BFL now than I did 10 years ago, when I used more Merino.

Generally, I find that BFL is not quite as soft as Merino, though BFL is soft enough for most uses. Merino yarn is fuzzier or fluffier, while BFL is curlier and drapes more. BFL looks more lustrous to me. Compared to Merino, I find that BFL varies a bit more in my perception from brand to brand (I assume from prep method and how it's spun), and I am really looking forward to trying Blue Moon Fiber Arts, since I like other yarn bases of theirs!

All the colorway choices​ are great, but my three favorites​ are Willapa Bay, Hobbit Garden, and Jonagold.

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Coby Hanna-Butler

Grimm is everything!! I would also love Old Speckled Hen or Stars Hollow. I have never knit with BFL, but would love to try it out!

Lori V

I have not knit with this amazing looking yarn before - my favorites are: muddy autumn rainbow, squashed, and heirloom tomato jam! Thanks for the chance👍🏻


I have never knitted with BFL before but the colors are lovely! Hard to choose one color with such a hugh collection.

I would have to say my current quick faves would be joy to the world, hobbit garden, and on the vine.

Barbara J McCormick

I have not knitted with BFL but there's always a first time. I love the colors "Squashed", "Stars Hollow", and "On The Vine". However, all of the colors are gorgeous!!!!

Rhonda Atkinson

Yes I've knitted BFL yarns before. I got your kits Angry Elf and Fleece Navidad and loved them both.
My 3 favorites at this time would be Sweet Tart, Green Daze, and Let It Go.

Debbie Brant

I have not had the pleasure to use the BL yarn, but would love to! The colors that attract me are:
Heirloom Tomato Jam and Rhubarbie Girl
All the colors however are gorgeous!
Thank you!


Grimm, Smoke on the Water, and Sugar Plum Fairy. I love BlueMoon BFL. I have a cardi in sport weight and a pistachio colored shawl in the fingering. Super yarns in wonderful colors!


I designed and knit a pair of mitts using the BFL for contrast, to create the words and images on my mitts. Of this set of colorways, I am quite fond of Antiquated System, Dragon Wisteria, and Bela Rae Tipsy

Stella Thompson

I have knitted socks with BFL many times and still have those socks! Wear them thru out the winter months. My 3 picks are Stars Hollow, Heirloom Tomato Jam & Arctic Puffin. The Heirloom Tomato is the best color.

Babette Hindle

Ihaven't knit with BFl before,but I just love the Star Hallow,,it is hard to choose they are all lovely.


I haven't knit it before- I like the muddy autumn, heirloom tomato, and stars hollow!

Jan Ball

I have used BFL for socks before. Makes nice durable fabric that has a nice post wash bloom. Slides freely on needles without the tendency to be splitty. I had a hard time choosing just 3 colorways but I am most fond of Heirloom Tomato Jam,Galactic Broccoli( love the name), and Sufrer Girl. Wish she was releasing the Buffy colorways so I could see those in person.


I have not knitted with BFL but would love the opportunity. My favorite colors are A Speck of Autumn, Dragon Wisteria, and Sadie Sue Tipsy.

Nancy F.

Never have had the pleasure of knitting with this yarn. Love Room w/o a Roof; Hobbit Garden; and Lady Gray.

Patty Morais

These are gorgeous! It was hard to pick but I loved squashed, on the vine and muddy autumn rainbow!

Elizabeth McClinchie

I haven't used BFL before. I love the Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Stars Hollow!


I never have knit with BFL.
Bet You Thought, Love is a Battle, Jack Frost are today's favorites. I love reading all the names.


I have not knit with BFL before. In fact I had not even scrolled through all of the colors until today. The colors are amazing. The three that jumped out to me are Let It Go, Bet You Thought, and Royal.

Debora Soule

Never a wrong choice with Tina's colorways! I love the quietness of Grimm, the vibrancy of Hobbit Garden and the comfort of Muddy Autumn Rainbow. I have made a couple of pairs of socks with other Blue Moon yarns, and have a couple more skeins waiting in the sidelines, but would like to try the BLF after reading your description of it.

Pam McGIntyh

Star Hollow, Rhubarbie Girl and Hobbit Garden are beautiful! But then, ALL of the colors are lovely! I'd love to try this yarn!


I have knit once before with BFL. I love Rubarb Girl, Stars Hollow and Heirloom tomato Jam. But really it is hard to choose!

Linda black


Deborah Avelis

I've not used BFL, but I am certainly game to try. These colors are magnificent and it is difficult to choose just three. But here goes: Christmas Balls, Galactic Broccoli, Lady Edith. Oh, and please pick me.

Vanessa Lumbra

I found out about BFL on this post! It's beautiful! Favorite colors? Oh boy! If I must choose, then Hobbit Garden, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Stars Hollow. I see socks!

Nicole Acuna

I'm head over heels in love with Rhubarbie Girl, Delerium, Dragon Wisteria! These are all stunning!!!


I have knit with BFL and I love it!! It holds up so well to being worn a lot. My three favorite colors are 1) Sea Scum Run; 2) Supernatural; and 3) Room w/out a Roof.


Haven't knit with BFL before, but will definitely try it after seeing these beauties.
I love the StarsHollow, Grimm and Rhubarbie Girl.


I have knit with BFL before. I really like it, it makes socks. My three favorite colors were rhubarbie girl, stars hollow, and muddy autumn rainbow.

Therese Lussier

I have never knitted with BFL but I just LOVE your colors. I must have knitted over 200 pairs of socks already to give to relatives and friends. Would love to try yours.
My favorite colors are Stars Hollow, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Grimm Special Color.
Thanks for the chance to get introduced to your beautiful yarns.


I have not knit with BFL, but it sounds lovely! My favorites are Grimm, shepersisted, and Bet You Thought.


I've never knit with BFL before, but I'm excited to try! I love the banded jasper, Grimm, and jasper - so many pretty colors!

Bev G

I've knit a cowl out of BFL but would love to try socks next. I've been collecting Blue Moon yarns for many years now and it's always fun to see what colors Tina comes up with but that makes it hard to choose!Farmhouse, Dreidel and Room without a Roof are speaking to me right now.

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