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April 11, 2017


Wendy Chase

I haven't knit with BFL before but I'd love to. I have a hard time picking favorite colors as well but scanning the lineup real quick I'd have to say Arctic Puffin, Deliruim and Blackbird for that little pop of pink.


I have knitted with it, and it seems less soft but more durable! I also like the ShePersisted, plus the Bet You Thought and the Orange Crush!

Connie Race

I have knit with BFL a few times and I love it. My favorite colors here are Stars Hollow, Joy to the World, and Hobbit Garden, but all are lovely.

Linda Scarborough

Have not knitted with BFL but would love to try it as have noticed more shops using it. My favorites are Squashed, On The vine and Star Hollow-Thanks for the chance.


On the Vine; Heirloom Tomato Jam; and Stars Hollow. And, I've knit with BlueMoon's BFL (have a sock to finish in it in the (maybe) Angry Elf colorway.


I've never knit with BFL. It's hard to narrow choices to three, but I guess these will do: Jack Frost, Orange Crush, and Red Rock Canyon.

Judi Schaffer

My favorite shawl is knit with BFL, I love it. My favorite colors are Cranberry Bogged, Dreidel and Jack Frost.

Susan Ipavec

I have knit with BFL once before--it is so warm and a favorite! My favorite colors are Jack Frost, Stars Hollow and A very scummy Christmas.

Tara Paine

Yes I knit with BFL sock weight quite a bit. They hold very well.

My favorite colors listed are On the Vine, With a Special Color, and Squashed.

Charlotte Broussard

Have not knitted with BFL but would love to try it. Favorite is Hobbit Gardens and Stars Hollow.

Suzanne Smiley

I have spun and knit BFL and love it! My 3 favorite colors are Witchypoo Rides Again, Joy to the World, and Hobbit Garden.

Leah Cossarek

I have never needed with BFL before! How can that be!? My favorite colors are Grimm, Muddy Autumn Rainbow, and Heirloom Tomato sham. Beautiful colors!!

Leah Cossarek

I knew I should have previewed that post... =\. Knitted... and Jam

Linda black

no I have not tried this yarn but would love to and my faves are Heirloom Tomato Jam, Squashed and Xmas Rock I enjoy the store when i can get there


I have not knit with BFL before but would love to try it. My favorites are artic puffin rainbow speckled, and orange crush. Oh - and taste the rainbow :)


Yes, I have knitted with BFL before. I made a vest with BMFA BFL Sport, which I absolutely adore! And I have also made Socks with BFL. I love the way the garments feel.

It is so hard to chose favorite colors! It really depends on my mood at the moment! I definitely love Grimm, and also Arctic Puffin and Stars Hollow.


I don't think I've knit BFL that I am aware of. My favorite colors are 'Speck of Autumn,' 'Crazy Stupid Love,' and 'Muddy Autumn Rainbow!'

Brenna Delosier

Grayple, arctic puffin, and lady Edith all catch my eye. One of my favorite sweaters is knit from bfl and I love using it.

Geraldine Scott

Nope, have not experienced BFL! The colors that caught my eye include Arctic Puffin, Joy to the World, and Love is a Battle. Thanks for all the awesome giveaways!

Rose Birchall

I have not knit with BFL but would love to. Three favorites are Grimm, Artic Puffin and Royal.


I have never knit with BFL before. My favorites are On the Vine, Rhubarbie Girl and Hobbit Garden...they're all so pretty!

Amber Smith

I've never knit with BFL before but I have a skein in my stash I'm eager to get my hands on. My 3 favorite color ways here are: Heirloom Tomato, Jeepers Creepers, and Old Speckled Hen!


I have both spun and knitted with BFL, and I really like the hand. The speckles in Stars Hollow and Heirloom Tomato Jam are big fun, but I think Grimm would be the most wearable color for me.


Love BMFA❣️💕 I have knit BFL yarn before and love it. My three favorite colors are Tea and Alchemy, Wabi Sabi and hard to choose from so many different combinations.


That is an amazing array of colorways! I've made one pair of entrelac mittens with BFL, and loved it. My favorite colors are Holiday Inn, Galactic Broccoli, and The Earl of Purl. I love how they have such hilariously creative names that add such another dimension to thinking about the color combination!


I have not knitted with BFL before, but I will for sure ( I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air... Sorry.) The loveliest colors, in my opinioin, are: A Speck of Autumn, Hobgoblin, and Yellow Eyed Demon!

Mary Brown

I have never knitted with BFL before. I absolutely love their choice
Of color names. Right now my 3 favorites are Rhubarbie girl
Muddy autumn rainbow and Delirium.

Andrea Sandahl

I do not think that I have knit with BFL, but I have spun some.

My favorite colors from your post are Stars Hollow, On the Vine & Grimm. But all of the colors are very pretty!


I haven't knit with BFL before, but I know that you wouldn't steer me wrong with this yarn because you haven't yet. I love the Heirloom Tomato Jam, Squashed and Joy to the World. Socks, hats, fingerless mitts are just some of the ideas that I can think of the colors.


I think so, and A Room w out a Roof, Antiquated System, and Cranberry Bogged.

Jennifer Bowling

I LOVE sock weight yarn! I have not had the opportunity to work with BFL as of yet. My favorite colors are Green Daze, Bag Lady and Star's Hollow. I am currently in a shawlette phase and these colors would make beautiful items.

Nancy Hooper

No, I never have! I hope I could win some to give it a try!

looking through your colorways, it's impossible to pick just three that I love. A few that caught my eye were Sadie Sue Tipsy, Taste the Rainbow, and Let it Go.

How pretty!


I haven't knit with it but it looks lovely! I like Heirloom Tomato Jam, Yellow-Eyed Deamon and Witchy poo Rides Again.


I have knit with BFL and love it!
It is almost impossible to pick only three!
I love Rhubarbie!
Rocktober is awesome!
Shepersisted is glorious!


I have some BFL in my stash but haven't had the opportunity to knit it up yet -- I'd love to try it! My favorite colors are Old Speckled Hen (that is awesome!), Blackbird (also awesome!), and Blk Dragon Wisteria (very pretty!).

Christine Milway

I've knitted with BFL and though its not quite as soft as merino, it is strong, holds to washing well and softens - definitely a good sock yarn. My colour choices would be Heirloom Tomato Jam, Squashed and Muddy Autumn Rainbow.


I have not knitted with BFL before. What beautiful colorways. I would pick Artic Puffin,Bet You Thought and Heirloom Tomato
Jam. Thanks for a chance!

Cynthia Carpenter

Yes, I have knit with BFL before, love it. I love all BMFA colors so anything more "manly" would be great. My darling husband loves BMFA on his feet too and he is very knit worthy indeed. Thanks for the chance to win.

Leslie Fehr

Love BFL it is great for baby socks and hats that need to be washed quite often. Of all the wonderful colors showing, my favorite three are: Grim, Star Hollow, and Heirloom Tomato.


Rhubarie girl, on the vine and witchypoo rides again are lovely. I have not tried BFL yarn as yet.

Shannon Afams

I have never knit with BFL before but would love too! Choosing a favorite color was so difficult, but I managed to narrow it down. My three favorites are Grimm, Arctic Puffin, and Joy to the World.

Renee Anne

I don't know that I've ever knit with BFL. I have, however, spun BFL and it's one of my favorites to spin....which might be because I learned on it.

As for colors: Arctic Puffin, Witchypoo, and Socktoberfest

Alex Szwarc

I have never knitted with it, but it's been on my list forever!! I've heard so many good things about it.
My three favorites are: Socktoberfest, Bet You Thought, and Banded Agate :)

Deborah Jones

I love knitting with BFL...especially for gift knitting as caring for it is so simple. My three favorites...although very hard to choose...are Banded Agate, Des Aqua and Grimm.


I don't think I've used BFL before, but I'd like to! My favorite colorways are Jasper, Cranberry Bogged, and Grimm.

Emily Chandler

I have knitted with Socks that Rock, but not BFL. I would have to say that my favorites are Rhubarbie Girl, Halloweentown, and Introspeck.


I have not knit with BFL before but would love to try. My favorite colors would be Grimm, She Persisted and Joy to the World!

T Cox

Yes, I've knit with BFL before and loved it.
My choices are Grimm, Tour de Sock 2015, and Splendor in the Trees

Dari T

I have knit with BFL! Both in a single wool and a blend with nylon. I would have to say it is my favorite for socks, wears well, and looks fabulous.
My colors would be Des Aqua, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Tour de Socks.


I have knit quit a bit with BFL and really enjoy using this yarn. My favorites are Rhubarbie, Heirloom tomato jam, and Stars Hallow.. Love the colors

Danielle Nappier

I have never used this but would love too. My favorite colors are winter christmas, fall halloween and on the vine.

Warren Agee

I have knit with BFL yarn and spun with BFL, too. I loved it. It's great for socks and pretty much everything else! My favorite colors are stars hollow, grimm, and muddy autumn rainbow. Great stuff!


I've knit and spun with BFL before and really like it! It's a nice mixture of sturdy and woolly while still be soft.

Fall Frolic, Witchypoo Rides Again, and Lochness. Both Grimm colorways are also lovely, although I'm fan-biased to like them!

Shana Thornhill

I only get to pick 3 favorites? Rhubarbie Girl, Jack Frost, and Hobbit Garden stand out, but they're all so gorgeous. And what's not to love about BFL? I only started making socks this Christmas, but now I'm hooked! My husband doesn't mind either, LOL.

Debra Houser

My three favorite colors shown on this page Heirloom tomato jam and Christmas Balls. I actually think these 2 would be great together! And last but not least Rhubarbie Girl.
I have knitted BFL before and it's like knitting with buttah . Bright shiny buttah 😍 Thank you!


I have not knit with BFL before, but my SIL has been dyeing some recently, so now i'm curious about it. I love Delirium, Green Daze, and Rhubarbie Girl!!

Katie M.

I've only knit with handspun BFL before, but I absolutely love it. It's my very favorite fiber to spin. Love all of these colors. Rhubarbie girl cracks me up, and I've been trying to use more pink lately to get out of my color rut. Hobbit garden is nice, and I didn't watch Grimm but that colorway is awesome.


I have knit with BFL; I made a Clincher scarf with a skein of BMFA BFL Free Range Chickens that I received as a gift. What a lovely gift it was. And what's not to love about Tina's colorways? I've been loving blues and greens lately so I'm finding myself drawn to Des Agua, Monroe Blutbad, and an oldie but goodie, Rocktober.


I have not knit with BFL, that I recall, however, BMFA is on my yarn bucket list. My 3 favorites are Stars Hollow, Let It Go, and Cranberry Bogged.


Rubarbie, a speck of autumn, joy to the world


I have not knit with BFL before, but the colors are gorgeous! My three hard to choose faves are: the special Grimm color, Stars Hollow and Hobbit Garden. Thanks for the contests.


I've never knitted with BFL but would love to try. My favorite colors are Hobbit Garden, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Rubarb Girl.

Mary Ann

I have not knit with this yarn before. I like stars hollow, wichypoo rides again and hobbit garden. I'm giving socks as Christmas gifts this year, to win would help so much and makes things so much more special.


I love knitting with BFL and would very much love to win some! My 3 favorite colors are Orange Crush, Grimm, and Rhubarbie Girl.


I haven't knit with BFL YET. I pick Rainbow Speckled, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Blk Dragon Wisteria. I know it's named after Wisteria but I'm drawn to the Dragon name. And it's pretty. Huh, they're all speckled.


I haven't tried BFL yet but I'd love the opportunity. Choosing only 3 is hard, but here goes. Arctic Puffin, Dragon Wiateria and Jack Frost are my top 3.

Barbara Rude

I was in her sock club one year but can one ever have enough BFL???? I like Rhubarbie Girl, Hobbit Garden and Squashed.


I haven't yet knit BFL yarn, but it looks beautiful. I would choose Heirloom Tomato Jan, Rhubarbie Girl, and Star Speckle--although I wouldn't turn any of them down!


Such a difficult decision! At least for right now, I'm going with Grayple, Monroe Blutbad, and Lukes.


I have knit with BFL, it's wonderful!

I love Rhubarbie Girl, Stars Hollow & Grimm. So many beautiful colors to choose from.


I am a sock knitter and have never knitted
with BFL. Would love to give it a try. My three choices: Introspeck, Heirloom tomato jam and Arctic Puffin. Wonderful giveaway and thanks for a chance to win.

yolanda v

I have not knit with B FL, but I'm looking forward to knitting it, as I have just finished spinning quite a few hanks if it...
My 3 faves are Arctic Puffin, Delirium, Grayple...So many gorgeous colors!


I have knit with BFL before and love how it feels in my hands and its strength. I love the colors Squashed, Heirloom Tomato Jam and Stars Hollow, but they're all fantastic!


I have a few skeins of BFL wool but I haven't yet knit with them. I've heard such great things about it and especially want to try it for socks.

My three favorite? Too much to choose from but I will say Taste the Rainbow, Dragon Wisteria, Introspeck.


I've never knit with BFL but I'd like to try it for knitting socks. My favorite colors are Scattering, Love is a Battle, and Green Daze.

Phelena K. Cramer

I haven't knitted with BFL before. My two favorite colors are "Grimm" and "Muddy Autumn Rainbow".


I have knit with BFL & I love it. It's soft & does not felt easily. So it's very popular in the cloth diapering community. I used it for diaper covers for the grandsyears ago. My favorites are Stars Hollow, On the Vine, & Grimm.

Lisa Loback

I haven't knitted with BFL yet but am anxious to get my needles in some!! I LOVE Rhubarbie Girl!!! Heirloom Tomato Jam and Witchypoo Rides Again are on my wish list!!!


I own some BFL but haven't yet knitted with it. My three favorite colors are:

Orange Crush
Rhubarbie Girl

You may notice a theme here.


I haven't every knitted with BFL, though I have loved every other BMFA yarn I have knitted with so I expect that I would love this one also!

Autumn's Up and Bag Lady are both beautiful as is Bubble Bliss. Those are my favorites - for now!


I have used BFL before- it's so nice to knit with! A little more sheepy than merino, which I like.

My three favorite colors from this collection are: shepersisted, grayple, and let it go.

So fun! These colors are wonderful!


I have never knitted with B FL before. How can you choose? But I love
Old Speckled Hen
The all appear lovely however.


I have knitted with BFL before, both times were socks. One pair I knit several years ago and you would never know it because the yarn is so durable and also warm & comfortable to wear. My favorites listed here are rhubarbie girl, muddy autumn rainbow, and joy to the world.

Jeanne Bush

I have knit with BFL before, and I just bought a skein of it while on a cycling trip in Texas - what fun.

So many favorites to choose from! OK, A Room w/o a Roof, Delirium, Bet You Thought.

Beverly Miller

I have never knit this before. I am partial to Heirloom tomato jam, Star Hallow, and On the vine. I would love any I might win. Thenks so much.


{'ve not knit with BFL, but it's been on my wish list for awhile. My 3 favorite colors shown are Stars Hallow, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Grimm.

Gary Sue Roberts

I used to have two BFL sheep. I have spun and knit with it. It is quite nice. My favorites are A room without a roof, SW Royal, SW Christmas Balls, (and The Earl of Purl)

Barbara Hamel

No ive never knit with BFL before but it looks lovely.
My color choices today are Heirloom Tomato Jam, Jonagold and Grayple.
Thanks for this fun contest

Lori J. Thorne

I haven't knit with BFL but I have spun it on my drop spindle! My favorite skeins are: Stard Hollow, Rhubarbie Girl and Grimm!

Linda Kau

I have never used BFL before but would love to try it. I would choose Rhubarbie Girl, Stars Hollow, and Speck of Autumn

Lori Hanly

I recently received Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL from you in the Baglady colorway. I haven't knit it up yet but will soon!! My 3 colors that will be on my want list are: Angry Elf, Black Magic and Lady Edith. Just for a start!


I have not knit with BFL. I've heard it is wonderful, and I would love to try it. My colors are Grimm, Let it go, Lady Gray. Had to pick just three. Thank you.


I have not used BFL before but it Is one I definitely want to try - I have heard so much about it, especially as a BMFA's base. Love several of these colors but I think I' d choose Rhubarbie Girl, Stars Hollow and On the Vine as my three favorites! Thank you for this contest!


Yes, i have knit with BFL and quite enjoyed it's drape and shine. I also appreciate its longer staple for longevity in a sock. My favourite colours, at the moment, are Grayple, Elphaba, and Huegasmic!

Liz Awsumb

I've never knit with BFL sock yarn,( though I own some bulky)!

My favs are:
Stars Hollow, Heirloom Tomato Jam, and Holiday Inn!

Susan Eberhardt

This is triggering my sock knitting addiction! I have never knit with BFL before. My favorites - Stars Hollow (for my astronomy loving husband), Heirloom Tomato Jam (Pierceton Indiana Tomato Festival Days), and Heckly Speckly, just because!

Dana Snyder

I have never knit with this before so I'd love to try it!! I love arctic puffin, rubarbie girl and royal!!


I have never knit BFL before, but I have some BFL fibre waiting to be spun. I love BMFA STR!
My favourite colourways today are Arctic Puffin, Antiquated System, and Presto Pesto. Also, Calendula!
Thanks for the chance!


Sorry I just can't pick three. I'll have Jodie pick them


I have knit with BFL once before and I've been pleased with it. It seems sturdy but also comfortable against softer skin. Of course, that was just one skein so who knows if that is characteristic of BFL or just that particular brand! I'd love to find out though!

Picking just three favs is hard but at the moment, I'm most enamored with Bet You Thought This Skein Was About You (a fav in the Sparkle base, too, so at least I'm consistent!), Orange Crush, and A Room Without A Roof. Such pretty colors!

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