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February 08, 2017


Lisa p

I'd choose color 9311 to make for me, but truly, they're all gorgeous!


I would choose Kunstler! All these names are so fun :)


I would choose disc jockey. I would like to say I would knit a pair of socks for someone else but I'm pretty sure I would keep it for myself.

Gillian Lay

Love Ballerina #9314, so bright and cherry! I'd knit socks for me:/)))


Ballerina is definitely my favorite! I'd knit a pair for myself, of course.

Jude smith

I like 9311 and would make socks for myself.

Pat Bueno

Love Model #9311 for my niece!!

Joyce McCartney

Model 9311, LOVE that bright blue and I think it'd have to be for me to wear with jeans!

Bev Sutherland

#9312 sport pilot for myself.

Sheila P

I would have to go with 9311. I am a selfish knitter and would have to make them for myself.


Definitely 9317! Perfect for a knit-worthy friend of mine who likes blue and red.


Sportpilot 9312 would become a pair of socks for me.


I am in agreement with a lot of others it seems because I too like 9311. I would make them for someone else.


9312 for me!


9315 (artist), although I almost went with 9317 (wizard). I would most likely make them into socks for me.

Marguerite Hammond

Love the Model. The socks would be for me to go with a turquoise bracelet I bought on a trip out west.


9316 (Discjockey) for me! What a fun colorway!


I would love to knit myself a pair in Ballerina!

Lucy Kesler

I would love to knit up a pair of socks for myself with 9310...Superstar. Why? Because I just bought some awesome dark red/burgundy shoes that will show this sock off beautifully!

Janice Boulukos

I would choose sportpilot. Love the colors.


As spring will be here in a few weeks, I would choose Sportpilot for the bright colors. The socks will be gifted to my sister-in-law!!!

Marilyn Robinson

I would choose Zauberer because I don't usually use dark colors to knit. I would knit myself a pair of socks. As I have aged my feet are cold all the time and have started wearing homemade socks daily. Only handmade socks are the best!


I would choose 9317--perfect to wear with jeans! I'd knit them for myself :)

Susan G

I would choose 9311 for myself, although my husband would love those colors too....I would love to knit every color in this collection


I've just discovered this yarn with my new sock machine. The colours are gorgeous! I'd make a pair of socks for me, after all the socks I've made so far were for others.


I'd choose 9312 for socks for myself. I


Superstar would definitely become a pair for me!


SUCH a difficult choice! Anything bright and cheery to combat the grey dreariness that is February! Leaning off the fence towards "ballerina" but "sport pilot" would liven up my cold feets too.


I like Zauberer, hubby would like that colour for his socks.


I need new yarn to inspire my winter knitting!!


Love Superstar. I knit for myself and enjoy everyone of them!!

Anastasia W

They are all AWESOME! This might end up being a Poke-situation for me; gotta catch them all! lol My favorite is probably Discjockey 9316. I would probably knit them for myself, or my husband. He loves handknit socks. :)

Anne Marie

I would have to make socks in Bodybuilder for my son as a going away gift when he leaves for college in the fall. Boo hoo. My first out of the nest.


I would knit Sportpilot for my best friend of 43 years. I'm moving 600 miles away this year. The combination of her favorite color green and mine of blue will remind her of us and keep her feet warm.

Josie Linzner

I would choose Superstar to knit for my brother-in-law; he loves crazy socks.

Rose Birchall

Superstar 9310. I would knit socks for my granddaughter. She loves knitted socks socks and I love knitting for her.


I would choose 9312 and they would be for me... Love the colors


9316. They would be for me. (I am still trying to knit enough socks for myself to have warm feet for a week without washing)


I just love Opal yarns, and they are wonderful for gift socks because of their easy care! These new colors are ALL great, but my first choice would be color #9315. I would probably have to keep those socks for ME.

yolanda v

I would pick sport pilot and knit for my daughter.


Love 9317 and of course they would be for me.

Anita S.

I would choose 9311 Model and knit socks for my 16 year old granddaughter. She asked me if I would knit her Spain of socks.


9314-ballerina, for my son.


9311 for me (I wear lots of blue to highlight very blue eyes) and 9312 for daughters or granddaughter who like the bright purples and greens!


I would choose Disc jockey, and would knit them for one of my daughters.


Superstar 9310 is calling my name, and I would knit them for myself.


I'd choose Model for me! Love the new look.


9312 is my favorite, its going on my to buy list! :) The socks would be for me!


I would knit my husband a pair of socks in the Zauberer colorway!

Mary L.

I would choose Suoerstar and make socks for my daughter who LOVES purple!!


Love them all but would pick Model colour 9311 and make a Hitch hiker for me. I just love turquoise and orange.


I'd pick 9311-Model-turquoise is my favorite color.

Terri Brinegar

I would choose 9310 and knit it for myself!


I love 9312; just in time for St. Patrick's day!!


I'd choose 9312 (Sportpilot)! That green <3


I would choose model! I love the colors. I knit for my whole family. So much so my grandson named me YaYa Ball of Yarn!


I would choose Model, and make them for *me*! :)

Sandy officer

I would choose Superstar because I love the tittle. We are all superstars in our own right. I would knit them for me!


I would knit sportpilot for myself.


I love sportpilot 9312 and would knit them for myself but my grand daughter would probably claim them!


I have never knit with opal before! I love the bodybuilder colorway :)

Heather J ( lotsofhermies)

Ballerina, Myself

Stephanie H.

9312 Sportspilot has won my heart. I would knit a pair of socks for myself on the double if I had it in my stash.


Disc jockey for me! And I would knit them for my daughter!



Tamzin Lawson Bailey

I'm drawn to the Zauberer colorway; the blue-gray reminds me of misty early fall mornings. I'd love to knit a pair of cozy socks for my daughter.


I would make socks for myself out of superstar :)


9316 for me! I like the dusty berry tones with the olive and gold, reminds me of autumn.

Geri Heagy

I would choose Superstar and would have to be for myself!

Diana Brewer

I would love sport pilot. Green and purple are the best! I would make socks for me!


I love 9316 and I would make it for my friend.

Sandy C

I would choose 9317. Denim friendly for all my denim wearing friends.


I have not had the pleasure of knitting with this yarn yet. I have recently been knitting way outside my color comfort zone, so I would pick Sportpilot. I would like to make them for me! 😊


Ballerina. It looks kind of Wonder Womanish. I would knit them for myself or my mom.

Barbara Rude

9311, socks for me.


9317 -- it's such a flexible color that would work well with many clothing items. I'd probably make the socks for me.

Susan Dobrowney

Model is the one I'd choose. It would be a difficult choice.


For socks for myself or a baby sweater I would choose Model. The turquoise pop is great. For socks for DB it would have to be Zauberer (and that might be stretching his comfort color zone)!


9316 Discjockey has a nice shade of purple in it, which is my favorite color, so I'd have to knit some socks for myself.


Zauberer 9317. The perfect jeans color for all occasions. And I would definate them for me!


I loved 9312, because I adore green. 9e17 was my second favorite. They are a lot of fun.

Janet Walker

I would choose Discjockey and would probably make socks for myself.


I'd go with Sportpilot and make socks for me, because I usually use my Opal to make socks for my mom.


I would choose 9310, superstar. I would knit socks for my oldest daughter. She loves hand knitted socks

Linda Van Der Werf

I love Opal yarn! It's my absolute favorite! I would chose the Zauberer to knit a pair of socks for myself.

Renee Anne

Sportpilot but only because it's green & purple :)

Mary Cast

Id love to knit a pair of socks out of Ballerina. I love Opal yarns. My favorite actually!

Margaret Miles

I pick Zauberer because I think it would make a "wizard" pair of socks.


I love Sportpilot.... (and Zauberer, and...)

Katherine s.

I would pick sport pilot ! And I'd knit it for myself!


9311 Model! LOVE that bright sky blue!

Kathleen McCunn

Opal is such great sock yarn! I would pick the dark purple in Discjockey and make socks for DD. She hasn't had a new pair for a long time.


I'd go with disc jockey for my hubby - he loves purple and hand-knit socks!


Ballerina and maybe for my husband because wouldn't they ,ale great Valentine socks?


Sportpilot! Pantone colour of the year green! For me!


#9315 :-) for myself. I knitted up a storm for the holidays & now it's my turn :-).

Katie M.

I'm digging Model, 9311. Pretty sure I'd keep them for myself.


I love Model. I think I would make some socks for me!


9312 really pops for me. I would treat myself to a new pair of awesome socks. :)

Carol V.

I would choose Model. I would make them for myself. I love to make socks.

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