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January 05, 2017



I am getting back to my exercise and healthier eating plan that I did last year. It got a little sidetracked by a horrible cold that showed up just in time for Christmas cookies and all the delicious food of the season. I am going to try to eat less meat this year.
I'm with you on the no resolutions for knitting! My goal is to finish something I really love! I'm so jealous you have already knit A pair of socks!
It's only the 5th for heavens sake!!!! That is awesome!

Lisa B

You seem to be in a really good place and sound very happy which is uplifting to hear :)


I have finally casted on a stranded pullover that was hibernating for over a year. I was stalled on making a swatch, but once that was done, and am excited to finally be working on it.

I probably make too many socks, so this year I would like to make a few sweaters to balance things out.


I never make New Year's resolutions. If I think of something I want to resolve to do or do better, why would I wait until the new year?

Rhonda Atkinson

I make goals for the year not resolutions. One is to read something for fun, read something for growth, do something physical (I am in a walking program and plan on more half-marathons and a full marathon this year), and to spend time with family and friends. These are all measureable goals and I can re-evaluate thru the year. Did it this past year and can say I honestly did as I planned. Everyone have a great 2017.

chellis evers

I WILL make a pair of socks this year...darnet


Well, I was going to try to buy less yarn and knit more from my stash this year, but that's already gone out the window with a trip to my LYS and an order from Simply Socks. I too am trying to eat healthier, but more as a reaction to holiday indulgences than as a resolution.


1) Always have one thing for me and one thing for a present in progress; 2) learn brioche; learn entralac - I don't think I'll get all that in, but I'm going to try!


My goals are to make a pair of socks every month, and to finish some old WIPs. Also signed up for a couple of classes to improve my knitting skills.
Happy 2017!!

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