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December 30, 2016



The Valentine's special edition and the January cashmere-blend stripe yarns look amazing! So looking forward to these goodies!


So my new years resolution to spend less money on yarn this year just went right out the window.


Yep, temptress extraordinaire is what you are, Allison!!! My New Years resolution is also now out the window...and it's not even technically the New Year yet! Ugh! I'm excited about MCN Poste yarn--I love Poste! Thank you SSYC for being such a quality source of my addiction and Happy New Year to all of you!

Wendy Chase

How durable is a sock yarn with cashmere in the blend? I love the idea of softness but man I am hard on my socks!


I would like to see in your luxe striping yarn "black lagoon" that is one of my favorite colors

Mary Anne

How about a non-striping combo of the January color with a mini in rose (same as the darkest pink in the full skein)?


I LOVE Heartbreak Hitel & Black Lagoon.


Would love to see Stripe Holiday FL in the new lux blend (I know, I know, the holiday season is behind us, but who doesn't want to wear a little holiday all year long).

Looking forward to the new lux blend.

Happy 2017!


Festival of lights or Jollyville tx


Would you please consider making your blog readable on mobile devices. Right now I have to scroll from side to side to be able to read it. Thank you.

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