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December 05, 2016



i think girls might be just as silly. At least that was my experience raising 2 girls. One April 1 my girls put mousse in the cat's fur so it was spiky & planned to tell me he stuck his tail in an electric outlet! (They felt bad when he started trying to clean the mousse out of his fur & got several washcloths to clean his fur.). I LOVE the 9271 & like 9274 a lot too but they are all nice. I think the color way you like is a great unisex color way. It'd be a good one to stash if you knit socks for others.

Jacque Dooley

Precious girls. Enjoy every second. They grow so quickly. They look like fun and very happy. Thank you for sharing. The stocking are very pretty too. Jacque Dooley


Thanks for sharing some of your family life with us!

I love some of those color combinations! My wrist has been sore the past few weeks, so have not really done much knitting at all. :-(( I hope this resolves soon as there I have many projects I want to finish or get started.


So cute!
I've heard that realistic photos are more popular these days so you are, as always, on trend!


Haha! James and Henry are looking cuter than ever! Hard to be mad at them when they fool around like this, I bet!

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