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December 28, 2016


Rhonda Atkinson

My 3 girls (young women) love the socks I knit for them. I love knitting socks, and they are very appreciative and wear them!

Lisa Smith

My husband. He loves handknits. He puts them on immediately and takes very good care of them.


Ah, that's the question, isn't it? My daughter always wants whatever I'm knitting, but after about a week, the items disappear into her room never to be seen or heard from again. This Christmas, I knitted something for everyone on Hubby's side of the family. We don't live near them, so we'll never know if the items get used. I'm a process knitter, quilter, needlepointer, so my enjoyment is in the making. Not that I don't get a bit annoyed by the lack of appreciation, but I realize that there are things Hubby's family values that I don't. So it all works out in the end.


My most knitworthy are my nephew and his wife. They love and appreciate everything, and send me pictures of themselves wearing knit items out on the ski trails or frozen ponds. They also appreciate the whimsical, and he once asked me to knit her a pair of hedgehog mittens, which she absolutely adores. Usually, they get top quality yarns and time consuming patterns. This year—I sucked it up and made her a mermaid tail of WalMart acrylic sparkle yarn. What a hit, and now everyone wants one. I don't think I can bring myself to sacrifice any more good knitting time.


My 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son are! My 10 year old only asks for handmade things when her siblings get something, then she lets it sit on her floor. I don't make anything for her anymore. My husband doesn't ask for anything so I don't make him anything.

Jude smith

I love to knit socks and my daughter loves to wear them. She is my most knitworthy.


My mom is the best person ever to knit for. She's tried knitting and didn't really love it, but as a result she knows how much work really goes into the things I make for her. She wears her handknits all the time, and handwashes all of them, even the superwash socks. My sister in law is also great to knit for, and as a result our 2 year old niece gets lots of handknits too, because I know her mom will appreciate and take care of them.


I've been thinking of this topic for weeks. I'm becoming much more discriminating in deciding whether someone is truly knitworthy. My adult son not only loves the handknitted hats from me, but has asked for more for friends etc who are special to him and admired his hats. Now, that I can work with!
BTW, that husband of yours is a cutie!


I have quite a few family and friends who are knitworthy and they get the majority of my work (socks mainly). One cousin loves to wear shawls so she gets those a lot. I do have a couple of relatives and acquaintances who are not knitworthy and after the first pair of socks or whatever they don't get any more. My sister-in-law promised socks to friends of hers that I didn't know this past year and was a bit upset when I declined to provide her with 3 pairs for Christmas giving - free. "No" is such a great word!!

Louellen Lawson

My husband is so gracious to appreciate and wear the hats i knit for him as Christmas gifts each year.


I have found kids in general & my grands in particular to be worthy of hand knits. I always consult with them about color & actually usually let them pick it out. And it's always machine washable so the garments will get worn. They used to love hand knit socks when they were little but no longer. Unfortunately they are now on sWonderful Wallaby kick. I've knit 14 so far (over the past 18 years) & im really getting tired of them.

Judi Kennedy

I have many who are knitworthy and I try to keep items coming to them. The ones I only do once are the ones who never respond after they receive the gift. If you ever ask if they liked it, you get a "yeah, that was nice". Fortunately, I don't run across them very often. And once identified, are crossed off the good list.
Have a Happy New Year!!!


My husband is definitely knit worthy. He likes everything I make for him. This year I made him a little gargoyle to sit on his desk as he really likes gargoyles. I have made him plenty of hats and gloves too.

amy g

I have a nephew who is wonderfully knitworthy! Whenever I give him something, he immeidiately puts it on and will always wear things I make when we are together. I lOVE that!


My dad is very knit worthy. His mom was a knitter, so he learned early on the time and love put into a handmade item. I am trying to knit him socks - size 13 in dark grey - yikes!


All 3 of my daughters and all 5 of my grandchildren!


What is the name of the pattren?

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