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December 17, 2016



Hedgehog fibers!


Any of the speckled yarns.

Antoinette Overton

Practically anything from Black Trillium or House of a la Mode or Miss Babs!! 😍😍😍

Niki Rogers

Ive been dying to try Sweet Georgia. So that would be the one for me.


I would love Juliet Baroque by Yarn Love. I have never used that yarn and the color is a change for me !


I'm torn between Miss Babs Tarte (I've never tried any Miss Babs) or Madelinetosh Twist Light (I've used some Madtosh, but not this base).

Pamela herman

Life in the long grass has been on my list for a long time. However I do love Sweet Georgia


Life in the long grass for me!


Yarn Love


There are so many, it's hard to choose one, but I'll go with Life in the Long Grass.

Jessica Hashbarger

I would love to work with blue moon

Tracy W.

There are too many on my wish list of yarns to try. If I have to choose, alpaca Sox colorway breeze.

Geri Heagy

The Life in the Long Grass is calling my name!

Antonette Needham

Hedgehog fibres

Barbara Rude



I would pick Life in the Long Grass, Fine Sock in Sock Night or Sock Cacoa.

Caitlin Saraphis

My first thought was Yarn Love, but now that I look at them, the Black Trillium colorways look particularly amazing in the Lilt base, and now I really want to make shawls out of several of them.


Life in the Long Grass. I've been eyeing Jezebel for a while now but have been a stupid yarn diet with my friends. As soon as the diet is over that color will be mine, lol.

Robin J

I would to try Life in the Long Grass! The colors are amazing

Marilyn Robinson

Of course I would like to try knitting with Life in the Long Grass it just looks beautiful and its NEW!


Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere!


Life in the Long Grass...should've snagged one the other day. Dang it!

Mary Eagen

I'd like to try Life in the long grass. Picking just one color would be difficult!


Anything Madelinetosh.

Thanks for the opportunity!


I have been eyeing the Vesper Sock Yarn from Knitterly Things. Those stripes are amazing! I just can't decide which colorway my favorite.

Alicia A

Miss Babs or Hedgehog Fibres are on my wish list.


Miss Babs looks fab!


I would like to try Life in the Long Grass.


I've been looking at the new Lorna's Lace splatter yarns.


Oh The Life in the Long Grass looks lovely! I would love to try it. And mitttens are definitely on my next year to do list!


Hedgehog Fibres! I've admired their colors for a while but never used them.


Hedgehog Fibres


I really want to try some Hedgehog Fibers yarn.

JoAnne B

I haven't yet anything from Madelintosh. I see some in my future. The colorway Spectrum I think.


Life in the Long Grass!!


I would try something from Ms Babs. In fact the perfectly unexpectedly colorway would be funny...since I am anything but!


I would like to try Primrose Yarn.


Would love to knit Life in the Long Grass Fine Sock.

Audra L

Fiberstory looks amazing. (They all look amazing, and I haven't tried half of them. Yet.)

I have half a pair knit with LITLG and it's such a great yarn. Glad you are carrying it so I know where to get my next skein.

Karen machado

I just ordered a skein of life in the long grass and cannot wait to receive it, but I am equally excited about hedgehog fibers. The color palettes for both are incredible. Have wonderful Christmas!🎄


I'd like to try Life in the Long grass. I think it's a cool name and brings my thoughts back to my visit in Ireland.

Renee Anne

I think I'd have to go for something from Black Trillium Fibers. I've tried several listed (and own more that I've not tried yet)...but BTF is one I've not gotten my hands on yet.

Karen G.

BMFA Socks That Rock- great colors!

Leann Demeduk

I would definitely choose Yarn Love. I absolutely adore ALL their color combos!


Unique sheep gradience! I keep hoping you'll do a knit kit with this yarn, or some kind of gradient! Unique sheep really looks fantastic


To be perfectly honest, i have yet to try Hedgehog Fibres and would very much like to try their sock yarn.


I would love to try Life in the Long Grass.


So many I want to try! Miss Babs may be the one I've been eyeing the longest...


I would like to try life in the long grass, yarn love or house of a la mode. They all look beautiful!


I would love to try yarn love.

Rachel R.

I've never knit with Madelinetosh and I'd love to try it!

Sandra Sprouse

House of A La Mode


I'm really looking forward to the arrival of House a la Mode yarns. I would love to try this Pacific Northwest hand dyed yarn. I also have the two Irish dyers on my wish list - Hedgehog Fibres and Life in the Long Grass.

Crystal Balzer

So so many I would like to try! Definitely Hedgehog Fibers, and Litlg is a strong close second 😊


Anything by Hedgehog fibers


Ooh this is tough! LITLG? DragonFly Fibers? Black Trillium? So tough!!! I'm going with DragonFly!


I still haven't tried your Poste yarn and would like a stripey hat, so I'd go with your Poste Yarn Worsted Striping in … maybe Island of Misfit Toys.

julie v

Miss Bans Yowza or Poste Stripe.


Hedgehog Fibres! The colours are simply gorgeous and I've heard only good things about their yarn.

Diane E.

Life in the Long Grass DK weight - Jezebel.
A hat or fingerless gloves would be pretty!


Life in the Long Grass, for sure!

Diane Hibbard

Life in the long grass in pansy. Been dollowin her on IG for a while. Drool.


that black trillium looks yummy


Knit with a lot of them but haven't tried Miss Babs yet. Next on my list

Haley Burns

BMFA because there are so many great color choices. One can never have too many crazy colored hand knit socks!


I'd love to try Hedgehog Fibres sock but Madelinetosh is always my favorite!


Life in the Long Grass appeals to me with the distinct color blends. Very eye-catching.


I'd like to try Hedgehog Fibres.

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