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December 17, 2016



Those Life in the Long Grass yarns look spectacular. I'd try one of those!


Fiberstory!!! I am not sure I could decide on a colorway though... I love them all :)


Miss Babs and Sweet Georgia are two on my list to try


I put a skein of Jezebel from Life in the Long Grass in my cart yesterday. I think it would be fun for Valentine's Day Socks. I also like Garden Party.

Elizabeth Durand

I agree -- Life in the Long Grass for me too.


I would pick Madelinetosh Twist Light. Nice twist for stitch definition and their colors are unsurpassed.


I'd love to try House a la Mode!


I would choose Life in the Long Grass.

yolanda v

I would LOVE to try Life in the LONG GRASS! What gorgeous colors!


I would love to try Black Trillium, Fiddle Knits, or Life in the Long Grass.


I've been wanting to try Hedgehog fibers sock.

Melissa Loback

I would love to try Yarn Love!!! I am in love with the Tinkerbell colorway!!!

Barbara Huffman

Oh definitely Life in the Long Grass !
I love the colors and the name .


I like Hedgehog fiber sock.


Yarn Love for sure. Those colours, and cashmere! Yum.

Leigh Ann Brown

Hard to pick one - life in the long grass or Zen Garden


I plan to get in for some Life in the Long Grass DK soon. I want to use it for a baby sweater in either pansy, or jezzabel.

Truth be told, I could have said Yarn Love, Cyborg's Craft Room or Primrose Yarn among others because it is sitting here waiting to be something amazing. But I have a plan for the Life in the Long Grass.


Madelinetosh pashima!

Krista Rhodes

So many to choose from! I'm going with TutlePurl, though. Glitter and stripes! Be still my Crafty, princess heart.

Kate s.

Turtlepurl glitter! In rainbow brite or what does it mean! Glitter and rainbows - who needs anything else.

Rhonda Atkinson

Life in the Long Grass in Pansy. It looks beautiful and I love the flowers in winter with snow resting around them.


Life in the long grass looks great to me!

Judi Kennedy

I'll probably try LITLG this next year. I really don't care for the kind of speckeled yarns, but that one looks really interesting.


I would try LITLG in the color Artefact. I would probably want to buy another skein or two so I could make a shawl.

Melissa Vanrossum

LOL Just bought two skeins of LITLG so I can't use that - I think the next yarn I'd love to try is Yarn Love. OOOHHHHH Pretty.

Anna Jane

Life in the Long Grass for sure!!

Anne R.

"One of each" is of course my answer but I'm going with Primrose. I need to knit a hat that is a light color to maybe make me a little more visible when I'm crossing streets in the dark on my way to and from work each day. Primrose has some great light and interesting colors that would be perfect to highlight my noggin and prevent my death. You might literally save my life if you pick me for this contest--ha!

Rebecca W.

While I can proudly say that I have tried perhaps 1/4 of the dyers listed, there are many more that are new to me. Next on my list, however, would have to be Miss Bans. I've been eager to try one of Miss Babs's creations for a while now, holding off until I knit through some more stash!


I have been wanting to try Miss Babs especially Zombie Honeymoon. A friend has used this yarn many times and loves it.


Life In The Long Grass color Jezebel would be the one for me!


Life in the Long Grass in Fingering Wt! I love the colors Garden Party, Damask, and Rosehip!


I'm going to have to go with FiberStory gradients. Much as I love self striping and some of the gorgeous multi colors, I am so wanting to knit up some nicely graduated color.

Mary C.

Life in the Long Grass for sure - So beautiful!

Joyce Selzer

I would like to try Miss Babs.


Those Unique Sheep gradient sets intrigue me. Especially Stitch Studs Bride. I'd love to know the inspiration for that name.


Difficult decision. I would love to try Life in the Long Grass yarn. I would pick sock fine in turf.


I haven't knit stripes for awhile so I'd choose Buscotti and Cie.


I'd love to try Miss Babs Tarte!


LITLG Jezebel. My stash is lacking in those colors! Beautiful!!

Brandi Hoesing

I would pick Hedgehog fibers, I love their dyeing style & color combinations. The hard part would be deciding which project is worthy of their yarns!


I love Madeline tosh's colors. I need something warm and bright and saturated with all of this cold white around.


Turtlepurl, without a doubt.


I've been eyeing Yarn Love for a while now (especially the final frontier and supernova color ways) but Life in the Long Grass looks pretty awesome too.


I haven't tried Turtlepurl yet...I love the stripes!


Life in the Long Grass. Love the name and can picture myself sitting in the "long grass" next summer, knitting a pair of socks


I'd love to try House of a la Mode or life in the long grass. Both have just stunning colorways that I feel I need! :)


I have really only used 2 or 3 of the sock yarn companies you carry so just about any would qualify for me! LOL However, since I need to pick one I think that Knitterly Things Vesper Striping Socks would be a good one to try. I do like stripes and am not much into variegated yarns so that looks like a safe choice for me. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and your family and staff.

Siri Reichelt

I would LOVE to try Hedgehog yarn! The LYS by me that carries it is almost out of it!

Kathleen McCunn

There are many yarn companies I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying, but your new LITLG line is tempting. I love the DK color way called Tin Shed. It would be a good choice for both the male and female knit recipients in my life.

Geraldine Scott

There are so many I haven't experienced yet! If I have to pick just one, it would be the vivid colors!

Lynn Nicholson

I haven't tried any sparkle yarn yet. I'd like to try BMFA super sparkle or Yarn Love Marie Antoinette sparkle.


I'd love that Yowza skein by Miss Babs to knit a sweater for a baby grandson!

Kara Hobbs

I've never tried any FiberStory, and the gradient sets look gorgeously fun to try!

Adele D

There are many I would like to try. I'll say Turtle Purl since I see it referenced frequently!


I've never heard of Life in the Long Grass! Yes, that's the one I'd like to try and in Bog Mrytle.

Theresa Devereaux

A hard Chioce. I would have to choose " Life in the Long Grass". I haven't knit with any Spatter Yarn.


I would like to try Yarn Love Juliet Sock. It is hard to pick one. Maybe that would be a fun thing to do this year try a new yarn each month.

Lisa Smith

I would love to try Life in the Long Grass. So many pretty colors. Pansy may be my favorite.


I've never used Lorna's Laces and would love to try it.


I would love to try Life in the Long Grass. I bought some Dragonfly fibers and haven't knit anything with it yet, but I'm excited because I love the colors!


I would like to knit with Knitterly Things yarn!
Susan B Anderson's Smooth Operator socks required a predictably striped yarn and these look yummy!


Knitterly Things.

Angie Lee Carli

Life in the Long Grass is beautiful!!! Just started back crocheting and loving it. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


I may have failed the test (not sure that is possible because you can't go wrong here!)? Of the three mentioned, I'd like to knit with Yarn Love!


I'd love to try Hedgehog fibers yarn!


Life in the long grass because it's new.


Always ready to try new yarns. Being British draws me to Hedgehog which I like and now Long Grass is on my list. But I yearn for Austermann.


I'd love to try Unique Sheep's yarns. In addition to the great colors, they have a very responsible environmental policy and are socially aware.

Vicki R.

Life in the long grass for sure!


I would like to try Zen Garden Yarn. I haven't knit anything with that yet.


I think Hedgehog Fiber.


Life in the Long Grass looks awesome. What great color ways. I'd love to try it.


I would like to try Hedgehog Fiber.

Joyce Correia

I love sparkle yarns. The Yarn Love Marie Antoinette would look great on my needles.


Looking at your site you have so many pretty yarns that I have not tried but if I had to pick one I would go with Yarn Love. There are some pretty colors that would make a pretty pair of socks or maybe a shawlette which I do want to make more of in 2017.


i can't believe I still haven't tried Hedgehog so that's the top of the list for 2017!


I think I would try lornas laces soulmate.. have always thought it would be neat yarn to try.


If I must pick... I would love to try a bright and colorful self-striping yarn like Poste Stripe Misfit Toys. There is something about moving outside my comfort zone that makes the thought of knitting and wearing wild socks exciting. :)


Life in the Long grass looks lovely, but I am also leaning towards the Yarn Love. Will make a decision when I win 😊


I'm not greedy. I would pick any. But, if I had to pick one I think I'd try Hedgehog partly because it's beautiful and has such a cute name.

Daniela L.

Love, love Madelinetosh Twist Light, so soft and great colors, but not only have I knit with it, it's my main go-to sock yarn... SFor something new, I'd love to try House of a la Mode!


I think I would to try Yarn Love. I would happy with any of their bases and colorways


I would try Wooly Wonka. Those silk blends look wonderful.


Life in the long grass looks like it would be so much fun to knit. Hard to pick my favorite cause I love ALL the colors.

Rose Birchall

On the bucket list is Miss Babs.


I'm really loving the new colors from Yarn Love, but that DK weight LITLG is very intriguing as well.

Sherri Harrington

I would love to try Primrose Zig Zag Sock and I even know the exact colorway I want...Gingerbread!


Gah! So hard to choose. Life in the long grass has stunning colors.


Tough one! Most of these dyers are new to me, so it isn't easy to narrow it down. I think I'd go with Fiddle Knits Aria Sock in Comet. So pretty!


I would very much like to try Yarn Love.

louellen lawson

The Turtle Purl Yarn in Stripe Gothic Plum has caught my eye. Also the Madelinetosh in Brick Dust is beautiful.

Thanks for this daily contest, it is fun!


Life in the long grass... can't stop looking at it and imagining what it will look like knit up! sigh

Alecia Helton

I've enviously watched my friends knit with Hedgehog, so that's the one I'd choose.


I have never knit with Socks that Rock and have heard so much about it. This would be my choice.

Chris C.

I'd try Life in the Long Grass. Like the name too!


I too would like to try Life in The Long Grass. I don't think there's a single color way that I don't love.

Linda Cram

Tough choice to make, but the winner is Wooly Wonka, Gradient Arianrhod Sock in Tequila Sun.


Mineville Wool Project - I am always late to see the posts and the color(s) I want are gone by them. I'll just keep stalking!!


Black Trillium Pebble in the luau colorway

Paula Zent

Twist light Beautiful!

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