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December 23, 2016



The best most sought after gift I have seen at a white elephant was a toothbrush holder that said "repent sinner" on it!


the most sought after gift as the last white elephant was a huge package of delicious carrots and a jar of homemade chokecherry jelly. Yeah, I ended up with it. Jelly was so so good on pancakes.

yolanda v

In the White Elephant exchange I was part of the one of the most sought after gift was a potpourri twinkly light lamp.
Love the idea of a yarny elephant exchange.

Nancy F.

I once brought what I thought was a hideous lava lamp - type light to a gift exchange. (It was originally given to me by my in-laws.) It ended up being the most sought after gift at the exchange. Go figure!


I have been to white elephant parties, but I don't really have any recollection of the gifts. I don't know if I've just had bad luck with them or if I just don't have the right personality to participate, but all I remember is misery.


I had not heard of a white elephant party until you mentioned it in an earlier blog. It sounds like great fun and I would love to go to one. I would bring something practical as I can never think of good gag gifts.


I remember a work exchange where the gift I got was the gift that everyone wanted. It was called a people feeder. It was a globe with a spout that was attached to a holder. You fill it with candy and tip the globe so that you can get candy out of the spout. I kept it at work for years filled with candy.

Joyce Correia

My husband's family does a WE gift exchange every year. Each year I give a jar of pomegranate jelly. And each year it's the most-traded gift. I try to wrap it mysteriously each year.


I have heard of this White Elephant thing, but have never participated in one.


While I have not been to a white elephant party (at least as far as I can remember), my husband's office used to have one every year, and I'd help select the gift for him to take. We usually have a a few strange gift items that we've received (not from white elephant parties) that we then set aside to re-gift at the next white elephant. I have two set-aside gifts right now that I tried to convince my daughter's friend to take to her white elephant party this past week, but she thought the items were too weird. I would definitely take them if I had a white elephant party to go to. The weirder the gift the better!


I really like those types of gift exchanges! Had one this year at my new job and the most stolen gift was a Wonder woman superhero mug. 😊


I have never been to a white elephant party, I would bring a pair of my homemade sweater mittens.


A long, long time ago I was at a white elephant gift party. My selection turned out to be a very important part of the male body sculpted in chocolate. It was truly memorable (and pretty embarrassing).

Adele D

My Bunco group does this every Christmas(never heard it called a White Elephant). Several years ago it was a pair of gloves that were cell phone friendly. Material in the thumb and forefinger that allowed cell phone use without taking off the gloves.

Jeanne Bush

To me a White Elephant party is to bring a pretty awful item while a gift exchange is usually something nice. Many years ago, shortly after I got married, we attended a White Elephant party and brought a really tacky wedding gift we'd received. I can't remember what it was, but the party was hilarious.


I have not yet been involved in one of these parties. I know that my husband has at work but he did not tell me what the "prized" gift was--he was not the recipient.


I have never been but have heard of all the fun. I think we as a family should do it next year. Thank you for the great idea πŸŽ„


Attended a White Elephant party (although it was referred to as Dirty Santa) just last week! The worst gift was an ugly wooden picture fame which interestingly was past around 3 times! Guess it is all in the eye of the beholder!


I've been to many, but I don't think they are fun, as someone is always disappointed. The most memorable one, all the gifts were $25 gift cards, and the most prized was from Starbucks (which did not interest me).

Thanks for a glimpse of the beautiful new colorways, and a chance to win some.


I've never been to a white elephant party, but my husband's work did one this year. He brought a small drone, which was apparently the most sought-after gift.

Rhonda Atkinson

Last year at the office party the best gift wanted by most was a platter with a beautiful Cardinal painted on it. It was stolen 3 times which then freezes it to that person.


I had a white elephant party my last year of high school with my closest friends. I ended up with a carved wooden native american man with a huge barrel around him from the neck down. When you pulled the barrel off, you got a crazy surprise that was on a spring so it would sproing when you pulled the barrel off! I wish I had kept it, but I got rid of it on one of our moves.

Robin J

I haven't participated in a white elephant party. I think it would be fun to take a knitted scarf or hat. However I am not sure everyone gets as excited about something hand made as I do. So gift cards are always nice

Wendy Chase

I've been to several white elephant parties over the years but the most memorable sought after gift was a knife set. It got a little emotional there at the end. I didn't win it but I still remember the woman who did and she moved away decades ago lol.

Diana Lichvarik

The best gift which I ended up with was a bag of Starbucks ground coffee and a coffee flavored liquier! Thank you for the fun holiday game!

Renee Anne

I think I've been to two White Elephant Parties. One was a work one and I had no idea what to bring so I grabbed something weird out of our storage room. The other was for Husband's side of the family. I think I brought one of my first handknit scarves (recycled sari silk yarn, garter stitch, nothing fancy)...I think it wound up in one of Husband's cousin's hands (and she's artsy fartsy and loved it).


Have participated in many white elephant gift exchanges. Last year most of the items were gag gifts but one person brought homemade caramel corn and that is what everyone wanted!

Bev White

We did it at work once years ago. The most wanted gift was an out door Christmas decoration. It was 5 foot tall snowman made out of metal and hand painted. Yes, I took it home.


I have never been to a white elephant party but they sound like fun. If I was to participate in one I would probably bring some old acrylic yarn or maybe a set of interchangeable knitting needles I thought I had to have but ended up hating them.


We had Dirty Santa ornament parties at work. There were usually some nice ornaments that lots of people wanted, but I always wanted the color-changing snowmen.


We had a swap party at work today; they're common around the holidays. For a couple of years, we held one with a cookie exchange in my knitting group. We all brought yarn or books or other knitting-related items that we no longer were using. I don't remember any one item dominating, but it was a fun way to trade knitting materials.


Yes, these exchanges are fun. Lottery tickets are always popular.


I get the perfect "white elephant" gift every year with a fruit box from my brother--chocolate covered coconut patties (sort of like chocolate coverd hair). Would gladly give them away!

Sue Boisvert

We call them Yankee Swaps and sadly no one ever brings yarn 😱. The most sought after gift is always the bottle of wine of course!
Thank you for lots of fun this year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


Never heard it called "White Elephant" before, it's mostly called "Bad Santa" here. We do a Bad Santa at my bookgroup's Christmas party. It's always lots of fun and I was annoyed I couldn't make it to the party this year. A yarn one would be fun!


I got stuck with a dead plant one year. πŸ˜„

JoAnn Tipton

A pair of hand knits socks during a "dirty santa" exchange where you could steal someone else's present. At one white elephant party you had to make sure that you didn't get the decorated dreaded chick that was further embellished and brought back in disguise the next year

Karla Carter

One year we did a dirty santa within our knit group. Everyone wanted the pattern book with the gorgeous yarn.


I've been to several white elephant exchanges, including a knitting one. One year my husband brought a bag of nuts from a place in town that does all different flavors. It was funny because each person who got the bag ate a few, and it got passed around a lot, so by the end, the person who got it only went home with about half a bag.


I have been to several White Elephants - the most sought after gifts were probably not appropriate to talk about on a G-rated website :) I attended one this year and got a really cute set of juice glasses that had bicycles on them. Those were one of the better white elephant gifts I have gotten!

Judi Kennedy

No. I've done dirty Santa, I think it's similar. Usually ended up with a less than desired gift.


I haven't been to one in years. I do remember going to one that had only gag gifts. The problems arise when when it's a combo of good and gag gifts. Makes for an interesting evening.


I went to White Elephant party way back in middle school when I was in the 4-H. I remember the best gift being a big tower of Hersey Kisses. All of us kids loved chocolate!


The most sought after gift each year for a few years running was a sombrero chip dish that played music. The gift returned each year, however it was used each year. The participants who had kids would try to get rid of the plate, but the kids preferred it come back home with them for another year.


The adults in my family do a Yankee Swap every Christmas Eve and no joke gifts are allowed. Last year 2 people brought the same item - adult coloring books and colored pencils.

Joyce Selzer

I was at a white elephant party about 40 years ago as part of church youth group. I don't remember what I took or received. Today I would probably take some Christmas decoration I don't care for anymore.


I haven't been to one in years but I think they're great fun. There always seems to be one gift that everyone wants. I'm always a sucker for a set of color pens or pencils.

Anna Jane

No I never have but would love to! I'd bring luxury yarn :)


I've never been to one. Someone suggested it for my husband's work party, but they ended up not doing it (phew!). Before the idea was scrapped, my husband was threatening to get an inauguration T-shirt. (We live near one of the three DC airports, and they are selling that stuff.) I would have brought something like a small local business gift card, probably.

Kelly Nalley

Not that I wanted it, but many wanted a wine cooler for one bottle of wine.


I haven't been to a yankee swap in years. I can't even remember what the gifts were that's how long it's been. I think I would bring special Christmas ornaments.


I haven't been to a white elephant party but a white yarn party might be fun. Bring a skein and see what you walk away with..


No White Elephant parties for me! My sister's in-laws used to do this every year at the family Christmas party but thankfully, I was just an observer. I think one year the most sought after gift was a talking cookie jar. It was also ugly but had the most trades.


Coffee or Hot Chocolate mixes have been popular at the White Elephant exchange I have attended.


This year the most sought after gift at our annual white elephant party was a multi tool with an ergonomic grip- both the men and women wanted it!


I was part of something similar at a knitting camp I attended last year. The person putting on the camp brought all the gifts for it. I ended up with something for children and ended up sharing it with two co-workers.

wendy james

We do one every year at our office Christmas party. Every year the sought after gift is different. Some years it is alcohol. This year it was a gift card to a restaurant and a sponge bob gingerbread house.

Kay Hulse

I've participated in many during my working years. There was a pair of "jingle bell" pants that made the rounds every year and the main objective was not to get stuck with them. That made any other present preferable.

Geraldine Scott

I don't think it matters what's's the prettiest wrapped present that becomes the hot commodity! I've participated many times. I think the worst gift I ever received was a small bag of almonds, and the best was a warm, fuzzy blanket!


Yes! I do this with a great of friends and the best gift that I got was a foot spa!


We used to have a similar gift exchange in one of the units I worked in. The fun came not from the gifts but from the "Intrigue" of trying to get the gift you wanted. It wasn't really a White Elephant exchange because the gifts could be new but they had a limit of $5-10 & werenore or less gag gifts.


Wine, it is always the one gift most sought after, but our white elephant parties, an item can only be stolen three times.


Yes our family does white elephant gift exchanges and sometimes the simplest items become the most popular one year it was a pair of fuzzy dice for your rear view mirror and another year it was a jar of candied jalepenos


I was just at a White Elephant party at work on Monday! The ones I've been to, it seems that alcohol is the most prized gift! (And I too was once at one where a Shake Weight made its rounds!)

Amy Hesting

We just bought a bunch of white elephants at Costco for our party tomorrow. Usually the best ones that people fight over are alcohol-related but I saw some women battle over LUSH bath bombs once. I considered gifting a skein of yarn in the white elephant just so I could get it back, because nobody but me would want it!


I can't remember the last time I did one of those gift exchanges. I think the thing I'd want the most in a gift exchange would be an Amazon or yarn store gift card. Thanks for the chance to win!


I've never gone to a whiit elephant party. Sounds fun. We did a secret Santa at work a few years ago & I got a co-worker an extremely tacky toy Santa kicking a soccer ball (he's a soccer fan)- he still has it in his office. Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


I've never been to a White Elephant Party. Sounds very complicated but fun.

Janet Duff

My passes gifts around the circle as a story is read. The most sought after gifts seemed to be Pioneer Woman kitchen items.


I've been to white elephant:dirty Bingo parties before but the idea was to bring some things to get rid of. Like an ugly salad bowl!


I think this is the same as a Yankee Swap, which is popular in New England. Booze is always the preferred gift.


Yes and everyone wanted the Starbucks card

Julie V

I made handling mittens one year. It was fun to watch the good spirited reasoning and stealing!!


I've never participated in a White Elephant Party. This year my peers did a secret santa...I purchased infused oils and dipping plates. It was so well received.
If I have a type of swap where I tend not to know people I usually purchase a popular game. I feel it is safe and not that personal.

Deb Monnin

Gifts with lottery tickets are generally sought after. One of the best gifts which kept coming back was an aunt Jemima glass bottle "doll" which had a crocheted dress. It was great fun!

Helen King

I have never been to a white elephant party but I would take a beautiful hand knit scarf or shawl.


Many years ago. Can be fun with the right group.

Ann Knepper

I don't think I have ever been to a White Elephant party but I did once host a Christmas gift exchange where you could only give gifts that you received for calendars, ruler, fair tablets etc. I think we had the best time ever.


I've never been to a white elephant party, but it would be fun to do one with yarn stash. Everyone has such a different idea of what they like. Everyone could bring yarn they didn't want to knit from their stash, and go home with yarn they love from someone else's stash!

Sara Byron

White Elephant or Yankee Swap. I really remember the BAD gifts more! But once years ago, I remember a Princess Diana Beanie Baby - with the yellow rose on it that was stolen around for a LONG time at a Yankee Swap. Next year we imposed the rule that an item can only be stolen three times!

Audra L

I have been to several White Elephant exchanges but haven't really coveted anything from them. There was a big soft fluffy blanket that we took home. Would be a lot more fun with a group of yarnish friends.


It's been a few years since I participated in one, but thy last time the most sought after gift was a beauty school practice mannequin head, and this was a bunch of realtors! It was very creepy.l


We had a white elephant gift exchange at work this week, but I didn't had the time to participate...

Karen G.

I haven't been to a white elephant party, but my co-worker brought a Squatty Potty to one this year. My brother came away from another WE party with a giant box of chocolates.


The most prized gift at the last one I went to was a big bottle of maple syrup.

Kat Gatzke

Quite a few years ago we had a white elephant gift exchange at my old job. The funny gift that several people actually wanted was a giant stuffed fish. (Stuffed like a stuffed animal not a prize catch!)


We always had a white elephant exchange at work, and most of the gifts were in poor taste, except one year someone brought a woven throw, which is still on my couch, several years later.


There seems to be no theme to the White Elephant parties. One year a festive door mat is popular, and another year it is a bottle of wine in a fabulous bag. I think everyone really wanted the the bag!

Teresa C

This year the prize gift was a bottle of Jack Daniels, at a work "team Building" party.

Niki Rogers

The adults in my family have a white elephant gift exchange every year! It is loads of fun and lots of laughs. This years favorites were a pocket knife, a crock pot(my 86 year old mother stole that one in the end). I always put a knitted item in the mix and certain relatives are always trying to remember my wrapping paper so they can get my knitted gift. This year was a very long scarf and fingerless mitts out of Malabrigo Rios.


I participated in one a couple of years ago with my eucher playing neighbors. The theme was Christmas decorations. I walked away with a handcrafted Santa head, it's as tacky as it sounds! Lots of fun!


A copy of "How the Grinch stole Christmas" DVD. I was pleased to end up with it!

Brittany Young

It's been a while since I've been to a white elephant gift exchange, but I remember the most cleverly wrapped and most appealing looking gift already turned out to be toilet paper!


Yes, several. One year I brought a raffia angel wall decoration that I had made. She was unexpectedly popular to the point that the fifth person who stole her snuck away and hid her. It made for a very lively exchange with a lot of laughter.


I've never been to a white elephant party, but I love the idea of having one for knitters. We do have plenty of funny grab bag party stories in our family, like the year my daughter ended up with a bottle of shampoo that had been opened and used! That ended up being a way to teach her about just having fun and enjoying the gift giving, not worrying about the receiving.


I think at the last white elephant party the issue was more that we had all found really terrible gifts, and no one wanted to go home with the box of cleaning supplies!

Anne R.

I've never been to a WE party--the concept makes my inner control freak itch, but a WE party just for knitters/crafters could be lots of fun. Will have to try to remember that next year when planning festivities.

Crystal Balzer

I've been to a few and always the most sought after gifts were the alcohol lol

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