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December 23, 2016


JoAnne B

Just last week we were at a Yankee Swap (same thing). The most prized gift was a Santa Lantern. It was quite nice. The toilet paper holder that played silly Christmas songs was a distant second. Next time I'll bring yarn and see how that goes.

This has been fun!

Megan W

I have never been to a white elephant party, but I would bring something useful like a kitchen tool.

Melissa Loback

We just did a white elephant party with the entire family. The most sought after gift was a wooden duck on a swing followed closely by a giant package of toilet paper!!


I haven't been to a white elephant party yet. I'd bring an unusual Christmas ornament or an enticing book on baking, along with a mini-pack of ingredients to make one of the items, like cinnamon rolls or brownies.


Wow I've never heard of this. Well what to bring, maybe something that I knit that I never wore, sweater that I still have , even though its just not me, but I still have it. I couldn't bear to give it up there's a lot of work in it. Maybe it would be time to give it away.

Brenda B

Yes, we do them at work at Christmas. Anything related to coffee always seems to be the most sought after. But one year it was a Santa hat that moved and sung and flashed lights. The Chief Engineer and VP of the company were vying over that, I thought they were going to come to blows, it was hilarious!

Linda Cram

The Yankee Swaps that I have been part of have involved more serious gifts, a bottle of wine, a best seller book, etc. On one of the swaps the most sought out gift was a hand knitted scarf!


At our parties at work the prized gift is wine. Runner up is movie tickets. Always has to be a gender neutral gift!!

Sandra Sprouse

Yes I have... if I remember correctly, it was the socks that had alcohol in them!!


The swaps that I've been a part of in the past the most popular items have been. . . flash lights or over sized throw blankets.

Donna Briede

I went to a party at my office this Tuesday and the most sought out gift was a giraffe neck warmer. Everyone loved it and thought it was very funny


Yes I have been to a swap exchange. The most sought after gift was a Snuggie - a blanket with sleeves😀


I have been at several and at one, it was a warm, soft throw that everyone tried to win.
My favorite win has always been a gift card to a book store! Score!

Haley Burns

Ugh, white elephant. The group at work tries to provide the worst gifts ever! Usually half eaten boxes of candy or broken ornaments. One year some brought (unscratched) lottery tickets and there was nearly a fist fight over them!!


It sounds like fun! I would bring a packable down throw - squishy and so appreciated in a pinch


I have in the past been part of this type of exchange with co-workers. I can't remember the good gifts, although anything would have been better than the USED fountain that I ended up with. I hope it was gag gift.


I would bring a gift card to a local grocery store or movie theater.


It's also known as Dirty Santa here, but with a spin. You can bring a nice gift or a bad gift, but I always bring nice gifts like scarves, nice socks, and chocolates.


I went to one where everyone was trying to get a toilet brush. I didn't win it. 😢

amy g

I used to work at a boarding school and every year at the staff party, we had a white elephant exchange. The most sought after gift was a 'classy' retro, plaid gaberdine sport coat. I can't even remember the colors, but the person who ended up with it had to wear it to the next morning assembly. It was quite a hoot!


I just attended a white elephant with my running group. The most stolen gift was a red frying pan. I had it at one point but knew I wouldn't be able to keep it. I ended up with a men's running shirt and my husband doesn't run. :)

Karen machado

I did go to one, at an office Christmas party, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the gift. It must not have been memorable😋 If I were to get three of the new Hamilton colors(great 💡, by the way, DIC), I would love Angelica, Rochembeau and Reynolds in everlasting sock. Thank you, God bless you and yours, and your two boys are so sweet- love how they are so close! So great to see that! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁❤️⛪


Yes, and the most popular gift was a bottle of wine! This was when I worked at the state health department, of all places!

Linda Bazinet

I've never been to a White Elephant Party. Probably a good thing since I would have trouble stealing from someone else. I would likely bring something simple like a bottle of wine.


Our last family White Elephant party was years ago when our kids and their cousins were pretty young and didn't appreciate the concept of someone being able to take their gift. After all the gifts were unwrapped and claimed, we allowed exchanges to be made so everyone was happy. As I recall, the gifts that the adults thought were oddest were the most sought after by the kids.


We do a white elephant at my work. It's usually bad gifts though. I brought a pair of mitts in the school colors. Those were sought after. In fact, I'm knitting another pair for someone who missed out on them. I ended up with a 3 foot tall piñata of a wrestler!!


I've never been to one. At a friend's recent party everyone was fighting over a Starbucks gift card. She ended up with a dancing Snoopy which was hilarious. I thought the gift card was a good choice.

Barbara Rude

We had one at work this year the most treasured gift was a family of snowmen.


Two gifts stand out for me from many white elephants over the years - first, the one that no one wanted, someone wrapped up their old Halloween pumpkin - apparently it had stayed on the porch and was frozen solid! The best one was one of the glass heads from Pier One - at first no one wanted it because it was 'creepy' so I swooped in and stole it - then others began to see the possibilities and it became a hot item. Fortunately I prevailed in the end!

Trish Szarko

I've been a part of several! One year it was an electric pancake griddle that everyone kept stealing. In another- a bottle of homemade wine! (I ended up with neither ;) Still fun!


At the last one I went to, the Starbucks gift card was the most sought after and the screwdriver kit was the least wanted by the women.

Mary Eagen

I've never been to a white Elephant Party, though it sounds like fun. I'd probably bring a practical gift like a gift card.

Tabitha Burks

The most sought after gift at the one White Elephant gift exchange I went to was the an assortment of Ghiradelli chocolate squares, in their holiday versions, along wth a few other candy items I believe.


I don't think I really understand what's fun about white elephant parties, but maybe I would knit a stuffed white elephant toy. or a horse with an open mouth that the receiver shouldn't look into.
thanks for this chance to win!


I really dislike those blown glass candle-things that burn oil (oil lamps?). So I brought one of those that I had been gifted to a white elephant party one year - and it was the sought after gift! I'm glad I could share it with people who would really appreciate it.

Alecia Helton

Lots of white elephant Christmas parties, but never a knit themed one. Most sought after gifts are usually things light flashlights.


My worship group has a Yankee Swap at our Christmas/Winter Holiday Party.
The most fun we had was a year when someone added an action figure of Sigmund Freud. He was traded and traded and yet no one wanted him. Besides, it's such a fun way to have gift giving and yet, not.

This year too many households had downsized as parts of moves. We shared many beautiful and desirable gifts - and then there was a box that had satisfying jingles and thuds. Someone contributed a squeeze bottle of Hershey's chocolate with a metal and a glass Christmas decoration!


never been apart of a White elephant party. My parents I know were when I was a kid. Me if I were to go to one it would depend who is at this party. People I know who might be in something specific I might get something in that interest. If I didnt know what they had interest wise I might go safe and bring a stuffed toy or a food basket


Our church does a White Elephant gift exchange every year for Christmas. The one I remember the most was when someone wrapped up two USB Powered small Christmas trees, they light up and make your computer look festive. Those parties can be a lot of fun.

Teresa Safranek Harriman

I love white elephant parties! I remember a Swiss Army knife being very popular. Because there were a lot of boys there


The adults in my family do this as gift exchange, but we call it Dirty Santa. The most fought over gift we've had was a garden gnome who golfed. My Dad ended up with it,and we "kidnapped" it, and it traveled with all of us kids at some point during the year. We would take pictures of it,and send them to Dad. He grumped a lot,but secretly we think he enjoyed it!

Lynn Nicholson

I went to a few many years ago. I don't remember anything that was fought over but I DO remember the hideous lampshade I ended up with once. Merry Christmas to all!

Katie M.

My knitting guild does this every year for our December meeting. One of our members makes these exquisite tiny Latvian mittens on like size 000 needles, and those are traditionally quite popular. Wine and chocolate are always good too.


I'm throwing one of these for my girlfriends but in this case I supplied all the gifts. I tag saled 8 nice necklaces so everybody will end up with a nice item but who will get which we will see!


I have never been to a white elephant party. I would bring Christmas cookies and include the recipe.


I did do this once, many years ago. The favorite gift was a Philadelphia Eagles remote holder that sat on the arm of the sofa and also held a beer. Everyone was fighting over it! Such fun!

Deborah D Jones

One year, during the White Elephant exchange with my family, my 90 year old grandmother ended up with the most sought after/best gift (it was when those personal smoothie blenders were all the rage!). There were at least six other people that REALLY wanted to "steal" it from her...but no one dared! LOL

Judi S

My knitting group has a party with a white elephant gift exchange. We answer knitting questions to choose who goes next. Of course, the most sought after gift is the skein of yarn donated by the shop owner.


Haven't been a participant at one of these but we have a friend that used to give us gifts that we had no idea what to do with. I would probably bring something like a knick knack.


Oh, gosh, I haven't been to a White Elephant gift exchange in over 20 years. At the time, we were all broke, so I don't recall any gift being particularly in demand. But I remember there were a lot of laughs and groans. I don't know what I'd take if I were invited to one of these parties now. Maybe a book that I had a duplicate of.


It's been sooo long ago, I don't even remember the gift. I remember a lot of laughing though. A few years ago at work we had something similar, but the gifts weren't "white elephant". They were just nice gifts that the next person had a chance to steal or go pick from under the tree. Merry Christmas!


A group of couples has a White Elephant Exchange EVERY year for the last 20 years. Usually someone brings a T-shirt that is a spoof on one of our hobbies and that is the most coveted gift.


I have never been to a white elephant gift party, but my nephew gave my older son the truck nuts, that he got one year from his in-laws party. I would probably bring some kind of ugly candle.

Pamela herman

I have been to several and they can be a lot of fun. Important to know if going to be silly or serious gifts. I have gotten some really great gifts and some real stinkers. Is anyone familiar with poopoopourie?


Never been to one, but I'd probably bring something useful, like kitchen tools or notebooks or something. Or if I was feeling especially snarky, I might search out some terribly punny gift (a mug or a shirt maybe).


i have been to several but so long ago that I can't remember the gifts. There are some that people definitely like...and don't like.

chellis evers

yes, it was a really nice knitting book that everyone wanted. I swear that thing was passed around at least 50 times.
The other one was some really nice sock yarn (I think it had cashmere in it) and it got "Stolen" at least 20 times. Good times to be had at those parties.


I have attended several at work. The most sought-after gifts are usually the bottles of wine. A yarn themed one would be so fun! (For me...)

Theresa M

We do this every year now with my husband's extended family. It's great fun! We do separate gifts into 'men' and 'women' piles. Alcohol is always popular. Small hand tools for men. Christmas decor / candles for women. Hand knit mittens are good too!

Mary C.

I've never been to one of these, but love the idea of a yarn/knitting related exchange. I can envision some pretty nice and pretty hilarious gifts!


We have done it at work. I work with several crafty types and admirers. One year a simple hat was the contested prize.

Dari T

I've been part of several white elephant exchanges. The most memorable was one with my co-workers. One guy gave a box of 40 yr old (sealed) cracker tin from the 'Fallout Shelter' days he found in the basement of our building (a designated shelter in our town). Good times!


Nope, never have. I've thought it would be a good way to give gifts to my family—a pile of knitted scarves, mitts etc., and no designated recipients.


Never been to one. I would probably bring a Christmas ornament.


I've never been to one, but my husband's work does Dirty Santa every year. This year had a "drinks" theme... he took boxes of Yoohoo (strawberry and chocolate). It got a big laugh. :-)


We always called it yankee swap. One year everyone fought over an electric knife...what a fun nite!!!!

Lou lawson

Beautiful colorways. I havent attended a lot of white elephant parties. But one that I remember is a big soup bowl with ladle with a lid, large enough to hold a pot of soup. I wished I had gotten it.


I haven't been to one in a while. The last one I remember was an ornament swap, and the most sought after ornament was a hamster ball, which played The Hamster Song. I came home with that one, and there are days that I'm sorry about it!


My husband's work group does this every year. The gifts are usually goofy and they enjoy the ones that are the silliest. One year I got a beautiful gift pack with bottle of wine, lavender wine glasses and a decorative bunch of lavender glass grapes. I loved it and no one else wanted it!


My husband's family is huge with kids, grandkids, great grankids, and cousins. One year for Christmas we did a white elephant. The most sought after gift was an elephant statue!


My weaving guild does this kind of gift exchange every year. Handmade gifts are encouraged! Years ago, one of our members had a son who was a glass blower. The beautiful hand blown glass she brought were always the most coveted.

Nancy Griswold

We participate in a white elephant gift exchange with my sister-in-law's family, and one year there was a Best Buy gift card in the mix. That gift was stolen the maximum times. Another big hit was a t-shirt from Griswold Family Christmas. That's our last name, and everybody wanted it!


We did this one year, but instead of cheap and/or funny gifts, the organizers set a $50 limit (BTW, this was a family get together and no other gifts were exchanged). There were some pretty nice gifts; I seem to remember that the men were all vying for a limited edition beer glass.


I haven't heard of this before, so no I haven't done one of these parties. I suppose it would depend on the group involved, but I'd probably do something hand knit, again, depending on the group.


At one of my jobs their were several people with kids, so the most popular item was an older ladies hand bag.... So fun when there is an item people will "steal" from each other!


At work one time, a big black bowling ball was the most sought after item. People had so much fun over that. As for what I would bring, it would depend on the group but if I was really stuck, I would knit a hat and mitts in wild colours, aiming for universal appeal.


Most popular gifts were travel coffee mug and a little travel tool set, biggest gag gift was a toilet seat! I think a knitting white elephant exchange would be FUN!


Never been a direct participant but I did supply one of the best gifts to a friend's party: an old bobblehead give away from one of our local sports teams--of one of the less-than-star players.

Theresa Devereaux

There is a Charity Group that meets at my LYS every week. Last year I was invited to their Christmas Party that included the White Elephant Swap. The Rule was a little different though. You were asked to bring a gift you wouldn't mind receiving. I liked that Little Twist 🙂


I've never been to a white elephant party before. I'd try to take some sort of gift that might be more of a gag gift just cause I think that kind of stuff is more fun.


My husbands family has done it for 50 years or more. I would always go for the wrapped present that looks like paper towels or toilet paper because my FIL would usually tape a $20 to it. After a while others caught on and I would have that present stolen.

Deborah Malone

Santa snow globe. (Which suggests the quality of the other gifts)

Antoinette Overton

Hasn't everyone done white elephant? The best gift I remember was a pair of really neat scotch glasses! I would and have brought a large box of chocolates, that way if the person who ends up with it doesn't like it they can just share with everyone else.

Lisa B

Turns out I have at work but I didn't know that is what it is called. It was so long ago I can't recall many details but I do know the gift value was capped at $10 and that the majority of the gifts were silly gag gifts.

Sherri Harrington

I've never been to a white elephant party, but if I ever did get invited to one, the gift I took would depend on the group of people. I'd want to try to find something that everyone would want! haha!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

Did something similar for family Christmas last year but we all brought gifts someone would want. The biggest fight was over a set of small casserole dishes, the kind for one or two people. We liked it well enough to do it again this year.


I have never participated in one of these, and to be honest it sounds awful! Though I guess that's because I usually make my gifts, so the idea that it would be ignored or fought over bothers me. I'd have to go with something like a gift card so that there is no emotion attached to the card. That would be just fine.


I haven't been to A white elephant party in a long time but I think I remember lottery tickets being highly prized, except the fake ones that were mean!


My office party does a white elephant gift every year, the kind where people can choose to steal somebody else's gift or open one themselves. One of the most memorable one is a latex horse mask. I don't know why, but people kept fighting for it. Lol!


Our neighbors host a party every year in December and we did a white elephant swap at the last one. Th item most in demand was a chocolate fondue fountain.

Lisa Smith

I was once invited to a White Elephant Christmas ornament exchange. It was actually very fun and all the ornaments were quite cute. I ended up with three of Santa's reindeer wooden ornaments.

Renee' Sawyer

Yes, they can be really funny parties. One year I took Hula dancing dolls that stand in your car window. Then I felt so sad that the next year when they came back (surprise!) I won them back! The gift that kept coming back was some Ninja - I think it was a squirrel??? - motion thing.

Annette Poole

It has been at least 20 years since I have been to a White Elephant party. I remember the most prized gift was scratch off lottery tickets.


It's been years since we went to one, so I don't remember what we brought, but we did come home from one with a nice picture frame once.

I had one with former work colleagues once where the gift that kept being recycled was a Chia Pet. Talk about the ultimate white elephant!


I have never attended one, but love the idea of a yarn one!


We used to do white elephant for my dad's side of the family. some people would bring some horrible gag gifts which kind of sucked for the younger kids but I got a really nice blanket one year


The in-laws started this a few years ago. It's horrible. I know they're suppose to be fun but somehow, like most things, they've sucked the fun right out of it.


The last one I went to it was wine and chocolate. It is a fun game. A lot of laughing and giggles

Patricia Richardson

I've participated in ornament exchanges before but not White Elephant. I think I would bring a funny coffee mug or maybe knit or crochet a hat or scarf. My granddaughter attended her first White Elephant exchange last week. The most prized gift was a plush throw which she stole. She took a pack of pencils.

Brandi Hoesing

I have been to a white elephant party, the most sought after gift was a bottle of wine with mini Christmas lights. (The theme was lights)

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