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December 21, 2016


Sharon Demarte

I just learned to make socks in the past 3 weeks and I'm already addicted! Have been watching 'Grocery Girls' where I'm learning about these mini's - would love to have them!


I haven't used a mini skein set yet. They are so pretty - almost for decoration! A ruffled scarf or cowl would show off the colors well. Lorna's violins and trumpets are especially pretty.

Kelly Nalley

I have not tried them but I would love a crescent shawl with them

Danielle K

I have caught the mini skein bug big time!!! I bought 3 sets at the last fiber show I went to!!


I've bought a couple gradient sets, but haven't knit them....
I think the gradient set (colors & yardage) the pattern need to line up!
Getting closer!

Christine C.

I have yet to use mini skeins, but love the idea of gradient colors. I can see knitting a sweater for a baby, using the mini skeins for socks, or even a shawl. Oh the choices!

Deborah D Jones

These could definitely tempt me to catch the fever!!

Teresa Cochran

I use wool mini skeins to make the cutest Easter eggs. They knit up fast and it's fun to incorporate all the colors in different patterns. I will be ordering more. Thanks for your 'Days of Christmas' give-aways!

Katherine S.

I picked out a set from both Three Irish Girls and Wonderland... and they are both so pretty, I just like to look at them. One day, I hope to make something good, like stripey socks, but they are fun to look at too.

Tabitha Burks

I have not yet joined in on the trend of mini skeins. However, I would give in to knitting projects using mini skeins if I had a shawl, scarf, or other project in mind that required or worked well with gradient or related colors like most mini skein sets do.

Judi S

I have made a few shawls out of gradients, the Purpleplexy is my favorite.

Geraldine Scott

I haven't caught onto the craze yet...I suppose I need to be educated first of all the possibilities! Just seems like a lot of decisions to make, and I'd rather just knit!


I was in the mini gradient kit this year. Although I have not put any of it on needles, I do have patterns picked out and it is going on needles after Christmas... Can't wait..


I knit a Perianth which I really like and a cowl with matching fingerless gloves which were ok. I have a few sets in my stash because I love love love gradient and if I knit it I won't have it,

Rhonda Atkinson

I have bought 2 sets of gradients mini skeins and am currently working thru one knitting a beautiful scarf. Wide and lacey. It will be beautiful when finished.


Yes! Have definitely caught mini skein fever. I've been strongly hinting for a few in my stocking, and I would immediately cast on a Tool Box Cowl.


I used a FiberOptik set to make a simple triangular shawl in a lovely range of red/purple/electric blue. A nice gift for my sister.

Jeanne Turner

I bought one set to make toddler socks!

Heather L

I haven't caught the mini fever yet, but the Yarn Harlot posted the Toolbox Cowl and now I'm totally lusting after it. Fun slip stitch cowl with contrasting/coordinating colors.


I've picked up a few mini skeins this year. I'd like to cast on the Unicorn Parallelograms scarf in 2017. Thanks!


I have purchased one set so far, for a shawl. I love these mini sets, mostly for scarves and shawls. They make me smile!

Ann Knepper

I have not "caught the fever" yet but I am thinking they would make some type of fantastic scarf?


I have some mini skein sets but not knitted with them yet. I am thinking of making a sweater with the mini skeins being strips of color.


So far I have yet to try them but I would love to !!!! maybe a shawl for my mom???

Jennifer Chaput

I bought some mini skeins at Rhinebeck from Tess' Designer Yarns and made myself a hat (patter is Rikke on Ravelry).


I have not yet purchased mini skeins but have been admiring the gradient sets. I'd like to find a project to use them, and have been searching ravelry for one.


I have used a few mini skeins sets to make some gradient shawls for the holidays. Would love to win this contest to try something new.

Barbara Rude

Love gradients and these would make a perfect Tool Box Cowl

Kim Dean

Oh, absolutely! In fact, I just cast on for a baby beret that will be in all minis!

Susan Paine

I love minis and have a special secret project for 2017 for my daughter and daugher-in-love's 2017 Christmas gift.

Suzanne Daniels

I have not yet been bitten by this bug :) however, I think resistance might be futile. Love what everyone is coming out with now.

Louellen Lawson

I have not caught the mini-skein fever yet, only because I wouldn't know what to knit with them. If I had some suggestions and patterns I am good to go. The Piano yarn looks fun!


I am still using my mini skeins to work on the hexipuff blanket from Tiny Owl Knits. I will be making those till the cows come home.


I have purchased a set of mini yarn groupings. I have not yet knit with them as I just recently purchased them. I am thinking of making a shawl.


I love mini sets! One of my favorite shawl designs that I knit was Brickhouse using a mini gradient set paired with a tonal gray. I have also used them to knit Magmatic Boom!

Nancy F.

I did pick up a couple of minis to finish off a granny square blanket that was made almost entirely out of left over sock yarn!!


I haven't bought any mini skeins yet and it is only the gradient ones that appeal to me. I'm never sure what patterns to use them with and also the yardages vary in the mini skein sets so that the pattern I have in mind often requires more than the yardage in the mini skein set I like! grrrr.


I haven't purchased any yet but Trumpet is soooo purty. Not sure what I would make with it but would love to have some to dream over.


I haven't tried any mini skeins yet. To be honest I haven't even heard of them until right now.

Mary McAnulty

I would love to make a cowl using a mini set. Since they are small it would be a feeling of accomplishment to finish a skein and move to the next color.


I've bought 2 mini skein sets, 1 from fractious(sp?) Fibers and a gradient from sweet Georgia. Lover both of them but have no clue what I mean going to make out of them...the thought of weaving in all the ends seems daunting


Stupid spell check changed it...I've also used unicorn tails and got a Hedgehog mini skein to do toes/heals/cuffs


I would love to try out a mini-skein set -- I've been looking for one that would work as a gradient for On the Spice Market. I love Go for the Gold and Rings; I haven't seen those before. One of those would be really fun to use!

Kathy Solfisburg

I would to win a any one of these beautiful mini skeins!! I use them to knit shawls and add color to my socks!!


Barnraising blanket and cuff/heel/toes for my socks are my mini go-tos!

Lisa Sauer

Good timing - I just received a set of minis in the mail yesterday! I have recently purchased a couple of sets, though I have been practicing restraint! I have at least one shawl in mind for a set, but I do have to look into more ideas....

Beth Sketoe

I have purchased a couple small mini samplers this year, but I don't think I've gone crazy like many of my knitty friends. I mainly just hang on to my leftovers from socks. Minis are primarily a way for me to check out yarn from new dyers.

Lynn Nicholson

I haven't tried mini skeins yet but some of the color combinations interest me. I'm a weaver as well as a knitter and I can picture using the mini skeins to weave a scarf on my new rigid heddle loom.

Bev G

I love the gradient mini sets and have bought a couple sets for cowls. Looking forward to Christmas vacation so I can cast on!

Corlene Forde

I've been knitting on my Cozy Memories blanket with my minis. But I've been purchasing way more mini-skeins than I've actually been knitting.


I've done a beautiful autumn-colored cowl, "Perspective Cowl" by Mari Chiba on Ravelry which I wear all the time and I have a gradient shawl in the UFO pile. I'd do another cowl in a heartbeat!

Tricia F

Bought my first mini-skein set this year. It still hasn't spoken to me about what it wants to be, though.

Raquel moncada

I didn't get the fever but I would gladly use these minis for knitting my socks ( heels amd toes!)

Janet Dennison-Dendy

I've bought some mini skeins and gradient sets as I have just started to feel ambitious enough to try some shawls with color changes. I would love to knit On the Spice Market or the Joker and the Thief with gradient sets or mini skeins!

Connie Cox

I, too, have used Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails to make a Passerine hat and some fingerless mitts. Really nice yarn and great to work with the different colors.

Ruth Haynie

I just bought my second pack of minis from Wonderland Yarn. I don't knit, but I crocheted the first pack - in gradients of turquoise- into a beautiful scarf.

Renee Anne

I don't know that I've fully caught the mini-skein fever but I know I own a couple sets of these. Someday I might figure out what I want to do with them.

Renee' Sawyer

I made this Beach Memories Scarf with some mini skeins.
A really fun knit.

Lisa Smith

I haven't caught the mini-skein-fever exactly but I have been eyeing the Tool Box Cowl pattern these last few weeks.

Theresa Devereaux

I really like to use Mini's for different Colored Heel's & Toes on Socks. I think I might knit the Mini Manic Scarf or Cowl this Coming Year. I reallly like the way the Linen Stitch looks 🙂


I've been collecting gradients and mini-skeins, but I'm sometimes overwhelmed by all the beautiful pattern options. My 2017 resolution is to just pick one and knit something already!!

Chris reber

I haven't yet but have a beautiful shaw patternjustc worrying for the yarn!


I have started my stash of minis, but thinking next year I really start using them. I like the idea of a chunky strip sock or beanie The gold rings I think would be a good beanie set.

Mary C

I bought one mini skein set that transitioned from blue to green There were 6 shades and I crocheted a wonderful shawl out of them. The yarn was something like Alice in Wonderland. It is beautiful.

Mary C

I did a shawl out of a mini skein set early in the year. It transitions from blue to green with every watery shade in between. I get a lot of compliments on my crocheted lace. Love it. Colorway called Alice in Wonderland I think


I am returning knitter and I am just "wowed" by all the beautiful yarns available now. I am just learning to make socks right now and I would love to try some minis for the heels and cuffs. Merry Christmas

yolanda v

I have not caught the mini-skein fever this year. Although I have lots of ideas of what I would do with a few or lots of sets... Yours are so tempting... :)

Rose Driscoll

Yes, I've knit rainbow hats and the baa-ble hat. Love ❤️

Susan Ipavec

I have not used any mini skeins yet except for heel/toe skein sets, but I would love to make a shawl using mini skeins!

Joyce Correia

I've been eyeing the mini-skeins all year but not purchased yet. I'm trying to create my own mini-skeins by using up my leftover yarn in scarf projects. No subtle changes in yarn - just dramatic. But it's working so far.


I have a couple of mini skein sets from Sweet Georgia, also from Miss Babs. They are so beautiful I have yet to settle on a knitting project for any of them!


I'm knitting a mini mania scarf with my sock yarn mini skeins and leftovers but I want to knit a slouchy hat with dk or aran


I have seen shawls I love that use these sets but haven't committed to one so I haven't bought for it. Winning a set would probably be a sufficient push 😀


I've caught the fever, but not purchased or knit any minis yet. When I do, I'll probably start with a shawl.

Thanks for the chance to win!


I finally used a mini set I had purchased from you a couple of years ago. I made shawl for my sister and it looks fab! She loves it. I would love to do contrasting toes and heals in socks too to add extra style.


Oh my yes!!!! You sent me the delicious Fiberstoryto be knit into Metronome by Julia Farwelll-Clay. I'm still looking for the perfect pattern for my Precious ❤‼


I started a sock yarn granny square blanket this year and thought at first that I would just use my own leftovers, but I that just didn't satisfy me, so I feel down the mini skein rabbit hole in a big way!! Love them!

Niki Rogers

I would love to get in on the mini skein fad but I can't decide which pattern to knit. There are just too many choices.

Bev veilleux

I always wanted a set of mini I would make a shawl.

Kim Loppnow

Love Mini Skeins - The 21 Color Slouch Hat using Blue Sky Fibers is my next project.


Completely obsessed with minis! I'm all about my sock yarn blanket but I also use them for pops of color in my shawls.


I made fingerless mitts using fiberseed and a scarf using unicorn tales.

Nancy Griswold

I have a vague idea to knit a gradient shawl. I have only drooled over the mini skeins, though. It's so hard to decide!

Rachel Gollub

Totally! A couple of fair isle socks and a gradient shawl.


I haven't yet but I've always been a fan of using up my own leftovers to knit mini sock ornaments or squares in a blanket. This year I started using scraps to make stripey socks, and that may be the best yet.


Bought some minis to play with... No time yet.

Patty McDonald

Well, I have bought some gradient yarn, but haven't gotten to it yet. Two more hours in the day would be really helpful!

Athena Nazario

I've caught the mini skein fever--have organized my left over sock yarn into color sets but have yet to knit them up.


I haven't gotten a mini-skein set yet. I'd feel compelled to use them all together in some cohesive way, so I guess I haven't seen the perfect pattern yet.


I bought a set at Rhinebeck in a cowl kit. I have yet to start it. Hopefully after the holidays.


I really want to knit a gradient shawl, but haven't yet. I haven't bought any mini skeins until my Opal advent calendar. Now I'm going to have 24 little beauties to figure out what to do with.

Jeanne Bush

I love mini skeins. So far I've knit a scarf for a gift and a poncho for myself. Great fun!


I knit the beautiful Fiar by Irish Girlie Knits. Loved the pattern and so much fun knitting with mini skeins. Plan to knit more patterns using mini skeins in 2017!


I am currently working on a scarf of mini-skeins I have collected. the more colors, the merrier.


I haven't yet, but I may have suggested to Santa that I'd be amenable to receiving some. I've seen some really pretty shawls using them recently.


I have not yet tried one of the sets (it has something to do with the "wall of yarn" I already own), but might change consider them for a shawl. Beautiful colors!


I love the gradient minis, but I have yet to take the plunge. Winning some would be an excellent incentive to give it a go!

Wendy Chase

I haven't bought any mini skeins yet though I do admire them. I think I'd need a good idea to use them for first. I like the Trumpet combo.


Love the concept and have bought a few unicorn tails but haven't taken the plunge to actually use them yet.


I have only ever purchased one set of mini skeins. I used them to make an adorable shawlette for my daughter. I think the next one, I want a set of socks.

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