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December 21, 2016



I bought not one but *two* sets of Lorna's string quintets. The first one is on deck for sock making!


I didn't buy a lot of miniskein sets, but as a newish spinner, I was spinning up a lot of mini skeins! :)

Sara Byron

I got a set of mini skeins at the Zombie Knitpocalypse retreat and knit a rainbow shawl. I also bought mini rainbow skeins from the YarnGeek in Iowa. I am now a bit over done with rainbows! These sets are much more subtle and lovely.

Teresa C

Okay, define what a mini skein is? I bought a rainbow set, of middle size skeins, and knit First Point of Libra shawl, actually, that was the second Libra shawl I knit this year. So, I guess I have!


No, I have not caught the mini-skein fever yet. I do think contrasting toes and heels set off self-striping socks nicely.

Valerie Way

I've not worked with minis yet but would love to. I have a sock pattern (Darlingtonia) that specifically calls for minis that I can't wait to try.

karen mattingly

I haven't used any mini sets...yet. I'd love to try a Ambah O'Brian or Melanie Berg shawl using them...


I have just caught the mini fever. I joined a mini advent swap and didn't have enough hand dyed yarns to include just my own stash so I found several sellers on etsy selling individual mini skeins and someone on rav who is destashing by splitting their skeins into minis. I have knitted my leftover sock yarn into preemie hats, baby socks, and my granny stripe blanket. I'm looking forward to a pair of frankensocks or different patterns incorporating minis as the who pattern or accents!

Pamela Deselem

I love the gradients, but seem to collect them more than use them. I think they make great opportunities for unique shawls and cowls. Most are way to pretty to put in your shoes!!


I haven't purchased any mini skeins but I have been making a beekeepers quilt with leftovers.

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