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December 21, 2016



Oh I think I have had mini-skeins on my mind every day this year!! I am seeing so many people making sock yarn scrap blankets, both knitted and crocheted, and I really want to join in. I'm a pretty slow sock knitter so I don't have many of my own scraps, but I have a feeling that if I break down and purchase one set of mini-skeins to bulk up my collection, that will be the end of me and I will go on a mini-skein frenzy. So far I have kept up my willpower since I think I would like it best if my blanket had meaningful scraps and minis, but I'm not guaranteeing that will last!


I have not, but would love to. I see so many beautiful patterns that make use of the mini skeins. Perhaps in 2017!!


I've got the miniskeins from your club. I think I'll use them and various leftovers to make a Lamina Wrap or maybe a Leftovers Cowl.

Kay Hulse

Love the mini skein sets and have a few still in the wrapper. I did make a shawl from Fiber Optics Chocolate to Cherry gradient colorway. Gorgeous.


I haven't yet but I've had my eye on a few for some colorwork socks.


I haven't yet, but I really like the look of the Aranami Shawl (

Brandi Hoesing

When I'm between bigger projects, I have been knitting the hexipuffs that are to be put together for the beekeeper's quilt. All my sock yarn scraps go to creating the hexipuffs too, so it is a great scrap buster!


Well I did your mini club...but also, man i love me some good gradients! I have two gradients kits waiting to be knit, plus the some for colorwork and then free minis that dyers are starting to include!

Theresa M

I've used a set to make a lovely gradient Pi shawl. I'I've also used mini skeins for stripes in hats and mitts, colour work . Love them!

Linda Bazinet

I made socks from a Unique Sheep gradient two years ago. This past year I purchased the LL Saxophone mini-skein set. Hard to find a pattern to do the set justice - thinking about a Tool Box Cowl. The mini-skeins are so beautiful just to look at. Would love to have another set to keep Saxophone company!

Meg howard

I havent used minis byt have a friend who has been msking these very cool skirts with them and has been twisting my arm to give it a try..combining leftovers as well.she uses Tosh ..there are so many indie dyets out there id have a tough time choosing.


I haven't caught the mini skein fever yet, but some of the gradient sets have had me admiring them. I think i would need the perfect pattern to go with the gradient to make me succumb


Yes! I have the mini skein fever bad. My daughter gave me the Tuba and I gave her Saxaphone. I'm knitting color block socks; each section a different color. Cant put it down and would like to do another pair in Piano.

Diane Gladstone

I made a baby mermaid bunting with some mini skeins I had. It was adorable!

Tamzin Lawson Bailey

In my heart I've definitely got it bad for minis, but it's a recent crush so I haven't bought any yet. My recent acquisitions in the past few weeks have all been full skeins. I'd love to cast on a blanket using all minis in ALL THE COLORS!!!


I haven't caved yet but I do love them! I think they would be lovely in a gradient shawl or colorwork socks!

Lara Engle

I have an old school mini skein obsession. I made an entire mitered square blanket out of sock yarn minis and have an ongoing hexi-puff issue. What I'd really like to do is knit a gradient shawl!


I have not joined the obsession. I think a pattern would draw me in, but I haven't been inspired yet.


I caught the fever a couple years ago when I was trying to knit a very large fairisle cowl to use up all my leftover sock yarn bits. But nooooo. I ended up spending a couple hundred bucks on mini skeins just trying to finish it. Lesson learned.

Lisa Olson

I'd love to win some mini-skeins! I have been wanting to make Wendy Johnson's Leftovers Cowl and would love the opportunity to win the mini-skeins! Thanks!

Pamela herman

I love minis. Working on a blanket and I also like to use in socks for heels and toes

Terri Kelly

No but there is a first for everything!

Jean VonNieda

I was gifted with shades of pick minis. Still trying to decide what to make.

Danielle Harris

I have! I bought Lorna's laces string quartet. I plan on knitting up socks with them after the holidays!

Dari T

I bought my first batch of mini skeins this fall (rainbow colors!). Now it is a lot of what I look at.

I want to make scrappy socks, but now am thinking a memory square blanket may be in my future.


I have caught the gradient bug but have only purchased one set so far and that went into a shawl. I love the violin set of colors


I bought a miss babs gradient set but haven't knit it yet. Haven't gotten into the minis much yet, but I do see the appeal.


Gentle gradients appeal to me, but I haven't caved yet!


Not yet, but I can see minis in the future!!


didn't make anything with gradients as yet. two babies coming soon and i'm planning to make baby blankies with gradients.


Bought two gradient sets and was able to make marching mother/daughter hats out of each set. Small adult and a two year old.


I've always admired and intrigued by the mini set and gradient sets, but never done any myself. Never too late to try something new!

Kimberly Schutt

I did my first stranded colorwork project this year, and it was a lot of fun. I'm no longer intimidated by such projects and would like to add some more colorful projects to my queue for next year!


No I have not tried the minis.

Marilyn Robinson

I wanted to try but every kit a my LYS sold out before I could get there. I ready like purples and blues and greens. I would love to make a shawlette with one of these.

Sandy C

I haven't tried the minis yet. But if I had them I would display them in wire decorative bird cages. I use the bird cages filled with yarn as accents in my craft room.

alene Sternlieb

The colors look great but I haven't just moped in because I have so man projects to finish right noe

Joyce Selzer

I have been gifted mini skeins & also purchased some for a larger muttered square blanket


I haven't yet caught the mini skein craze. A fun shawl in oranges or greys would get me!


Oh YES I have succumbed to mini-skein fever. I am currently using a Sweet Georgia Party of Five set in an In the Spice Market shawl. It won't be my last set!

Heather J ( lotsofhermies)

I have one set a local dyer did gradients. Still haven't knit with them looking for that perfect pattern! Reading the comments has given me some ideas though.


I do have some mini skeins, but have not used them yet. I'm always afraid that I won't have enough yarn with a mini skein! However, I bought a gradient set for the Haerfest cowl and a couple of minis for a pair of socks. Maybe that should be one of my knitting goals for 2017- use a mini skein without fear!!

Patricia Richardson

I have not bought or knit the mini skeins yet but I would like to. Need to find the right pattern or the right colors that I could use generally for sock cuffs, heels and/or toes.


I haven't bought a set of mini skeins yet. Not sure what I would do with one yet, maybe a cowl?

Wendy James

I have bought a mini set. I plan on using it in the On the Spice Market shawl at the beginning of the year. I also love minis for my cozy memories blanket .

Sarah Colligan

I bought some alpaca minis from a vendor at a local fiber festival. I used some of them to knit a coffee cozy!


I haven't caught the bug yet, but there are so many beautiful patterns on Ravelry that perhaps this will be the year I give it a try.

JoAnn Tipton

Mitered square blanket

Devin L

I haven't bought any yet - I've been eyeing them but I just didn't see the right color combination yet!


I'd probably try using them in socks.

Donna Case

No. that's one obsession that I have resisted, so far! Winning the skeins will give me a new obsession for 2017.

Kailani Shaffer

I'm new to this but yes I would jump on the Band Wagon. Love, love, all the colors.


I tend to be a better buyer than finisher. Lots of ideas, but nothing completed yet. Keep thinking about a gradient shawl/wrap.

Karla Carter

I knitted several little pumpkins from mini skeins. I have also bought the Opal advent calendar. I haven't knitted anything with it yet. Can't decide what to do yet. Love the mini skeins!


I have a few mini skein sets and I've knit a Tubularity out of a Miss Babs set and then I made a Through the Loops shawl out of another set.

Teresa Safranek Harriman

I am on the bandwagon And I am making the zigzag scarf

Christine Milway

Haven't caught the fever yet, but could quite easily. Love the colours...need just the right pattern...


I have purchased a couple moni skein sets, but have yet to do anything with them. Maybe I need to find some cool patterns!! lol


I haven't purchased any minis yet but am always eyeing up the Hedgehog Fibres ones I see. What a great way to get a sample of the yarn to add some color to a project

Teresa Higus

I haven't knitted with mini skeins yet, but it looks like fun!


I have bought a few. Cowl pattern that uses a set of gradients. 😊


I love the mini skeins. I've made lots of cowls using all sorts of combinations. They're so much fun!


I did! Our knit group did a KAL and I used a gradient pack for a shawl - "And So Are You." Such fun.


I have not purchased any minis yet. I am not quite sure what to do with them. I do like your suggestions.

Crystal Balzer

I haven't used minis yet! I think I'd need to find the perfect pattern to utilize them! A memories blanket isn't much my style because I feel like I'd never fully finish it.


I do love the Lorna's Laces sets but you don't have my favorite set (Harp). I think you used to. Maybe it sold out.


Not yet, but I'd love to explore the mini skein possibilities!!


I've been drooling a lot over some mini sets, but haven't pulled the trigger (yet)

Karen Murphy

I have not bought or knitted with minis. I would love to try a shawl with minis.


Yes I have and knit a rainbow baby blanket.

Adriana McDonald

I have fallen in and currently knitting a cozy memories blanket and a scrappy granny Afghan.

Sue Boisvert

I love mini skeins and I have been knitting lots and lots of slouchy stripey hats for my kiddo's friends. My kitty lays on the tiny balls of yarn. We call it hatching the yarn eggs. She's very good at it. 😃


I love working with mini skeins. I've made a cowl, a shawl and a scarf. I especially like looking forward to the next color as I'm knitting.


Have not...YET! But am leaning more towards jumping in.


I haven't purchased any but would love to knit some into a gradient shawl


I haven't done a gradient kit yet but I love the collections out there and just need to find the right project. I'm not much of a shawl person, but maybe a cowl.

Audra L

I have yet to knit with a gradient but I did finally get one this past August. A Miss Babs in the Grand Bazaar colorway. It's so pretty I am not yet ready to knit with it yet.


I haven't purchased any mini skeins, yet. However, Debbi Stone just released a pattern that is making me rethink that. The pattern is tool box cowl and if I find the perfect shades of blue...I too will be on the bandwagon!


No mini-skein fever, but I may create some to give as gifts.


I purchased quite a few, the colors just keep getting more beautiful! My favourite is a 5 mini-skein set from Artfil, in their Mericana DK yarn. I plan to make mittens out of it.


I've not bought any in the past year, but have some miniskeins in my stash. It's not a lack of pretty patterns that deters me but having to weave in the ends. So if someone would volunteer to weave them for me, then, yes, I'll happily knit with them!

Rita Schultz

I haven't yet. If I saw a pattern I liked that called for mini-skeins, that would do it.


Yep and still have the fever. I have knitted Bad Blood Cowl, Reverb Shawl, Yolo Shawl, and Wild Streak scarf. And so many others I would love to try!


I have mini skein collecting fever. I am currently involved in the Hedgehog Fiber mini club. I am very interested in the Lamina Wrap, I just need to decide on my solid. I am also thinking about a tube scarf of some sort. So much fun. I think it is going to be like my need to buy fun mini cupcake papers. It seems to be a mini thing!

Pat HIll

Not yet! I usually am late to the party, or band wagon so it is beginning to look tempting.


I haven't yet, but I've been playing with colorwork this year, so that would be what I'd do.


Yes, bought some for me & my mother. I'm planning a hat with mine (it is mad hatter, after all)...

Sue Knower

I've done a mini skein swap and also bought several sets here and there. I plan to cast on a memory blanket on New Year's Day! And then whatever is left I'll likely start one of the crochet stripe blankets that so many have posted pictures on Instagram!


I have not used mini skeins yet but would love to use them for a gradient shawl or cowl.

chellis evers

not yet....I am all about gradients lately...Mini's might be fun to play with.

Lisa B

It's a trend I've been interested in and would enjoy trying but I'm on that darn yarn diet. I like the idea of using them for toes and heels or perhaps a shawl.


I've been dreaming about what I could do with them, but haven't had the money to invest yet.

Leigh Ann Brown

I did a chevron cowl with some mini skeins and would like to do casapinka new shawl Short Rose with gradients


I haven't bought or used any minis this year, mostly because of lack of knitting time. It would help if I could find someone else to weave in all the ends, though!


I haven't bought a set of mini skeins yet but if I were to see the right pattern that would pique my interest, I definitely would as there are many beautiful sets available.

Rachel R.

I have not yet knit with mini-skeins - I would knit a stripy cowl with them!


I'm working on a First Point of Libra with a set of Sweet Georgia minis in greens. They are lovely to work with, and I so love looking at the gradient sets. I think I would like to do a sweater out of a set someday.

Marjorie Millner

I did catch the miniskein fever this year, and I have about 30. They are so pretty. I think I would like to make a blanket of many colors with them. Basically I think I'd like to use up all my leftover yarns and use the miniskeins as borders or as a recurring accent.


Definitely loving the mini skeins! This year I knit a rainbow striped cowl and am currently working on a striped chevron scarf, both using mini skein sets from Canon Hand Dyes.

Karen G.

Love mini skein sets! I bought a gradient set and was gifted another mini skein set. I'm just waiting to find the perfect pattern to showcase them.

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