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December 21, 2016


SuEllyn Rody

I caught gradient fever this year. I started knitting shawls. I have no use for a shawl nor anyone to give them to but they are so beautiful! These minis have been calling out to me even though I can't think of a useful thing to knit with them. The gradient's are so pretty together and I cannot resist a primary or rainbow set of colors. Love, love, love!!

Diana Lichvarik

Those saturated colors of Piano grab my attention for a squishy ruffled shawl. Have not used these skeins before but would enjoy changing colors.


Yes I have! I am using them for a tube scarf! The ends are hidden inside the tube so it's a lot less labor-intensive :)

Melissa Loback

I did get into the mini skein wave this year and bought a set of gradient purples to make a cowl with!! I love, love, love the Cello set!!!

amy g

I am always drawn to the gradient sets but have yet to purchase one. Looking at these colors, I'm particularly drawn to Trumpet. I love purples and greys together.

Carole Hart

I've purchased some minis this past year but haven't knit with them yet. They are currently in my "sock memory blankie" project bag. I am planning to finish several pair of socks in 2017 so i may use them for heels ,toes or cuffs?? Marimba calls to me as a lacy shawl.

Jenny Terry

I have not used mini skeins yet. I would LOVE to make a shawl gradient shawl with mini skeins. Just haven't had room in the budget this year to try.

Susan G

I have not purchased a set yet, but love the colors in rings

Linda Byrn

I just saw a pattern for a cowl made with mini skeins......that is on my list! ( all I need is the yarn😉)


I've wanted to buy some mini sets for the past couple of years. . .but haven't done so yet. I've only hesitated this long due to the fact when I do go to buy them the color set that I've been eying and planning is out or I can't find a contrasting color/yarn that I want to match it up with.

Sherri Harrington

I definitely caught mini skein fever this year. Currently, I've used them in my mitered square blanket and I love displaying them in my large glass jar.

Amy G Williams

I spent a lot of time looking for non-gradient mini skein sets for the Letterpress cowl. These are perfect for that.


I love playing with color in my shawl and scarf knitting. A mini skein set would be a very tempting twist to the gradients I have been using. :)

Beth L.

My Lionberry isn't from this year, but it is a gradient set from Unique Sheep. One of these years I'll spring for a mini-skein advent calendar :)

Twilla Steele

I love the look of mini skeins and want to make fingerless gloves.☃

Julie aka JulieRKnits

I have totally caught the mini skein craze but probably before it was a popular as it is now. Besides having 2 sock yarn scrap blanket going they were my way of trying yarn bases with out having to purchase a full skein to make sure I like it. I think my new thing is the gradient mini skein packs.

Antoinette Overton

Whenever I decide to make a gradient shawl or the pixel rise socks, that's when I'll give in to the mini epidemic!

Kelly Schmidt

I did use a mini skein (gradient set) for a lace stole this year, but I actually started buying minis last year to make hexipuffs!


I am in love with mini skeins, and have purchased a set or two, but am currently hoarding them because they are my preciousssss!


I've been drooling over mini-skeins and trying to decide on a project and set but haven't gotten to ordering yet.

Susan Beltrame

I'd love to make a stripey hat!


I have not knit with them yet, but am anxious to give them a try!

Diane Jespersen

Bought a rainbow of minis and made a beautiful bandana cowl by "Jessie at home". I love it. It would be great to make another!


They look like a great way to get into colorwork. I've done some intarsia, but would like to try stranded knitting.

Haley Burns

My minis are in a giant (2 gallon) old glass pickle barrel. It sits on the hutch in my living room, and looks fantastic. One day, I plan on turning them into a linen stitch scarf


I haven't ever owned a set of mini skeins but I would love to! Seems like there would be a number of fair isle patterns calling my name if I won this yarn! :)


I have yet to buy a mini skein but I really want to make the Yarning Around cowl and All That We Share or Brickless. Wow I didn't realize how many projects I want to do with mini skeins or gradient skeins! I hope I win this one!!

Katie M.

I haven't knit anything with them yet, but I did buy a couple mini skein sets recently. I've been eyeing the tool box cowl pattern and plan to make one after Christmas.


I use the minis in a sock yarn blanket.

Megan W

Yes! I knit Solaris :)


I've been enticed by mini-skein gradients in cowls, but haven't purchased any yet. Part of my reticence is that I hate, hate, hate weaving in ends! But I'm sure I'll succumb to the beauty of the mini-skeins soon! I'm such a fiber addict!


I have the club sets, but I'm still admiring them and dreaming what is the perfect project for them. I love the concept and colors. I love your wreath idea, Allison!


I haven't yet, but I love a good mini skein gradient.


I've used minis for making mitten/sock ornaments, and the Mitered square blanket.


I have not yet but I would love to!


I definitely have the mini skein fever. Mine started with your mini skein club and from there I have been collecting them from various dyers but my biggest lot of them is from Hedgehog Fibre. I have used them mostly to add a pop of color in a project but will be using them more for contrasting color in socks. The Amazing Day shawl is a great pattern for using minis as well.

Romy Tuggle

I have a triangle shawl pattern I made up and am experimenting with! Your photo of purple and grays are my current palette. But I'm going to start my first socks January 1!

Linda Cram

New to knitting, I never gave much thought to using mini-skeins, but I love the idea of contrasting colors in socks.i would try to Gold ring.

Lindsey Rivir

I haven't tried them yet but I would like to

Brenda B

I bought a set of mini-skeins in lovely shades of purple when I was in England last year but I have yet to use it! I do look for patterns for it from time to time but nothing grabs me yet!


I have not yet used mini skeins. I've always purchased massive hanks to ensure I've got plenty when mistakes are made. Thinking positively here!


I love the mini skeins although I haven't knit with them yet. The scrappy granny stripe blanket is calling my name!


I did buy a mini set from Fiberstory in the Marooned colorway and made a shawl. I believe the pattern was Heaven and Space by Martina Behm. I have worn it so much and it was a lot of fun to knit. So I bought another set and am eyeing one from Lorna Laces. They are fun.


I haven't jumped on to the mini-skein bandwagon yet, just not sure what I would make. But, I've seen a lot of cute, small toy projects that might tempt me to make the leap.


I have one set, but lusting after the Ravelry "Find Your Fade" pattern, makes me regret not getting the Hedgehog mega mini's set you had earlier this month!


I've never knit with mini skeins, except heel toe skeins, I would like to try one of those gorgeous shawls using a gradient set.


I have yet to catch the mini-skein fever but I'm hoping to catch it. Ambah O'Brien's patterns have always caught my eye with her patterns calling for mini skeins but I have yet to make them because I have a very limited stash.

Olga Putano

I haven't tried the mini skeins yet, but I'm loving the colors of the Violin set! Beautiful!

JoAnne B

Mini skeins have been calling my name. I'm fascinated with the tool box cowl but know I will be totally unable to pick my own colors. The gradient kits seem a chicken way out. Haven't found the right project for them.

Joyce McCartney

I have not caught mini fever, but it will probably be a Stephen West pattern that finally gets me there.


I have not used mini skeins yet. I would love to win and put them to use in a shawl or socks. It is always exciting to try something new!


I have purchased one set, but have not found the perfect project for them yet. I'm waiting for the yarn to sing to me, and enjoying it's prettiness in the meantime.

Pamm Stewart

I have been interested but haven't purchased any mini skeins yet. I'd like to do a gradient intarsia sock, e.g. Anna Zilboorg.


Succumbed to temptation three times in my travels this year - three different sets. Now need to decide how to best use them.

Dianne Gardinier

I purchased a book that has a lot of mini skein projects. I would like to use the mini skeins for the heels and toes of socks.


Just need to kitchener the ends of a tubular cowl made with a set of minis and a main color. Minis are fun to use and I plan on making other items with them

Rose Birchall

I have not tried the mini skeins yet. Maybe a shawl, I haven't knitted one yet.


I have not knit anything with mini skeins. I've admired a few sets, but never knew what I would make with them and did not have the 'I have to have this' feeling, so I have resisted. In the String Quartet set I would choose Violin and make something for my daughter.


So far, I have not gone down that rabbit hole!!!! I have resisted , but everyone knows resistance is futile!!! If I was to go with any sock minis, it would have to be Hedgehogs skinnies. Or Fiber story has some very lovely grays or browns in gradients.


I have one set of minis in blue and one in browns. I'm using the blues for a pair of gradient socks. I love it!
I would love to get Violin.

Helen  King

I have not bought any of the mini sets yet but I plan on doing so soon. I love the colors and the way they would blend so well. I would love to make a scarf with them.

Alecia Helton

Not yet, but I'm game.


I have not tried mini skeins as of yet, but the ombré look of some of them intrigues me.

Caitlin Saraphis

I don't have miniskein fever (though I totally get how you could), but I did use my first String Quintet this year to knit the Riley Rose shawl by Jennifer Lassonde, and it was SO MUCH fun to work up.


I'm planning to make a sock yarn blanket! I haven't started it yet. January is a good time to start! These would be perfect!


Looking at the mini skeins I have never knitted with them but the right colorset would have me. I bet with the right shawl pattern the mini skeins would be perfect. I am game in 2017 I want to get out of my comfortzone in knitting and this would be a good start

Elaine Boston

I haven't used gradient sets, but would like to knit a multi colored shaw.

Jeanne Rose

Love the "Go For The Gold", would love that set for a shawl.

Linda Ladwig

Gnomes and mushrooms from Mini Knitted Woodland. Way. Too. Addictive.

EstherGrace Gilbertj

I'm not too proud.
I don't have enough income to buy yarn. I'd love to incor Mini skeins, bright colors and join in the fun!


Such a fan of minis! I used mini-skeins in 3 different shawls this year and have plans for more mini-skein shawls in 2017. I loved the mini-skein sock club offered by Simply Socks and would love to hear that there will be another next year. =) I keep my minis in glass bowls and jars to decorate my craft room and so they don't get lost in the stash of larger skeins.


Oh I've caught it several times lol. I've purchased quite a few sets of gradient mini skeins but I haven't used them yet. As luck would have it. I am currently working on the Tool Box Cowl. Requires 6 different colors. So I have finally started using a set. But it's not a gradient. Lots of color. I love it!!

Geri Heagy

I haven't given it a try yet but some nice yarn would certainly do the trick! :)


I purchased my first mini skein set about a month ago to knit the Tool Box Cowl. It would be nice to have some for contrasting toes and heels on socks.


I purchased a hedgehog fibers set in blues but haven't used it for anything yet. Still dreaming.....


I have some minis in my stash from a few of my favorite indie dyers but they haven't told me what they want to be yet. Maybe they're waiting for more friends. :)


I did buy a gradient set but haven't caught the "fever" yet. I bought it because the colors were so pretty but haven't found what I would like to knit in it.


I knit a scarf this year for my first mini-skein project. It was fun and I'll definitely do some more :)

Anne Marie

So far I have resisted, but it's ever so hard!

Sandra Sprouse

I have a Unicorn Cowl in progress with some Unicorn tails.

Kim Spolarich

I haven't purchased them yet but love the idea! Probably would use then for a cowl or shawl.

Renee Huffman

Love the minis, but haven't bought any yet. Waiting for christmas money ☺ I think I it would be super fun to me. Striped baby sweater!

Judi Kennedy

No. Love the colors but haven't figured out what to do with them yet. Have thought about blending the colors, but no decision.

Donna Kuehl

I have purchased minis - the plan is to make small knit creatures for my grandsons!


I haven't but I've been knitting my holiday socks in Poste Striping Jollyville & Festival of Lights!


Not yet, but I have in mind Stephenn West's Vertices Unite scarf, each different section a different color. It's hard to imagine wearing the finished project though -- so still pondering ...


I have been a mini skein addict for years now! I have 3 blankets and a shawl project on the go using them. Love, love, love the minis!!!


Yes I have purchased minis but I haven't actually knit with them just yet! I'm going to tackle that one this New Year.

Amey Wallace

Hi. I was kindly gifted a mini-skein set with a gradient from a lavendar purple to dusty blue to a beautiful charcoal. It took a while, but I finally found the right pattern, and now my sister in law has a great pair of gauntlet gloves/wrist warmers. In the meantime, I flagged about 20 back up patterns that should work really well for mini-skeins.


I have bought several minis but have not decided what to knit with them yet.


Oh boy yes, I'm totally addicted to these mini skeins!


I have knit two shawls with gradients this year. My next mini project is a cozy memories blanket.

Ann Leveille

I haven't tried using mini skeins yet -- I really have no idea how one would use those or how they would look in a project, so I've pretty much steered clear. There are packs with very pretty colors, but again, I have no idea how one would use them! Some good examples of how one would use mini skeins would definitely encourage me to try them, I think!

julie v

I have a Lorna's set of multi-colored minis and started altered square blanket. I wonder if I will ever finish it!


Yes, I have! I've been knitting hexipuffs for the Beekeeper's Quilt. Got about 250 so far.


I organised an Opal mini skein swap with some friends at the start of the year, I haven't knitted them yet because the mini skeins are adorable just as they are. One lady knitted hers into some gorgeous socks, so I'm looking forward to knitting mine, eventually...

Jayne Schneider

I bought a gradient skein to knit a cowl with, but have not casted on yet. Soon!

Patti DeFreeuw

I am currently working on a shawl with mini skeins of worsted weight yarn. I would love, love, LOVE to knit a gradient Shawl out of this beautiful fingering weight yarn. I am torn between Trumpet and Violin! Definitely drawn to the purples 😊


Yes! I did he mini skein club this past Spring. I made a beautiful super long gradient scarf out of one of the months offering. I've used a few others as accent colors on larger projects.


I've worked with some Madelinetosh Unicorn Tales, incorporating them in as accent borders on cowls and such.

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