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December 20, 2016


Julie aka JulieRKnits

I would love to cast on Deep Purple and Pond Scum is totally out of my comfort zone.


Galactic Broccoli - because of the fabulous colors and great name.

Candy Corn - Yellow is not my color and I don't usually go for bright orange, but I love fall and this colorway makes me happy


Gin blossoms would be my immediate cast on - definitely!! Those are my colors. As far as not my usual... Bag Lady intrigues me.


Bag lady is right up my alley with its earthy tones. Samhain is a little outside my normal pallete but I am drawn to the deep purples mixed into it. Thanks for the awesome xmas giveaway chance! Happy Holidays to you!


How do I choose???? Baby it's cold, Cindy loo whoo, deep purple... LOVE THEM ALL!! I don't gravitate to more masculine colors naturally... browns, greens... even reds! I like teals, purples and dark pinks.

Beth S

Right now crazy stupid skein. Candy corn speaks to me but I never knit orange.


Love Rudolph's Revenge. It's hard to pick one I wouldn't love but maybe Banded Agate would be a switch for me. They really are all lovely!


Help Us Rhonda for my ASAP choice because I love a solid/semi-solid color especially shades of pink. Whichy Poo would be my out-the-box choice because of the variety of colors but I think it would make a fun Halloween sock I could gift to my daughter.


Right now - A Room Without A Roof.
Later - Bubble Bliss

EstherGrace Gilbert

I'd cast on scummy Christmas right now 'cause I SO want to knit a new pair of Christmas socks.

If it weren't Christmas, Introspeck is what would practically jump into my arms; delicious!

I am least attracted to electric kool aid with so much electric pink. I mostly hate pink unless it's judiciously balanced with other colors I prefer.

Jodie B.

I love Deep Purple and it looks like me...All shades of one color, especially purple! But I'm drawn to Carnival....still has a bit of purple but combined with bright, riotous colors that I would reach out to touch in person but never consider "safe"enough to buy.

And I'm probably so late to the party but I love the Compare feature!๐Ÿ˜Š


I like Shaken Not Stirred, it stirs me. But Lady Edith , no it doesn't do any thing for me. I love purples though, maybe the name bothers me?

Kelly Nalley

Deep purple I would cast on now and royal speaks to me but has too many colors.

Melissa Martinez

Ooooh! Introspek is my JAM! That aqua blue is screaming at me!
Bag Lady would be my OOTB, there's no purple OR blue in it.


Ready to cast on Beach Blanket Bingo. Love beach you colors. Samhain wouLd be something outside of my comfort zone, but I would like to see how it works up.

Hilary Hoffman

My ASAP would be ITS A SUPERNATURAL, because it's just wow!!
A very scummy Chris would be just outside my norm, it's on the dark side but I still dig it

Fabiana Van Arsdell

Oh, I would cast on BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE immediately. CARNIVAL is the one that is a bit out of my comfort zone.

Nancy F.

PRESTO PESTO is what I would cast on immediately. ELECTRIC KOOLAID is definitely out of my comfort zone!


Right now: Cobblestone County, love the mix of colors
Out of comfort zone: Pumpkin Spice Latte, I usually don't like orange but would definitely try . Love BMFA yarn!

Melissa Loback

I would love to cast on Bubble Bliss right away and Bag Lady is definitely outside of what I would normally choose.


I would cast on Black to Fushia today. Holidazzle is outside of my comfort zone but I think it would be interesting to try!

Jan Johnson

I'd love to knit with Grayple ASAP, and I pick Baby It's Cold as outside my comfort zone since I rarely pick pastels.

Karin M

I would cast on immediately, Baby Its Cold Outside. Light at the End is out of my comfort zone.


Winter wonderland would be a great cast on - we finally have snow and I'm digging the icy and blue. I never sure how many colors in one skein will turn out so electric koolaid or carnival are outside of my comfort zone.

Pamela herman

I love the Lee Tipsy and would cast in for my Christmas Eve sock cast on. I am usually not drawn to green but in the last couple of months am finding myself more drawn to it. I would really like the Jade

Amy Gibson

I would totally cast on the 'a very scrummy chris' colourway with all of the beautiful greens with bits of red! Oh they are so pretty! A colour that I wouldn't normally go for but would totally cast on is the dreidel colourway. There is something about it that just reminds me of the ocean with the beach along it. Ah nice and relaxing :)

amy g

This was much harder than I thought! Cast on right now - Jade. I love tonals. Not in the normal wheelhouse? A Very Scummy Christmas - It would make great Christmas socks and I love the name.

Sara H.

I would cast on Cranberry Bogged right now if I had it. Rudolph's Revenge is definitely outside my comfort zone, so bright and contrasting! It's gorgeous (like all BMFA), bur I would have a harder time with it.

Linda Bazinet

Song Sung Blue is totally me. I would love to be knitting this today instead of Christmas shopping! Jonagold does not have my usual colours but I keep going back to look at it!


I would cast on Blackbird right away and Wonderful Goodness is outside my usual colors but I would absolutely try it

Marilyn Hutchens

Autumns Up would be on my needles immediately! Love the colors. Electric Koolaid is way out of my comfort zone but I'm drawn to it!

Joyce Selzer

Coobkestone County would be the one I would cast on right away. Spawn of Scum is out if my comfort zone.


Love Sugar Plum Fairy!
I normally shy away from any orangey color, but Banded Agathe is strangely appealing to me...


Love Cranberry Bogged, it's right in my wheelhouse of dark colors with a little variation. It's a Supernatural is way out for me...far too much going on in there, and COLORS..too many for me to be comfy with!


I really love sugar plum fairy! So pretty!!

Haley Burns

Immediate cast on: Electric KoolAid, because I have the color tendencies of a sugared up 11 year old.
Kinda digging: Heckley Speckley, because speckles are so hot right now and the colors are muted, but go with lots my work clothes.

M. Taylor-Rue

Graypal(hope I spelled it correctly๐Ÿ˜ฌ) would fit into my color family beauuuuutifully and looks like it would be a blast to knit with! Then out of the norm for me would be Madrona madness the one that spoke to me the MOST and would be cool to create something from that!!!
๐Ÿ˜ Absolutely!


Whoops only did one. So again I love sugar plum fairy love the purples. And I think galactic broccoli is not usually colors for me but I love the name lol.

Terry McCurdy

The deep purple is so me - I looked in my stash the other day and there must have been at least 6 different purples, so I'd cast on right away with that one. The Introspeck is totally speaking to me - kept catching my eye as I scrolled through but that orange is way outside my normal colour choices, but I LOVE it!


My ASAP yarn choice would be Galactic Broccoli, love the colors and the name!!! Hobbit Garden would be outside my comfort zone, I NEVER knit with anything brown or brownish.

Mary C.

Tourmaline SunAngel really grabs my attention and I'd love to cast on that one ASAP. As for one I'd never choose, Candy Corn is a bit over the top for me.


There are so many I'd cast on immediately, so I'll choose Winter Wonderland, given my current mood. As for out of my comfort zone, probably Electric Koolaid.


I would cast on Franken Hen in a heartbeat -- yellow and orange and grey and red and very fall-y! A color that I wouldn't normally go for is Blackbird -- I don't have a lot of dark neutrals in my stash, and this one is very pretty.

Mary Cherrey

Bob the Sledder is one that I wish that I had time to cast on today! Xmas Rock is wonderful but definitely out of my comfort zone....


Such lovely colorways! Introspeck would be my cast on today yarn. Candy corn speaks to me, as I love Halloween. Out of my usual color range, though.


I love Introspeck! Blackbid would be out of my comfort zone.


I'd say Whos the Pumpkin is outside of my comfort zone but I think it would make a cook shawl. I'm dying for Introspeck. I love the color combos and that is the one that seriously caught my eye. I'd love to make a shawl with that one.


Whos the Pumpkin would be my next cast on. I love the richness of the colors. While Black to Fuschia jumped out at me and said take me home I just cannot imagine myself knitting that one. Thanks for a chance to win a prize in such a fun way. Merry Christmas to you and your staff.

Corinne Patterson

For some reason I'm always drawn to everything rainbow and bright so my first pick would have to be "it's a supernatural". Love the purple in that one. What I always admire in everyone else's knitting is when they use more muted and less in your face bold colors. So for a change I'd love to give "wonderful goddess" a try. Let the small specks of color speak for themselves. Thanks for the chance to win!

Irene Cataldo

I immediately am drawn to Candy Corn. Haida would be the skein out of my comfort zone


Song Sung Blue would be my cast on now. Firecracker would be out of my comfort zone. I don't really do pink, red, or purple or bright.


Baby its cold outside is perfect for casting on right now. Love that color! Out of norm would have to be black to fuschia, i never knit with black!

Donna Kuehl

Baby its Cold would my usual, carnival would be out of the norm

Tabitha Burks

I really think a singular color yarn that is more tonal maybe with some neutral colors blended in to it is my normal color zone, something like Deep Purple, and I would totally knit Deep Purple today if I had the chance. Despite its crazy color combinations, Introspeck is one that is outside my normal color zone, but I would love to cast on today because it's blues and browns just look like so much fun and they blend nicely together.

Beth Sketoe

Almost said Scummy Chris as I'm in a Christmas mood, but it would probably have to be Gin Blossoms!!

Catherine Kay

Love all the names of the colorways! I would pick Pumpkin Spice Latte. Electric Koolaid is out of my comfort zone,


Raspberry Beret sings to me--pinks, always pinks, are my favorites! Farmhouse is calling but not my norm as I don't usually go for the more primary colors.


Lady Edith ready to cast in
Seal Beach outside my norm


My immediate cast on would be Introspeck (close second - Jabberwocky). Rabia is my "out of the box" choice.


I would cast on Supernatural and Autumns Up is out of my comfort zone.

Megan W

I love introspeck but scummy Chris is outside of my comfort zone!

Amy G Williams

Go let it go would be my cast on right away and Sledder would be my daring socks outside my normal blue tones.


Gin Blossoms is definitely one I could cast on immediately. I seldom knit with orange but I find Candy Corn intriguing.


So many I'd cast on right now but Taste the Rainbow tickled my fancy this morning.

Pumpkin Spice and the browns just don't do it for me. Made the decision years ago to base my wardrobe off of black and grey so don't do the earth tones.

Joyce Correia

I would cast on a scarf today in Let It Go Let It Go. It's truly an eye-catcher. Black to Fuscia is also an eye catcher but doesn't match anything in my wardrobe. I'd have to go shopping and spend my yarn money on a new top.

Annette Poole

I would cast on Bubble Bliss - totally in my color spectrum. Rainbow speckled is outside my comfort zone but my niece would love it! And I am totally into the speckled yarns right now.


I would cast on Presto Pesto in a heartbeat! Socktoberfest is outside my comfort zone (love purples and greens but the orange is definitely not one of my go-to colours), but there's something fascinating about how these colours come together in this skein.

Mary L.

I would cast on Sugar Plum Fairy ASAP! I love it!!
Galactic Broccoli is outside of my norm!

Adriana McDonald

Immediate cast on for me would be Baby its cold, the colors are beautiful together and they remind me of a winter wonderland. Whose the pumpkin would be outside my comfort zone for sure.

Deborah D Jones

I would love to cast on Heckley Speckley...but Bag Lady is outside of my "comfort (aka safe) zone" but I'm drawn to the colors in it and would love to see how well it played on the needles!


I admit that it's both the name AND the colorway, but I'd cast on a project for my husband in "Bob the Sledder" immediately. The colorway that's speaking to me but outside my norm is "From Black to Fushia". The black may be part of my normal pallet, but the pink isn't.

Alecia Helton

Bubble Bliss


So many beautiful colors! I tend to go toward light subtle colors but that bmfa str lt marble is calling out to me. I would cast on party on my needles shawl and search for 2 other contrasting colors. I love yarn!


My on the needles today would be Lady Edith. Especially since I already have it waiting to go on the needles after Christmas. My out of color comfort would be Sky Rocketing... just don't feel the love

Tamzin Lawson Bailey

I completely gravitated toward Bag Lady. And Spawn of Scum also speaks to me in a weird way - I've never worked with that colorway on its own before.

Anna Jane

Autumns Up would be my go-to, cast on ASAP. But Sugar Plum Fairy is speaking to me :)


Green Daze is something I would definitely immediately want to cast on. The hue shift from one to another is amazing. Madrona Madness is so outside what I would usually pick, but the deep purple really sets it off.


I Love the Royals colorway. I love those hues the jewel colors are really there. The one that is not normally what I would pick but is interesting to me is Autumns Up.


I would love to cast on Dreidel today. FrenkenHen is speaking to me but not my usual colors.


The color I so would cast on is the one called Let it Go, let it Go. That color is so pretty I so could see a hitchhiker shawl or one of those kind os shawls with it. The color that is out of my comfort zone is Seal rock. Its not the colors I would work that or some of the green color ones. I like blues most of the time.

Stephanie Lotven

Black to Fushia is in my wheel house and Banded Agate would be outside my normal color choices.


I'd cast on A Very Merrry Chris in a heart beat or any of the other Christmasy ones. It would be a stretch to cast on Green daze, just not my colour fave.


I am madly in love with Cranberry Bogged and want to cast on immediately (even though I still have to finish my Christmas knitting!)

Cindy Lou Who appeals to me, even though it's a bit outside my comfort zone.

Deborah Malone

Cranberry bogged is totally me and Muddy is way out of my comfort zone but beautiful

Susan Paine

Unlike you, I love Introspeck. Not so much Crazy Stupid.

Veronica Jackson

I can't wait for Wabi sabi!! Banded Agate is outside my comfort zone in a splendidly beautiful way!

Krista Rhodes

Witchy poo rides is a Little out of my comfort zone, color wise. But baby it's cold outside is right up my alley about now.

Geraldine Scott

Another tough decision! I would cast on Holidazzle today...and Jellied is winking at me, and that's not my typical color choice!


Love Gin Blossom, the other one has too much white for me


I would cast on Obsidian or maybe Kerplunk right away.
Jelly Melly is outside my typical comfortable color palette!
So many fabulous colors!

Crystal Balzer

Grayple is totally outside my norm but really screams to me lol. I absolutely love Banded Agate, and it is now occupying my wish list :)

Julie T

I love the deep colors of Farmhouse; but Let It Go, Let It Go is interesting, too. :)


I adore Whoville (partly because of the name, I admit). I've decided my one pair of handknit Christmas socks is not enough. A Room Without A Roof is outside my comfort zone--too much yellow--but it's beautiful.


My cast on right now is Electric Koolaid. I'm drawn towards bright colors.
Outside my comfort zone but really like Socktoberfest!

Keidi Truster

Right now - Jellied , outside my normal - Who's the pumpkin

Jennifer Haydon

Pink Granite ๐Ÿ˜ And black to fuschia. It was hard to pick but those two popped out at me. Black to fuschia is SO BRIGHT ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Rosalind Gibbins

My right now cast on is Autumns Up.
Outside my comfort zone is Deep Purple.


I usually go with bright colors, so I would cast on immediately with Carnival. The duller Sea Scum Run is a bit outside what I normally knit with, but I like it.

Pedro Gonzalez

Love the Yarn


I'd cast in Baby its cold outside. It was speaking to me! I would not cast on Candy Corn. I normally love orange and yellow, but for some reason I just don't fancy the combo.

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