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December 19, 2016


Tamzin Lawson Bailey

Life In The Long Grass is calling my name!

Robin Jamerson

I purchased the Naughty Kit and just love it. It came at a perfect time as the Christmas shopping starts to get me down. Of course I want to buy them all but had dedicated myself to using my stash this year.

Karen Robinson

My favorite were your Halloween kits, awesome!!!
I also like the Zen Garden yarn.


I did the sock minis club this summer and the fibre story gradient is just so stunning!!!

Christa Thompson

I am dying to try the Malibrigo Mechita in Sabduria! It's such a beautiful color!

Renee' Sawyer

I bought several skeins of Madelinetosh Merino Light...when you add some of them together with other skeins I have bought from you in my stash I am hoping to knit one of these: Counter Current, City Block Shawl or Derecho by Laura Aylor


My most memorable purchase was some Cyborg's craft room, which I turned into a lovely sock head hat. She passed away unexpectedly this year and I'm glad I was able to get some of her beautiful yarn. There is always something new I want to try from your shop!

Rachel Gollub

Hedgehog Fibers colors are just stunning! I really want some....


I would love to buy some A La Mode and Hedgehog Fibers. Thanks for your generous giveaways.

Jennifer Haydon

I am patiently stalking the website in hopes of snagging some house of alamode! I also recently purchased a Malabrigo colorway that I'd been having a hard time finding - so thank you!!!


My very favorite skein I purchased at SSYC is Madelinetosh in Spectrum. That colorway--yummy. That being said, I also bought a one-off Poste that's a semisolid green, and it made gorgeous socks.

Nancy Griswold

Last May I stocked up on several colors of Opal Uni 4-ply, deeply discounted in your sale section. I love making colorwork socks, and Opal is a great choice for it's ease of care. And I can't resist a bargain!

Chantel Ingram

I loved the House of A La Mode I bought, and I'm stalking your site pretty hard right now because I know you have more to add soon.

Mary Anne

My most memorable purchase was Hedgehog fibers. It is sooo soft - feels like cashmere when knitted. Made a chemo cap for an Irish friend and it was perfect.


I'm a big fan of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Christi Schmidt

My most memorable is my first purchase from you this year and it included the Baaaah Humbug bag.I love this bag.


I love Hedgehog fibers. I purchased Oracle early this year and then got your Halloween kit with a skein of Hedgehog as well. They create some fantastic color combinations and the yarn is heavenly!

Lisa Smith

Well, so many things. I really enjoy the kits. I think my most favorite discovery this year was Hedgehog Fibers sock yarn. In fact, I was at a knitting group last weekend and pulled out my "Rusty Nail" color way and everyone loved it.


I discovered Madeline Tosh & Lorna's Laces, but I really want to try the BMFA or HF next.

Tammi Abney

I would like the self stripping yarn


It was a particular skein of Opal that I was looking for, of course a couple of other skeins happened to jump in the cart as well!

Lisa Murphy

My most memorable purchase were the most perfect shades of gold (Fiberstory) and blue (Madelinetosh) yarns for my Ravenclaw scarf. Made a special trip for my birthday to my favorite store.

Vanessa Robinson

I'm currently obsessed with self striping yarns, and I have been ogling the Poste yarn a lot this week. Going to take the plunge!


The kits are always fun to receive in the mail but my most memorable purchase was a skein of MadelineTosh BFL in the colorway Dubrovnik. Half the time I buy sock yarn because of the colorway name. My mother's family was from Croatia so Dubrovnik was a definite buy.

Carol Victory

I have not been fortunate to visit your shop and have not purchased yarn yet. I do spend an inordinate amount of time drooling over all the beautiful yarns you tempt us with. I would choose one of your kits but it would be a tough decision.


I have to say, that the Cascade Heritage Prints Holidays is the hands down favorite. The striping, colors are absolutely perfect, it is very nice/soft to work with. I get compliments from family, friends, and strangers alike. Fellow knitters have also gone and purchased it after seeing it. A very cheerful, holiday evoking sock yarn. I think that Cascade hit a home run with that colorway.

Christine Dinsmore

I bought a memorable skein of self striping Poste, of course I can't remember the name but I remember the colors!

Julie Lankford

You know, When I need to make my boys something special I'll come here for MWP yarn. It's inexpensive and quality yarn. That's the most memorable item for me. 🙂

Joani Feiner

I just received my first order from you. I purchased 6 skeins from the sale section which I plan to make a sweater with.

Brandi Hoesing

For me it was Julia Vesper's self striping sock yarn. I recall pestering you via email to see if I could get the specific colorway that I wanted. As always you responded so quickly. Those yarns were worth the short wait!

Theresa M

With the low exchange rate on Canadian funds, I wasn't able to purchase much this past year. Would love to try some Hedgehog fibres or some crazy bmfa colourways


My favorite purchase was the Love what you knit kit, with the purple mug! It's always to first mug I reach for in the morning.

Karen Blanchard

I haven't been able to order yarn this year, or visit your shop. That is definitely a goal for 2017, since I only live about 2 and a half hours away. I would definitely order some MT pashmina! I love the rich colors and the texture of Madilinetosh yarns!


I can't seem to stop buying the Mineville Wool Project (MWP) in-house yarns. I love them!


I would love to get my hands on some Hedgehog Skinny Singles in teacup! Also, Life in the Long Grass and Poste. Amazing selection of Indie dyers.

Kelly York

My Hedgehog Fibres yarn! I used mine in my Building Block's Shawl, and it became something that I have shared with my boys too. Being able to turn it into memories with my boys makes it extra special! Thank you for your awesome skein choosing skills! :)

Nancy Iannone

My most memorable purchase was the orange Simply Socks yarn I got for my 4 year old grandson's socks. Orange is his favorite color and out of all the yarns I showed him, he picked yours as the best orange :)


My most memorable purchase(s) was everything I bought from you! This was the year I discovered the world of hand-dyed sock yarn, and I am so glad I did. I am knitting a pair of socks for my daughter from Manos del Uruguay, and they are soft and lovely.

Wendy Chase

Sock ruler. It's so handy!

Theresa Devereaux

I haven't purchased from SSYC yet. House of ala mode is definitely at the Top of My List.


The Halloween kit and Goblin Forest yarn. We had an amazing Halloween this year and carting around a cute bag with fun yarn all month was that much more fun!

Jeanne Bush

I have purchased so much yarn from you it's hard to remember what & when. I did knit up the red, white & blue striping yarn that I bought a couple of years ago. But I really do want to try a skein of Poste stripes.


I love the Socks that Rock yarn I purchased from your shop. It made some wonderful socks!

Jennifer S.

My favorite was a kit I bought earlier this year. I don't remember the name of it, though. Cute knitting bag and yarn!

Jayne Schneider

I just purchased some opal, but hedgehog fiber is on my wishlist!


Definitely the garden kit!


I don't think I bought anything this year, but I would love to try some of the Fiberstory Fave Socks. The colors look awesome!

Luann Miller

The Summer Bounty kit.😊


life in the long grass! or hedgehog


Halloween kit with glowinthe dark fabric project bag. A wonderful surprise!

Lynn Nicholson

The kits! I can't buy them all but it's fun seeing what you choose to put together. The Halloween and vegetable stitch markers were so cute. Hope you plan more like that sometime.


Your sheep bag :)

Judi Schaffer

Early this year I purchased 2 skeins of Mineville bulky in their beautiful Sal Spray colorway. I used to for matching mittens and cowl for my daughter. They're gorgeous.


House of a la Mode! Hands down, her yarn is my favorite, and I can almost always snag some from your online shop.


Would like to try Hedgehog fibers. Have heard wonderful things!


I absolutely loved a purchase I made of Hedgehog Fibers Sock Yarn in Oracle. It might be my new fave color of theirs!

Athena Nazario

I snagged some Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn in an orangie mutli. . .beautiful!

Paula Minor

My most memorable purchase is the one I just made...several skeins of Mineville Wool Project yarns. WoW I was so blown away by their rich, saturated colors and the softness of the yarn. Since I decided I need to knit with them now, I am going to have to order some of them again to keep in my stash. They're gorgeous.


I'm always a sucker for Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but those Life in the Long Grass yarns look like something I'd like to try.

becca made

I've had my eye on all that amazing House of a la Mode you're carrying! Next on my wishlist!

amy g

I have been on a yarn fast this year, but I love striping yarns. This next year is the year for buying some fun holiday striping yarn for socks!


I would love to try a skein of hedgehog skinny singles!! Or pick up another skein of handmaiden for the one I got when I drove to see you from Chicago! I want to learn how to Tunisian Crochet with it!!!!


Well, I have bought many pretties at your shop this year, but I'm the most excited about the Madelinetosh, tosh sock yarn in colorway Stormborn and Methanol Blue that I purchased. It's going to become a shawl in early 2017!

Jan Ball

This was the year of making socks for my husband, a bunch of socks for all seasons. This summer I found the Regia PairPerfect in cotton. If you are one that likes both socks to be the same. This stuff is for you, takes all guessing out of where to start. Brilliant.


I will always remember how you came through for me while working on my mom's scarf; I bought the perfect shade of green from your store in Dream in Color Green Lantern and then ran out of yarn with 4 rows left. I ordered more and the color matched perfectly, it turned out just gorgeous and she loves it. You have no idea how much it means to me to have given my mother such a precious, perfect birthday gift. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


I'm always taken by your stock of Floops. They're so darn cute!


I purchased Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn in "Free Range Chickens". My sister loves and has chickens so I knit socks for her for Christmas. (Can't wait to give them to her.)


Hedgehog fibers! I have yet to see any of it in person.


A skein of Sknitches striping in Sock Monkey. Our grandmother always made sock monkeys and sock horses, and sock giraffes, and sock... I made a pair of socks for my brother from it and gave them to him yesterday. He saw the sock monkey in the heel right away.

Kelly H

I would love to have some of the gorgeous new House of A La Mode Swirling fingering colorways!! They're all so beautiful!

Linda Ladwig

I've never tried a Zauberball. Maybe in 2017?

Linda Crouch

Ahhhh! A Bah humbug mug and the green sock yarn! I am a total newbie and this would be my first pair of socks!!!!


I've found many wonderful things, but one thing found me! I'm currently knitting up the yarn awarded to me in the 'green' contest, Poste Patina in Yakushima Forest. It is so beautiful in my Peace Project cowl.

Thank you for a chance to win again!


Your mini club was super! So glad I signed up for it.

Megan W

I love your striping yarn :)

Tricia F

All sock yarn purchases from your store is memorable! Love shopping with you. I'm dreaming of some Hedgehog Fibers for a shawl right now. :)

Pamela herman

Lornas lace zombie BBQ. I love this colorway

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I loved the extra yarn in the Naughty & Nice Christmas kit, but honestly I put the mug to use first!

Katherine S.

I love the Poste Striping yarns. Can't wait for more!


I would love to try them all but for sure I'm in love with the blue moon fiber.

RuthAnn Cromwell

My favorite purchase this year has the been the ball of Starke Zauerball. What a fun colorway and a special project I had for it.

JoAnn Tipton

emerson bulb to make mote crazy ornaments

Shannon Gratwohl

I LOVED the Christmas kit this year. Up by 7 AM MDT to make sure I got one! Bag is to die for!!!!


I had been admiring the beautiful stripes of Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn on Instagram for awhile, so I was excited to discover that you carried that yarn. I keep changing my mind about which colors I want!

Beverly Shearon

I love the Poste Stripe yarn and Blue Moon Fiber arts. Blue Moon is my favorite that I have bought


I enjoyed the Regia Arne and Carlos design yarn I used for some socks. I hadn't tried a self-patterning sock yarn like that previously and I think it will be very durable!


I purchased two beautiful skeins of Hedgehog Fiber sock this summer. It was my first purchase of this yarn and it is as beautiful as everyone says it is. My first skein was used to make a beautiful Talisman shawl by Curious Handmade and HF was the perfect yarn for it!


I haven't purchased from you because I didn't even know you existed until recently. 😍 But I would love to try some Hedgehog or A la Mode.

Mary Eagen

I purchased several skeins of Madelintosh hand dyed yarns 80/10/10 fingering yarn. The yarn is so soft and squishy! The socks feel great on your feet !

Elizabeth D

Best purchases: Hedgehog. Most likely target if I win today? Blue Moon.


The best item I found in your shop this year was House of a la Mode!! My favorite colorway has been petal. It's simply gorgeous!

Brenda Smith

My most memorable purchase was the Valentine kit. My maiden name is Valentine, so I just had to have it!


I would like to try Blue Mooon.

Renee Anne

I've been on a yarn diet (hahahaha) this year and, thus, haven't purchased from you. I think the last thing I bought from you was the van Gogh Opal set and that was probably 3 years ago.

I'm a terrible customer.

However, someday I will get my hands on Biscotte & Cie or Black Trillium Fibers or Poste Yarns or....



I love Bird Leg Bags Tall Skinny Wedge in Sheep to Sheep Black.

Jan Johnson

I didn't buy any yarn this year, but I love the Hedgehog Fibers I bought last year to make the Doodler.

Tabitha Burks

The most memorable item I found at SSYC this year was the Malabrigo Rios yarn I found during the summer. The yarn was so soft and I just love all of the colors in the yarns I got that day.


TurtlePurl yarn! I haven't tried it yet since it's so pricey, but I found it here and love the stripe colors!

Jodie Zehner

I would LOVE to try one of the knit kits! You always have the cutestst stuff!


I think your kits are a great idea. I haven't had the need to purchase one for a gift, but I think they are nicely prepared and would be a terrific gift for a friend.

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