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December 19, 2016


Sherri Harrington

It was when I finally was able to make it for my first trip to your shop and there, in all its glory, was House of A La Mode !!! I nabbed one skein, but wish I could have gotten one of each. ha!


I discovered Primrose yarns through you, bought my first skein there, love the colors. Also have a pair of socks made from another dyer new to me through your store. And I have a skein of Zen Garden I bought this Fall that I haven't cast on yet.


Every purchase from SSYC is a great find! I think my favorite is one I haven't received yet...I'm so looking forward to my Christmas kit it tomorrow yet??


My most memorable purchase was the Dr. Who police box project bags but that was a few years ago. This year it was chancing on the sale on the heavyweight OnLine to make some boot socks, or maybe it was the Cascade Heritage to make a special pair of solid socks . . . it's always special to visit the shop!


I would say my Fiddle Knits Dye-a-Tonic Starry Night purchase was the most memorable. The Starry Night painting is my favorite and it was great to find a matching colorway.


Everything about SSYC is memorable. When I feel the need to stash you are my 1st choice. The selection is overwhelming and the best part is fast shipping! Excellent customer service. Love, love, love SSYC.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ;)


Of course all the yarns have been fantastic! But most memorable would have to be the sock ruler. I love that thing. Second most memorable: the glow-in-the-dark rectangular project bag from this Halloween's kits.


Just finding SSYC was wonderful. I had never tried Miss Babs and finding it on your site was the most memorable. I purchased 2 skeins of Yowza and love the colors.


I have you on my list of shopping places for next year. I live in Canada so sometimes mailing is prohibitive. i would love to try Hedgehog as I cannot get that here in Alberta.

Lindsey Rivir

I really want to try Hedgehog fibers this year.

Ann Knepper

I think I fell in love with your 11th (?) anniversary kit that had the stitch markers that looked like vegetables!!! That had to be my favorite closely followed by many others.

April Boomershine

I always buy the amazing Christmas kits!!!

Susan Knower

The ugly sweater kit! Love the bag and the BMFA yarn is delightful!


I would love to try a skein of House of a la mode Dreamy DK. My most loved items I bought this year from your shop were the Hedgehog Sock Yarn Duos and the Hedgehog Merino DK Potlucks!

Geraldine Scott

Each kit you offer is absolutely lovely, and such a temptation! And I even found hard-to-find Panda Cotton for grandbaby socks!


I'm really drawn to the cute fabric and clever sizes of the Bird Legs Bags. I haven't purchased one yet, but it is definitely on my wishlist.


Your selection of Hedgehog Fibres and House of A La Mode are amazing! Thanks for all the yarny goodness!

Helen  King

I have not been able to order yarn from you yet but I love all of the colors you offer and I love the Yarnit!

Megan Viele

I would love to try House a la mode. My eyes are peeled to the shop!


Most memorable was the 3 skeins of sock yarn that I bought at the store for your 11th anniversary! It was my first time at the actual store. Just need to finish up the second sock of Zen Garden Serenity 20 in Crush and all 3 skeins will be used up. I am loving the sock yarns with cashmere!

Patricia Richardson

My most memorable purchase was your Poste Self Striping yarn in my favorite school colors. Everyone admires the socks that I made with it.

Carol P.

The most memorable thing to me was the addition of the indie dyers you mentioned, such as House of A La Mode and Life in the Long Grass in particular. I love being able to get some hard-to-buy indie dyers such as these and others you already carry. Thank you for all you do!


My most memorable was a gorgeous skein of Mineville Wool Project in emerald that was 50% off. I wish I'd bought 2 skeins rather than just 1!


I love the selection of House of a la Mode you have and Hedgehof too! I plan on purchasing some of both this week!

Susan G

I loved my Halloween kit!


My most memorable purchase was my first hedgehog fibres!!! :)


I love all of your kits! I'm still dreaming of a Christmas kit from 2010.


I finally caved and jumped on the Hedgehog Fibres bandwagon. I think I ordered at least three skeins from you! LOL! I have yet to actually knit one, but they sure pretty up my stash! I'm looking forward to trying Life in the Long Grass soon too! Perhaps if I win the gift certificate, I'll snag some! But, who am I kidding, I'll be buying some regardless! :)

Deborah D Jones

I'm drooling over all of the Life in the Long Grass colors so that's definitely on my list of what I'd like to try!


I would love to try some Blue Moon Fiber BFL. I love BFL, but have never tried Blue Moon and love why I see coming from their dyers.

Anne Pozerycki

I love the Cascade Heritage Prints that I purchased from you recently. My daughter picked this yarn out for socks that I'm making for her, and I love working with it! It's an extremely soft but durable yarn, and I can't wait to see her wear the socks!


Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn would be one of the ones I would like to try.


Your Poste yarn in the 70's Kitchen stripe and Heartbreak Hotel!


The Christmas colors of of Poste yarn were so gorgeous!


My most memorable purchase this year is the Mineville worsted. I am in LOVE with it. I have used every last ounce of it. Lovely to work with and beautiful designs. I hope you get more of it in...


It's hard to pick one, but I'd have to say Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle in A Room Without a Roof. I love, love, love it.


I did the mini skeins sock club. I ended up with some amazing projectsincluding a long gradient scarf. Ans I still have a few to play with.

Kelly Haskell

I've always wanted to try Hedgehog Fibers but it is ALL so lovely 😀 Thank you for the opportunity to win some!!


I ordered the Naughty & Nice Kit which just arrived a couple of days ago, and I love the mug but the wool colours are so gourgeous I had to order more before they were gone. Kudos to your Poste Yarn dyers!


Hedgehog Fibers in Dragonfly. I love it so much I have a pic of it as my screensaver.


I love the kits! The hedgehog knits were new for me.


My 25 year old son actually got online and got me a gift card for SSYC! THAT is love!!!

Kendra Moses

Hedgehog fibers!

Louellen Lawson

The Petites yarn is a gem that I purchased at your shop last December.


I just discovered simply socks a couple months ago and have completely fallen in love with your Poste striping sock yarn. I especially loved your holiday tonal colors this year.


One if the many items I want to try is WOOLY WONKA FIBERS, GRADIENT ARIANRHOD SOCK.


The beautiful colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.


Abstract Fibers Pinot Noir is the one I have my eye on!
I love all the newst speckeled yarns and the perfectly striped Poste (Harry Potter) and Knitterly Things yarns.... throw in a tall skinny bag in the color purple and I would feel like Santa actualy stopped by.


I really loved your Sock Yarn Club 16 Twice as Nice. It was a wonderful variety of stripes and speckles.Also, my daughter loved the houseofalamode skein I got for her.

Katie Wheeler

My favorite is hedgehog and house of a la mode! Always checking for new colorways!


Nice and naughty kit!

Anna Jane

Definitely my very first skein of Hedgehog Fibres yarn :) oh la la!!


The gradients! Love the FiberStory, the Willy Wonka, and of course, Unique Sheep. I would have a very difficult time picking one...


I'd love to score a skein of Lorna's Laces yarn in Zombie BBQ to make hubby some socks!


Until yesterday it would have been the Bah Humbug mug no argument but then I saw--and bought--the cube bag with cats on it for my in-progress socks. Oh my! Love all the yarn too, needless to say. :-)


The most memorable thing I found was an answer to a nagging question about remembering the name of a mystery skein of yarn. Thanks for promptly answering questions asked via Facebook message!


I really want to try some of the Irish yarns after visiting that beautiful country last September.

Rhonda Atkinson

I haven't gotten a chance yet to buy any Opal Talisman yarn. I would love to try this yarn. The colors are so pretty and I love self patterning yarns.

Amy Hesting

Hedgehog squishy & lovely!

Dianne Gardinier

I love the kits you put together. I ordered the Halloween kit again this year. I love the bag, the yarn, the treats. Great job.

Laure Trimmer

Madelinetosh BFL Sock which you helped me pair up into two-color sets.

chellis evers

Anything I can't get in my LYS. Im in love with all kinds of yummy fiber that I don't get to play with on a regular basis. Colors and colors galore!

Mary C.

The sock minis that were part of the sock yarn club earlier this year were fun and challenging. I especially liked the minis from Hedgehog Fibers!


I've eyed so many things over the past year, it's difficult to remember which were my favorites (I was on a yarn budget, so sadly didn't get around to buying anything from you this year). All of Yarn Love's colors are amazing (and their logo redesign is amazing too!), and Blue Moon's new colors are always lovely as well.

Terri Kelly

OOpal Sock Yarn


Can I do a top 5? Madtosh mcn, mineville mcn, hedgehog, house of a la mode, and primrose!!!


I visited your shop for the first time this year. It is amazing to see all the beautiful yarn in person. I've enjoyed all my purchases from your shop.

karen breslin

last yr you have a 3 month special which was great for me because I didn't have to choose !! you did it for me !!


Hedgehog Fibers for me!!

Barbara Rude

Hands down your kits are the best, I have only missed one and that is because I didn't get on line fast enough, but your kits are just fabulous.

Patricia Hill

Another skein of your Poste yarn.[and I'm not just sucking up!:)] I used a skein from a 2015 kit and LOVE it!

Kathy S

Minecraft Christmas yarn! Love my Christmas socks!

Leslie Fehr

My most memorable purchase this year was the special sale yarns. I knit hats for the homeless and it was great to be able tro use top quality yarn for their hats.


I think the wizzard self striping socks for sure! Love!


Definitely the Poste Targhee Test Kitchen Set. I didn't kniw what I was going to get, and what I got was gorgeous!

Amber Grantham

OMG...House of A La Mode. My mom got me hooked!


My floops are awesome I use them all the time and my sister keeps trying to steal them from me. :)

Pam B

My most memorable items this year are The Cyborgs Craft Room yarn after Meagan passed away.


The kits with my favorite being the Halloween Owl Kit with the Halloween Markers.

Lisa Nycz

I have bought your Valentine kit in the past and loved it❤❤.
I would like to try Dream in Color


I would try some lornas laces yarn from my wish list and some stripes!!!!!

Joyce Correia

My most mememorable item was the finding the store! We were on a cross-country drive from California to Vermont. My husband picked out his must-see places. I picked out SSYC in Fort Wayne. While my husband drank tea and ate pastry across the street, I did damage to my credit card in the store. Thanks.

alene Sternlieb

Love self striping yarn!

Ann Leveille

Just finding your store has been very memorable! Yarn wise though, I've loved the colors in hedgehog fibres, and the self-striping Lang and Opal yarns.


I loved trying the Hedgehog Fibers but the best thing I discovered is that shipping is SUPER fast. When I see something that I get an itch to knit it arrives so quickly and that's a real plus to me!

Julie V

I want The Golden Girls bag, crossing my first get a for hubs to get it. I want to be them when I grow up.

Janelle Wertzberger

I gotta say, you nailed it on the special holiday colorways for Poste Striping this year. Soooo beautiful!


I really want to try Hedgehog. Everyone raves about it and the colors are to dye for (get it? hehe).


My first introduction to Hedgehog Fibers. My first skein was Tea Cup. I seriously love this yarn.


How can I pick just one?
I stepped outside my comfort zone and ordered 3 of your Poste Test Kitchen Sets, not knowing what they would look like. I can't tell you how happy they made me when I opened the package. Such gorgeous colors!


Your store offers a wonderful variety and i have adored each and every skein I bought from you. I loved MWP and am loving my first project with BMFA Super Sparkle. And all the speckles!


Blue Moon Fiber's Intro-Speck colorway on Socks that Rock. Still trying to figure out the connection between the title of the colorway to the colors of the yarn!


Hedgehog Fibres is a favorite of mine (my Boom Box socks are a little pop of happiness in my sock drawer!) but I'd really love to try some Miss Babs.

Lisa B

Sadly I'm on a yarn diet but I would really enjoy trying the Fiberstory Gradient Set in Steel. While it wasn't from this year, you introduced me to two tools in your kits that I adore, Floops and the Clover Circular Stitch Holder. Thank you for that!

Lisa Sauer

The yarn from Cyborg's Craft Room I purchased back in March after too much thinking about which colorways to get. I should have given in to my desires for more since we are no longer blessed with Maegan and her beautiful color sense. I will cherish my skeins that much more!

CC Dery

All the new speckles color ways from Hedgehog Fibers

Koreen Grantham

Most memorable: House of A La Mode's AUTUMN BLAZE !!!! I have 4 skeins and going on needles in 2017!


My friends and I went in together on a group order and got so many wonderful self-striping yarns. It was great fun. Now I'm trying to get them all knitted!


The Halloween kits were making this year!

Michayla Moody

I haven't had the chance to shop the store yet, but I love Hedgehog Fibres! I've hopped on the Find Your Fade KAL train, and ordered a few skeins from HF directly, but I'm debating on getting a few more skeins to make my shawl more colorful (shhhh, don't tell my hubby I'm wanting to spend MORE on yarn before the end of the year ;) haha).

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