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December 19, 2016


Chris in Durango

I'd love to try Hedgehog Fibers yarn. I've heard so many good things about it. Someday, I'd also like to visit your shop in person instead of always stalking it online!


Goldilocks Fingering, with cashmere and nylon, sounds great!

Corlene Forde

I love the skeins of Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn that I ordered earlier this year. Hopefully I will can stop admiring them long enough to cast on a pair of socks. I hope to get my hands on some Yarn Love or House of Alamode next year.

Jodie E

I always love finding new poste striping colors or another sock yarn for new additions to my sock drawer


I bought the first Yarnknit (Simply Socks logo) and absolutely love it! Have bought lots of yarn this year and have enjoyed them all. There is such a difference between the high quality yarn I buy from you and the "bargain" yarn available in craft stores.


So many items. Holiday kit and mineville wool stick with me the most


I have not had a chance to stop by but I would love to see the hedgehog yarn in person!

Bev G

I got a gorgeous skein of Bluefaced Leicester Fingering Superwash in the Delirium colorway. Beautiful colors and love the way it feels while knitting. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite cowls.


I finally got to try yarn from SSYC this year and by far my favorite yarn is the self stripping Poste Yarn. I would love to add more to my collection soon.

Melissa aka Witchknit

My most memorable purchase this year was the Austen's Garden kit. Love the bag, love the yarn.


I totally love and want more Mineville Wool Project.

Joyce Selzer

I love the sock ruler!

Lisa Olson

I haven't yet purchased from your site, but I regularly see your yarn and kits on Instagram. I'm coveting so's hard to choose! I've never knit with Blue Moon or Hedgehog Fibers. Thanks for the chance to win!


I bought BMFA Marine Silk, and it was gorgeous. Made a beautiful "buttah" shawl as a gift.


My most memorable was all the gorgeous house of a la mode I was able to snag from your shop!


I love the holiday-themed kits. I treated myself to the Nice kit, despite being naughty and overbuying yarn this year. The mug is adorable!


The beautiful selection of Opal sock yarns that you have!


Your kits! Just bought each of the holiday kits with the mugs.

Janet Duff

i want to try Hedgehog Fibers! The colors are beautiful!


I was blown away when I learned about the Test Kitchen sets. I jumped out of bed to order one right away and it became a Pure Joy shawl. I'm so happy with it and have talked about it on a podcast and at my guild meeting and any way I can promote it. Of course that may make it harder for me to get one next time but I'm happy to share the joy.


I haven't had the chance to buy from you, but your striping Poste yarns always look so cheerful whenever you unveil a new one!

Carole HART

Mine was the Valentine โค๏ธ 2016 kit with "Knit what you love & love what you knit" mug. Squishy big skein of yarn with splashes of pink and red.


I would LOVE to try some hedgehog fibres. Also love to try some Mineville wool project.


Well, that's a tough call, but my favorite this year was discovering Primrose Yarns Helix. The colors grabbed me first, so I ordered Black Magic and Scared Stiff. The skeins arrived, and I was so in love with the deliciousness of the merino, as well as the colors, that I immediately ordered more, this time Gingerbread and Steampunk. I am in love with all the new splatter dash color ways from Lornas Laces and Hedgehog Fibers. I never get tired of knittting socks with all the cool yarns, especially Indie dyers.


I usually am at work and miss out on the kits but I did get a Bah Humbug bag and a Bah Humbug kit with the 2 skeins of yarn. Otherwise, I usually am checking out all the colorways of Socks that Rock.


Plan to get a Regia in the new year when I pay my Christmas bills. Still working on the Hunterwasser series which I love. I bought all the colors!


I have a big Mineville/Fleece Artist addiction, so my recent Mineville fingering purchase is the most memorable! (Either that or the brain is going and the fact that it's the most recent helps too. ;) )

Daniela L.

Great selection of Tosh's BFL Sock - love the colors! That's what I'll probably grab next...


It was taking a chance on Hedgehog Fibres Dk weight yarn. They became the perfect socks for moi!

Ann Walsh

I've been on a yarn diet so I've not been buying much. But I did get some lovely mineville wool project sock yarn to make a sweater for me. Breaking the diet cause we were in Fort Wayne was totally worth it.


I am totally digging your baaa humbug mugs!

Audra L

So many to choose from... Black trillium Pebble in 11th doctor or Fiberstory Fave in Mythic.

Kim Buckley

Alchemy yarn looks awesome!


I LOVED the Halloween Kit which included Hedgehog Fibers yarn and the cutest stitch markers I own - I mean really - who doesn't love a candy corn stitch marker, and the oh soooo very cute bag with orange, purple and green owls!

Linda Citron

I'm new to sock knitting- 3.5 pairs finished! The yarn here is all swoon-worthy, but I'd love to try Hedgehog Fibres. Happy Holidays!

Ann Feltz

I like every package that arrives from SSYC, but my favorite this year was the "ugly sweater" project bag kit. :)


The knitters back in the corner. Giving tips to another knitter on the pattern she was struggling with and encouraging her.

Always the staff who are amazing in their knowledge of the inventory and great suggestions.

Amanda Swanson

I haven't bought anything from you this year, although I stalk your Hedgehog Fibres and BMFA. However, I would have to buy some Zen Yarn Garden Serenity because I knit a scarf from it this year and my husband keeps wanting to steal it, so I need to make him his own.

Yolanda Bacon

I've gotten HHF sock yarns from SSYC before. So glad you guys make such a wide variety of indie dyed yarns available!!


Oh tough question I love the Naughty and Nice kits and Sock Club. If I am going to pick just one the Targhee Speckled and Tonal yarns go great in the two colored shawls and cowls




Xmas bag with Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn colorway peppermint stick for old st. Nick


I love it when you show all,the boxes that come in to be put on shelves. It made me want to jump,into them, like leafs just raked up lol๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป

Michelle Good

I swooned so hard for you anniversary kit! Looked absolutely amazing but I was unable to snag one of my own...Can't wait to see what kits you will have in 2017 though!

yolanda v

Most memorable was your kits. I bought the Summer Bounty Knitting Kit and I LOVE it!!


I'm fairly new, but my favorite find was the Knitterly Things Vesper yarn in Happy Accident. The colors are so "happy"!


I was so excited to get the worsted weight self stripping yarn!


My favorite find was lots of rainbow stripe yarn!

Tara Tayor

Hi I love your website even though I have not had the opportunity to order from you yet...I have spent lots of time day dreaming! Lol!!!๐Ÿ˜I love BMFA sock yarn! I have a love affair going on with MT sock yarn, and I adore the MT pashmina mandala!!! I goofed while looking at your site for sooo long! I wrote down color ways w/o the yarn or dyer! ๐Ÿ˜œSo, I fell in love tonight with Whoville,Witchy Poo Rides, and Wabi name a few. I also keep looking for reds in all fibers I look at...even tho, I am consistently drawn to blues and greens...trying to open my color pallets up! One more thing, I am Very curious about hedhehodge fiber...I woul love to get mini skeins to try first???
Love everything about your store except that it's not here in my state! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜
Tara Taylor โค๏ธ
Tarat580 on instagram

Michele Cashen

I love all your Madeline Tosh yarn. Such a hugh selection.

Teresa C

Poste Stripe Oz. I have that as my background photo on my ipad. I will get that yarn in 2017.


Love the Halloween kit I purchased with the owl print bag and Hedgehog sock yarn!


I can't wait to cast on the sKNITches Nimble yarn that I just ordered!


Hedgehog Fibres is always eye-catching! :)


I would love to try the Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn.

Dana Beaton-Stokell

I would love to try Hedgehog yarn!! โค๏ธThanks for the chance to win!

Kelly rippy

I am new to knitting including socks so I would love to try some new yarn or a lovely scaw or scarf kit

Donna R

I have always wanted to try blue moon.

Kathie Frazier

Looking forward to knitting yarn I have from you. Have several ideas in mind.


I've been dying to make an Eyeball Shawl from Stephen West with Hedgehog Fibers! I already know what colors I want! ๐Ÿ˜


I have loved the Poste striping yarn!


I'd love to try some new-to-me dyers, especially Hedgehog Fibers, Biscotte & Cie, and Miss Babs.


Danger Zone from Poste Yarn really captured me this year! I keep coming back to it.


I haven't been able to place an order this year, but i would love to try the Vesper striping yarn

Karen G.

BMFA Sparkle Yarn looks great in Grimm Green. I haven't placed an order, but I've got a link to your site in my wishlist and I Pin many of your beautiful yarns featured in this blog!

Leigh Ann Brown

Black trillium fibers had color ways for my daughter's favorite Drs 10th & 11th

Sarah (3Trees on Rav)

This year it was some wonderful Regia. Sometime soon it will be some more MIneville (I love my Curl made using a MWP DK) and some Hedgehog.


I need to knit more or knit faster so I can sample some of the wonderful yarns in your shop. That is one of my goals for next year. Thank you for 12 Days of Christmas!

Alicia A

I was really excited to get the Jollyville poste self striping yarn. It had been on my wish list for over a year.

Joan Pendergast

When I needed red and black yarn for my grandson's U of Louisville socks you found it for me.


For me, it was a great selection of solid colors of opal. And the fact it was on sale was just icing on the cake.

Sara Byron

THe Halloween sock kits were wonderful. But I missed out as they sold out so fast. At least the one I wanted.

doreen m gilmartin

I would love some Hedgehog fibers sock yarn.

Deb Jensen

The Regia Pairfect Cotton yarn! Brilliant idea, fun colors, and cotton! What's not to love?

Veronica Jackson

I'm in love with a Bag Lady!


The gorgeous hedgehog yarn and the house of a la mode. So so good!


I purchased many things from Simply Socks this year including Opal. My best was some Post Yarn Yak Luxe: love it.

Suzanne Sigler

self striping sock yarn

Iris M

I would love to try Life in the Long Grass.


I'd love to try your Poste striping yarn!

Bridget Brewer

the new line that you carry, LITLG, I discovered this company through you and LOVE it--all of it!


Your most memorable items are your Holiday kits. Halloween. Christmas. Either or. I so want one! But it hasn't been in the cards yet. A beautiful yarn with a matching bag and stitch markers! How fun! But they always seem to sell out before I am able to get one. Some day! It's on my bucket list for sure!

Linda Kohrman

I bought a project bag with cute vampires on it in April and I've been using it year round.

Caitlin A

I love seeing the kits you put together, even if I haven't managed to get my hands on one yet.


I would love to grab a Bah Humbug skein. I missed the kit and loved the yarn!

Niki Rogers

I bought the Carlos and arne yarn and I love it!!

Adriana McDonald

My most memorable find was a couple of skeins of Primrose in the Gingerbread, and Steampunk colorways. They are even mor beautiful in person. I would love to try Life in the Long Grass yarns.

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