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December 19, 2016


Kelly Nalley

I would like to try Blue Moon yarn.

Lisa W

My most memorable purchases this year were all Hedgehog Fibres. Their colors are incredible! I am looking forward to trying House of a la Mode.


I would like to try Fiberstory or Hedgehog.

Branwynne Rain

Your post base Christmas self striping yarns! I'm so excited to cast on my first pair of holiday socks.


The Cascade 220 super wash is going to be the most memorable as it's going to make a very special baby blanket.


Love the self stripping yarn! All of it!

Tammy L

Hedgehog Fibers with their beautiful colorways.

Melissa Loback

My most memorable purchase this year is the 11th Anniversary Kit because my husband picked it out for me. Even nabbed an extra skein!!!

Bethel King

Turtlepurl trenchcoat, BMFA, & Carlos and Arne


I have yet to find a coloway of your self striping yarn that I haven't completely fallen in love with, yet!

Sara Lee Albright

My most memorable purchase (besides the fabulous kits!) was of a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, colorway Dreidel. the blues and yellows are a really special combination, and the socks I plan to knit with it should have me dancing like a real dreidel !

Kathy Scozzari

I woul love to do a pair for important months out of the birthstone colors...November for my anniversary, April, May and December for my grandkids....

Stephanie orr

I was excited to get the giant half pound skiens of DK yarn. I have also had a lot of fun trying new yarn companies. Oh and the new Christmas colors on your poster yarn was a lot of fun to get. That's more then one thing, I know but I love simply sock ❤️

Susan Eberhardt

My most memorable purchase has been Lorna's Laces Solemate yarn. My husband is fascinated that the wicking concept was developed by NASA. I made him a pair of socks from this yarn, and it is the only thing I have knit for him that he uses!
I love trying any new yarn I have not used yet. Hedgehog next time?

Marilyn Hutchens

Most memorable purchase was the Malabrigo marte that I could no longer get at my LYS (which is 40 miles away so not so local). SSYC having the yarn was a life saver. I was able to finish a long awaited project. Thank you!


The beatiful blue moon yarns!!


I "discovered" Poste striping yarn and fell in love with ALL of it! And a store employee clued me in on using Silver Lining for the toes and heels.

Krissy Hutzel

my most memorable purchase is always the hedgehog fibres yarn that i order from you. :] i'm using the graphite, cinder and crybaby for my fade your fade shawl i just started! <3

Alecia Helton

I love the special markers in the Summer and Halloween kits.


Would love to try Life in the Long Grass.


I finally knit up my skein of Poste Self Striping in Ghost Town for Halloween. I loved the base - it's hard wearing but super comfortable and I really loved the colorway. I need to order more!


The Malabrigo yarn in the Diana colorway...and the number on the tag happens to be the year I was born 💗

Colleen D'Allura

The yarnit. Its amazing and has saved my yarn from the kids, the cat and all the places we travel.


Probably was this sparkly (super sparkle) skein I got from Blue Moon Fiber Arts at your anniversary party... picked out by my little girl! It's pink and purple and we call it a "unicorn tail". I am currently turning it into a hat for her! :)


When your Halloween kits sold out so quickly I made my own with A cute
bag and A skein of Fleece Artist in Autumn Blaze , beautiful!It is making my Hitchhiker so lovely!

Lise Budden

I haven't used striping yarn in quite a while. Would love one!

Judi Kennedy

Love the mug in the Christmas Kit. The yarn is wonderful, but the mug really caught my attention.

Marianne Griffith

I've not been to your shop in person but have enjoyed the website and orders being quickly filled and received!

Linda Cram

For me, touching and seeing the yarn in person is big. I would love to stop at your shop and browse your incredible selection of yarn and accessories. Since that is not about to happen in the near future, maybe a visit in spring, I would like the knit kits, like the 2016 Little Nice Kit.


Love your wide selection of yarns. It is fun to browse all the different colors! I managed to snag a Mineville Wool Project giant skein of fingering weight which I love.

Amy Bursey

I'm super happy you carry Hedgehog Fibers!! So cool we can get it here in the states from you!! 😊😊


My most memorable purchase was a kit...was also my only purchase this year, sadly. The yarn was lovely but I really couldn't resist the mason jar that came along with it!!! I hope to do better with the buying next year, have just not been able to knit/crochet as much lately.

Rebecca Cook

I love anything by Hedgehog fibers

Suzanne Daniels

I discovered Hedgehog Fibres and all their wonderful wool.


It's been a quiet yarn year for me, so while it's pretty tame, the malabrigo Rios in anniversario was just beautiful. It was a colorway I had never seen before and it just sang to me when I saw it in the shop.


Hard to choose just one but my Poste Striped Halloween socks got quite a few compliments this fall!

Kimberly Schutt

I've been eyeing several of the Hedgehog yarns. I'm currently working through a backlog of projects, but after they're finished I can hear some of this year's beautiful yarn calling my name!

Lena Arsenault

I would love to try your Hedgehog yarns in any color way. They all look beautiful!!

Lori Mahar

I would love to try Hedgehog Fires yarn.


Gorgeous Mad Tosh Sock that I used in the Three Colored Cashmere Shawl.


I would love to try the poste striping yarn.


Hedgehog Fibres for sure. Love all of the colors

Nancy Hooper

I've always wanted some Hedgehog!


I love it all, but I'm especially enjoying Tosh MCN!


Would love to try the Blue Moon BFL. The colors all look so yummy!

Danielle K

There are so many items I would love to try - the Christmas mug kit to the hedgehog fibers yarn. Love it all!!


I'm really loving this batch of Mineville sock yarn and wish I had bought more before it sold out!


Your holiday kits are so cute. Maybe this is the year I get one.

Rose Birchall

I like to order Opal for gift socks. Don't have to worry about how it's laundered.


In some ways, the most memorable item was the shop itself -- walking through the door and seeing the array of color and texture. It's an amazing place! The Hedgehog Fibres Fools' Gold that I bought there earlier this fall is tempting me while I work at my Christmas knitting for others.

wendy james

I loved the Mineville merino cashmere nylon. I wish I had been able to get more skeins. I also enjoyed the Halloween hedgehog fibers kit. The yarn was amazing and the stitch markers were adorable.

Twilla Steele

My favorite project was socks made with your Halloween striping yarn. I knitted them for my granddaughters 21st bday she tells me all the time how she loves them.

Diane Abendroth

I would love to try self striping yarn for my next pair of socks OR maybe a cool looking scarf or cowl!!!!


I have really enjoyed starting to explore the Poste self-striping yarn lines!

Melissa G

Ifound some MWP in pumpkin. I didnt buy it and it haunts me. It was gone when i came back for the Christmas open house.


One of the yarns that I've been eyeballing a lot on your site is the Yarn Love Juliet. Got to be one of the best selection.


I haven't tried any yarn yet but love the striping bright and colorful, which I love!

Lucy Kesler

Oh, this is easy! Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn...specifically the Rooster Rock that I used for socks and gloves. Still my favorite!

Sandra Sprouse

The ugly sweater kit that my husband ordered for me, but won't let me have until Christmas!


My most memorable purchase is a skein of gorgeous Madeline Tosh Pashmina. I touch this every time I open the stash closet just to see if it's decided what it wants to be. Sometimes it whispers a little bit but it's not talking loud enough for me to hear it.

Cherie Fischer

The Halloween kit. Love all the seasonal kits.


My most memorable "grab" from SSY would be the HHF mini skeins bundle. I swooned when I opened it and have a million ideas of how to use them all!


I love your kits.

Sandy C

I didn't buy a lot of yarn this year.But I have purchased the special kits in the past and they are really SPECIAL.


Hedgehog Fibres Sock, especially the Speckes and the SSYC exclusive colors!!


My most memorable purchase was th Halloween Kits- the bags were so cute and the yarn absolutely stunning! And I am still hoping to try some Blue Moon, especially the Christmas colors!


Hedgehog Fiber singles - I bought two skeins and now I need/want more!


I would love to try Hedgehog fibres. Their colorways are so pretty.

Mary C

I loved all my ourchases, but really loved the Opal colors in their various lines. I also loved my Lorna's Laces Solemate. It is totally a deluxe sock yarn.


Self striping yarn is on my list of want for 2017!


My discovery of MadeleineTosh yarn. I love the DK. It's a great choice for slightly heaviershawls.


I'm loving the Blue Moon super sparkle in Pumpkin Spice. It's perfect Texas Longhorns colors. Still trying to decide what I want to make with it.


Coming in to pick up the things I ordered and found boxes of yarn at half price!!! That was the best.

Kelly Schmidt

I would love to get some Hedgehog Fibres...I haven't been able to try any of their yarn yet, and I love their colorways!

Annette Poole

Love my Halloween kit. The stitch markers are so cute!

Sheila P

Waiting for my mail carrier today. Snagged one of the Nice kits. Cute mug and a new yarn for me.

Susan G

The Poste Self Striping Yarn


I liked the anniversary kit. I especially liked the stitch markers . It made me think of when my mom used to do her canning in our kitchen

Katherine W

I always drool over your gorgeous yarn every time I see you post pictures on FB. Someday I hope to have some of my very own!

Trish Flynn

Zen Gardens SSYC 24 - This was the first time I bought yarn with cashmere and I've been spoiled ever since!!


Poste Striping in Jollyville and Festival of Lights. And the bag that came with the Halloween kit.


My most memorable has to be Tosh in Seaglass, Electric rainbow and Galss Bottom Boat for a Doodler

Linda Cardin

I would like to try Blue Moon.

Terri Brinegar

I loved the hedgehog fibers yarn in the Halloween kit.

Sarah Shoo

Holy moly! The Hedgehog Christmas kit. I love the yarn way more than I expected.


I love the MWP! There may have been a few tears when I missed the opportunity last week to stock up......

Deborah Malone

I'd like to make a shawl from litlg. Hard to pick a colorway

Gail Sparks

Something yummy in shades of purple from Lorna's Lace would be the best present ever!


My most memorable find is the self-striping yarn, both Poste and Turtle purl. They're addictive. Ooh and I forgot about the Floopies.

Diane Jespersen

The Yarn-it, and all the beautiful yarn bought to go in it. I love it all!


The most memorable yarn I found at Simply Socks this year was a rainbow colored striping yarn that my grandson wanted for socks so he and Nana could have matching socks!


Self striping yarn for socks.

Sheryl P

House of a-la-mode! I bought a kit from her directly, and then more of her stuff (as well as some hedgehog fiber) for filler from you guys. Shes actually how I found your little store.


I keep checking, hoping to grab myself a skein of sKNITches Syncopation in Garden Gnomes. Have been eyeing that off since you Instagram'd that when you were on vacation nearly 2 years ago. This year I've loved all of the greens you've been showcasing.


ANY self-striping yarn I'm smitten for! Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!!

Kim Spolarich

Hedgehog Fibres Pinky Swear, which I knit for my best friend because she uses that phrase all the time with her kids!


For me it would have to be the Bird Legs bags in the Pyrex fabric. I haven't bought one yet but hope to soon!

Haley Burns

I haven't purchased from you yet, but I can't get Hedgehog Fibers locally, so cue SSYC. I'm not a fan of yellow, but I can't wait to try Banana Legs.

Barbara Russo

Your kits !!! And I can't pick just one .. they were all amazing !!!

Stephanie Ferguson

I did not get the chance to buy any of your lovely yarn this year....But I really wanted Hedgehog Fibers to make a shawl!

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