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December 18, 2016



Instead of giving me luggage when I graduated from high school, my parents gave me a sewing machine - I still use it today!

Beverly Shearon

When my husband and I had to move after being in a small community for 30 years, our church friends had a picture drawn of our church and so many friends signed it and gave it to us at our going away party. I look at it and have such wonderful memories of friends.

Janet Dennison-Dendy

A ceramic yarn bowl from oldest daughter, some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from youngest daughter, but the most heart warming was some skeins of inexpensive acrylic from the local craft store from my son who is autistic. He got it and I love that ugly yarn!

Ann Walsh

A cd of songs which my now husband recorded for me (he sang, played guitar and other instruments) for my birthday


I knit and sew a lot for family. One year my niece make a book with photos of everyone wearing gifts I had made for them.


Back when Gore tex was new on the market, my brother bought me for Christmas a verrry expensive running suit for the rain -a jacket & pants. It was the first real running apparel I ever had. It told me that he understood I was serious about running, and that I could take myself seriously as a runner, too. The following spring I bought myself my first official running shorts to run in. I still always ran in just any old t-shirt.


I have made needlepoint Christmas stockings for everyone in the family but me. I've been working on one for years, but don't feel rushed since it's for me. My daughter decided I should have one so she made one for me! I was stunned and delighted.

Andrea Duran

Several times I have been given an "experience" instead of a tangible gift---usually a theater ticket to a play/musical I really want to see. I'm at that age where I am trying to pare down "stuff" and enjoy more experiences.

Jodie Zehner

The most thoughtful gift I have ever received is from my children. The made me a "Why You are the Greatest Mom" book. They both wrote down memories, drew pictures, and wrote a song (which they both performed). It made me cry!

Niki Rogers

Last year my adult children went together and got me an Apple Watch.They know how much I love gadgets but they also know I would never spend that much money on myself. I have loved it so much!


My best Christmas present was my mom coming home from the hospital on Christmas Eve after having received a kidney transplant.


I would have to say it was a quilt my mother-in-law made me. She took care in choosing colors I liked and I know it took her hours of work.


As a wedding present I received a painting by a friend. She's a full-time artist but doesn't paint that much, so it's very special.


I treasure the handmade gifts the most whether for an official occasion or just because. Last year my 26 yr old son made me a leather tote bag. He picked out the leather, hand sewed it and lined it. Totally floored me. I carry it everywhere.

Carol P.

Shortly after my mother passed away, two of my closest friends sent me a joint gift of a locket that has photos of both of my parents in it. I don't know where they got the photos from but this was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and every time I wear it I feel like my parents are still with me and in my heart, and I also think of my lovely friends whose kindness I will never forget.


My most thoughtful gift also came from my children. They were about 6 & 9 at the time. Our local food coop store had a few handmade objects. They had a hand made wooden marionette that I thought was adorable. I wondered if one of them might enjoy it. So next time they accompanied me to the store, I pointed it out & said something like, isn't that the cutest thing ever, trying to gauge their reaction. They seemed lukewarm so I forgot about it. My partner took them shopping for me present lo & behold, on Christmas morning, there was the marionette - their present to me! They had remembered my pointing it out weeks earlier. I thought that was so thoughtful for children of their ages to remember my appreciation of that handmade toy.


When I was young my elest sister would always give me books for Christmas. The Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, the "little House" books.

Judi Kennedy

My husband made me a yarn box two years ago for Christmas. I now have several as my stash has grown (and grown and grown). He knew I was getting overwhelmed with where to put the yarn.

Vikki Killips

Most thoughtful gift was from a co-worker. After taking several years off to raise my kids. I had just started back to work a couple weeks before xmas, she made sure I was included when she and others had been together for several years. It meant so much to me to be included.

raquel from JC

Once my eldest daughter gave me a pendant made with a real meteorite! I love the space so it is one of my treasures


Fifty-eight years ago, when I was six, Santa brought me a child-sized fishing rod. I can still see the package; it was wrapped in red paper with white and gold, and the backing color on the cardboard that held my rod was yellow.

I loved to go fishing with my father, and I had no idea that there was any such thing as a rod made for a child. It was the perfect gift at the perfect time, and I will never forget it.

And Alison, don't worry. The whole process of raising children, from the ages yours are now until they are adults, is a wonderful journey. Each age has its problems, but more importantly, its joys. You have lots of time ahead of you to enjoy your kids.


I have loved every gift from my kids and grands.The pure joyous anticipation on their faces is priceless.


While we were still dating my husband bought me sneakers! They were perfect and exactly what I needed at the time (being a full time student with no $, yet he was already working full time).

Adele D

My husband got me surprise tickets to see the Brian Setzer Christmas Show several years ago.

Twilla Steele

The most meaning gift was a fairy house my grand girls gave me with a written inscription girls club that we enjoy together.

Donna Reed

my daughters gave me a mother's ring about 30 years ago. I have worn it since.


I would have to say a handmade quilted Christmas tree skirt from my mom. I love taking it out each year and will pass it on one day.


My family gives me very thoughtful gifts. I have received cherished yarn, lovely earrings that i never thought I would own, or picking me up to take me to see the lights!

Theresa M

My husband always seems to come up with something (usually last minute lol) to spoil me. For a recent birthday I was treated to the Banff springs hotel with a gorgeous view .


The most thoughtful gift I ever got was from my husband and grandson. Cole was just diagnosed with autism and lenny got his mom and I the autism necklaces from a jewelry store. I have worn it almost every day for 7 years now.


My Mom gave me a hand embroidered and appliqued piece with a special, encouraging verse on it after a particularly tough time that my family had gone through. To boot, she had apparently done it during the time she herself was recovering from neck surgery. I also love the hand made cards that my husband and kids created for me on Valentine's Day.

Susan G

My husband gives the best gifts-he puts so much thought and live into everything


My sister and I each got a Ten speed bicycle for Xmas one year. We knew my dad couldn't afford the bikes raising his two daughters alone but somehow he made sure we got those bikes. Mine blue and hers green...


For Christmas one year, my niece gave me a porcelain bobble sheep. She saw it somewhere and said she had to get it. She was an adult at the time and I was touched that she thought of me when she saw it. She thought I'd bring it to work but it sits next to my computer at home so I can see it while on the computer or on the couch.

Brandi Hoesing

My kitchen aid that my grandpa gave to my grandma before he passed. She hardly used it, so she gave it to me. Just thinking about my grandpa picking it out for my grandma brings special memories for me.


For our first Christmas my husband gave me a pin that his father had given his mother for their first Christmas many years before.

JoAnne B

About 25 years ago my husband brought home clivia plants in his briefcase from a business trip. I had wanted some for years. When one of my sons was in high school he went into my local yarn shop and described me to the knitters and once they knew who he was talking about they steered him to some sock yarn - the perfect gift for me. He was so proud.


homemade cards from my daughters!


When I was graduating from high school, my grandma asked me what type of a quilt I wanted. She made one for each of her (50)grandchildren. I requested a log cabin style quilt, and she made it. She used old clothing as material... she was a mother of 16 kids and made do or did without. I get out that quilt whenever I'm cold. She made a quilt for my 10 year old out of used baby clothes I sent for that specific purpose. She died not long after making that baby quilt. When my mom and aunts were going through her stuff, they found an unclaimed quilt perfect for the baby boy I was expecting, so my son has a great-grandma quilt too. My almost 4 year old didn't get one, so I commissioned a friend to make one. I love quilts but don't sew... I appreciate all the work that goes into them, considering I knit and crochet!

Pat HIll

I have many gifts that mean so much to me. A couple of Christmases ago my husband made me a wooden yarn bowl. Many years before that my son (then 8 now 31) made me chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.

Bev White

The gift that is still my favorite is a Rudolph the Reindeer pin my youngest son gave me. It was made of a clear Christmas tree bulb and pipe cleaners. That boy is now 33.

Shannon Gratwohl

A crocheted afghan from my paternal grandma 40 years ago. I still have it!


A few Christmases ago, our nephew restored some old family rockers that were in disrepair and gave them as presents. Tears of joy!


I would have to say watching my children's faces when they would give my children gave me presents and were so excited. It'a a precious gift!

Janet Godshalk

Mine would be the set of Boyle knitting needles that I received in 1966 that got me started knitting. I still have the whole set, but with the new needles of today, I hardly use them anymore.

Anne Marie

My 16 year old has a knack for getting the perfect gift. I enlisted her help today to start and finish shopping for my family. With 9 kids including a 6 week old, I hadn't gotten much done. At Barnes & Noble she would not let me see one book hidden behind her back. I did get a peek and saw the Joy of Cooking. My oldest cookbook, my original copy is in pieces and a real pain to use when pages fall out. What a sweet girl!


Last year my boyfriend gave me a one year membership to the Houston Zoo and we've enjoyed several free visits to the zoo this year because of it.


Several years ago one of my daughters gave me a Spa Bag for Christmas. It contained a lavender candle, bubble bath, lotion and chocolate. The touching part of the gift was that she noticed I had been working extra hard that year and it felt so special to me that she noticed.


I always bake the birthday cakes in my family, so one of my most special birthday gifts is when someone takes the time to bake me a cake!


Almost every gift from my DH. He knows me so well and really puts a lot of thought into gifts. I'm always so touched by what he thinks of to get me.


Thoughtful gifts, indeed. Your "Believe" is so inspirational. One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received was my first personal-for-me computer from my mother and sister. It came with the caveat that I was not allowed to give it to another person. It was so affirming. I was thrilled with it all--my first thought had been (before I read the stipulation) was that I needed to give it to my daughter who needed it more than I did. This was a gift for ME!

Linda Bazinet

A few years ago, one of my classes (I teach adults in a Nutrition program) took a collection and made an arrangement for a gift certificate from a local yarn store. This store does not have gift certificates but made an exception for my persuasive students. I used the yarn that I purchased to make a shawl that I sometimes wear when I teach. Whenever I wear that shawl, I think of this class that cared enough to go out of their way to do something special for me.

Lisa Sauer

I have received a lot of thoughtful gifts over the years, but one that stands out is an electric toothbrush I received from my mom. It was the last Christmas I spent with her before she lost her battle with cancer. She wasn't well, but wanted to make sure I had Christmas presents (and also took care of myself, I guess!), so she had a friend go shopping for her. The gift certificates were also appreciated, but the toothbrush was very specifically "mom."


Knitting needles, one year my 8 year old son insisted that I needed new DPNs ( who am I to argue!)

Laura Beutler

I was nine. I'd gotten an American Girl doll--which was a huge deal--for my birthday that summer. My gran spent the time from July to December sourcing the fabric used in every dress in the catalog and, without the need of a pattern, replicating each dress. I suddenly had every outfit in the whole collection. I still have them all.


Allison I can not believe how big your boys are!!!❤️

The best present I ever got wasn't for Christmas or my birthday.I wanted a bicycle so bad but we had a rule in my house that you couldn't have one until you were 13! My birthday is in October and when my Mom got birthday money for her July birthday she surprised me with A beautiful bike! I was so touched by her love and complete unselfishness. What a wonderful Mom I had!


my sister and I weren't allowed to have Barbie dolls when growing up. I guess my mother thought they were immoral or something. We would often give the gears to my mother for years over this. Twenty years ago when I was in my 40's and my sister only two years older, we each got a package from 'Santa' apologyzing for the oversight. I cherish the Barbie and the lovely note that came with it from'Santa'. Mom was a great person and had a great sense of humour. I miss her.


The most thoughtful gift I received was a hand-quilted blanket from my mother.


The year my husband surprised me with a cd player so I could listen to books on cd while knitting. That gift was very thoughtful.


My husband sent me to learn how to use a sock knitting machine at a studio north of the city. It was so much fun!


A beautiful yarn bowl from my MIL! She actually went to a LYS and asked around and then finally pick one out. :)


My oldest is in kindergarten this year, so he is learning to write. One of his recent homework assignments was to write a gift list of what he was going to buy for people. I had him cover up mine so I could help him with the others, but he said, no, no, I really want to show you yours to make sure you would like it. Thinking it was probably something silly, I said ok. Next to Mommy it said "nitin" After a split second of translation, I quickly teared up and told him I thought that would be an amazing gift. While I haven't technically received the gift yet, they both let it slip that they had visited the yarn store. It will be a surprise what they purchased, but the fact that a 4 and 5 yo came up with something I would love just melted my heart.

Karen machado

I have received so many lovely, wonderful gifts over the years. A few years back, my husband gave me an antique toy I had told him about. He usually is a gift card kind of a guy, so that really was something I was gobsmacked over. I love anything my son gives me, because he is my greatest blessing. I know Moms are supposed to say this, but he really is my best gift.

Janet Duff

There have been so many gifts from my husband and children that I could never pick just one. They always make each occasion special.

Karen G.

I received the best gift on my husband's birthday. Our daughter bought us each kayaks. It was to be our birthday, Christmas and mother's/father's day gifts all rolled into one, but we've put many miles on them and are still thankful every time we head off to the lake. It was a huge sacrifice for her to get them for us.

Helen  King

When I was in my early 20's I wanted a Clydesdale Horse latch hook kit that I could not afford and parents bought it for me for Christmas. It still hangs on my wall!

Teresa C

Dad knew i was interesated in spinning yarn. He asked his neighbor, who manages a cotton gin for some raw cotton for me to play with, just because.


For our 10th anniversary my husband gave me a cedar chest. It still sits at the foot of our bed and it's where I store several of my finished pieces.

Pamela Deselem

Last year about this time, I saw The Lion King 2as coming to Dayton. I said something about it being really good and I'd like to see it. My older son bought me twontickets, then took time off work in June to go with me. It was an amazing evening. To top off last Christmas, my younger son grabbed an old photo of my mom and my sisters off facebook, had it blown up and put it in a nice frame. Now that photo is on my desk. My sons are really thoughtful young men.

Karla Carter

My late husband didn't believe in giving flowers as a gift because they would die and he thought that was a waste of money. After around 8 or 9 years of marriage, he sent me flowers for Thanksgiving... because he was so thankful for me. What a huge surprise.


My birthday was last month. Instead of any 'thing,' my 17-year-old daughter gave me a handmade card. In it, she thanked me for being her mom and being 'cool in general.' Wow! High praise from a teenager.


Preschooler are so proud of the gifts they make. I still have the gold spray painted hand print from many, many years ago.

Julie V

One of the most thoughtful gifts my husband got me was a surprise trip to the Grand Canyon. I opened up plane tickets on Christmas morning!!


Every year, a friend and her family (husband and 3 boys) spend one day at my house helping me get my spring clean-up yard work finished. We trim trees and bushes and do anything else that needs to be done. We also get the garden beds ready for planting. I really love the thought that goes into this gift. They could always buy me something but choose instead to give me the gift of their precious time instead.

Kim Buckley

My most special gift was the birth of my son 30 years ago. It was a quick and easy delivery and by far the sweetest gift ever!

Brenda Smith

There have been many cherished gifts throughout the years. One year my husband surprised me with an early Christmas present, a stand mixer. My hand held mixer stopped working while doing my Christmas baking. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness. Who says women don't like appliances for Christmas!

Susan G

A photo album filled with pictures from my childhood made by sister who was a single mom in law school at the time.

Annette Poole

My mom was working on a crocheted table cloth when she died. She was probably 3/4 of the way done when she died. Both my sister and I are left handed and my mom was right handed so neither of us could finish it. My sister took it to a good friend of my mom's and asked her to finish it for me. She then gave it to me for Christmas. It was the most thoughtful present I have ever received.


So many thoughtful gifts over the years that it is difficult to pinpoint one. Spending time with family at the holidays is a wonderful gift itsself.

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