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December 18, 2016


Melissa Loback

The most thoughtful gift I have ever received is from my husband. When we were first married we didn't ha e a lot of money and 7 kids to provide for with our blended family. My husband wrote me a love note and wrapped it up. I still have it on my dresser mirror 20 years later.


A good friend made me a quilt for my bed. I am not a quilter and have always wanted one. I will cherish it always.

Deborah Malone

Hand-twisted test tubes made icicles


My daughter is always coming up with thoughtful gifts - not just at Christmas time. About a month ago she bought me a Brighton bracelet designed for breast cancer survivors to commemorate my 2nd year as a breast cancer survivor! It was a complete, welcomed surprise!


Most thoughtful? Anything from my kids and anything handmade. It's just nice to know that they thought lovingly of me.

Rhonda Atkinson

For every Christmas I would ask for something for the house like a new coffee pot, glasses, cups, something like that. One year my husband totally surprised me with a Mothers Ring. I had no idea he was doing it and I was so touched. Cried, hugged, and thanked him over and over. It was so special he thought of it himself and his choice was just beautiful.


A trip to Disney


I love your answer!!! Mine might be the custom-made yarn cabinet thing that my husband made for me many years ago. Once I got it filled up (plus maybe a few more spots in the house) it made me feel like I have my own yarn store in my house! :-D

Antoinette Overton

The most thoughtful gifts I've ever received are the quirky handmade cards my best friend makes for every occasion. They're all so unique and meaningful.


My hand turned bowl made by my husband out of one of the trees we had cut down from our yard!!!!!


Definitely from my husband: nine rolled-up $5 bills, taped onto a piece of paper in the shape of a menorah on the eighth day of Hanukkah. At the time, $5 was the cost of a pick-up hockey session in my area, and this was his way of saying that he liked having me take one morning a week to go down to the rink an hour away to skate. <3


The gifts that are my most memorable have been from my children. One was a laminated heart that said, "Mom is great and I love mom." It still hangs in my kitchen and I smile every time I look at it.


My most thoughtful gift was from my Grammy. She made me a quilt for my bed when I was in high school. I still cherish it today. Probably even more important is that she taught me how to quilt and knit.


One of my favorite foods is pizza is from a place in my hometown. Although that place is 1500 miles away, my husband had pizza delivered one year for my birthday.

Marilyn Hutchebs

The most thoughtful, wonderful gift I've ever received was a queen size quilt that my daughter hand pieced each square. Then she asked some very dear friends to embroider special blocks just for me. Then 3 very close friends were involved in outting the quilt together then was hand quilted! This was such a special gift and was presented to us for our 40th wedding anniversary.

chellis evers

So many to name...Between my mom helping me replace my old or warn out appliances in my 1st house...or my kids giving away 5 of their unused toys to a charity for kids in need without me asking....or when they band together and make me something

Mary C.

One that took my breath away was last year's Christmas gift from our son. He bought us tickets to see our favorite group Mumford and Sons in my hometown of Omaha. And on the way there we spent a night in Lincoln where I attended the university. It was a wonderful trip full of new and old memories.


Hands down, the most thoughtful gift I've received was the Janome Gem my husband gave me the year his sister got married. I had made dozens of small quilts to decorate the tables for her wedding and I hadn't gotten them all bound before we had to fly to Ohio for the wedding. I had asked my SILs to see if I could borrow a machine to use when I got up there so I could finish. Instead, Hubby went to our local sewing machine store and asked for something small enough to carry on the plane. My FIL manned the iron and painstakingly turned the strips into folded bindings as fast as I could sew them on. Those quilts became a real family affair. :)


Actually, it was yarn. I rarely get knitting gifts, even though it is my favorite thing in the world. So niece gave me 3 skeins a few years ago, I was touched that she "got it"


One year, when I was a single mother, my mom took my kids to the dollar store and had them pick out whatever they wanted to give me for Christmas, just to see what would happen. I received a giant plastic bowl "because my mom loves popcorn, and she could use this", a bottle of bubble bath "because mom loves relaxing", and a back brush. The bowl eventually broke, I used the bubble bath as slowly as possible to make it last, and I no longer have the brush, but thinking about the thought the girls put into that gift will always be with me.

Barbara Rude

One year a friend gave me a hand made santa he is beautiful and I put him out every year. I look him at him and just smile,


A few years ago, my sister gave me a beautiful stained glass lamp she made herself.


My most memorable gift was from our then teenage daughters. They pooled their money and gave my husband and me a night away. They had gotten a friend to take them to the hotel to make the arrangements, unbeknownst to us. It was a gift that we in no way expected, but so appreciated.


The most thoughtful gift that I've received in recent years, was from my husband. He went down to my favorite LYS and spent time with the owner picking out project classes and gift cards to cover the cost of the yarn. All this to give me some me time out side of the house without him or the kids. It want's that the classes were things I was looking at but he wanted me to be able to take time and relax.


A quilt my sister made a couple years ago, a thousand pyramids pattern, every piece unique and called "1000 reasons why".

Joyce Correia

I received a gift certificate to a LYS. The giver was thinking of my passion and took time to find a LYS. I had time to dream about it, time to shop, and time to create. Much fun!


One of the most thoughtful gifts I've gotten was from my husband...a pair of Bogs rain boots. I know there will be some scoffing because they are definitely more useful then sentimental; but he thought of it all by himself. I love them! A pair of thick wool socks and my boots make me wish for some rain or snow to stomp in. Thankfully there are plenty of puddles this week.


It's a long story, so I'll just sister-in-law, candlesticks and a lot of crying!

yolanda v

One of the of the sweetest was upgraded small kitchen appliances from my kids.

Michelle Good

Most thoughtful gift I have received would have to be....a gift I never actually received, lol! After having my son a dear sweet friend sent me a package, she kept asking if I had ever got it and unfortunately the answer was always no. I hadn't gotten it. A year or so later I had to ask her, "What did you send me?". She told me she had put together a package of lotions, bath goods, and had crocheted little blocks for my son as a 'new mommy package'. I was overwhelmed with just the thought she had put into it! Hands down the best gift I never got! Lol


I don't know if it was the gift itself that was thoughtful, but it was the thought behind it that was: When my son was about 16 he had a job scooping ice cream at a local mall. He was earning some money and that year he bought me a gift with some of that hard-earned money. It was a plastic wreath candle holder, nothing spectacular, but a gift from the heart. He didn't need dad or anyone else reminding him to buy a gift. He just did it on his own, and to this day that wreath means so much to me.


A gift I will always remember was a box that arrived on a day in February after a long year of being care giver to my two toddlers and husband as he battled with cancer (10 year survivor now). The box was from my mom, contained two skeins of cashmere and a note that said, "just because you deserve something nice." No other reason, no holiday or birthday or other landmark.


My daughter brings home the best gifts! She's 6 and they are just the sweetest handmade gifts. And the excitement that she has when she gives them to me is just the sweetest. I've gotten ornaments and pictures using her handprints. I will treasure them all.


My boyfriend sent me a Claddagh ring for my birthday (he was in Germany at the time). It was really sweet and he is very thoughtful in all of his gifts and I know how hard I am to shop for.

Audra L

The one I will always remember was when my husband surprised me with my engagement ring at Christmas. We picked it out together and we were making payments and had planned to make it official in the spring when we had it payed off and on my hand. Then at Christmas, with his family all around opening gifts, he pulls a little box out of his shirt. I thought it was going to be earrings but he had saved up and got my ring and it was the most touching sweet moment to be surrounded by my future family and to see my husbands huge grin as he surprised me.


For our anniversary my husband surprised me with tickets to a concert that is actually going to be this week. It is a Christmas concert that I have been wanting to see each year and we haven't been able to make it due to work and this year he wanted to surprise me.

Linda Cram

The most thoughtful Christmas gift I received was the gift of learning to knit. Two years ago my daughter bought me a skein of yard, a pattern, needles, and assorted tools of the trade to get me going. We were able to knit together for a few days before having to kiss goodbye and return to our homes far away from each other. We continue to "knit together" either through Skype or by working on the same project through pictures, texting, or email. We share our successes and failures together. In a few days we will be packing our bags to see each other again and you can be sure we will be bringing along our bags of knitting!
Merry Christmas, Jana!


The most thoughtful gift I received was my pup, who was given to my by the foster dog agency I work with. He was a wee bit of a troublemaker, to put it mildly, but finally settled down and became a really good dog once he came to my place after a year of being bounced around from foster home to foster home. I wasn't in any financial position to adopt him, so they have continued to supply his food and pay his vet bills, just to ensure that he has a happy life.

Renee' Sawyer

I think my favorite gifts are all the little Christmas treasures my kids made me. I still have them and proudly display them every year at Christmas and it is like a time machine. The first gift my oldest gave me was a painted pinecone stuck in a plaster base and sprinkled with glitter...I love it so much as well as all my precious gifts of love.


The most thoughtful gift I received were knitted slippers from my grandmother. She would knit us all a new pair every Christmas. How I miss her and the slippers. I found the pattern not long ago and planned to start knitting my own Christmas slippers.


Money. Never the wrong size or color. No need for returns.


Egads! James is NINE? Sheesh, time flies!

One of the loveliest gifts I've received is from a lovely friend who surprised me with sock yarn that she'd spun herself, just for me!


My youngest son made me a World's Best Mom made out of wooden spools. I still have it nearly 40 years later

Renee Anne

Honestly, we're the type of people that buy (most of) the things we want and if they're expensive, they usually don't get purchased. Sooooo, I will admit that I was surprised when Husband bought me a set of rosewood interchangeables a couple years ago.


Last year, the swift my husband had lovingly made me of scrap wood helped me make a ball of yarn for the last time. On my birthday, a few weeks later, my daughter excitedly handed me a package. I was more than a little shocked. Historically, birthdays required lots of hinting. Neither of them had asked what I wanted and I hadn't even reminded them my birthday was coming. I opened the package to find a hand-made, wooden swift. I love it.

Sandra Sprouse

My dad filled my stocking with goodies every year until he passed away, I was 38. I miss those moments.


I too have a quilt story. I've always loved to read, and when I was about 10 or 11 my grandma made me a book quilt. She asked me and my parents what my favorite books were, and hand embroidered the titles and authors onto quilt blocks that looked like books.


This is a fun question - brings up lots of happy memories. Many years ago we moved just before Christmas and the movers we're bringing the heavy items on Christmas Eve so we had told the kids just for that year we would not have a tree. Kids and I were at my moms during the move and somehow my husband managed to get a tree and put it up and decorated before we got back. Lots of smiles!!!

Theresa Devereaux

My oldest Daughter purchased for me last year "An Affair to Remember". It was Special to me because she remembered it was at the top of my All-time Favorite Movie List.


A thoughtful and or meaningful gift. Well the one thing that crosses my mind was the Christmas gift my Mom gave me Christmas 2006. I open up a bag and I found a set of needles with bulky yarn cast on for a scarf. Mom said that when I was done I would be able to knit. 10 years later I am the person who gives the meaningful gifts to special people in my life. To me its a wonderful feeling to see a big smile on that special bud or family member when they see perhaps a handmade scarf or gloves or a silly toy.


When I purchased my circular sock machine, a fellow CSM user offer to make me a pair of socks. Needless to say I was thrilled. I have made many, many pairs for others and for myself but no one had ever made a pair for me before. It was a simple act of kindness from a stranger.


Of course, among my favorites are many thoughtful and heartfelt gifts from our kids as they were growing up. But one of my more recent favorites is when my husband suggested that instead of presents for each other that year, we use the money to buy, cook, and serve food to a group of my "adopted" college internationals in our town who couldn't go home for the long break yet had no food service in the "closed" dorms. It really touched my heart that he suggested it and we continue to do this, delivering food to them as well as having them in our home to eat with us.


When I decided to quit my job to go back to school full time my co-workers gave me a canvas book bag. It not only lasted throughout my master's program but I was able to later give it to a young cousin going to college. He was thrilled.


My favorite gift was a serger from my grandparents. I didn't know I wanted it but loved it!


The year I turned 40, Rudi was in the hospital on my birthday. My brother paid to have my favorite restaurant deliver dinner there for us.


A hand-made mug from a friend that she etched with quotes.

Judi S

The best gift I received wasn't for any special occasion. My husband bought a lateral file cabinet at an auction, specifically for yarn storage. It didn't come with drawers, just the framework for file storage. He and my son welded plastic together to make the perfect drawers. Today it is full.


One of my favorite gifts was also given to me by my oldest son, from the Secret Santa shop. I had just started my second nursing career as a School Nurse, and he had picked out a gold and silver pin of a child with a heart in the middle. It was perfect and I still wear it twenty years later, on my cardigan. Five year olds can be so intuitive at times! 😊

Lisa B

My favorite gifts are when a donation to one of my favorite charities is made in my name. Our budget has gotten really snug and the size of our donations has shrunk accordingly so a donation is an extra special treat.

Tabitha Burks

One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts I have ever received was a collection of prints from the Grimm's Fairytales stories. Each print was tailored to an individual story.

Lou Lawson

I'm 56, but remember that my younger sister and I received a doll house, when we were young.


We were vacationing in Seattle a few years ago. While visiting the Public Market I fell in love with a photograph one of the vendors was selling. My friend and I wandered on and unknown to me my husband went back to the vendor, bought the photo and arranged to have it shipped home. He gave it to me for Christmas that year. Every time I looked at the photo it brings memories of a lovely vacation and how thoughtful my husband is.

Rose Birchall

A knitted Christmas Stocking I received the first Christmas after I married my husband. Forty-four Christmases later...

Melissa G

The best gift i ever received was a Kindle Fire from my husband and kids. They know how much I love to read! I cried.

Danielle Wentz

My memory Jean quilt from my mother in law and sister in law. It includes all of my likes, my animal loves and special events that had happened before it was created. I will always cherish it.


Alex & Ani bracelets with a "mother" charm that my two grown daughters gave for Mothers Day a few years ago. One was silver, the other gold. But the best part was that neither daughter knew what the other had gotten me. They hadn't talked about it and don't even live in the same areas of the state! Another year they both sent me the same sweet, sentimental Mothers Day card! They couldn't be more different and aren't super close, but the love and bonds we share must be very strong!


My favorite and most thoughtful gifts are anything handmade.


A wood yarn bowl and wood cake spindle my husband made for me


My brother gives us a nice gift each year, but last year's was the most thoughtful. He sent a blueberry package - a blue mixing bowl with blueberry pancake mix, muffin mix with a tin of blueberries, and blueberry jam. It was delicious, and I love the bowl, as blue is my favorite color.

Ooh, I'd love a bag, so thank you for the chance to win one!


Last year my mom got me an all new assortment of Tupperware storage. She threw out all my mismatched stuff and organized the deepest kitchen drawer with all the lids and containers.

Linda Ladwig

My co-workers and I used to go out for lunch occasionally, and they always teased me for ordering a salad. Christmas eve day, they hand me a gift and say I *have* to open it immediately.
It was a salad spinner... with a head of iceberg lettuce inside.
I laughed so hard I cried. It really was the perfect present.

laura gavis

One of my favorite Christmas gift is after I taught my best friend to knit and the next Christmas she made me a scarf. That was many years ago and several scarves ago but I still have and use it.

Donna Kuehl

My daughter, when she was a teen bought me my own pair of hermit crabs!


Just today a neighborhood friend, who recently lost her dog, messaged me. She knew that I have 3 dogs of my own and I foster dogs for a local rescue. She had quite alot of food left over from her dog and knew it might come in handy. She messaged that she would like to donate it to me and my dogs as they had no plans of adopting soon. It was the most gracious and heartfelt thing anyone has done for me not only for Christmas but all year round. I certainly can not thank her and her husband enough.


One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received was actually a wedding gift. A friend had a queen sized quilt hand made for us! It is something we have treasured.

Lisa Smith

A few years ago, my husband got me a cooking class vacation. We did it together, got to hang out and learn a few things. It was a sweet gift.


A scarf knit by my cousin. A totally unexpected and most pleasant surprise. Also, the same cousin's annual decoupage holiday cards.

Linda Byrn

As a grandma, the most precious "gift" is the gift of time that our clildren and their spouses give us to be with them and their children!


The most thoughtful and special Christmas gift i received was a silver heart necklace from my husband. When he gave it to me we had just started dating. It spoke of promise that he was serious and really wanted to pursue our relationship. Today we are happily married.


My sweet husband surprised me when he came back from a work trip to Florida with quite a few skeins of beautiful sock yarn. He had gone to a yarn shop by himself (for the first time) and pick out some in different colors and I was completely surprised because I hadn't asked him to do it and he had been gone for three weeks. I was so happy for him to be home and even happier with my gift


From my husband - my mothers ring. From my kids, the first time they went to a Santa's Helpers shop on their own at 5 and 4 they chose a coffee mug that says "I love you Mom" and a notebook. I love coffee and make a to-do list every day. They still make great and thoughtful choices, but that first time has a special place.

Sara Byron

I got engaged one Christmas. So that has to trump everything else. My funniest Christmas present was when my MIL got me a size 3X sweater and pants set. I was, at the time, a size 10. She wasn't very subtle in her opinions.

Susan Eberhardt

For the past 33 years my husband makes sure we get 700 miles away to visit my family at Christmas time without complaining. Time with family is such a gift!

Alicia A

I feel like I got my best gift already this year. I have Christmas lights on the house for my first time ever and my first tree since I left home over 10 years ago. It is the first time in a very long time it truly feels like a special time of year.


The most thoughtful gift I have ever received was from my daughter she made me a knitting needle holder. I use it all the time!


25 years ago I was given a tacky plastic silver ornament with an engagement ring tucked inside. ❤️😊

Joyce Selzer

The bookcase made by my brother


Almost 16 years ago, I left an editing job, and two young women who worked for me gave me a hardcover copy of "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations." For years, I'd been saying that I wanted the book; they were the first to take me seriously. It was a very sweet gift.


My favorite holiday gift is the set of hand blown glass ornaments my husband gave me when we were remodeling and could not have a tree!
That year he put branches in a base and used pipecleaners to attach the balls! Definitely the most thoughtful!

Martha Clay

My husband, whom I lost to cancer at the age of 49, was the most considerate gift giver ever. He always found at least one book for me that I'd not heard of, but that he knew to be a "Martha book", and he was never wrong. I always loved them and always had such fun reading them on those long nights following Christmas. Everything he ever gave me was as thoughtfully chosen. He was the he best gift of all.

Kelly Nalley

I loved stuffed animals as a kid and my mom made me a stuffed animal every year. My favorite one was Paddington. I still have them and cherish each one.


When I was a kid, "Santa" snuck a trampoline into the backyard overnight. It was such an amazing surprise.


When I was in university my grandmother knew that I wanted to learn to knit socks, up to that point I'd only made a blanket and a sweater that was sized for an elephant, so she gave me a box containing needles 4 balls of sock yarn and a learn to knit socks book and I haven't looked back since. She has since passed and I have knit hundreds of pairs of socks and each pair I think about her.


My ex bf got me a pink xbox controller. It wasn't a holiday or a birthday. During winter we would hunker down and play xbox if a storm would go through. On a whim one day he drove 45 minutes to a store to get me a pink controller. It was a random thoughtful gift. :)

Kimberly Schutt

The best gift I've received recently is spontaneous kisses from my nearly two year old daughter. Each time she does it my heart melts. It makes all those dirty diapers and tantrums worth it!


One year Christmas Eve, coming home from the bar that I was working at, I walked in to find a small Christmas tree decorated with pink roses and white lights and white lights in the window. My Mother had one in and done this while I was at work.I sat down and cried, as it was a particularly lonely Christmas that year without my kids. I still have that little tree and it gets placed somewhere throughout the house, a different place each time. I miss my Mother, especially at Christmas time..


My boyfriend ordered a dozen skeins of sock yarn from Simply Sock Yarn. He snuck up behind me and emptied the bag of yarn onto my head, so that it was raining sock yarn on me! I was so excited, and touched that he had paid such close attention to what I like, that I just about cried. It was such an awesome gift, and so thoughtful. We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary, and he's a definite keeper. 😊


My personalized Lacrosse Mom blanket. I was team mom for my son's high school team for two years. His senior year the team mom who was taking over took 4 of my favorite lacrosse pictures and had a blanket made for me. It was so thoughtful of her to notice which pictures were my favs.

Donna Silverberg

My fiance, now husband gave me pearls for my 25 th birthday to wear at our wedding. We are now married 40 years and is still my favorite piece of jewelry.


My family really focuses on thoughtful gifts, so picking just one is difficult. But here is a good one: the year I started spinning, my Dad made me a spinning wheel for Christmas. He would also drive me to spinning group, and really encouraged my interest in fiber.

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