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December 16, 2016


Joyce McCartney

Stranded/Fair Isle knitting and I want to break out my weaving loom and give that a go. Just as soon as I finish those "after the holidays" projects I've promised folks :)


I haven't attempted brioche yet, but don't feel the urge to do so, either. I would very much like to knit my first sweater, though!


I'd love to learn how to make thrummed mittens!!


I would love to get really comfortable with toe-up socks this coming year.

Bev G

On my to do list this year is to learn stranded color work. I've seen some beautiful two color cowls that I'd love to make.

Theresa M

Intrigued by brioche. Definitely worth a try in 2017.


I'd like to try the technique of two at a time socks.


I really want to try a delicate lace wrap--I have the pattern and the yarn, but lack the courage!


Agree with brioche - Exploration Station and Vintage Prim hat are super tempting! I would like to try fair isle - something small and simple.

Anne Marie

Does turning WIPs into FOs count as a technique?! That is something I really NEED to master!

Anna Jane

I would love to learn two at a time socks so I don't have to suffer from second sock syndrome anymore :)


I would really like to learn Brioche or Double Knitting I recently saw a Double Knit Hat perfect for my Grandson in the new Holiday Knits. I just have to be Brave enough to try...


I would like to master Kitchner grafting. Not being able to do it without thinking is standing in my way! I would also like to do nmore knotting with two or more colors!

Rose Birchall

Cables. I think it's time to try.

Wendy Chase

I would love to remember the kitchener stitch too without having to look it up every time. Brioche sounds cool but I'm not sure what it even is lol. I really want to knit a sweater next year and a few shawls. I've never tried those yet. I did learn how to do an afterthought heel this year and I love it.


I would love to try brioche. Or do some cables as I find them enchanting, but time consuming. One day!


Brioche is on my 2017 to-learn list, too, as are steeking and darning.

Antoinette Overton

I'd like to master continental knitting and also cables!


I would like to be able to read a knitting pattern and understand it.


Steeking, but I'm terrified!


I've been knitting for awhile, but I've never tried intarsia. I have a project picked out that uses this technique, so I'll start a new adventure of learning this.


I would like to do neater heels on my socks!

Haley Burns

Steeking and brioche are 2 things that I haven't tried yet, so that's on my to-do list for 2017.


Definitely brioche! And maybe double knitting. My biggest problem is that most of my knitting time is in the evening while watching TV, and these techniques require concentration...


I would like to learn 2 new cast ons - The Chinese Waitress and The I-Cord.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Toe up socks

Lisa Smith

I would love to learn brioche. And, maybe get better at sweaters that fit.

Jan T

I'd like to learn how to reduce my stash! And how to resist the siren call of beautiful yarns. Not sure I can accomplish either objective ....


I am going to learn the toe up technique for socks. I knit lots of socks but always top down so I am ready for a new adventure. I believe the pattern comes with an after thought heel so I will be learning that also.

Amanda Swanson

I am signing up to take a colorwork class on increases and decreases in fair isle and brioche. I can't wait!


One thing is more of a tool than technique, i would like to try a 9" circular needle for sock knitting.


This year I figured out how to use a separate color for a toe up sock with heel flap and gusset. Better seaming might be next year so I will finally assemble all the squares I have been knitting /weaving.

Janelle Wertzberger

I'd like to learn a new sock heel to add to my collection!

Shannon Gratwohl

I would love to learn brioche and fair isle. Also probably the Magic Loop method for knitting socks as I have second sock syndrome!


I would like to be able to finish my work. Sew seams together. tuck ends in meticulously. Every time I finish knitting, I mail it from NY to Florida for my mom to finish!! She is so good.

Mary Eagen

I would like to have a more professional look to my seams. Maybe steeks !


I really want to learn brioche and how to "pick" instead of "throw"

Linda Bazinet

Steeks. They have scared me for a long time. Perhaps I can try it on a smaller piece. First, though I will be doing a Hap shawl. I have purchased the Craftsy class and the yarn - now I just have to find the time.


I'd like to learn entrelac.

Teresa Safranek Harriman

I would like to try Brioche

Geraldine Scott

I would like to try/learn the after-thought heel. I'm going to use Susan B Anderson's Smooth Operator Sock with all its tips and tricks!

Caitlin Saraphis

Yes! I super want to learn two-color brioche, the kind with travelling stitches. It looks so amazing!


I am working up the courage to make two color socks. I have a multi and solid Lorna's Laces in my possession, now I need to commit to the project. I am worried about them not fitting when I am finished because of the floats.

Brittany Young

I would love to knit socks! I'm a fairly novice knitter and haven't been brave enough to try socks yet. But the goal is to knit a pair in 2017!


Color work is the next technique I would like to learn.

Marilyn Hutchens

I would love to master fair isle and intarsia but along with that I'd like to be able to read graphs easier. Graphs at a glance!


Brioche!!! or maybe socks TAAT!


Entrelac... the Lady Eleanor shawl has been calling my name for years


Continental knitting. I took a hour class at stitches Midwest but haven't had a chance to try it on a small project to get used to the technique.

Jan Johnson

I'd definitely like to learn brioche. Planning on knitting knittingexpat's squishy shawl in 2017.

Tabitha Burks

I'd like to learn and eventually master brioche, entrelac, intarsia, and many other techniques in 2017.




I would like to learn how to steek a sweater.


I'd love to master cabling - it seems so daunting but the patterns are so beautiful! I can do some basic cables now, but I'd love to be fluent in reading cable patterns and knitting them.

Diane Hibbard

Really wanting to try my hand at brioche next year.


I would like to learn how to make an Aran sweater for my husband for next Christmas. Plus, perfect my color work so I can make Christmas stockings for my 10 Grandchildren. Gee, that means I need to learn how to do the Kitchener stitch a lot better,lol.


Mobius and cabling - I don't know which one I want to perfect more!


2017 is my year for CABLES! I've long avoided them because using a cable needle seems too fiddly but I am ready to commit to cables, lol.

Carole hart

1. I want to do more cables, fancier sock patterns(lace) & fish lips kiss heel


I would really love to master continental knitting. I keep throwing in a row using this technique but it's awkward.


I would like to learn how to steek.

Kelly Schmidt

I definitely want to give brioche a yet this year.


Toe up socks


I think that doing a true fair isle pattern of some kind would be wonderful! I can now use both hands to knit two colors in the same row but--choosing colors that will actually look good together seems rather daunting. I'm not ready for steeking yet either. That just scares me silly!

Karen DeP

I would like to learn the afterthought heel on a sock.

Amy Hesting

I desperately want and plan to learn brioche! I really want a nice big Marley shawl.


I'm taking a speed knitting class with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in Dallas this spring. Life's too short, must knit faster.


Every single way to work a heel!


I plan to do a couple of things new in 2017. One is to take a class on finishing methods to get better at it.
Two is to knit a custom fit sweater.


I would like to try brioche stitch (as I have recently been charmed by some of Westknits patterns) and I plan to add toe-up socks and afterthought-heels to my regular sock repertoire.

JoAnn Tipton

Increasing and decreasing in brioche


I'd like to do more colorwork.


I would like to learn how to spin


I would like to learn to knit faster because I buy yarn faster than I knit. :-)

Kathleen McCunn

I want to get better at two-handed stranded knitting. Right now I have to keep the instructions in front of me, work in a quiet room, and stick my tongue between my teeth. I can tell that it's a great method... practice, practice, practice!
The Zen Yarn Garden is beautiful. Think I will put a skein or two on my wish list! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


I'd like to try enterlac

Christine Newman Aumiller

Lace. It terrifies me


Learn to do brioche well enough to not struggle!

Megan W

I learned Brioche two years ago. I would love to learn a crochet provisional cast on and how to do socks :)!


I would like to master reading charts

Leigh Ann Brown

I am strongly thinking about conquering knitting a sweater for myself. I've done many baby sweaters but never an adult size. The yardage to knit is intimidating!!


One thing I haven't tried is Double Knitting. So Double Knitting is on my list of something new for 2017.


I would like to be able to knit flat more efficiently (I prefer cardigans and am loving shawls...but I am so slow!). However, that is an existing technique. For a new technique, I would really like to try color work. I've only done basic stripes, and would love to branch out. It looks like so much fun (and a way to use scraps :D).


2016 has not been kind to me. So my only plans for 2017 are to spend more time knitting and to be kind to myself, which in many ways would be a new skill for me.

Audra L

Brioche is definitely on my short list. Would also really like to master cabling without a cable needle. I really am not a fan of knitting cables but love the way they look.

Sandy Cadh

I would like to learn toe up, 2 at a time socks to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks.


I want to learn double knitting. I wanted to teach myself this year but I'm running out of year. 2017 looks like a good time.


I might like to get better at 2 color knitting. I have never made much of an effort since I'm not that find of most color projects. I did just knit a ear flap hat with a snowflake pattern at the request of my grandson. It looks ok but I'm not too crazy about how it came out. I love brioche knitting although it does go slowly. It's superwarm for hats, vests, etc.

Judi S

My goal for 2017 is to learn how to make sweaters that fit really well, how to make the changes to patterns to make a sweater that isn't too big and baggy or so snug that all of my unwanted curves show.

Karen G.

I'd like to expand my repertoire of cast ons and bind offs without having to pull out the reference books each time.

Sarah (3trees)

Brioche. I've signed up for 2 classes!

Yvonne Opstedahl

I want to master Brioche and feel more confident when doing sock heels. I have a goal to learn as many heel types as I can and find the one that I prefer to knit.

Sara Byron

I would like to learn how to correctly and efficiently knit fairaisle. I mess it up now! And my tension is horrific.


I definitely want to learn TAAT toe up knitting. I think it would make knitting a pair quicker and I also could use up more of the yarn.


I would like to learn how to do kitchener stitch without looking at my cheat sheet or YouTube. So much I want to learn though.


I want to get better at casting on the invisible and stretchy cast on's.


I'd like to try brioche stitch, I agree, many beautiful patterns that use that stitch are about!
I'd also like to try stranded knitting again.


I would love to make a sweater for myself in 2017. I have started several but never finished and truth be told, not really been happy with the fit of those I've started. So, in 2017, it's time for Knit Wear Love (by Amy Herzog) and I to make a sweater beautifully fitted to me.


I'm definitely keen on learning double knitting. And maybe trying to steek some colorwork!!

Stephanie Ferguson

I would like to learn fair isle knitting this year!

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