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December 16, 2016


Nancy Winebrenner

I would like to learn how to kirchner better.


It would not be brioche, that is for sure! However, I would like to conquer seaming my Central Park hoodie.

Robin J

I would love to master double knitting. I have a mitten pattern that I have saved. I took a class a few years ago but really haven't taken the time to practice and do a project.

Julie V

I would like to learn how to alter garments to fit me better.

Laura Ricketts

Hmmm... perhaps beading on knit and crochet wear?

Sandra G.

I would like to learn the Moebius cowl technique.

Brandi Hoesing

I want to try & master fair isle & short row shawl knitting.


I want to do some fair isle and learn to steek.

Pamela herman

I would love to learn how to crochet. I can chain but that is it. I am loving the scrappy blankets

chellis evers

SOCKS! I fall in love with sock yarn and buy it...but then it ends up being a shawl....because each time I try socks (Toe up 2 at a time, Cuff down 2 at a time, DPNs) I ladder...or lose a stitch...or something goes funky...


I would like to learn continental knitting to improve my gauge andknit/purl size. My purl stitches are always bigger than my knit stitches. Plus my hands become fatigued throwing the stitches.


I just learned brioche knitting this week, but would love to learn Fair Isle - oh those colors!

Sherri Harrington

I want to get better at seaming. I think I may attempt to knit a seamed sweater!


I would like to learn to knit cables. I'm a basic sock knitter and have not tried them yet.


I would love to learn brioche! I also just started to learn Fair Isle and would like to keep going with that too.


I have knit two wraps with I cord edging and would like to be comfortable adding that when it's not in a pattern. It has such a nice finish.


I would like to learn/try a project with beading.

Annette Poole

I would like to learn how to do beading on my knitting projects.

Brenda B

I've focused on a technique for about the last three years, first lace, then cables, this year was fair isle... next year? I don't know yet, but I think I'd like to take the plunge and make a bigger garment, maybe my first sweater. So not really a technique but still a pretty big goal!

Alecia Helton

I have two brioche classes scheduled. But I need most is adjusting sweater patterns to a flattering fit.

yolanda v

I would like to master any an all socks in 2017! And colorwork...

Elizabeth Durand

Hmmm. This year (like last year, but it didn't happen) it is going to be gloves. With individual fingers. The kind that go all the way to the end of the finger and are closed up.

Also, continental purling.

Melissa Loback

I really want to learn how to cable. I love making socks and there are so many cute sock patterns that have cables in them!!!

Kelly Nalley

I would like to master intarsia and other types of colorwork.


Mosaic knitting -- there are a number of cool shawls on Ravelry that are mosaic-knitted, and I'm eager to try one out.

Barbara Rude

I have two socks, have never mastered them and brioche, it looks like fun.


Does actually finishing projects I start count as technique? I would like to learn how to steek.


I want to make myself a sweater that fits me.


I do not know how to use two different colors in the same row. I am not that good on dpns either.


Funny, myself and I have been discussing knitting classic cardigans. Simple knit and purl, no lace, no cables, no texture (other than ribbing), knit in pieces and seamed. No new techniques, but timeless finished garments.

Abby M

Maybe I'd like to try steeking? eep!

Laura Beutler

I'd love to learn double knitting, which seems incredibly warm. I like being warm!


Would love to learn brioche!


I want to get so good at short rows that I don't have to review instructions every time!


This year I'd like to do some Fair Isle work. Not a big project, maybe some fingerless gloves or socks.

Debra Cohen

I would like to get better at blocking and seaming...then I would try more sweaters...

Krista Rhodes

I would like to improve my fit ability. All my sweaters are just a little wonky.


Gloves - I tried knitting a pair several years ago, and it just didn't work for me. I was okay with the thumb, but the fingers defeated me.


I too would like to learn brioche. Maybe some new sock heels as well...


Finally getting socks down pat!


I would like to learn to steek. I'm so afraid of cutting into my knitting, and I need to get over that!


I need to speed up my knitting. My "want to knit" list grows faster than I can keep up with. With that in mind, I want to learn Continental knitting which I've herd is faster.


I'd like to try colorwork - have been hesitant because I think I'd get the floats too tight.


I'd like to get brave enough to try steeking.


I'd like to learn the afterthought heel for knitting socks. It's the heel of my socks that become worn before anything else. Since I always keep my leftover sock yarn, I could easily replace the heel when necessary.

Pam Hunter

I want to learn different patterns and applying that pattern to a sock.. I see so many different designs and think that would make a great sock pattern. But I can't figure how to make it work for the sock.


A couple of things for me. I think I'd like to learn double knitting. Beautiful patterns for this technique. And even though I've knit socks two at a time before, I just don't feel "fast" enough at it that it was any better than my 9" circs. So I'd like to give it another shot and maybe knit more socks that way!


I REALLY want to learn Double Knitting. I took one two hour class 2 years ago and it just put my brain in spin cycle. This year I'm taking a class from the master himself, the Sockmatician and I have high hopes for success. I so want to knit his Remember Cowl. I love poppies and what they represent re: remembrance.


I would like to knit a sweater in pieces and sew it together. I have sewn since I was 8 but when it comes to a knitting pattern that requires seaming a sleeve into an armhole, I avoid the pattern! I need to conquer this in 2017.


I would like to do a small brioche project, like a hat or cowl. It has interested me for about a year but have not had time to try it. Hopefully, 2017 is the year!

Lisa Sauer

I'd love to learn brioche. I have seen some great examples of using a speckle with a solid or variegated which really caught my attention.


I've wanted to try a double knitting toque; maybe this is the year.

Lynn Nicholson

I would like to become more comfortable with crochet. Holding the yarn seems awkward and uncomfortable compared to knitting and my tension is never quite right. I also have to look up how to do the Kitchener every _ single _ time. I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one who has to do that!


I really want to be able to knit fair isle better.


I want to learn how to Double Knit -- socks, mittens, scarfs, hats -- anything that will be warm!


My modest, but achievable goal, is to use some different options for sock cuffs and heels. It's tempting to stick with same old, same old, can knit without thinking stuff. I'd like to change it up just a wee bit with fish lips kiss or sweet tomato, and maybe picot cuffs or something else that isn't just ribbed.


Well what comes to mind first is to get more into the lace knitting. THere are so many pretty lace shawls and I stay away from them because I am not good at it. The other technique I want to master is learn crochet. I can do some crochet but I want to be able to crochet socks and to crochet the snow flakes I see. SO pretty. maybe in 2017 I get it

Jeanne Bush

I really want to learn how to knit Continental style. I'm a "thrower" and fall into the "old dogs, new tricks" syndrome.


Fair Isle and Continental Knitting. I would love to do more color work and knit faster!

Joyce Correia

Intralac - I know the technique but I want it to look really great. That's my hangup.


I've been wanting to learn brioche so hopefully this will be the year that happens.


I would like to learn to knit socks toe-up. I've been avoiding it this year because it is so easy to start with the cuff just like a mitten.


Every year I say I'll knit a pair of socks and then I find myself casting on shawls. In 2017 I want to knit at least one pair of toe up socks ... and have fun doing it!


I'd like to learn how to steek. I've been reading up on it lately and never realized it could be used in so many different situations (i.e. armholes & neck openings). I thought it was just for opening up the front of a fair isle sweater!

Joyce Selzer

I would like to learn the fish lips kiss heel.

Rhonda Atkinson

I want to learn how to seam. I have a couple of projects that just need to be seamed together and they are completed. In the bags now for years. What a waste of time and yarn to not have them completed.


I would really like to learn brioche. I keep seeing beautiful pieces done with it.


I'd definitely like to make some gloves. I've made mittens and socks before, but gloves just seem overly tedious with all the fingers (and all the additional ends to weave). Plus getting things to fit right...


I would love to learn how to purl left handed. I knit left handed, but purl right handed..

Nancy F.

I'd like to learn the continental style. I think it might help me knit faster!

Renee' Sawyer

Maybe this will be the year I can conquer the tubular cast on.


I need to learn how to Kitchener stitch. I have only done star toes on my socks!


There are so many techniques I am awe of and lace knitting is just one of them!
I love to learn new techniques and knitting has A unlimited range of learning possibilities 🎄🎉‼️


I would like to try all the different types of short rows, each in a different project. I'm also interested in learning to steek but hesitant to cut the knitted fabric.


I'm purchasing a circular sock machine this year and I'd love to be able to master it!


Knitting socks with the magic loop method.


Having learned brioche this year, next year I'd like to try my hand at brioche with traveling stitches.

Adele D

I would like to do a fair isle project and already have one planned (hat) by attending a class at Vogue Knitting Live January in NYC.

Beverly Shearon

I would love to learn double knitting and I would love to learn to crochet.




I want to learn brioche, especially since my daughter has been waiting over a year for a vest! I also want to knit a WESTKNITS garment! XO


I would like to try a short row heel in 2017.

Twilla Steele

I hope to accomplish the architecture scarf.The Brioche stitch is something I would love to learn and make the oakwood poncho.


I want to learn brioche, I have a shawl kit for the Range shawl by drea renee knits, that I have had for quite a while. I would like to finish for my daughters birthaday in apr.

Louellen Lawson

Make a nice sweater and STEEK it. ;)

Karla Carter

Would like to master Kitchner stitching. Always have to look up directions.

Amber Grantham

I'd love to learn brioche and entrelac this year!


Hmm, my guild did a sock-a-long, but mine stalled, so I still haven't done a Fish Lips Kiss heel. Thanks for the chance at this beautiful yarn!

Deidre Corbet

I really want to get a complete pair of socks. I have been lucky that there are so many things that can be made with sock yarn lol

Debbie Hallamek

I also would to learn more brioche. It's so squishy!!


Two things. The Bickford flat seam for socks on the knitting machine. And for hand knitting, I need to get my tension right on continental knitting. I learned continental last year after 50 years of English style, but purl rows in stockinette still look uneven and loose when I continental knit. I can practice both on more socks using your sock yarn!!


Would l like to master continental knitting and also try a toe up sock. First toe up was a disaster!

Carol P

I'd like to learn brioche to make a brioche cowl, like beautiful ones I've seen on Instagram. I'd also like to learn more heel options for my socks, and have several patterns lined up and ready to try in 2017.

Renee Anne

I don't know that there's necessarily a "new technique" I want to master but I have a few things I'd like to knit, including Christmas stockings for the boys...which I still need to sit and design. ::sigh:: I'm never going to get those done, am I?


I desperately want to master brioche.


I would love to learn Brioche! Their are so many beautiful patterns using it.


I saw someone else also posted they have a circular sock machine! I want to master mine too! I also want to learn stranded color work. I've taken a step on this one and signed up for a work shop at Webs.


Lol, time management so I have more time for knitting while still getting everything else done!

Lisa B

You know what technique I'd like to master? Knitting a perfect fitting sock. Out of all the socks I've knit using various methods, I've only knit one pair that really fits the way I want. It's terribly frustrating and disheartening because I adore sock yarn!


I would like to learn entrelac and intarsia.

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