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December 15, 2016


Judi Kennedy

I have definitely knit more socks this year than any other item. Hats would be next.


Last year was nin sock projects and next year looks like baby things (my bff's daughter is expecting her first).

Melissa Loback

I have knit more socks this year!!! 22 pairs to be exact. Christmas gifts for my whole family!!

JoAnn Tipton

I participate in Sock Madness on ravelry, so most of march and April, I knit socks. The rest of the year shawls with a few mitts and hats thrown in. I also made a lot of miniature ornaments this year.


Definitely SOCKS! I've knit 22 pairs this year and I'm hoping to get a pair of Christmas socks finished by the end of the year.


Yes, more socks than shawls this year. I love hand-knitted socks, but I end up gifting most
of them.


I have been mostly knitting shawls but have worked hard at getting to be a better sock knitter. socks are on my 2017 list for sure!

Linda L

This year it has been baby things,baby socks, baby booties, baby blankets, baby sweaters and baby hats. It has been a baby explosion in my world.


I've knit a lot of socks, especially over the summer when lighter, smaller projects are best. But I've knit a good variety of other things too: hats, scarves/ shawls, sweaters. It's nice to switch things up!

Marilyn Hutchens

I always have socks on my needles. I've knit and finished only socks this year with the exception of 'starting' a shawl! I love the colors of this yarn and am especially fond of the Navajo color since I live right next to the Navajo Reservation.

Sandy Cadh

Socks win the prize. Make as many as I can for gifts throughout the year


Since I finally found the FLK heel, socks have become less intimidating for me so socks have been the most knit item this year for me. Hats come in second.


I just learned how to knit socks this year in July (I've only been knitting since September 2015... I have crocheted for 29 years though!). This year I've made 6 pairs of socks so that's pretty good for a newbie! I have made more hats though, about 25 hats. I donated about 15 of the hats to a refugee organization. I like the sock head hat pattern. It's mindless and I can knit it while also watching my kids at swimming classes and stuff.


I have been knitting little baby sweaters. We have three granddaughters under the age of two! However, I want to learn TAAT toe up on a circular needle. Know of a good video or book? I think it would help speed up sock production.

Jan Laird

I've definitely knit more socks this year. Last week I made mittens and today I cast on for Knitted Knockers.Org. to make knockers for breast cancer survivors. Socks are still my favorite project!! ❤️


I just started knitting socks this year, and it has taken over 75% of my knitting life. I finished 6 pairs, 3 HOs, and I have about 6 new sock starts on the needles.

Linda Ladwig

I've been using sock yarn to knit slouch hats, headband/earwarmers, and recently two-color brioche cowls. They look fantastic!


While I always have a pair of socks on the needles, it's been an "everything but" year for me. If we judge by mileage/yardage, a blanket for my adult nephew clearly dominated:


Mostly socks, but a couple lacy shawlettes, neat Pillbox hats, and fingerless mitts. Cable cowl, big shawl (not finished), and other cowls. Always have socks on needles or in project bag ready to go!

Carol P

I've knit more socks than anything else, although I did knit Jujuy shawl and loved it. My ravelry page is, although I oftentimes don't remember to post my finished objects on it. Jujuy is on there, but the photos are lousy.

I like socks because they are so portable and I've had bad insomnia, so mindless vanilla socks is sometimes all I can handle knitting-wise. :-)


Hats and simple items. This is a change for me. I've been overwhelmed this fall and simple projects have been very soothing.


This year: 9 sock projects, 15 non-sock projects (mostly shawls). That's an average mix for me! A good basic sock is one of my favorite things to knit, though.


Three pairs of socks and didn't really finish any other projects...

Alecia Helton

Normally I would be knitting socks, but with a broken wrist I'm lucky to still be knitting albeit on larger needles. The cast comes off in January and I'll make up for the lost sock knitting time.


Definitely socks. I'm saving up for a circular sock


I have knit more scarves and shawls of late. Though not a departure it is more than I have in the past. I have given some of the shawls to the church for them to be given out as needed as prayer shawls.


I've knit fewer socks this year -- a cowl is just off the needles. I've been knitting more hats, first for a nephew in college in a colder clime, and now pink pussyhats for the Women's March on Washington marchers. I'll do a bunch of these.

Donna Kuehl

Toys and Mittens for the 3 grandsons, socks for me!


Cowls and shawls and scarves were my favorite knitted items for this year. Plan to make lots of socks in 2017.


I've definitely knit more socks this year than anything- typical for me!


Socks! I learned how to do seamless socks on the knitting machine and completed 12 pair this past month.


I think this year I've knit more hats than anything else. I knit 10 hats for Christmas gifts and 30 to donate to a local charity. I think this year I only got 10 pairs of socks done. That makes me a little sad, I think I'll go knit socks right now! :-)

Rose Birchall

Many hats this year, all donated to U of M Cancer Center. I did a sock head hat, great airplane knitting. I did 11 pairs of socks, a few mitts, cowls and a few dishcloths.


I have definitely made more "other" projects...sock knitting came to a screeching halt this year so I could crochet a wedding shawl for my daughter! It was far beyond my skills, but I learned a lot and it came out beautiful...and was done a week before the wedding!


Always socks and always the same pattern but suits me!

yolanda v

I am knitting cowls and shawls this year. Im also knitting wash cloths. And crocheting a blanket. No socks......YET!

Annette Poole

Socks by far. I think my friends and family would be disappointed if I didn't knit them socks for Christmas and birthday gifts. I have also knit several shawls this year.


I've made more non-sock projects but am itching to cast on a pair soon! thanks for this chance to win!


I've knit a lot of hats for charity this year, so more non-sock projects.


I knit a Hap Blanket for a Christmas gift and then hats, socks and scarfs.

Louellen Lawson

Non-sock projects. Gloves and hats mostly.


Timewise it seems about even but by weight it would be non-sock projects!


More non-sock projects. I'm just finishing up my 4th blanket for christmas


Not many socks knitted this year but that's typical for me. Most of the sock yarn I buy is for shawls or sweaters


I've knit more shawls and cowls this year but I did manage to sneak in a few pairs of socks (requested as Christmas presents).

Pam Hunter

Most definitely SOCKS - I have made close to 30 pairs of socks. I work at a call center and each of my friends gets a pair of socks at Christmas. I am known as the "Sock Lady".


A number of sock projects, but I still knit more non-sock items - hats, scarves, mitts ...


I'm new to sock knitting and really enjoy it. I've knit 5 pairs this year and two more are WIP. I also love knitting sweaters, shawls, cowls, mitts, hats...I like to keep a variety of project on the needles. Happy holidays and happy knitting.

amy g

Definitely socks - they are so easy to take with you and get done!

Beverly Shearon

This has been a slow year for me. I have done mostly dishcloths and a few scarves. Ready to get back in the swing of knitting.

sue swartz herr

I have knit fewer socks this year! I think I've knit more shawls than usual, including the simple blessing shawls (14 of those). I've also re-knit several items, a time consumer.

Brandi Hoesing

I can say without question that I have knit more socks this year. In April I purchased a CSM & have been cranking out some glorious socks!

Karen Cermak

I have been knitting mostly shawls this year. I have gotten into the bug of knitting lace and am totally taken with it.
Unfortunately, I am not great at keeping my project page up to date

Joyce McCartney

I have cast-on more projects than I finished. But mostly I've done socks and slippers and finished a mermaid tail blanket (and started sweaters and shawls)

Sheila Hawton

Sock projects is by far the most on and off of my needles...these are interspersed with toques of all sizes and sweaters.


5 out of 25 projects this year were socks, but 14 out of 25 projects were sock/fingering yarn... so I'm definitely still using and loving that sock yarn stash even if the result isn't a sock! Mittens, hats, shawls...all in fingering.

RuthAnn Cromwell

I have knit a lot of shawls this year and have had fun participating in MKALs. I still do have to finish my Romi shawl but I will.

Nancy Griswold

Well, so far this year I have knitted 29 pairs of socks, and 10 non-sock projects (including two sweaters). Each year socks always win out. I don't really need more socks, but they are such fun to knit, and they make wonderful gifts.

becca made

It's pretty even for me, too, but I only started making socks this year, so 2017 might be socktacular!

Nancy F.

Socks, socks and more socks. I also made a blanket using the bits and pieces left over from all of my socks.


I knit way more socks than anything else. I did however knit 2 sweaters and a shawl that are being given as Christmas gifts. I do not document my projects so my Ravelry account is sadly blank! Maybe that should be my New Years resolution??


I've knit more socks, mitts, and hats. However I am now starting to knit for a new baby. Fun!


This year I would say socks.. lots for family members..some for friends.


Non-sock projects for me. Mostly shawls and cowls. And maybe a pair of socks here and there. ;)


I knit more scarves from sock yarn. Use larger needle and it make a very nice scarf w a very nice drape.


Socks are still a challenge for me but I am still determined to master it using magic loop. I have ripped out the second sock 3 times! So I've knitted more scarves this year to keep a smile on my face.


I would have though I would be firmly in the "socks!" group, but looking at my Ravelry page I see it's been an even mix this year: a few pairs of socks, a scarf and cowl, a ton of hats, and a couple of sweaters! Still showing as a solid fan of sock-weight yarns though 😊

Mary C.

I'd have to say a shawl or scarf. Don't want to hide the beautiful colors in my boots!


I think I've done more total non-sock than sock projects, but more socks than any other individual category.


Still knitting socks but have a lot of single socks awaiting mates, lol.
A change for me is knitting shawls. I now have shawl fever. My favorite yarn for shawls is sock yarn. Living in TX I like the lightweight fabric sock yarn creates.
Fall Shadows

Susan Ipavec

I have definitely knit & finished more socks this year, but I have also begun (and almost finished) 2 shawls.

Jenny K

two socks, two fingerless mittens, and a shawl, all out of sock yarn.


This year's knitting has been mostly shawls, wraps, cowls.

Joyce Selzer

I've knit more socks.


I knitted shawls, hats and cowls, but also decided to go big and knit a worsted weight cardigan and am working on a dk weight pullover. Also working on another 2 color shawl with one in the wings.


It was truly a year of shawls for me!


I'm probably even between shawls and socks. I have an addiction to fingering weight's my absolute favorite and I can't stop buying it ;)


Mostly socks, but not for me. And some baby stuff for a friend of mine in the totally awesomely obnoxious bright tosh. Mostly I have been making stuff up as I go lol.


If I am counting correctly, I've knit 13 pairs of socks this year. 15 other projects, with hats being the next highest (4). I can definitely see branching out more next year, with more clothing, cowls, hats, mittens etc and actually fewer socks...but they are just so darn portable... :D.

Lynn Nicholson

My sock drawer is overflowing but I knitted a few new pair anyway. I also have been knitting sock yarn scarves and shawlettes for gifts. I just finished my first two color shawl. I'm pleased with it and would like to knit more two and three color patterns.

Kelly Nalley

It's a tie between socks and Xmas ornaments/toys


Well, I surprised myself! I knitted mostly socks! They're a nice break after knitting a sweater or a shawl. Super quick and always look forward to how the yarn will knit up especially with self-striping.


I knit mostly socks, I tried to do 1 per month but ended up with 11 (so far). Maybe I'll get that last one in during the holiday driving! I also knit a sweater, scarf, and mittens for my kid sint here too!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I have, without a doubt, knit more 'other' than socks. Don't know why, but I don't post pics on Ravelry. A cowl, my first fair isle project (the Baable Hat), a summer sweater, a winter sweater, and a scarf for Christmas.

Brenda B

Definitely socks, they're a constant for me. I'll finish this year with 15 complete pairs and three wips. Hats came next with 5 complete. I'm actually trying to knit less socks and more in the "other accessories" category, but as I've knitted an average of 14 pairs for the last three years, I'm obviously not trying too hard to lose the sock bug!


I pretty much only knit socks. Every once in a while I'll knit a scarf or shawl. Socks are mindless, quick projects for me.

Deborah Nelson

Since I travel a lot for work, I have mostly been knitting socks, the easiest thing to bring on an airplane! And I just think it is so funny when men look at my metal double points and they say: they let you bring those on board!


I've been knitting nonstick projects this year--mostly shawls, scarves and hats.


Oops that should be non-sock!!


Most years I knit more socks than anything else but this year it's been hats. I don't wear a lot of hats but really enjoy knitting them so decided I could knit them to donate. This way I get to try out all the cute patterns and give to a good cause. Happy Knitting.

Lee Louise

What have you knit more of this year- sock projects? Or non-sock projects?

Hmmm... I've completed one pair of socks this year, but many more non-sock projects!

Debra D

I love knitting socks, so I always knit socks morebyhan anything else!

Richelle Chambers Krotts

I only knit one pair of socks this year and they were ankle socks! Sweaters and tops have been the thing for me this year, though gift knitting has brought cowls, scarves, shawls, and hats more recently. Best thing is that I'm almost done! I haven't been good about putting my projects on Ravelry, unfortunately.

Lugarda Cappetta

My knitting has been about equally split between socks and other, although 90% of my knitting has been with fingering. (I personally don't see a reason for needles larger than size 4; I'm weird like that.)


Lots of socks, as always. A few baby sweaters, and a bunch of dishcloths. Which is about normal for me.

Robin Jamerson

I did knit more socks this year. I made a vow not to buy any yarn and use my stash. I dug out all my sock yarn. I made two pairs of socks a month. Yes twenty four pair of socks. That was amazing for me. My reward...I bought a Little Bit Naughty Kit!


Despite the fact that I started 2016 thinking it would be the Year of the Sock, I guess I only completed a few DK weight socks. I kept getting tempted by new projects and KALs, which was fun so I'm not complaining. I'm KimW on Ravelry.


Mine has been a combination of socks and hats. I will say though, that the projects I did this year were about 95% done with sock yarn.


My intention was to branch out beyond socks, but in looking back over my 2016 projects, it was disproportionately socks. Maybe 2017 will be about diversifying. A good reason why I just purchased the Nice Kit - yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Joyce Correia

Scarves - by the dozen. A couple of hats also. My sock patterns are growing and my intentions are good but scarves always win out.

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