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December 14, 2016


Judi Kennedy

The most asked for recipe is my Fantasy Fudge. I make it every year with a couple of variations.
I love it also which is why I only make it at Christmas.


Gingerbread cookies. I make the Martha Steward recipe and everyone loves them.


Our three fav Christmas recipes are German Butter Cookies, Mamie Eisenhower Fudge and my variation of homemade Chex mix (each "kid" gets their own container!) btw - love this year's mug (and yarn, of course.)

Linda Cram

The most asked for recipe is chocolate chip cookies from the Toll House chips bag.

Melissa Loback

My most asked for holiday recipe is my pecan praline sweet potatoes. They are amazing!!! Want the recipe???


No one asks me for recipes. :( But when my grandmother was alive, I used to ask for her molasses cookies every Christmas. She never shared the recipe, alas. But several years after she passed, I did find a recipe for a similar cookie. :)

Kelly Nalley

My peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses

Laura Beutler

We always make snowball cookies, which are basically just sugar, LOTS of butter, flour, and a dusting of powdered sugar when they're out of the oven.

yolanda v

Its a tie between my families favorite cookies, each kid has a fav. AND my must have on Christmas morning breakfast stratta.

Niki Rogers

Cracker candy and Russian Tea are most often requested recipes. Everyone seems to love the stuff.


Ham and Potatoes Romanoff (potatoes,sour cream, green onion, and cheese) nummy!


Chocolate chip cookie dough fudge. Diet buster for sure.

Joan F.

Drilled Nibbled Rice Chex Mix! You can not stop nibbling until the bowl is empty!

Susan G

Chocolate chip cookies and family recipe for butter cookies

Ann Knepper

I think it would be cornitz...which I am sure I spelled wrong. A Romanian cookie my grandma used to make.....


The most asked for recipe is our favorite Chinese bbq pork


My (adult) son starts asking for Chex mix every year right after Thanksgiving. He claims it's his favorite Christmas food. But I've seen him eat his share (and more!) of the cut-out sugar cookies I only make at Christmas time too.


The most requested food by all my friends and family is Peppermint Fluff! Creamy peppermint Marshmallow deliciousness eaten with vanilla wafers.

Barbara Rude

Jalapeno corn casserole, everyone's favorite.

Angel Bernard

My Baleys Irish Cream cheesecake - recipie is inli e

Rose Birchall

Well, nobody asks for the recipe but everyone is delighted to receive my strawberry jam.


Chex mix!


The most asked for is a dessert. Lemon cake with a tart lemon glaze.Leftovers are fought over for breakfast the next morning .

Robin Jamerson

My most asked for recipe is crab rollups. They are so good and love that everyone else thinks so too.


Frosted sugar cookies. My favorite is the peanut butter blossom.


My most asked for recipe is Cornbread stuffing. To any stuffing recipe (even just a box!) I'll add diced onions, mushrooms, apples and cooked sausage. Elevates any stuffing recipe!

Karen Messina

Lasagna is the most often requested dish at Christmas.

Barbara Russo

Birds Nest cookies are the fav at my house. Elderberry jelly nestled in a nutty cookie ! Yum !

Susan Beltrame

It's always spritz cookies! I even bought a new cookie press this year!


Breakfast casserole. Our family's big family celebration is Christmas brunch, and that's a great dish, because it's prepped the night before. That way, I can join in the fun while it bakes. It beats flipping pancakes while everyone else plays!


Potato latkes.


I don't cook much anymore but, when I do roast turkey or chicken, I usually make our family's potato stuffings. It's one of those recipes that's more or less ingredients without quantities & has been handed down in our family for at least 3-4 generations. About 20 years ago I came across an Irish cookbook & bought it half as a joke & was surprised to find a recipe for an almost identical dish (& a couple of others). Years ago, my rum cake was always in demand at family parties. My mouth is watering reading some of the previous comments. Lemon cake with lemon glaze - YUM!


People love my sweet and spicy nuts. Oh wait, that might have come out wrong....

mary h

Most asked for is my "famous" homemade macaroni and cheese. The kids, now all adults, have grown up expecting it. Whenever we get together for the holidays, that's a staple :)


Definitely my cookies...either the Wedding Cake cookies (made with macadamia nuts) or my ginger molasses crackles. Yum!


Cashew and Pecan Shortbread cookies! Seconded by Nestles Toll House Cookies

Danielle Wentz

Deviled eggs and pecan pie

Donna Kuehl

Lots of snacks and appetizers over the holidays - my "secret recipe" meatballs (frozen meatballs, Heinz chili sauce and grape jam) are always asked for!

chellis evers

Green Chile Chicken enchilada's...Or Posole which is our New Mexico tradition.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

All year long the request is the same: Lemon Meringue Pie


Christmas means Homemade Toffee. For Christmas dinner it is corn pudding and deviled eggs, but that is all family dinners. Toffee is for friends and family only at Christmas.


most popular thing i make is apple strudel muffins. I'm making them for a church brunch this weekend.


Our must have are pizzelles, even though I get the recipe from the pizzelle iron box. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease and now has her own iron and makes her own...which taste just as good as mine.

Linda L

I have made my grandmother's recipe for Toffee every year for about 40 years. It would not be Christmas without it. My son requests a batch of his own every year.


My most requested dish is my pumpkin cheesecake


Our families "must haves" are my grandma's gingerbread cookies and my pulled pork.


For me it's always Glogg - Swedish mulled wine! :)

Louellen Lawson

We are loving Cranberry Wassail this year!


Hands down is my oven soufflé - it is our Christmas breakfast and always looked forward too. A heavenly mixture of bread, cheese, sausage and egg.


Caramel popcorn!


I'm THAT person in the family that everyone asks to not bring anything. I mean, they're nice "Oh,just bring yourself" and now it's "oh just bring the family" but I am very aware what they are really saying is "Please do not cook". I make killer mixed drinks though!!

Geri Heagy

Crock pot potato soup made with hash browns and the secret ingredient....cream cheese! Yummy!


My most asked for recipe is my Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. It's a favorite all year round

Judy Hiers

The best homemade carmels ever!


Christmas Crack! Truly addictive combination of Chex and Cheerios, stick pretzels, read and green M&Ms, and white chocolate! Broken into pieces and packed in festive snack bags for everyone at a party or dinner. Peanuts if you don't have any allergic family or friends.


Easy one. My kids and grands demand my "Sixty Minute Dinner Roll" recipe. Is wouldn't be a holiday without them.

Sheila Enestv3dt

My kids always ask for ham and cinnamon rolls - like Grandma used to make. Friends ask for my fudge recipe.


Cornbread and andouille sausage dressing. It's requested for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Nathalie MacKay

Shortbread cookies! They also happen to be my favorite.

M Reedstrom

Ginger balls

Nancy F.

Amish Friendship Bread (


My personal favourite and a favourite I get asked for often are Chocolate Chip Meringues!

Sheila Hawton

My gramma's jellied salad recipe, with cottage cheese and pineapple in it. It is always on our large family gathering table.


Sugar cookies

Karla Hartzell

Our most asked for holiday food or recipe is: Christmas Kringle Danish for Christmas morning. It is a home made loaf danish with fruit and cream cheese fillings or nuts and sugars but however we choose to enjoy it its our breakfast with love and presents!


Where I go for Christmas everyone brings a special dish to share. I bring booze.

Sandy W

My most asked for food is Cheesy Potato Casserole and we usually only have it for Christmas!


I make pumpkin pie..... They tell me not to show up without it!

Beth L

I made rock candy this year and people are acting like I'm a magician or something! Just follow the recipe that comes with the flavoring oils... 2c sugar, 2/3c corn syrup, 3/4c water. Heat to 300 deg F, add whatever color you want it to be, and 1/8 tsp of the flavor oil (the concentrated stuff in the tiny glass bottle). Pour onto a silicone sheet and cut it into pieces over powdered sugar once it is cool enough to handle.


My most requested Christmas recipe has been for my Chocolate Truffles. But it wouldn't be Christmas for me and my family without homemade eggnog. The original recipe came from a recipe series called "The Best of Bridge", but we've changed the alcohol content and added our own secret ingredient (Grande Marnier).


Well, no one is asking me to make anything! But my favorite holiday eats are pierogies (not so common in California, so a treat when I'm back east) and Christmas cookies. And when we spend Christmases in Texas, I need to get my fill of queso! (Again, not so common in California. )

Crystal Balzer

The most asked for treat that I make firing the holidays is my crockpot candy. It's chocolate covered peanut clusters and is super easy to make! I found the recipe on Pinterest a few years ago.

Helen King

Broccoli Rice Casserole. Everyone tells me that if I don't make it they will not come!It has become a holiday tradition.


We make pecan tea cookies from a cookbook put out by a local bakery after it went out of business. They didn't do a great job scaling their recipes down, so it makes A LOT. That's the recipe!


A chance to win a mug, no way!!! How exciting! A traditional recipe in our family is candy cane cookies, really a simple butter cookie recipe made with powdered sugar, with half the batter dyed red and half natural. You roll it into ropes and twist to make a candy cane shape and sprinkle with red sugar.

Beth W

My Mom's sausage stuffing dish! I'm thinking I'm hungry for some right now!



Julie Alig

Favorite recipe, cookie division, is Peppermint Meringues. (With or w/o the artificial green food coloring!!) Favorite recipe, non-cookie division, is spaghetti with anchovies. My husband's family is Italian and this is a "must have" for the Christmas season, esp. Christmas Eve.

Annette Poole

Homemade caramel corn. I get so many requests for this, I don't bake anything else at Christmas time.

Twilla Steele

My asked for recipe is fudge hands down🎅


I'm always asked to make Krispy Kritter cookies.

Joyce McCartney

My Polish grandmother's homemade bread. A holiday isn't a holiday without it.

Tara Paine

I make a sweet potato/cranberry/apple casserole that my mom begs for!

Pamela herman

I feel like I am the appetiser queen. Most frequently they want Rueben dip or this crazy cheese dip we call "crack"


I make these Ginger Snap cookies that everyone goes crazy over. My best friend even says to me, " are you going to make your "crack" cookies?" I guess they're that good. LOL.


Definitely my Pumpkin Pecan Pie with caramel sauce.

Koreen Grantham

"Biggie Gram's" iced buttermilk sugar cookies💕🎄

Brandi Hoesing

My must make is Chrismice. They are maraschino cherries with a Hershey kiss decorated to look like a mouse, they even have the black beady eyes. They a favorite for the kids & adults!


Bacon buns 😊


My sugar cookie receipe which are then decorated and can be hung on the tree!


Any sort of homemade cookie! We choose different ones every year, but they're all delicious.

Jan Johnson

Gingerbread cookies. We love decorating them with family!


Cut out sugar cookies with butter cream icing.


Butter Spritz Cookies. The secrets are to cream the butter and sugar, and then again with the butter, sugar, and egg and also use double strength vanilla.

Amber Grantham

Apricot Pinwheel cookies, my hot cocoa mix, and Chex Mix are what everyone asks for! Oh, and gingerbread!


M&M cookies! Like regular chocolate-chip cookies, but with holiday-colored M&Ms.


Most asked for is probably carrot cake cookies with cream cheese filling. They are really pretty much my oatmeal raisin cookie with carrot and pumpkin pie spice added, made into sandwich cookie using cream cheese frosting.


Nutterbutter cookie truffels and crockpot chicken and noodles.


My favorite cookie to make is a ginger cookie recipe I copied off the back of the Sugar in the Raw package (a coarse granular, molasses tinged sugar). It uses the sugar and, among other ingredients, 4 teaspoons of ginger, then the cookies are rolled in the raw sugar. Crunchy texture and heavenly taste.


Pecan sandies (which is a recipe I got from my mother in law originally)

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