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December 24, 2016



This year was a quiet one. The end of last year brought us a new grandson so the year has been full of love an cuteness. I hope this year is just as quiet!!

Nancy Griswold

In the fall of 2016 I discovered a gynecological problem, which ultimately resulted in a hysterectomy. It turned out to be cancer, but early detection and an excellent surgeon mean my life can continue. Knitting helped me through my recovery, even some Opal socks while I was still on pain meds.

Brenda B

I've had health issues this year, so navigating the American health care system has been a new experience, one I could have done without frankly!! I wouldn't exactly call it an adventure, but c'est la vie, onwards and upwards! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and thank you for being so generous with your 12 Days of Christmas.


I started fostering dogs, and have had amazing experiences so far! The first was a total foster failure (he's my pup now, and he's great), and after him I've focused on seniors (the first, sadly, passed away, but the second is doing really well!). I feel special to be able to be a part of giving these critters a new lease on life.


My new workshop was finally finished and permits signed. Great place to create quilts and knitwear!


No big changes in 2016, so I'll stick to my knitting-firsts. Over the course of the year, I learned four ways of working with color other than stripes: slipped stitches, stranded/fair isle, double knitting, and brioche. It's been great to open up my knitting possibilities and develop my skills substantially.


I went to a Knitters Retreat for the first time. I didn't know anyone before I went but know a lot more now! What a wonderful experience, such a supportive and fun group of about 60. I've never been in a full bar with just about everyone knitting!

Looking forward to another year of SSYC. And thatnks for the 12 days of sock yarn.

Melissa B

We bought a house! After several years of living in transition, it feels great to settle some roots again. The house was dated but every room stripped of wallpaper and painted brought a new sense of accomplishment. And while the rituals are still mostly the same, the holidays feel a bit new in this space. I definitely feel like home is created wherever my family is but we've also loved creating home together in this new space.


This year's new event actually also spanned 2015 and will enter 2017 as well. I have been in school working on a Masters of Occupational Therapy for the past. I just finished the course work and am ready for fieldwork! This is a huge change for me - but my kids are older teens now and I decided if I don't do it now it won't happen! I am super excited about this new adventure in my life!


Happy Holidays to Everyone!
2016 started with me knitting 2 cowichan sweaters. I used my mother's old cowichan sweater patterns and knit one for our daughter and one for our daughter in law. I am so happy I tried color work knitting! Now our son and son in law each want one and I can't wait to start them.

Barbara Rude

We lost our jobs, moved and started a new life and it has been for the best.


I tried a new sock yarn which I had been eyeing for a long time. Now wishing I would have gotten it sooner. LOVING it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


In 2016 we welcomedo a new song to the family when out daughter married her love. I made her a beautiful shawl for the wedding, that was my project for the better part of the year.


I had something quite new in 2016. A large growth was discovered on my adrenal gland and I had to have it (the growth and the gland) removed. Thank goodness it was benign but I've had some interesting times adjusting to life with one adrenal gland.

Terri Brinegar

This year we gained a new daughter-in-law, which I am loving, since I have two boys and it is always about the men! I am enjoying going girl shopping and lunches. 2017 will be just as nice, as I gain a second daughter-in-law and that son graduates college and moves to a job back home! Very excited!


My oldest daughter is a senior in high school so the whole "finding the right college" experience has been new to us. We went on a lot of college visits, just her and I and it was nice to have so much time together before she goes away. That's going to make me very sad!
I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday season. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway. You are so good to your customers.

Jeanne Bush

My husband passed away at the end of 2015, so this was a year of change and adjustment for me. My passions are cycling, which my husband and I did a lot of together, and knitting, which I did with him as he drove us around the country on cycling trips. I continue to do both activities but both are different without him by my side but give me pleasure nevertheless.

Elizabeth D

I sang The Messiah for the first time ever. 40 years since I last sang in a choir.

Kelly Nalley

We bought a camper and plan to travel to the national parks of the Northwest USA.


This last year i became the vice-queen of a Red Hat Group. It was a big step for me as I am trying to make new friends and I really like to do my own thing. Also this year I started knitting socks. I just felted my best pair by mistake so I will be continuing my sock knitting adventure in 2017

Anna Jane

I learned a new trade, furniture upholstery! In hopes of opening my own biz!


We have had a year to,learn it's ok to ask for help. That is very hard to do. We have a 14yr old with lymphoma cancer he's doing good but having a lot of emotions about everything. It's hard to,find a good counselor to help these kids out. Thank God for Barbara bush hospital in Portland Maine they sure know what they're doing we still have them and plan on never giving him up . We are all so thankful for the love and support we've had through this difficult time in our lives. So if you could give a little extra prayer for our Billy Riley very special boy love all your yarn have a wonderful Christmas can't wait to shop Gale


This year was one of loss for me, in many different ways, but the "something new" this year is that I'm learning to be more flexible, focused on my health and that of my family, grateful, and to simply adjust my attitude and do my best. Loss is tough for everyone, but the growth that can come from it is a good thing!

Wendy Chase

Three new grand babies this year for me to make a total of 15. I will never run out of someone to knit for! My youngest graduated high school, started at the local University, and I decided to finish a degree I started years ago so I was taking classes too. It's been a good year and I'm grateful.


Sadly this year has been mostly a year of loss for me. My fibromyalgia has gotten worse to the point where I even knit less. And I lost my brother a few weeks ago. As with my mother's family, we now have only the oldest (me) & youngest siblings left. I certainly hope 2017 is better.

Audra L

We had 2 exciting new things happen in 2016. My husband and I took a road trip to Portland (from our home in Fargo, ND) and then spent some time working our way up the coast. Such a wonderful trip. Then midsummer we adopted a second pooch. Roxy is a doxy terrier mix and her fiesty little self was a perfect fit for our family. *just wanted to say this 12 days of Christmas has been a blast. Love reading everyone's responses and firing up the yarn lust while perusing your wares. Thank you!*


This year I started my own business in July so it has been six months of learning how to do everything from accounting to working with clients. I am looking forward to many more years in business.

Brandi Hoesing

My new adventure for 2016 was the purchase of my circular sock machine & the learning curve that goes with it. I've found a group of fellow CSM owners via crank in at Cape Girardeau. The best part is the people that a so willing to help a newbie learn. I look forward to progressing with my sock machine & gaining more knitting friends in 2017.


Well we did get a new car, but that's probably not the kind of thing you had in mind! Something else new for me in 2016 is that I committed myself more to crafting, really making time for it and planning to have some kind of craft project in my day. I still have some projects that haven't been finished, but the added time and enthusiasm really made a difference.

Linda Bazinet

My biggest change this year has been adopting a kitten. We have been several years without a cat and Slate has brought much joy as well as lots of trouble. My 15 year old son has had his first girlfriend (and first breakup) and his first job.


A medical wakeup call and resulting 32 pound weight loss. I feel so much better and more energy than I have had in a long time.

Antonette Needham

I completed graduate school after thirteen years


I can't think of anything new, but it looks like we'll change that in 2017 with a new job and a move.


This year, I had to take on more professionally. I became responsible for another department at work. It's been challenging - definitely not easy - and has made me stretch my managerial skills (and learn what I need to work on).
I also got back in touch with a long list (and dearly missed) friend. While we may not ever be as close as we used to be, at least I feel like a loose end has been tied up.


2016 was pretty much the same as 2015! I'm still retired - check. I'm still reading, knitting or crocheting - check. I'm still living in the same house - check. I still knit socks, just a few less pairs - check. I still have a huge stash but continue to go to Simply Socks and order more because I can - check!

Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to all at Simply Socks!


We spent last year building our new house. It was tough leaving our previous home of 19 years, but this new house is just perfect for us! As a bonus it provided me a full room for my own little get a way spot from the world!


Not too much new for me, but nothing new to complain about either so I'll take it! Does embracing pressure cookering for the first time count?


First time surgery for a torn meniscus. Recovery went well. More important, it helped me to prepare and understand my mother after her knee replacement surgery while staying with me during recovery. I made sure that she had better therapists. LOL!

Pamela herman

A new great niece who I dearly love. She is Penelope Rose and she is quite knit worthy

Kelly H

Nothing really new happened this year except a new vacation spot. We traveled to Catawba Island and had a very nice relaxing time on the water. 2017 will have a lot of "news" for us though. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!!


In 2016 I loved from a tiny shoebox apartment (I was a grad student for 6 years) into an "adult" place again -- a lovely 3 bedroom townhouse where I could finally have an office and a craft room!! It was such an important move for me as I had to readjust my identity from student to professional career woman. This change also means more yarn and more knitting time!!!

Pamela Deselem

We had not one, but two grandchildren born a week apart in March. While they were not our first grandchildren, they definitely add a new facet to our lives!


In 2016 we negan enjoying some big adventures with our toddler. Another new thing was starting the process of adding a new addition to our family who will join us in May!

Carol P.

I don't have anything new in my life really, other than that I tried out some new-to-me indie dyers like Hedgerow Yarns, the Wool Barn, Cutthroat Yarns, Hazel Knits, Hedgehog Fibres (wonderful!) and I'm looking to try out more like Life in the Long Grass in 2017. I did find a new local yarn shop that I really like, too. Merry Christmas to all at Simply Socks!

Helen  King

2016 did not bring any major changes, although I did get 2 new kittens in April. At least it was a good year with nothing bad.


Retirement! Forty years (and 13 days) working. I'd planned to work two more years for max retirement, but my husband is in line for a heart transplant, so I decided it was time to be with him. I'm enjoying NOT going to work!

Thank you for the many contests - they've been fun!


This past year was more one of healing and stasis for me. I learned that sometimes I need to give myself time and space to heal. But this year I'm ready to dive back in to new learning and adventures!

Rachel R.

I started volunteering for an amazing organization, Girls on the Run, and it has been such an amazing experience! I served on the 5k race committee, and as a running buddy at a local elementary school, and it has been a blast!

Sandra Sprouse

I went to Emerald Isle for the first time with a few friends and had a great time!!


I made a new and dear friend during knit night at my LYS. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mary Eagen

We adopted a kitten from the animal shelter! She's quite frisky! We didn't put up a Christmas tree this year because I was afraid she'd try to climb it ! Now if she'd only leave all my yarn alone! She has her toys and I have mine !

Alex Szwarc

In 2016 I rescued two guinea pigs and gave them a loving home. They're the little loves of my life. It's the first time I've ever gotten oets of my own.

Mary Eagen

We adopted a kitten from a cat shelter. She is quite frisky. We didn't put up a Christmas tree this year because I was afraid she'd try to climb it! Now if I could just get her to stay away from my yarn! I tell her she has her toys and I have mine . She's a great addition to our family !


Something new in my life?
At first I thought life has been same old, same old!
In my life not having big changes for a whole year has been a huge blessing! The only exception is
the children I have had and my beautiful grandchildren!
One big thing I have done for myself this year is to take better care of myself. I having been watching what I eat and working out at least 4 times a week. I'm very proud of myself that I have taken the time this year to be good to myself!
Merry Christmas Allison , Happy Holidays to everyone 🎄🎄🎉!


I beat breast cancer!

Renee Anne

I lost all sense of sanity this year and decided I would head the auction committee next year (which means I'm shadowing this year). I was supposed to co-chair and my co-chair bailed on me so I'm kind of internally freaking out.

I also opened my Etsy shop. Currently, it just has stitch markers right now but maybe I'll sell FOs one day. Who knows.


This year I become a grandmother to two beautiful little girls. Both of my daughters had a baby. Molly was born in May to my second daughter. Sage was born in November to my oldest daughter. It will be fun to see them grow up and hopefully be best friends. When I buy them clothes, I buy them identical outfits in their size. The moms love having them dress alike. Thanks!


I am not ready to call myself a hand spinner, but my spinning has definitely improved. It is amazing what some practice does. So for this year I am happy with my progress.


Bought a new house, along with a HUGE to-do list!


It's been a weird year, to say the least! The one new fibery thing I'm excited about is buying my first rigid heddle loom. I'm hoping it'll help me stash-bust!

Krissy Hutzel

2016 has been a year of healing for me.. i lost my grandpa in 2015, and he was more of a father to me than anything else when my father has never been around. i also found the most amazing knitter friends through instagram even though they don't live near me.. i hope to one day visit them and squish them and tell them how much i adore their friendships. :]


I joined a choir.

Nancy F

My office moved...only across the street, but the new space is very different (open concept).


The big things for me this year have been growing friendships and learning to operate tech and audio equipment in my new volunteer position at Bible study.


My daughter started Junior High!


My son became a high school senior this year. My first was all college applications and financial aid forms are all done online. Such a change from 30 years ago when I went through it!


New state, new house, new jobs, and teaching a new grade level! The year started off rough, but is ending rather nicely. Lots of love!

martha pomilio

We finally bought a second home in Florida this year!! No more winters in upstate NY for me

Robin J

This year I had a tragedy happen which has made me look at life through different eyes. I am grateful for the smaller things, for family and friends. I try not to let the harder things get me down. I am blessed that I still have my family with me.


This year, something new was I expanded from one stash box to two!


This year we became parents when our son joined our family in August. It's been a really interesting change for our relationship as we moved from couple to family. I'm still working to find myself in my identity as a mother but am soaking up and loving every minute of baby time in the meantime.

Antoinette Overton

In 2016 I graduated college, travelled to 2 other continents and numerous places on my own continent, and moved to Chicago! It's been quite a busy year!!

Peggy Buchholz

2016 has been a year of appreciating the support of friends. And I took a couple of painting classes!

Karen G.

Not much new for me. I do have a new co-worker, though. It's a small office, so that's a big deal. She's a kick and she knits! :)

Teresa C

Pokemon Go! I am actually playing a game like this! How did that happen?


I became someone's mother-in-law this summer when my daughter got married!

Sara Byron

2016 was a year of uos and downs. Change in the situations ofour kids. My DD moved to Arizona to teach High School (Government and Economics and American History) in Pinon which is on the Navajo reservation. She is one of three white teachers inthe school and it is an adventure and learning experience. My DS moved to Bozeman MT to attend graduate school in Native American Studies! So suddenly, with the two moves and the Dakota Access Pipeline dispute, we have been thrust into Native Culture and issues. Much fun, much learning - but a lot of change!


2016 has been a rough year. My new experiences were ones I hoped to never have. But I did meet new people who have helped me through it, and 2017 has the potential for a turn around.


This year brought a new job. I work in the disability community with families and providers. I now work primarily from home and travel throughout northeast Indiana a couple days a week to visit clients. It is a very flexible job and is a new experience for me :)


I finally got myself back into running with the help of my friend! Biggest new thing was I ran for 4 miles straight... my longest race ever! (the fort4fitness)! :)

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