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December 22, 2016


Corlene Forde

I knitted a pair of socks using Coloring Book Yarn in the Lady Rainicorn color way (so inside the box). I just love them!


I haven't this year, but Opal is one of my favorites. I also love Felici by Knit picks, and Regia.

Janet Duff

I like Frost the best! Maybe I can knit some up in the coming year!


I have two projects with self striping yarn right now. I don't think I 'finished' anything this year but I have 4 pairs of socks waiting for me to adjust a cuff or sew in ends.


I knit the Goblin Forest Poste yarn and couldn't put them down until they were done... socks... beautiful socks.


I had to look at my projects on ravelry and I have done 8 projects with the self striping yarn. I have done socks and 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. My favorite is the cascade heritage print. I have done 2 pairs of socks and my fav is the Christmas colors. The yarn wears great too. what I want to do in 2017 is take some self striping of somekind and make some kind of shawl. Maybe a hitchhiker shawl or some easy pattern. I bet the right pattern would show it great.


I LOVE self striping yarn. It's so fun to knit up and see what the pattern is going to do. And when making socks...what fun it is when the pair match...even though I love them if they don't. Opal, Regia, Moda Dea, Patons Kroy are just some I've used. Currently working on a cowl with self striping yarn.


I am drawn to 9225 right now.


I haven't knit anything with self-patterning yarn this year, or at least haven't finished a project (I did start one pair of socks but frogged them because I decided I wanted the needles for a different project). I love the Winterschlaf yarn, though.


Really like that 9223!
One of the 4 pairs I knit this year was self-striping, and it's my favorite

Kim Buckley

I love self striping yarn to make socks! It's my fav! I made 3 pairs this year and enjoyed using Zauberball.


I haven't done much knitting this year. But inpast years I've knit lots of self striping yarn. I love it for socks. Years ago, when my grands were little & living in Illinois, I knit them dubelmossa hats fromsick yarn. They were perfect for cold Midwest winter.


No patterning yarn this year, but I do love it. It can be addictive.


This year I made a shawl out of yarn from Sweden by daughter brought me home. It turned out lovely. Love the colors moving through the shall.


I love self pattern yarns from Opal, and have knit few pairs of socks with them. I really love the 6 ply and 8 ply Opal as they knit up so fast!


Opal self patterning make the best socks. They're the right thickness and hold their shape forever!

Mary C

I use Opal yarn most often. I have made mittens, hats, and shawls out of Opal self striping and the anniversary tonal colors. Love , love, love it. I have been using the leftovers to make a series of mini Christmas stockings to out on a tiny tree for the holidays.


I have not used selfstriping yarn much this year, but I did make a set of doubleknit coasters with a multicolor stripe and a green semisolid. Two with butterflies, and two with teacups. Last year I used Noro to make a skirt.


I hope it is ok to answer this truthfully - NO! I really dislike self-patterning yarn. I like mixes of colors but not enough to be striping.


I haven't knitted with self striping yarn this year but have in the past and have enjoyed the results. I do have several versions in my stash, maybe some will be used in 2017.


I absolutely love self-striping yarns! This year my favorite was the original Arne and Carlos line, but I also love Vesper, Quare Fiber and MustStash Yarns stripes. Other than socks I have made a short cowl with striping and I love it, it's really cheerful and fun. I might try some fingerless mittens too.


I bought self-patterning sock yarn, but haven't been able to knit it up yet!

Sara Byron

I've knot socks in KnitCircus self striping yarn. I love the self striping and it keeps me going as I want to finish each color before I go to bed!

wendy james

I love self-striping yarn. I only knit socks with it this year. My favorite was Must Stash yarn.

Audra L

I started a pair of green and black self striping socks back in October. Just have the afterthought heels to finish. First time using a sock blank! It was a lot of fun, very addictive knitting.


Love self-patterning/self-striping yarns. This year have just used them for socks but am thinking of some mittens, scarf and shawl. Would love to do some 8ply/DK self-striping mittens for me!

Karen G.

I enjoyed knitting Wraptor socks this year. I usually knit a few pair of self striping socks each year.

Renee Anne

A significant portion of my sock yarn is self-stripe or some sort of patterning yarn. In fact, I'd say it's probably somewhere along the lines of 95/5........oops. I've definitely done more than socks with that yarn, though. I've done hats and I'm pretty sure a pair or two of fingerless mitts have fallen in there. And maybe other things. I don't remember. I like sock yarn. i have a 200+ skein problem.


Frost, 9221, would make wonderful boot socks. This year I made several pair of socks using variegated yarn. Previously, self-striping yarn was a sock favorite.

Teresa C

This year? Actually, no. Huh.

Judy Luschen

I haven't used self-striping yarn but want to! I love both 9221 and 9225!

Niki Rogers

I love socks and Opal Sweet and Spicy is one of my favorite brands!


I knit some hats out of opal, and some striping indie sock yarn. I love waiting for the next stripe to show up.


I feel that knitting goes faster with self-striping yarn! This year I knit a pair of Halloween socks with yarn from The Cozy Knitter and a hat with yarn from String Theory Colorworks. (And I have another pair of socks on the needles.)


I've made plain vanilla socks for hubby and myself. I like the blue or green shades of the new Opal yarn. Oh I also made socks for my granddaughter I used lornas laces .

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