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December 22, 2016


Linda Bazinet

I love self-striping yarns. This year I have knit socks and fingerless mitts. My favorite project was a shawl made with Caterpillargreen's self-striping yarn for shawls.

Linda Byrn

The last stripe yarn i Knut was a lair of socks in Poste . Can't remember color name...I always stick the label in the sock when I gift them. I think my fave in the new Opal is Tau. Love the way it stripes I the sock!


I've knit self striping socks using Bernat yarns and Lollipop Yarns. I really liked both...the Bernat for kids, the Lollipop for knit worthy adults.

Joyce Selzer

Tau is my favorite; love the pink & green!

Renee' Sawyer

2 pairs of short socks and 1 sockhead hat with Opal yarn from my stash. I really like the way they turned out. (for my friend with a very skinny heel)

Ann Macomber

Have not made socks this year; have done so in the past. This year I used Knit-picks sock yarn and made several scarfs.
My favorite color is number 9223.

Diane Jespersen

I use self striping yarn frequently. They're all so marvelous and unique, it's hard to pick a favorite. Opal is always a great choice. I also adore WYS Signature. It looks like you took the time to do fair isle socks. Well done.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I have never tried self-striping yarn but it's something I want to try.

Crystal Balzer

I currently have a sock on my needles from the Regia Arne and Carlos line. I love it! I'd love to try some Opal yarn!


I've knit mystery self patterning yarn into a newborn vertebrae sweater for a friend little. I'm knitting self striping Patons in blue rag into a quick tube with after thought heels and toes for two quick socks. I've also made a few sock head Hats in Patons Fx Clover, and Zauberball Blu Pause. Opal Eiskristalle 9222 is beautiful and calling to me!


I did use a self-patterning yarn for a pair of socks, but used it in colourwork with a neutral so the patterning was broken up.


Made a few pairs of self-striping socks this year (first time). Still discovering my favorites...


I made two pairs of Christmas socks with your Poste self striping yarn this year. It's easily my new favorite sock yarn. I've also been working on a zick Zack scarf in Misti alpaca striping yarns. I could totally see these yarns becoming baby sweaters, since they're a little heavier.

Marilyn Robinson

I love to use self striping yarn. I have make 5 pairs of socks with the year. I used different brands. A couple years ago I bought Opal sock yarn and made myself a pair of socks and they are my favorite because of the yarn softness. I would live to win more Opal because I could spread the love softness around!

Lisa Olson

I have knit some socks with self striping/patterning yarn this year from yarn in my stash. I have made a hat out of self striping yarn years ago. All the colorways of the Opal yarn are so pretty!


I love the bright colors of self-striping yarn in the winter months to combat the grey blahs ! Socks are my fav, or a bright pair of mittens. I'm not daring enough for a hat yet lol though that orange yarn or the one with bright green are tempting!

Luann Miller

I made a pair of socks from Snitches self striping yarn. Liked how they finished up.

Christine C.

I knit two pairs of socks this year using Arne and Carlos's yarn. The recipients loved them! I like Regia yarn because it's easy to wash.


I love self-striping yarn SO MUCH. I knit a lot of Knitpicks Felici. I also knit myself Christmas socks that I striped manually because I couldn't find the colors I wanted (just a bright kelly green and a strong red). I love love love striped socks.


I've used several self patterning and self stripping yarn this year. My favorite self patterning yarn was from Berroco. But when it comes to stripes you can't beat simply sock yarns poste stripe. I love all your self stripping color ways! I use these yarns strictly for socks.


In earlier years, I've used self-patterning yarns for socks and baby hats, but none this year.

Kelly Nalley

I knit Christmas ornaments with left over sock yarn.

Jenny Terry

I have used self patterning and self striping this year to knit a sock head hat and my very first baby sweater. I would love to try the new Frost 9225 because I love my grey colors!!!


Definitely yes! I love using self-patterning yarn to make socks and watching the pattern appear.


I have knit two pairs of socks in self-striping yarn this year. I love Opal yarn and plan a Christmas Eve cast-on for another pair using Opal. So much fun and the socks fly off the needles. Just one more row.


Love the stuff!! Finished up my 13th pair of socks this year on last Friday :)


love self striping yarn. Made a hat out of Opal and a shawl out of online. Plus plenty of socks. Beautiful!!


I haven't use self striping sock yarn yet but it's on my list for 2017. And I love Tau.


I haven't ever! But I ordered some and it is on my list! I'm really excited about it too and have become obsessed with looking at all the stripping yarn


its been a long time but I have knit several pairs of socks in both regia and opal. I would like to try a baby hat.


I've knit with striping and self-patterning yarn this year. I think I like the patterning the best. I love the little flecks or dashes that pop up in a section. I've knit with indie dyed yarns and commicerial yarns. I think Opal is still my favorite.


When I place an order I always try to include two self patterning yarns. Right now I am working on the second sock in Heritage Print. Always check Opel, Berrocco, Regia and Trekking. To see Austermann would really make my day!

Tammi Abney

I love the tau. I would make socks with them. Obsessed with sock now.

Janet Dennison-Dendy

I love self striping yarn! I've made socks, hats, and shawlettes. My favorite is Frost - love the blues!

Brenda B

Funnily enough I'm knitting with self striping yarn right now and it's Opal too! I'm making My Young Padawan socks from Heidi Nick on Ravelry. I don't normally choose self striping but I'm really enjoying knitting this pair!

Wendy Chase

I have used self patterning yarn this year and I love knitting with it. I've made Susan B. Anderson's Opal sock yarn bunny pattern a few times for gifts and they are always well received. I have a pair of socks on the needles right now with an Opal yarn. The label is buried in a bag or basket somewhere but it's a kiwi type colorway. Out of this new collection I think I like color 9220 best.

Geri Heagy

I have lots of Regia in my stash waiting on me. Tau looks to be a lot of fun!

Twilla Steele

I haves knitted socks with the color stille.They are so pretty and warm.

Rebecca W.

I am an avid sock knitter, but it's actually been a while since I've knitted self striping. Definitely a resolution for 2017 though!


I knitted a pair of socks with Opal this year. I like Opal and several indie dryers.


It took me three years, but I finally finished the fingerless mitts I made out of Beyond Basic Knits' Stripey Superwash Sock 80/20 in red and green. I couldn't figure out the bind-off in a satisfying, roll-free, picoted (picotted?) way, so I tweak them again after the holiday season is over. But in the meantime... happy hands!


I've knit a number of pairs of self-striping socks this year and am hard-pressed to choose one favorite. Most memorable pairs are Cascade Heritage Print Holidays which I'd wanted to knit last year and waited too long to purchase, TurtlePurl glitter which my daughter hopes to talk me out of, and Arne & Carlos 3658 which speaks to our love of all things Scandinavian!


I have not used self-striping or self-patterning yarn this year. Of the new colors, I like 9225 the best.


I love knitting with self striping yarn and have used it several times this year; even making pairs of baby socks. Opal is on my Need To Try list this year. And my favorite from this collection is Tau.

Nancy F.

I made a pair of socks using Poste self-striping yarn...I can't remember the name (but it had green and gray and white stripes). I get lots of compliments!

Stephanie orr

I have knit a lot of self stripping yarn this year. Mostly socks with the leftover going in blankets. I have often thought about trying a garment in the worsted weight self stripping but haven't yet


Yes. I've knit socks


I used Poste Worsted to make a Ravenclaw scarf for the premiere of Fantastic Beasts. I bound off as we were waiting for the movie to start!


I think the closest I came to knitting self-striping yarn this year was using Regia Hand-Dye Effect for toe-up socks that got no further than the first toe. It's really skinny yarn!

If I were to use the new Opal yarn, I think I'd like the Frost colorway.

Thanks for the contests!


I love 9221! I made 5 pairs of self striping socks this year!


I love self striping yarn! It really does make you want to keep knitting to get to the next color like someone said earlier. I have mostly made mitts this year, and a sock for my husband (we moved too this year and things are just now coming out of storage). I love the 9221 color way! I'm thinking about a sock yarn hat....

Ann Knepper

I have never tried a self striping yarn. I think I am probably overdue.

Elizabeth D

I have made SO many socks this year! Also the Pebble Beach Shawlette from Black Bunny Fibers in Stripey Sock. My favorites of the new Opals are 20 and 22.


I used some Opal to make baby hats this year.

In the past I have used a variety of self striping yarns for socks. Plain vanilla where the stripes don't match!


I LOVE striping yarn. Poste Yarn and Knitterly Things are my self-striping faves. I knitted 3 pairs of striped socks this year with another pair on the needles.

The Opal yarn 9220 Tau colorway is fun! I like the pink and green together.


I've not yet tried socks or self striping sock yarn - I like the 9221 or 9223 colorways.

I've used caterpillargreen yarn's shawl stripes. I frogged the first shawl because I didn't like where the stripes happened in relation to the solid & lace parts of the pattern. Using Stephen West's dotted rays pattern for my second attempt worked much better.


I've knit 3 pairs of self striping socks, 2 Opal and one Regia and LOVE them. I think 9221 is my favorite...But it's so hard to pick!


This year I have knit both self patterning and stripe socks. I enjoy patterning yarn as it always amazes me!! Have knit several socks this year with Opal yarn.


I knit socks using Opal self-striping this year and in the past have used self striping for baby sweaters, hats and scarves. Love to watch the colors change while knitting!

Mary Eagen

I have knit 17pairs of socks so far this year , #18 is on my needles now ! 11 pairs were knit with either a self patterning or self striping yarn. My favorites are Regia Design line by Arne & Carlos , Vesper sock yarn from Knitterly Things, Poste Striping sock yarn, Regia Design line by Kaffee Fassett, Opal and Berroco Sox. I love watching the pattern appear as I''m knitting!

Ava Farrington

I did knit a cowl for my sister for Christmas out of Yarn Bee fair isle in the mint multi color way. I love self patterning yarns.Thanks so much!

Cindy Strick

I have knit self striping in the past,but not this year. I have knit socks and a sweater. I really love self striping yarn!

Pamela Deselem

I love Opal sock yarn. It is so colorful.

I made socks for my DIL and her daughter that match out of Cascade Heritage Prints. They are in pinks and for Christmas. I thought it would be cute for them to have matching socks. I loved it, hope she does, too.


I haven't knit any yet this year (I did buy some yarn though, but haven't gotten to it yet!) Out of the new Opal Talisman yarns Liebe is my favorite.


Nope, no self-striping yarns this year, but I have some Opal in my stash waiting for me!


I have enjoyed knitting cable and lace patterned socks in the past, but I have jumped on the bandwagon for striped and patterned yarns this past year. I love my new Arne and Carlos socks with contrasting heel. I am now drawn to self-striping and patterned sock yarn where ever I can find it.

Patricia Richardson

I love knitting socks with self-patterning and self-striping yarns and my favorites are your Poste yarns and Opal yarn collections. I am currently knitting the foot of a cuff-down 2nd sock using Opal Smokey Eyes & Coloured Lips ( I bought several colors of this collection). I am also currently on the leg of a toe-up sock (1st sock) using Poste yarn color M22, University of Michigan colors. GO BLUE!


Yes! Two pairs of socks for the Smooth Operator Socks pattern in Knit Picks Felici and Cascade Heritage Prints. I'd like to knit up a hat with self-striping yarn, but socks are too fun!


I made 2 ponchos for my great nieces and a "warm hands scarf". Perfect for public knitting since little concentration needed yet a pretty design emerges.

Jayne Schneider

I never have, but it is on my list for 2017!


I mostly use self striping or self patterning sock yarn. My favourites this year were vanilla socks made with Paton's Kroy Sock yarn in the Colourway Sing'n The Blues stripes. I made two pairs with this colourway, very pretty and much appeciated by the recipients.

I've also made two hats using Turtlepurl worsted. One in City Girl and one in Yuppie Love. Love this yarn.

I haven't used Opal yarn but I do like Tau, number 9220.


I'm using some Cascade Heritage Paints right now, but the Regia Arne and Carlos collections are some of my favorites. I've not tried using those types of yarns for any other purpose than socks. My fav of the colors you've posted would be the Winterschlaf -- it would be a good color for my hubby.

Sue Boisvert

I love self striping yarn. I did make a pair of socks from Turtle Purl rainbow glitter OCD skeins - fabulous!!! Then I used the leftovers with some Mad Tosh Pashmina and made a stripey slouchy hat for my son's girlfriend - also fabulous... the hat and the girlfriend.
So much fabulosity so few ends to weave in.


I love self-striping yarn, sometimes the idea of it more than the reality. My favorite so far this year is Chroma worsted in "Ferris Wheel", which I used for a baby sweater and hat.


I don't think I've used anything for socks but self striping yarn

Sherri Harrington

I knit a few self striping socks and I really want to try Opal.

Pamela herman

I love self patterning and opal is probably my favorite. I love socks but 2017 I am stepping out and am going to knit a baby sweater. I am currently knitting a scarf and mini socks with the opal advent calendar

Dari T

I like to make self striping socks (easy peasey designing!) I think the Eiskristalle is the perfect color!


Most of my knitting has been with self-striping yarn!! I've been enjoying yarn from Canon Gand Dyes - especially her "polar opposites" which includes two skeins of opposite stripes. Lollipop yarns is also addictive. And of course Poste yarn! I still have some Christmas colorways to knit up.

Kim Spolarich

I love striping and patterned sock yarns. Love the Arne and Carlos yarn and colors.


I love self-striping socks! My current favorite yarn is Nomadic Yarns. I just love her color combinations!

Susan Eberhardt

I love knitting socks with self-patterning yarn. It fascinates me to see how they turn out, always beautiful with a basic sock pattern. My wonderful husband is going to wrap the Lorna's Laces Solemate yarn he let me get for my Christmas gift, so those are next on my list of socks to knit!

Kathleen McCunn

I love Opal yarns! This year I knit with the Ladies and Gentlemen line, the green colorway. I haven't had a chance to use the 8-fach weight yet. Is that probably going to need a US 3 needle? All the colors are pretty, but I would likely pick the Frost or Ice crystal.
Merry Christmas!


I love multicolored yarn and one thing I knit and really enjoy is a beret hat made from self patterning red and green yarn, My favorite Opal is #9221, I like the blues w/ a little pink.


I don't think I've used any self striping this year.


Have you knit self-patterning or self-striping yarn this year?
Yes, socks and a baby dress. Love both projects.


Oh yes! Self striping is my fact my most worn pair is the orange and blue striped Poste Yarn. It combines both my favorite colors and keeps my feet nice and toasty in this new england winter!


I love self striping sock yarn, and have probably bought more than I have knit this year! All the colours in the Frost collection are lovely, most of all 9222!

Deborah Malone

9223. Love blues and purples

Mary Cates

I have knit both self patterning and self striping. I enjoy Opal, Regia and others. I have used striped sock yarn to simulate colorwork in a knit hat before. That was fun. The frost color way is my favorite in the new collection but the Eiskristalle is a close second.


I used self striping yarn to knit my first sock - fun to see it develop.


Self stripping yarn is my favourite yarn for knitting socks. I've made at least 12 pairs of socks this year using indie dyed yarns, Regia and Phildar. I've only just got some Opal to try for the first time.


I knit a pair of socks with self-striping sock yarn for the first time this year. It was yarn from SSY sock club. I think they look like Fruit Stripes gum. They are very bright and probably out of my comfort zone, but I absolutely love them. By the way, I love Tau - going outside my box.

Donna Kuehl

This year I used sock yarn leftovers to make toys for my grandsons! Love watching the patterns develop!


Besides 6 pairs of socks I made two sock head hats. I really like #9225.


All I've knit with are self striping yarns Opal hss been my favorite for years. Regia second. I would love to try the new Frost 8 ply in the Icecrystal color.

Brittany Young

I haven't knit anything like that this year but I'm loving that 9225 Winterschlaf colorway! Absolutely gorgeous.



I just finished sock in Turtlepurl glitter (serenity). I don't normally like sparkly things but I ended up loving these socks.


No, but I would like to...

Helen  King

I love self striping and self patterning yarn but have not knitted with any this year.

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